Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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Mate me.

Mature and Sexual content

The flashback continues.

It was dark outside when my eyes shot open. I felt a hand snake from behind me reaching for my boob and squeezed it. I closed my eyes and smiled. We were on our birthday suits so scooped impossibly closer to him for I wanted to enjoy his warmth, I wanted to drown myself into the pool of his tantalizing scent and I wanted to feel the tingles even more.

I felt his bulge poking my lower back, so wiggled my butt taunting the monster right behind me with a cruel smirk plastered on my face. He let out a heavy groan. "You're playing a dangerous game mate!." His voice was growl-like and husky which threatened to wake something from me.

Ok Nix, focus. I mentally couched myself while I slowly took his hand off my boob and raised to sit on the office floor. I noticed the dried blood stains on my thighs, on my legs, and the floor. I frowned, if this was supposed to be gore then why am I suddenly wet? My wolf is surprisingly turned on by all this blood. When I tried to move my lower body, I didn't feel even a tinge of sourness, in fact, I felt energized. Strange, considering the hell of a ride we had!

I turned to look at his peaceful sleeping face. My eyes travelled to his neck and saw my visible and raw bite mark. "My tough adorable big bad Alpha!" I mumbled smilingly.

"I'm not adorable." He responded with his eyes closed.

"So aside from being an Alpha, you're also an award-winning sleeping actor." I snorted.

He chuckled and opened his eyes. His electric blues were sparkling with emotions I never saw before on anyone. I love the way he looks like me. I felt my cheeks heat up so I left his gaze and looked around. I didn't expect this! He caught my expression and looked up.

"l need to renovate my office." He observed his now ruined office.

"You think? It's like it was hit by a tornado!" Everything was in a broken state. The walls had cracks all over, especially where we hit one another. Papers were scattered all over the place. There was only one sofa left standing. I looked at the windows, the curtains were torn while some of them were on the floor. I narrowed my eyes at them, they could be useful in our current situation. So I stood up and went to retrieve them.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"I got this feeling that we won"t be alone for long," I told him as I strolled towards one of the curtains' pile. I was wrapping myself into one while I tossed the other to Damon when the door suddenly flew open and Klaus sauntered in and froze at the door frame taking in his surroundings.

"What a..." He was cut short by Damon's annoyed and irritated tone. "Have you ever heard of the 'knock before you enter concept'?"

Klaus wasn't even paying attention to his friend. His eyes lingered on my blood on the floor. He gulped "Are you alright child?" he then looked at my mate disapprovingly. "It's even worse with your mate! With all that blood loss are you sure she's okay? The only thing preventing me from inspecting her is your brand new marks on your necks!"

Damon just rolled his eyes. "She's perfectly fine." I slowly stalked and sat on his lap as he was talking. He mid froze then added.

"As you can see, you're interrupting!"

Klaus scoffed. "No wonder she's your mate. Who can withstand this smackdown?" He turned to me again. "Are you sure you don't have a concussion?"

I giggled. "I'm okay Klaus, thank you!" I looked at my mate "I'm just a bit horny." I earned a low growl under me and I grinned.

"Get out Klaus". He dismisses his friend as he sat up and pushed his head in between my boobs.

"Do you think I like seeing this?" He huffed. "People outside think you beat the girl to pulp and ate her raw. The aura from this room plus the loud growls, breaking of things and the grounds shake chased every wolf out of the packhouse. They think it's another rage episode".

Damon didn't answer let alone listen to his friend. His mind was elsewhere.

Klaus continued. "You are all alone in here!! I had to come to find out because no one had the balls to. Silver is busy doing what you've been doing all along all day long!"

"Since you got your answers, get lost! Or we'll do it while you watch." Damon threatened as he started sucking on my mark, I shuddered. We heard a door slam shut.

"Phoenix?" He called against my skin and I couldn't control my body any longer. And oh how I love the way he pronounces my name.

"Yes..." Oh that traitorous mouth of his

"When were you planning to tell me?" I didn't miss the hurt in his voice.

I understood what he meant. "When I believed you'd deserve the truth."

"What do you mean?"

"I want someone to love me for me, regardless of my condition, strong, weak, rich or poor, Lazy, or hardworking. I know that Alphas never think twice about rejecting their human mates. And I never looked forward to being mated to one since I believed they wouldn't give it a chance after the first sniff." He wanted to say something but my index finger came up to his lips.

"You, on the other hand, tried to shape me in little ways you could, you didn't want to be there when I trained because you knew you couldn't stand seeing someone hurt me. All that was for me to learn and be able to protect myself especially when you're not around. In short, you wanted to make sure I would be able to fight my own battle. A little gesture from you spoke volumes to me. You grew angry at me out of concern when you thought I was dismissive and lazy, and even then, you still claimed me as yours and you disregarded a powerful and maybe could have been a potential choice mate if you thought about rejecting me. I could have prolonged the process but I couldn't bear to stay in a friend zone with my hunk of a mate." I finished playfully with a wink.

"You acted lazy for sure." He repeated with a quiet laugh

"I am lazy, to tell the truth. But not as how I let on."

"But I don't think that's the only reason, I suspect. To act weak" He narrowed his eyes at me.

I shook my head. "I just hate fake people. And I wanted to test you."

"And how did it work out for you?" he nuzzled my cheek lovingly.

"Eh! I got stuck with a wrestler." I declared with a shrug

"What?" He thundered.

I laughed. "I didn't know you were a black wolf"

He stiffened a bit. "How do you know?"

"Your eyes. They are the same as mine."

"I've noticed that. I thought I was the only one in England, even in Europe. And with our evil reputation, I thought my mate could have rejected me out of fear. Honestly, I thought she saw me, recognized me, and ran away."

"Well here I am, before I knew you, I thought the worst of you. A Cannibal wolf" I explained with a bit of embarrassment. "I did not really know about a black wolf's true nature. I wasn't a pack wolf remember?" he nodded. "And my eyes never turned red before so my brother decided to let it go and observe me. I wasn't as strong as now either, so I figured you triggered my complete change while my sisters' accident years ago triggered the first half."

"You had sisters?" He inquired.

"I was the youngest triplet."

He looked concerned, "What happened?"

"We have all the time in the world to talk about it, not today." He nodded, clearly saw how the topic saddened me, and kissed my lips. I continued. "So, Since we are both black wolves apparently, I'm no luna material."

"You could be if you choose." He halted thinking about something before speaking up again. "So it was you who decided to have a feast back then?" he teased

"I don't remember how I did it" I confessed with a shrug

"It used to happen to me, but later he did not withhold the memories any longer"

"How did you do that?" I asked him curiously

"I learned not to blame him. He always had a good reason behind the kills. I'll confide to you, even more, some other time." His eyes swirled a golden color that held so many promises and lust.

I kissed him to shut him up. He reacted instantly and pulled me even closer to him. I unwrapped the curtain from his lower body and sank my fingers to fish for his already hardened member. I was careful not to break our kiss as I guided him into my folds as I let myself down, he met me midway as he pushed himself up. "Ahh! " I cried out as he started to pound me hard.

He pulled himself out for a moment as I murmured "You rough cute..... OOH FUCK!!" He pounded right back again even harder that caused me to cry out loud.

"I'm. Not. Cute. Nor. Adorable. Mate!" He pounded harder with every word as I loudly moaned. I slid my hands on his chest and pushed him down forcefully. His back hit the floor and I saw his eyes turn blood red again.

"Oh, baby!" I purred as I started to ride him. He loudly growled this time and I pinned his hands down on each side "Oh but you are such a cute boo-boo!" I couldn't help but taunt him. I want this with full intensity. I want to feel all of him.

"You've pushed it, sweetheart." He whispered with an evil glint in his eyes. "I tried to warn you!"

Within few seconds, I was pinned on the wall, my hand escaped his grip and I steadied myself by holding on to the wall, his head moved to my neck and he started to suck my mark and without warning, he bit down hard. My vision clouded with stars as he took me from behind.

It was a long night.

We later shifted from his office to his room and slept the rest of the night away.

I woke up early before him. His bed was so soft and his scent was everywhere, it enveloped me as I breathed in the air hungrily. I turned to lay facing him and watched the way his chest move with every breath he took as he slept soundly. He now looked harmless, so harmless that one wouldn't believe he's a dominating asshole most of the time. Even though I felt sore I felt my womanhood wet from the flashes I recalled from last night.

A mischievous smirk crept across my face as a dirty thought crossed my head. I unwrapped the blanket over us as slowly as I could and mounted him. I struck my clit onto his big hard length and started to rub myself against him. A quiet moan left my lips as I increased the pace grounded myself even harder. His hands came up to their favourite place, my boobs and he squeezed them sensually. I felt pressure starting building up at the tip of the stomach and before I knew it I came right there as my sensitive throbbed and my body trembled with satisfaction. But that wasn't all, this pervert was still playing sleep captain so I had one way to rule him out.

I scooped lower till I came to a view of his throbbing member. I let my taste it like my favourite Ice Cream, from the base to his head. I licked all our juices off him and when I was satisfied, I took his head into my mouth and earned a low growl. My hand went to massage his balls as I let his all length slide into my mouth till I felt it hit my throat. " OH FUCK..!". He was wide awake now as I worked back up to his head and released him with a pop. "Oh Luna!" I gasped.

"Fuck my mouth baby!" I purred with my most seductive voice I watched him with hooded eyes while I chew my lower lip.

He did that and more.

After our brief morning lovemaking, of which we decided it to be gentle romantic sex, I left him for the shower and he decided to follow me in. God, we are like rabbits. While we were done and I reached for a towel to wrap myself with, I heard our room's door open.

"It's Amora. I mind linked Silver earlier to bring some clothes for you. He said Amora shall bring her outfits for you and later we'll go to your house to pick the rest." The thought of moving in with him made my insides explode with happiness.

"There is not much home. They are in shreds"

He laughed knowingly. "I'll take you to the mall later."

"I hate shopping! But I have no choice." And we went on with the morning routine. I was pinning my hair up on a tidy bun when a voice cut through my head.

"I like that style. Flashing your mark is the best thing to do right now." I didn't miss the hint of possessiveness from his tone which threatened my lady parts again, damn this mate bond! To say I was startled was an understatement. "We mated remember? You're automatically a pack member. It was the same with your brother, he didn't require initiation."

I nodded. "Think of a word you want to say to me, picture me then imagine pushing the message to me telepathically."

"You are Cute". I sent with a mischievous smirk. He just stared for a few minutes as I laughed out loud. He then smiled and shook his head mumbling "You have one thick skull."

I turned back to the mirror and took time to examine my mark. There were Claw marks with a letter D right beside them. Simple. Looking back at his, it was the same as mine with P surrounded by flames. I smiled, that was my name alright!. He came to hug me from behind leaving a trail of butterfly kisses over my shoulder. "Are you ready?"

"Hmm?" I couldn't think straight. "You are going to step out from that door as Alpha Female." he notified me in a hushed tone, blowing his hot breath against my ear. I closed my eyes and shuddered. This man. That's when I decided not to give him a straight answer, but I'll show him.

My way.

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