Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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Show me what you got!


I was helping out in the kitchen along with everyone else. Amber and Ashley were working on a special dish of which Klaus is fond of. Mom was almost done preparing the rest of which I helped but retreated later to make juice. Homemade juice is the best after-all. Lucrecia was making dessert, so while it was cooking in the oven she had time for stories. As I was about to add sugar, I saw a black SUV park just outside. And out of it came Damon. I went to the window so I see more of him, I heard low giggles. I rolled my eyes and went back to my juice. While I was stirring the mixture, Damon came into the kitchen.

"Hello." He started as he stood at the entrance.

Everyone said hello as he came to stand behind me. "Hi, beautiful!" He whispered into my ear and I fought a shudder. I felt my cheeks heat up, so I cleared my throat and tried to cool before I raised my face to look at him. "Hello," I responded.

"How are you doing today?" I turned to meet his eyes. Those eyes... I'm losing myself in them now. "i...I um.. good, good. You?" God, this is embarrassing!.

"I'm okay." He grinned. "Are you done with that?" He added motioning to the juice.

"Yeah, wanna taste it?"

"Sure". I took a glass nearby, half-filled it and gave him.

"That sour-sweet taste of passion juice." He observed and smiled. "I love it."

I grin.

"It's actually my favourite." He whispered into my ear.

I giggled. "Mine too."

"Good to know." Just then we heard Klaus's voice shouting. "Hey Damon, would you like an apron too?." It was accompanied by a couple of snickers and quiet chuckles all over the house.

He huffed. "I'll get him for this." he turned and left the kitchen.

"Aww, how sweet!" Ashley gushed.

"You guys! I never saw Damon smile as much as he did today!" Amber chirped in.

"Count yourself lucky then," Mama said.

"Such a handsome man." Lucrecia countered.

"I hope Klaus doesn't hear that." I tease her

"And I'll keep on acting that you weren't a smiling tomato for a good ten minutes," Lucrecia replied.

I paused and they all laughed. "Great! Gang up on me for all I care." I huffed.

Just then I smelled them. I ran to the veranda and I saw them. Amora and Silver flashing us with their new mated marks and goofy smiles. I ran to my friend and tightened her into a big hug! "Congratulations!! Oh, I'm so happy for you!"

"And I'm so ready to kick your butt! How could you hide this from me?? I thought we were sisters!"

"I promised you that I'd tell you everything once you are back!"

"Because you knew he'd tell me! how do you think of me learning about you from someone else?"

Ohh no! she's going to break the egg.

I pulled her to the stairs leaving the men laughing and teasing Silver who seemed to enjoy it.

As we reached the stares we entered the other guest room and talked away till we heard our names being summoned for dinner. "I'm not done with you yet!" She whispered as we descended the stairs.

After dinner, Klaus took his mate home for she needed rest, Silver was talking to Amora, Amber was busy with Shaun. So mama kept Ashley and Aaron company. Damon and I sat together and no one seemed to know what to tell the other.

"What are your plans for tomorrow?"

"Nothing much, why?"

"Have you been to a training field?"

"Specifics please?." I scratched my head.

"I mean fight training."He smiled

"Oh no."

"You haven't trained before?"

"No." My face started to heat up.

"Would you mind some few lessons?"

"I don't see why I shouldn't try it out." I grinned.

"Okay then, meet me at the packhouse tomorrow at 7 am."

"Okay. I have to go now."

"Right. See you tomorrow."

"Tomorrow." He kissed my cheek as he got up from the couch and I saw him to the door. I stood watching him unlocking his car, mount it and drove off.

I spent the night with Amora talking and answer her curious questions. I got to ask her to turn on filter mode whenever she talked about me to anyone.

I also planned to talk to Damon about our cannibals of wolves, which happened to be something mutual between us, maybe he'd teach me how to control myself. He acted kind today and also flirted with me but that didn't mean he's proud to be my mate. I'll have to see that before I tell him anything. For amora, she was over the moon about her handsome mate.

I woke up at 6 am, and I went to the bathroom and started to brush my teeth. As I finished I went to my phone, opened my music app, raised the volume and started to dance and sing as I showered.

Ring my bells- Enrique Iglesias

I made sure to shout as much as I could so that I wake up my lazy best friend. It worked. When I went back into the room with selected clothes from the closet, I found her sitting on the bed, with a highly annoyed expression and puffy eyes.

"I hate you," she told me with the nastiest glare while she scratched herself all over.

"I don't care. Now go shower and get ready."

"For what?" She asked bitterly.

"You forgot about the training issue?"

"I wasn't invited." She retorted as she let her head fall back onto the bed.

"You'll get to see Silver," I said in a sing-song manner.

And she was up. "Where did I put my toothbrush?" She mumbled as she shot up and darted into the bathroom. I giggled as I wore my long black tight and a purple a little over-sized crop top. I need to feel myself as light as I could, just in case I'll need to kick somebody's ass. I looked myself in the mirror as I tied my hair into a high ponytail, let it fall freely behind. I finished with a blush lip-gloss as Amora came out from the shower with the same outfit as mine. But her crop top was dark blue. Her hair was on a neat bun. We wore our identical black snickers and went downstairs for a light breakfast and we left.

We reached the Castle just in time but got delayed at the gate. What could two humans want in a werewolf castle? They mind-linked their Alpha our names and they told us to go through. When we parked inside, we saw she-wolf coming our way. When she got close enough she welcomed us and asked us to follow her. it took us fifteen minutes to find the training area, I was behind the castle.

The place was full of wolves divided into sections. One of them required wolves to shift and learn to fight with control while on four. The one in charge was Silver. Of course, that's his job. He seemed to be doing great before he spotted his mate. She left me and went running to him and they started sucking each other's faces like leeches.

"Ten minutes break!" He announced as he took his mate aside and they started talking. That's when she heard a group of girls talking.

"Don't they get that this is a training field, not a show-off place?" One of them spoke.

"I know right? And she decided to bring her black friend along, to flaunt her looks no doubt! Looking for the Alpha's attention!" the other added bitterly

"I heard he put her on her place at the party two nights ago."

"Then why is she here?"

"Not backing out easily I guess"

"Alphas never take humans seriously"

"Some humans have thick skulls."

I smirked. It had been long since I last dealt with haters. I just love them.

"Nix." I heard Silver call me

I turned and started walking up to them. Before I reached him, I was suddenly shoved onto the floor. This scent is familiar.

"I didn't know they let humans into training. This should be fun."

Scola. I sighed as I stood up. "Hi there stranger, miss me?"

She scoffed. "See what I told you guys about her attitude?" she told her flock. Yeah.. look at how other warriors around her look at me. Some of them had smirks plastered on their faces. Others looked annoyed. Some few looked concerned? This is why I liked the idea of being seen as weak. I get to learn about people's true nature. That's why I have three friends till today. it's better to have few people you can count on than having a bunch of fake friends.

"Who do you think you are?" she told me as she poked my shoulder.

"Human," I answered with a shrug and a bored expression. I can see how much rage she's holding out.

"That's a good question Scola, who do you think you are to come to interrupt me?" Silver interrupted with a grim expression.

"I don't understand" she answered confused by his interruption.

"I called her and you stood in between. Do I have to remind you of your place or should I cement you in one?" He talked with authority. Wow, Silver is a very easy person, likes joking most of the time and fun, but he can be grouchy and uptight when he wants to.

"My apologies Gamma. "And she left. Something tells me we're going to get along just fine. Note my sarcasm.

"Are you alright?" Amora asked.

"Yeah. Don't worry about me."

Later I was paired by the weakest wolf so that we train on self-defence. I played weak and the wolf kept on apologizing whenever he thought I was overwhelmed. He seemed nice. His name was Lex, and he was 30, shy, kind and considerate wolf.

"Don't mind her, or her friends. She has always been that way" He told me.

"What's so special about her anyway?"

"Looks and confidence I guess. Her strength came as a bonus. She's a rank-digger, throws herself to any high ranked wolf hoping to be their chosen mate and terrorize the weaker." I nodded.

'Has she always been like that?" I further inquired.

"Yeah. She used to bully people, mostly pretty girls at school and she grew up with it. She stayed away from Amber and Ashley because she didn't want trouble with the beta pair. Her looks do not match with her personality, one bit."

So after the training ended four hours later, I went into the Castle to find my mate, I found him at the first level and we spent the day together.

A week passed like a blur, with Amora moving in with her mate the day after she mated with him, the training day. She had to call her family and told them she was going to delay going back and she requested them to come to visit for she had something important to share with them. We went to train every day and I came to learn Damon was watching me through his office window as I train. I learnt all the basics of self-defence and attack while putting on a weak act, I seemed to fail on every moment to an extent of being seen as pathetic but in reality, I could beat up everyone here with their Gamma included. My wolf observed their shift-control training and dismissed it as pathetic. Arrogant.

Amora stuck to self-defence. She improved every day and her mate was proud of her. it wasn't easy for her with the type of people she was dealing with. Scola being Scola, tormented us on every chance she got, and she always walked out enraged by my answers.

Damon was very slow with me. but I may have helped him speed up the process thanks to my Arrogant wolf who didn't pay attention to the control training. I sigh as I remember what transpired between us yesterday afternoon.


"How did your training go? Any improvements?" He inquired as always.

"I'm their worst trainee," I said with a snicker.

"Why are you doing this?" He asked with clear annoyance on his voice

"Do what?"I asked innocently

"Not trying to be better. You seem to enjoy when people walk over you. It's pathetic!." Well, that stung, but he knew not of my intentions.

"Who do I have to prove to? Hmm? I may look ridiculous fighting a wolf but on facing a human offender.."

He interrupted. "Where can you find a human offender in a wolf pack?"

"Look here Mr Alpha, I cannot help it if I'm pathetically weak! I was born this way. And if I'm too lazy for your wolf training program, cut me loose." I said dismissingly

"So you give up? Just like that?" He was enraged. "How can you be a leader when you do nothing to overcome being weak?!!" He spat the last word like it's the most disgusting thing on this planet.

"Who told you I want to lead?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

"YOU ARE MY FUCKING MATE! And I can't help but feel.." He froze and brought his hand on his hair in exasperation

I felt rage boiling inside me. "What?? What? Finish up! Disgusted? Embarrassed? REVOLTED?!! Then why don't you reject me?? and take that WHORE SCOLA AND MARK HER??!" I couldn't help but shout at him.

His eyes turned golden with rage and specs of red? His wolf. I'm talking to his wolf now. A deep rough growl-like voice came out instead of his deep velvet voice I'm used to. "I WILL NEVER TAKE ANY OTHER FUCKING SLUT AS MY MATE THAN YOU AND YOU BETTER WATCH YOUR MANNERS" He loudly growled.

"OR WHAT??" I growled out as I took a step forward. wait.. did I just growl at him? Shit! Talking about control.

He then growled. Oh man, he's pissed. The ground I stood on seemed to shake and the whole Castle went quiet. I didn't hear even a bird tweet. His growl was so loud and menacing.

Now I'm overly pissed. DID YOU JUST FUCKING GROWL AT ME? I pushed him back and sent him flying. He hit his back on the wall of his office and before he could blink, I was in front of him my hand on his neck squeezing the life force out of him. His eyes turned completely red now as he shove my hand away from his neck and he grabbed mine, he lifted me up and threw me flat on his table. I clashed onto it with a force that I went down with it as it broke into half. He was on me within seconds pinning my hands down on their sides as he said. "Submit!"

"Oh, I'll show you submission!" A different voice came out of my mouth. Oh well, I'll deal about it later.

Before he knows it I raised my head and bumped his head with mine with all the force I could master and used my legs to bounce him off. His grip slackened and I saw my chance. I pushed him off and I stood up and started to walk his direction. He rose and started coming for me too and we met in between.

We stared down at each other as the battle started once again. I throw him, he throws me, I pin him on the wall, he pins me on the floor. Once he pinned me again on the floor, he stared down at me, visible anger on those red orbs and something else, fascination. We were both breathing heavily and I had to be sure of what I'm seeing. So I twisted his left hand of which held mine down and reached the back of his neck so fast that he couldn't believe it.

I pulled him down till our noses touched and stared on his eyes even keenly. His shock was short-lived, taken over by something else, pride and arousal? My internal question was also short-lived as I felt a bulge against me. We both reacted at the same time as both of us smashed our lips together.

Tingles exploded and our wolves took over completely. It was magical. Our clothes were shredded in seconds as our hands explored one another's body with hunger and excitement. I moaned as I gripped his length and grinded its tip on my clit. He groaned as he kissed me even more roughly as his one hand grabbed my boob and played with it. I couldn't think any more. I let go of his length and right on cue he positioned himself and entered me slowly. I came out for breath and moaned as he started to suck my neck. I crossed my legs on his behind and pushed him all deep inside me. The smell of my blood seemed to turn my wolf even more on and He groaned even louder. He likes it rough. I smiled as I whispered into his ear. "Show me what you've got!"

And he went crazy.

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