Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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A fucking black wolf

Damon's POV

"What is it?" I shouted as Klaus entered my office

"She's your mate?"

"Wasn't that obvious?"

"Well no one wants to challenge you by holding your gaze for ten fucking minutes, even humans feel intimidated!"

"Tell me something I don't know or get out!"

"Why are you so pissed? You found who you were looking for, for more than a half a century."

"And I find out she's a weak human!"

"So that's why you hurt her feelings?"

"What are you talking about Klaus?" I ask him giving him my full attention now.

"I don't know what you told her after your introduction and before you ran out like she set your ass on fire, but her expression was heartbreaking. So everyone thinks you've rejected her. The she-wolves are ecstatic."

"I have not rejected her." I sigh. She must be quick at reading expressions.

"So all the chaos because you couldn't control your feelings?"

"Are you lecturing me about control Klaus, you forgot about your mate??

He paused. He caught my point. We cannot control ourselves when we find our mates. What I did, running before pinning her to the wall, that is called brave. My wolf snickered.

"You need to make things right".

"How does she know I'm her mate in the first place?" Everything irritates me to this moment

He shrugged."She was there with Shaun and Silver when they found their mates, maybe she caught the idea. But she cannot be that sure."

"Then why did she react the way she did?"

"The bond you idiot! Maybe she really did find you attractive. And judging by your expression earlier..eh.."

A picture of her came through my mind. "She...she is almost not real!"

"She does have exceptional looks. You have no idea how many she-wolves hate her already. Some of them thought she wasn't your mate, you were just caught by her looks for a few minutes, which made them hate her some more." He paused as he thought out loud his next words. "With all due respect Damon, you just put her in danger."

"Was this what the moon goddess meant in my dream? Beside my fucking big responsibility to my pack, I'll carry the burden to be her lifelong bodyguard?!"

"Now that's mean Damon". His eyes became unfocused. When they were clear again he looked at me with a bit of panic. "Your mate is in trouble."

"Where is she?!" I rose from my seat.

"Your eyes just got gold and I can see some red specs forming. You better calm your wolf down before he decides to stop for a snack on the road and end up traumatizing your beloved". He paused as he observed me trying to calm down. "Good choice. Her house."

And I was gone.

When I reached her house, the air was tense. I saw bits of aluminum glasses scattered on the ground at the front of the house, looking up I saw a broken window. The scent of my mate is stronger here and fades away into the forest. As I was briefly contemplating on whether to follow her scent or stop by to ask for her, I suddenly saw a brown wolf coming this way and shifted in front of the house as his mate came for him outside. She looked worried and scared? What was she scared of?

They were quietly whispering to the each other when I decided to show myself. I came closer so they notice me, and they did.

"She's not here".His body was stiff when he announced.

"I sensed that". I told him as I walked to them. "What happened here?" I asked while looking around.

"Nothing. I'll give her a massage when she gets back". He said with visible irritation. I caused something for sure. He wouldn't talk back to me.

"I am here to see you".I tell him.

It took him by surprise. "Okay".

"I did not mean to leave a bad impression on your sister and family, I came to apologize. I did not reject her. I was overwhelmed".

He seemed to be taken back. Alphas do not apologize unless they have to. "What did you tell her?"

"Nothing but my name. I didn't even know she understood I am her mate."

"She did not. She just has a lot on her plate lately". So this is all not my fault? I ask my self.

"I see". That's the only word I could let out at the moment.

"On behalf of our family, I accept your apology. But I am not sure if you had to apologize in the first place".

"It's a good thing we understood everyone's side," I tell him.

"You are right".

"When is she coming back?"

"Late I suppose". He paused. "Alpha, I'd like to invite you for dinner tomorrow on my family's behalf. It's a nice way to get to know your mate too".

I smiled. "Of course. Have a good night" He's a reasonable man. I thought.

I was on my way to the packhouse when the mind link suddenly exploded.

"Alpha there is an emergency!"

"Alpha are you there?"

"I just spotted a dark wolf attack a human, Alpha"

"It seems elusive we cannot catch nor track it"

"Its too fast..!"

"One bear down! It's unrecognizable" I stiffened

"What the fuck is happening??!!" I shout as I run to them. They are the patrol wolves and trackers. It's going to be a long night!

I was back at the packhouse as the sun rose, after I finished my morning routine, I went straight to bed. I need at least three hours of sleep unless I want to become a walking zombie and scare my beautiful mate away. I mind-linked Klaus to take care of the pack matters as I rest.

What I saw last night left me with a lot of questions, the kills must have been done by a black wolf, a powerful one. But he never left his scent for me to identify him. Was it the one I saw in my dream with Luna? Was she trying to warn me? was the wolf a threat to my mate? I felt my wolf growl at the possible threat. I'll have to keep my mate close to me so that I get to catch this wolf and finish him off. With that thought, I fall into a tired slumber.


I managed to find two humans and a troublesome pack wolf to simplify my work for me. The wolf knows a few people in that territory so that's advantageous. I stationed them at the house the day the beautiful lady came back. She stayed in for two weeks and she looked like she was leaving again. So they truly relocated. I don't see her old mother and brother. She let her blonde friend take her mother's car two days ago and I told one of the humans to follow. He's called Damien. He followed her to her house and the day after, he followed her into the Demon's territory way to Castleton, the exact Demon's layer. If they only knew how they actually made my task more difficult! How is our plan going to push through in a such dangerous area?

The following day, Justin the wolf, Ramon the other human and followed the pretty one to the same destination. Nice place they have here, smaller than where they used to live but okay. The house seems alive. Judging by the cars parked outside, it seems they are well known here. The pretty girl is welcomed at the door by a light brown haired attractive she-wolf. They go inside. I spot Damien walking around pretending to be listening to music on his iPod. He comes close and enters our car.

"The blondie has got a boyfriend from around here. He's a big muscular guy, dark brown hair. Silver eyes. He lives in a Castle nearby. She's been here since yesterday. I saw a tall dirty blonde athletic guy who looks like that mixed chick with an athletic brunet, they live here with a middle-aged dark woman".

Well, scratch my tail! That Shaun guy is mated! I saw a mark on that girl before they went in with that pretty woman. "Good job". I tell him as the wheels of my head turn. More people are being dragged into this, from three it came to four. I hope that pretty woman isn't mated as well, and not to a strong wolf because it's going to get real dirty and bloody.

"Let us park a little more further so they don't notice us."

After an hour or so, the main door opened and people started coming out. Damn it's a big group. I recognized the blondie with her boyfriend, and I caught flies. That wolf is Gamma! I can sense his aura. And the way he looks at her, Shit!

"What's going on?" Ramon asked.

"Quiet!" I hiss as I go on observing

Then I saw a blonde man with his mate come out. They can be in their late seventies by smell but they look not more than 34. I stiffen when I sensed their Aura! What the Fuck??!! They are the Beta couple. And after observing another blonde slender she-wolf and that earlier brunet, they must be their pups. This gets even fucking better! Who else can be mated to a beta? That brunet is the firstborn so in a matter of two-three decades, Shaun and her are going to be the new beta pair. I suddenly feel tired. I cannot stop my heretic heartbeats. This is bad. Bad. I just want to get out from here.

"What a big happy family!" Justin observes and snickers

I look at them, "two of us need to go book a hotel near and I need to give feedback to my boss. Two shall remain here. Ramon and Justin shall remain, I'll go with Damien".

They nodded as they climbed off the car just as the cars were driving from the compound. I poke my head out to give out orders.

"Do not let them see you. Call me if there is anything new". And I drove off.

I booked into a tourists' hotel, and when we reached our double bedroom, I threw myself on one of the beds as Damien did at his bed.

"I mostly do not ask about people I observe, but what is it with this family". He started.

"I advise you to stick on your principals. Go shower, I need some privacy for a few minutes".

He looked annoyed by my response but followed my orders anyway. I dialed Luna Britney's phone.


"There is trouble"

"I'm listening". And so I told her what I found out today. I heard glass shatter on the other side. She was pissed.

"Then Adrian, I must involve my Plan B. I can sense her evil smirk. Oh this is going to be bloody".

After the phone call, I let my eyes close for an hour or so so that I rest my hurting head but I was distracted by a phone call. Looking at the time it was 2 am, Shit! I didn't mean to sleep this long, looking at the caller id, it is Justin. I pick it up.

"Tell me, Justin".

"Ramon is dead man." He answered frantically with uneven breathing.

"What? What happened Justin?"

"It all happened too fast. Fuck man, I wet myself!"

If it wasn't for the human's death, I'd be smirking at this. But this makes me frown even more. "Tell me what the hell happened?"

"We stayed where you left us waiting for their return, and after an hour, a car drove by, the black woman and her daughter came out, the girl looked dazed. Soon after two cars drove by and two pairs came out running into the house, a few minutes after one pair, the silver-eyed guy walked out with his crying blonde girlfriend. The house was quiet until I heard a loud powerful growl inside.

Before we know it the big upper window splattered to let a huge black wolf, it landed on the ground and ran into the woods like a blur, in a matter of seconds, a brown wolf followed suit. Ramon was terrified so I talked senses on him. I thought it was the lover's quarrel so we wanted to see the ending. While we weren't so far inside the forest I sensed something behind us, I was fast to turn back but I came face to face with the black werewolf with red eyes. It had no scent! I couldn't know who it was!

Before I knew it my legs started running on their own, it was far more stronger than any wolf I came by. I shifted while running which earned a louder scream from Ramon, before he knows it, his head was bitten off and the wolf drank his flying blood as he mauled his body within seconds. he ate a human! So he'd probably eat me. My wolf whimpered as he ran faster but he caught me in matters of seconds. I got a bite on my neck and he might have snapped me before I sensed patrol wolves near us. The wolf left me in my state and disappeared just like he wasn't there! It's like a ghost! I barely managed to escape the patrol as I heard their howls. Man! I'm out! Good-bye".

Just like that, he cut the line. I thank my tiredness. I wouldn't want to be in this mission too if I faced that. A black wolf? The only black wolf I know is the Demon wolf and the other lived centuries ago around Canada. If you met one in his worst spirits, you are a meal. They are the only wolves that eat their kind and other kinds altogether. Either a wolf, vampire or human. You are food in those red eyes. I woke up Damien. "We need to get out of here first thing tomorrow". He nodded as he got back to sleep.

Its whether one person from that family is mated to the Demon Alpha and knows about us, or it was a mere coincidence. I do not want to stay any longer in this fucking scary pack and risk my flesh to find out.

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