Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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He's known to be evil and territorial. He's strong and fearless. He seems to have everything except for one thing his heart and inner demon crave for, a mate. But he doesn't want just anyone to cover that position. She's an unnatural beauty who seems to draw in any man she desires. But she's principled and tries hard to maintain them. Her life goes through different setbacks of which push her to the person she never thought she'd meet anytime soon. She looks like a fragile flower, does her scent tell enough about her? or you just really don't judge a book by its cover. Shall they overcome the obstacles coming their way?. Warning... This book is unedited so there are some grammatical errors so if this problem sets you off from the plot I'm happy to notify you as early as possible. This story includes mature language and scenes. There are also some triggering scenes like abuse, rape and some other kinds of violence. Please don't read if any of these triggers you. Happy reading💕 Cover designed by #empelly

Fantasy / Romance
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The sun was setting with aurora lights illuminating a green vegetation with birds chirping and flying to their nests on various trees for the night's sleep. The wind, cool and comforting was blowing all over the park with so many bloomed flowers and leaves scattered all over the ground and others blown from one place to the other reaching on a lap of a dark
beauty sitting on the grass with her mind elsewhere.

She was of an average build with long dark wavy hair of which was naturally curly nearly reaching her waist which was freely blowing with the wind. Her big forest green eyes held floods of tears. Her cheeks which had a slight natural blush were tainted with numerous
strains of tears. Her caramel skin was still glowing thanks to the remaining sun rays of which would disappear within a few following minutes.

Her hand reached for her bag right next to her lap and fished out a napkin to rid the tears on her face. She blew her running nose and took in a deep breath as she closed her eyes then exhaled as she opened her eyes again. She then reached for her phone in her bag and looked at the display, she sighed, It was silently ringing. She decided to pick up after seeing the caller ID. "Hey, Amo.."

NIX!! THE HELL!" The voice shouted.

She withdrew the phone from her ears with a frown and rolled her eyes. "Hey calm down.." She scolded.

"Do you know how pissed Michael is?? He literally didn't want to write your name on the group assignment names list. Nix stop doing this! you missed the discussion...again!" The voice lectured, clearly annoyed.

"I’m sorry Amora, I forgot?" she smirked while putting her things back into her bag and lazily got up on her feet and started to walk.

“Your last statement proclaims how bitchy you can get” (Nix chuckled) “Where are you?"Amora inquired.

“Somewhere deep in a faraway park. You know how much I like nature.. it helps me think." Nix explained as she walked.

“You thought enough to shed over 30 kilograms and miss two months of your last college semester! Phoenix you do realize you've got to let it go?" Amora sounded concerned.

"I know Amo, I made up my mind. I'm coming to Collage this Monday, I hope I'll catch up. I don't want to upset mum any longer, and Shaun." Nix announced.

“Yeah, I know. I convinced Michael you'll show up and make it up for not showing up. Mum called me two hours ago, I told her you forgot your phone at my place and we were busy studying at the library.. of course, she did not believe me but she left it like that." Amora explained.

Nix reached for her car and opened the door, entered, started the engine, and tore off to a destination she had in mind. "Well I'm on my way home but I'll pass through Marvin's restaurant for something to bribe her with" she smiled as she imagined her mum.

Now it was Amo's time to chuckle, she knew pretty well what Nix was about to do "You really do know her well."

"I'll come to visit tomorrow Amo so that we catch up and you can update me with everything I missed at school” Nix said.

"Sure, it's a lot but it's nothing you can't handle. Your favorite professor has been a little uptight since he doesn't see you around the class. We're paying for it!" Amora informed.

Nix rolled her eyes. The professor has had a crush on her since forever thank God he never approached her or try anything funny. "How I miss school, note the sarcasm. Talk to you later babes, I'm pulling up."

Amo giggled. "Take care, Nix!"

Phoenix climbed out of her black BMW X6 2017, her 5'6ft frame started to move gracefully towards the restaurant's entrance, prying eyes have always made her slightly nervous, the reason why she hated crowded places. Once she was over-weight, she thought people wondered at her big frame, but what now! has grief made her a clown?

She never thought she'd lose so much but there she was. She was no doubt very beautiful, perfection haunted her every part but she never let that get to her head. She involuntarily made most of females who crossed paths with her almost burst with envy due to her killer looks. Through it all she managed to stay humble.

She walked to the counter. "Hey, Yasser!"

"Phoenix?!! Wow!" Yasser's eyes went wide. Don't make me roll my eyes, can I have the usual? make it for three it's going to be shared" she spoke with a smile.

"Sure! But wow Nix you look more.. Wow I mean, I'm speechless!" he said while typing the order for the kitchen. " So um... I never got the chance to offer my condolences for..you know... what happened" He looked guilty for bringing it up but she understood.

“It's alright. Thank you" She smiled.

Nix knew how to mask her emotions very well. The subject tore her from the inside but she didn't want to show it. It was hard to read her
expressions if she wanted to hide them. "It's life" She shrugged. "So how's Priya?" she asked with a wink.

He blushed slightly "she's alright" Her package came up and after paying she was on her way to her house.

Phoenix was the last born in a wealthy family of four kids, the eldest was her brother Shaun, then a set of identical triplets of which she belonged to. Her two sisters passed
away two months back after a kidnap attempt. While trying to escape Chloe the second of the triplets got shot.

When the police heard the commotion and tried to catch up with the kidnappers, there was a shoot out in which two bullets accidentally caught up with Elvera. Phoenix had a flu that day which prevented her to go out with them, so
technically being unwell saved her.

Since the day she lost her sisters, she was never the same again. It was just her and Shaun now. Her father was a wealthy Brit who travelled
frequently. She was her daddy's daughter, a favorite who got his face characters especially the vibrant forest green eyes.

Her brother Shaun was the spitting image of their father, with dirty blonde hair, forest green eyes, fair-tan skin and their mother's sweet dimples. As she drove through the gates of their mansion, she spotted her brother's buddies Daniel and Alex at her brother's room balcony.
She snorted.

They stopped their conversation and watched her with sarcastic smirks on their faces. She looked up at them as she climbed out of her car with a smug expression and a raised eyebrow as she muttered I hope these minions don't try anything funny with me today, I am not in the
slightest mood" she let out a long breath.

She entered the house and went straight to the kitchen and fixed her food on a big plate, covered it and took a jar of juice from the fridge and went straight to her mother's bedroom. She peaked her head inside first."Hey, sexy!"

Her mother smiled and stood up to go to her but stopped mid-way slightly surprised as her daughter pushed in with a tray. "What's this?"

Nix smiled knowingly at her. "It's a treat!Chicken Tandoor," Nix announced with a grin. Her mother chuckled with a soft expression as she helped her set the tray on a table as they sit and start unfolding the treat.

“Before you say anything mama. I want to tell you something" she looked at her mother with a sad smile and threatening tears.

Her mum whispered with a smile "yes baby".

"Mama, I am so sorry for how I acted these past few weeks. My behavior... I realize I gave you a hard time a lot more. I should have been there for you as well. We all lost people we loved and cared about. I'm thankful Shaun has been there for you." She paused as her mum swiped a tear away from her pretty face.

“I do not want to be sad anymore, they would not want this for us. I promise to be strong for you, for all of us. I am going to be me again and
maybe an updated version of myself" she explained as more tears rolled from her eyes and her mom hurriedly wiped them away with a sad smile. She was trying her best too. Nix saw that.

Nix raised her hand to tuck strands of her mother's curly hair behind her ear as she said,
"Nakupenda mama". (i love you mother) and her mom scooped closer and hugged her.

“Thank you baby for coming back and for being better, thank you. Nakupenda pia mpenzi (I love you too sweetheart" she responded finally letting her tears flow as she sniffed, she moved away from her daughter to swiped them away as
Shaun came in.

"I came here because of the delicious aroma, then I see this" He commented standing at the door frame with his big hands crossed over his chest.

He stalked closer to them and kissed his mother's forehead. He did it easily with his 6'2 frame and broad shoulders towering over his mom who was only 5'5 chubby woman with dark chocolate skin and big brown eyes and her shoulder-length curly hair thanks to her grandfather's Arabian roots.

"Don't cry beautiful. I don't like it" then he went to where Nix sat pinched her cheek to Nix's dismay, she scowled at him while he cut a chunk of the chicken and he was gone.

Nix's frown softened and turned to a smile when she saw her mother smiling at her. Her mum has always been a quiet and an observant woman with the kindest personality. She originally came from East Africa, a place where she was born, lived and met her dad. "Come, Mama, let's eat before it gets cold, it's
our favourite after all and it's best
served warm".

In the morning of the following day, a peaceful Sunday, after her morning routine, she went down for breakfast. As she entered the kitchen she saw her mom finishing working on the
sausages. She greeted her as Shaun came down with his pyjama trousers and a vest, eyes puffy from sleep, and his hair sticking everywhere. "I
swear if it wasn't for the sme..."

He was cut midsentence by his sister while he was scratching his right hip as he walked lazily. "You wouldn't wake up.. but here you are!" She paused eying him suspiciously "are you even sure you brushed your teeth?" she asked with a raised brow.

He just looked at her, shook his head, and
went to kiss his mother's forehead as usual.

"Good morning mama" He smiled.

She smiled back "Morning... Nix don't start with him this early" She turned to her daughter.

Shaun went to sit beside his sister as their mom served them, "Don't worry mama, she knows what she's begging for." he smirked mischievously.

Nix scoffed while their mom rolled her eyes still smiling as she served for herself and joined them. “Your father is coming home tomorrow"

Shaun and his sister both looked up with raised brows, "it's about time."

Their mom looked at them for brief seconds then continued to dig in saying; “Shaun it's about time you start helping your clone of a father with the business, he is looking forward to it since you already had your 'one year chill"

Shaun groaned "Yes, I know. Although I wouldn't be travelling as much, I hate planes and you know that side of me which hates it. I
wonder how dad puts up with it."

"Love" Nix answered.

“Yes, baby I know". Their mum replied. Their father Eric was a beta of one of the biggest American packs. The reason they lived far from the pack life it's because Eric's parents forced
him to choose a mate, a strong she-wolf who was a daughter of a neighbouring pack's beta to
strengthen their pack and gain allies.

It was also because he never found his true mate till the age he was forced to mate which was 45.
Werewolves age slower compared to humans so at that age he pretty much looked 20. But even if a wolf takes in a choice mate, he still gets to know when he comes across his true mate, and most of the time, the choice mate has no chance, the bond disappears once he marks his true mate.

At age of 70, he went to Zanzibar in a contract of buying one of the tourists' hotels and that's where he met his human mate, Genesis. She was a lawyer who was working for the other party to the contract and that's how they met. He tried to ignore the bond but he couldn't. Before he knew
it, he took her. But he thought, how could he protect her from his family and his wife? So he married her secretly and moved her to England where many of his family business were situated.

He never marked her to escape trouble
from his chosen mate who he was never happy with. If he marked his soulmate, his chosen mate would know and there could be trouble. He never wanted to risk her life. So he had his love nest in England of which took most of his idle and business time than in America. He was British after-all in matters of nationality so it
was not much of a problem in setting a permanent domicile for his love.

Shaun shifted at age 14, during his puberty while Phoenix never shifted before the accident, that is why she was chubby, though she has had all the senses and speed, she thought human genes prevented her to shift, but her emotions during the accident proved otherwise. The only thing which is different from her is that her scent never changed after shifting.

Genesis on the other hand bore well her husband's nature and lived happily with her family. After breakfast, Shaun volunteered to
wash the dishes. They heard a sound of an engine die just outside.

“Who could that be?," Genesis curiously inquired.

Nix stood and went to open the door. A girl with same height as her, slender with electric blue eyes and long straight blonde hair came in. Her full cherry lips curled into a beautiful smile.

“Hey, Bitch!"

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