Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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Is it Jealousy?

So here I am now, on a flexible dark brown skinny jeans and a black t-shirt watching Amora pull some moves as I smile. Suddenly I was shoved aside by an angry Scola as she glared at my neck.

"This can't be right! First of all, we thought you were dead, and we were happy, but now this?! How could the Alpha choose a weakling like you to be his mate?."

Which reminds me, I smell of sex and him. He wouldn't have left me alone without being sure I stink of his spit or..uh! oh well..looks like everyone knows now. At least I still have a few surprises in store for them.

I shrugged. "Eh! Well, I went through what most of you cowered from." I plan to push her buttons, like always. A meh expression I always pull works to my advantage.

"How dare you!" she spat as her hand collided with my right cheek giving me a hard slap then she grabbed my neck as tight as she could. "I'm going to prove to him how wrong he was to choose a disgraceful creature like you! I'm sick of you. Your mate is not here to protect you which means he wants us to get you out of the way"

Oh, she has no idea of what I kept in store for her. "I, Scola Jackson challenge you pathetic human for Luna of this pack!"

I smirked. "Good luck with that," I announced before I swiped her hand away from my neck like a leaf.

"Tsk tsk tsk what. a. wimp!!" I taunted her. Her face got red with rage consuming the shock she just had a few seconds ago. She came at me full force aiming a punch at my face, I caught it mid-air with my one free hand and her short-lived shock distracted her from seeing a punch going her way to her right cheek. She went straight to the ground with a soft thud and I might have seen specs of blood.

I decided to prolong this to make it even more fun. I'll hold back for now. "Aren't you even ashamed? You want to be luna while most men in this pack know the scent of your disgusting pussy?" That was enough to make her stand up straight again her face red with rage. She came to me full force throwing punches from all directions as I dodged them before deciding to get in some of my own. I could tell she was starting to get frustrated for she hadn't managed to even get a scratch while she got all the blows.

To end her misery I grabbed her arm and flipped her over my side and pinned her to the ground. "Hungry" my wolf whined on my head. My body reacted on its own as I raised her from the floor while my hands were checking her neck and I kicked her hard on her right rib and sent her flying to a nearby tree as she collided with it with a painful grunt.

"No Mercy!" My wolf growled inside my head as I stalked my way near her within seconds. I held her hair, and forced her to stand by dragging her up, when she saw my eyes, she gasped and widened her eyes. They must have turned red, maybe that's why I'm starting to crave her blood.

I wasn't looking at her eyes any longer, but her bloody lips. I licked my lips as I brought my face near hers and licked her lips as I felt her shudder with fear. "mmm tasty!" She looked at me with terror as I pounded her head on that same tree. I went too fast with her because werewolves heal very fast.

We take minutes to completely heal depending on the damage. A broken bone takes up to half an hour depending on the type of fracture. If you are fast enough to bruise a werewolf without giving him a chance to heal or strike back, it can get fatal. But a faster way to kill one is by wolfsbane and a silver bullet to the head. A normal bullet does minor damage.

I let her fall limp on the ground as the hunger overwhelmed me.

"Baby, calm yourself before you act on your instincts." It was my mate's voice through our mind link. I felt her standing right behind me but not completely healed. "You dare challenge me O fragile one? do you remember what I told you when we first met?" I reminded her.

I slapped her across the face and backhanded her. When she wanted to do something with her hands to block me out, I swiped it away and hit her even harder. I was addicted to making her face swell, unrecognizable. When I got bored, I grabbed her windpipe and pinned her back on the tree and I told her. "I'm hungry"

The craving for her flesh and her blood was too much. I started to feel hate, and the rage was so strong. "I'm going to eat you alive, I will not banish you," I told her with an evil smile. Her eyes were the size of saucers as she struggled to breathe in my grip. That's when I felt a warm hand on my shoulder sending tingles through my all body, I took a deep smell. Mate.

"Now now baby, let go of our prey and let us go to the mall." He cooed as he nuzzled at his mark from behind. I felt myself calm down as all the anger vanished. Also, did the eating her alive part as well. I released her and kicked her head hard enough for her to lose her consciousness. I turned back to him smilingly.

He grinned. But before he did anything I saw him tense and I sensed something behind me. I didn't have time to play anymore. Within seconds I turned around facing a huge she-wolf growling at me, I pushed myself at her jumping and gave her a spinning kick mid-air which took her down. As my feet touched the ground I turned to her seeing her standing on all fours and started charging at me. I let her come to me, when she neared me I instantly grabbed her snout and her lower jaw and tore her mouth open. Ending her life right then. My wolf wanted out but I pushed her down. I don't want ber pathetic flesh near my intestines.

"Oh my God!" I heard a thud after that. Clearly Amora has seen too much. I don't blame her, everything is new to her. That's when I remembered where I was. When I looked straight ahead I saw all wolves had stopped training and were looking at me with horror and shock. When I decided to look at Silver, he was busy picking up his mate. He then stood up with her on his hands and bolted from there to take care of her. When I decided to look back at the warriors again, they all averted their gazes and looked down while exposing their necks. No one seemed to know what to say and I was still recovering from my adrenaline rush.

"You are all dismissed." My mate told them to their relief.

"Yes sir" they all bowed and darted away. They clearly looked uncomfortable. Who wouldn't? After witnessing your weakest trainee killing like a terminator.

"You look like you came from a beautiful painting." I looked down at myself, Gee it's like I swam in a blood pool.

"Thank you for not intervening." I hug him. I'm glad he let me fight my own battles.

"I knew you did not need it. I can sense your emotions remember? I also wanted to leave a slight mystery to my pack. They have to know what they'll be facing when they try to cross you without me around."

"I wanted to eat her". I mumbled rather to myself as I touched my throat. "What is happening to me Damon? What is this dark side of me? and why is it showing up now?" he saw how conflicted I felt. He came closer.

"Embrace it. Your wolf is evolving which means you are getting stronger. I'll guide you, everyone has a dark side. You just shouldn't let it rule you. You are a leader after all and you can't expect true respect from inflicting terror and fear. Even though your nature demands it." He told me as he came closer and held my face onto his palms.

"I know." I looked into his eyes. They calm me. "I shan't be scared."

"Come let's get you changed into my shirt and let's get to that mall".

"I want to see Amora first." he nodded and kissed my forehead. He withdrew his hands and held my hand.

"Let's get you changed first."

A few minutes later we were at Silver's place. We found a pale Amora sitting at the kitchen stools drinking an orange juice as Silver was frying some sausages.

"Hey" she just patted a seat beside her. I went and hugged her from behind. "I'm sorry I made you sick."

"It's okay. It was too good anyway. Good until she shifted and you made her smile to death." I giggled and Silver joined in with a light chuckle while he served her the hot sausages. I kissed her cheek and sat beside her.

"She hurled all her breakfast when she woke up." Silver said.

"I don't blame her," Damon said which caused Amora to whip her head at his side. "Suure," she told him while rolling her eyes at him.

I can sense she still didn't like my mate.

Damon just shrugged. "At least you got her to change first before you came here." Silver said.

"At least this time I had my clothes on". Silver and I chuckled. Amora snorted.

"Am I missing something?" Damon asked

"It's not the first time he saw her in such a condition," Amora said.

"He helped me not to be spotted when I woke up in the middle of the forest the day after I had a little feast," I informed Damon

"You knew?!" I couldn't miss the hurt in his voice.

"The first." Silver replied him with a snicker.

"Hey, I almost forgot to tell you, Jake and Dad are coming over this evening". Amora tells me.

Oh boy!

"Who is Jake?" Damon asks sensing my emotions.

"My brother."

"And your new very good friend". Silver says with a smirk


Damon's POV

When I confronted her in my office, tired of her dismissive character to important things. She at least had to learn how to protect herself when I'm not around. She is human, she is weak and as much as it hurts me I'd like to slightly change that. I don't want her to be bullied around. She should be respected. But what I found out about her shook me. And it mostly turned me on. She is definitely my type, my equal. With a fellow black wolf by my side, we shall be the strongest Alpha pair in England. I can feel my wolf puff his chest with pride.

I've never been this happy. I never once thought of rejecting my mate. She is the most beautiful woman I ever beheld. I was completely gobsmacked the first day I saw her. But I was also afraid of losing her. I wanted to change her before sharing my responsibilities with her. But then I realized there was nothing to change about her. I loved her and she was fit to rule by my side.

We've been in and out of different stores in this freaking mall and I'm getting restless. I look at Silver and he gives me a smug look. Amora has been dragging Phoenix from one shop to another and we get to be their carriers.

"All this for the Jake guy?" I ask my Gamma with irritation.

"Come on bro! you can not be jealous this early! You haven't seen the guy yet." By judging his tone, he is mocking me. I huff. "Show me."

"How do you know I have his picture?". He says while chuckling. I just give him a smug stare. "I don't have it in my phone". He turned to face me and put his hand on my shoulder. "You don't need to worry about anything, she is yours."

"What happened between them to make her anxious when your mate talked about him?" I had to ask him.

"It's not my place to say anything although I am in the dark as well." We couldn't talk any longer for our mates were coming our way. Nix came and stood in front of me as I turned her way, she let her shopping bags down as her hands snaked on the back of my neck and crashed her lips onto mine. I don't remember for how long we've been like this but my brain came to sense the gravity when she came up for air.

"I can feel you, Damon."I looked at her. "We'll talk about this at home. First thing first, how do I look?" she steps back to give us space. I didn't quite look at her outfit. I guess I was a bit distracted with my thoughts and she was coming too fast for me to notice.

She is wearing a deep yellow summer dress which fits a little bit tight on her upper body to her mid stomach then fell loose to her knees. "hmm.." I pretended to be more interested in her chest.

"Pervert!" she snorted and I chuckled. She shook her head as she picked up some of her shopping bags and I helped her to it.

"I took the rest of the day off". I wanted to spend it with her. We are supposed to visit her house for dinner and surprise my parents tomorrow morning. I haven't met them since my mother's birthday party, that's when I also sent my little cherry to them for a few days.

"I noticed". She replies as we approach the exit doors. We reach the parking lot and we spot Silver and Amora making out by my car.

"Older guys have always been her type". Nix muttered with a grin. I raise my brow at this. "So was i". she added bashfully.

I smile. "He never dated a blonde before that he considered them, not his type. I on the other hand never had dated a dark girl." Oops! I felt a tinge of jealousy through our bond.

"I see," she says coldly. "YO! GET A ROOM!!" she shouted at the couple a few paces from us who look like they wanted to strip and get on with it at the parking lot.

"We didn't ruin your tongue fight in there!" Amora recounted fretfully clearly irritated from the rude intrusion.

"Meh, you'll forgive me anyway." My mate entered the car by the back door.

"Aren't you sitting at the front with your Mate?" Silver spoke up.

"No. I'll stay with my sister." Amora and her mate looked at me for a few seconds. I shrugged my shoulders and went to put the rest of the bags in the car boot. I circled the car, hopped in, and drove away. After we dropped off the Gamma pair, I started up the fire.

"Who is Jake?" She is in a bad mood, so am I now.

"My brother," she answered coldly.

"It does not look like it."

"You deflowered me." her smart mouth again. This woman!

"I know you did not fuck him, but did you have anything with him?"

"I cannot say the same about you, yeah? how many holes have you stretched?"

"I'm 70 years old! Who do you think I am? A monk?." We were already on the castle's driveway, as I stopped my car, she jumped out without a word and stomped inside the house. I park the car and get off leaving orders for my things to follow me to my chambers. I reached my room with Omegas behind me and I find her laying on the bed sideways giving us her back. They must have felt the tension for they hurried to set the bags on one of the couches and they flew out.

"Did you sleep with her?" She asked with a hushed tone.



"What was between you and that Jake?"

"Why don't you ANSWER ME?!" She screeched.

"Why are you SHOUTING?!" I growled

"I just had a useless crush on him! That's it. I kissed him and led him on! And now? he is kind of waiting for me."

"HE IS WHAT?!!" Now I'm pissed

"You heard me! Now did you fuck her? how many have you fucked so far? Am I sleeping on a dirty bed?"

"I've never fucked her! And like I said, I'm not a monk! And no fucking slut has ever known my fucking bed!!"

"How many in this pack?"

"It doesn't matter, they are all dead. Now about that fucker.."

She cut me off "Don't you call him THAT!! you don't know him!"

"Oh, and he does not know me!"

"I'm warning you, Damon! You will not touch a hair on his head." She narrowed her eyes as she pressed her body onto mine in a fighting stance. Now, who is adorable?

"Or what? My little evil mate?" I taunt her with a smirk

"I'm not fucking little, you dimwit!!" just look at her flushed face. She's angry, and that arouses me. I grab her neck and push her onto the bed as I climb on top of her. "Why you!" she shouts but I cut her out as I crash my lips onto hers while I pin her hands on top of her pretty head. She moans into the kiss and I smirk. She then bites my lip hard enough to draw blood. I grunt as I come up for air.

"You are going to pay for that minx!" I can smell her arousal. She scoffs, "Make me!"

And so I did.

We are now on our way to her brother's house. She is on her seat beside me, sitting rather uncomfortably. I smirk remembering how hard I smacked her behind today. And how much she painfully enjoyed it. She was saved by the alarm which required us to start moving.

"We are not done." She says with a huff.

I chuckled. "Far from it little one". We parked just outside their house as Genesis came out rushing to us. Phoenix opened the door and sprang out bolting to her mother.

"Oh, Mama! My beautiful Mama!" She hugged her mother when they reached one another. Women! it has only been 36 hours, they make it look like a century.

"How are you baby? Why didn't you call me mmm?" she asked her daughter lovingly. I like this woman, she has a such quiet personality. I thought about that as I locked my car doors while walking to them.

"I left my phone with Amo". I was right beside her at this moment. "Mama, let me officially introduce you to my mate Damon Forrest". Mom's gaze quickly fell on our necks. "Lord bless me!" Genesis exclaimed as she pulled me in for a hug. "Welcome to the family Damon dear". As I said, I like this woman.

"Thank you, Genesis".

"Nonsense! Call me Mama, age aside." She says and we all laugh. She backed away and looks at both of us. "Congratulations! May God bless you my darlings. Now I shall never feel alone again! I gained a family after I've lost so much. I'm so proud of you and your brother!." Genesis said with tearful eyes.

"Oh, mom stop it, please! You are going to make me cry!" My mate said as she hugged her mother again. Well, that was sweet, but before I said anything I caught a new scent, human getting stronger. When I looked at the double doors, I saw a tall athletic blue-eyed man with a smile, his hands crossed over his chest as he leaned on the door frame. Is this the asshole I was cursing the whole day? He looks like his sister, except for his brown mane. He seemed not to notice me as he was busy staring at my mate. I can feel my wolf growl. He then opened his pit and spoke with a smirk.

"Save some for me Squirt!".

It's official, he is my next fucking meal.

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