Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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I'm telling you the truth.

Amora's POV

It's been a few days since my brother's poor heart had been crushed. He has been acting like everything is alright but he can't fool me. Dad had retreated to London two days ago and Jake is to follow him two days from now. Damon has been doing well, controlling his beast when he was around my brother, but they never talked much to each other either.

I look down at the watch on my hand, it's eleven-thirty. I sigh closing the book I was reading before getting a bit distracted by my own thoughts. I don't think I'll wait for Silver to take me to our mother today. She's been quite a help lately in teaching me a few ways to handle my new position as the female Gamma of the pack. It is not easy since I'm human, so I'll be doing the indirect work instead. Paperworks, fixing schedules, and handling a few issues around the pack of which don't need a muscle. She believes I'll do well, I've yet to prove that to myself.

I rise from where I sat, the balcony has become my favorite spot whenever I stay at the castle. It's a good place for reading and talking away with my best friend. But things have been a bit busy since we were both training for our new positions and also we couldn't stay away from our mates for long so our bonding times weren't long enough. I walked back into my room to search for my phone, I found it on the dressing table; I take it and called Silver. After a few rings, he picked up. He sounded to be panting, he must be sparing with a tough opponent.

"Hey baby"

"Honey, miss me?"

I can't help but giggle. "Why yes. But it's not the reason I called"

He paused. "I see, is there anything you need?"

"No. I'm going to see my brother today and I think I'll spend the rest of the day with him, I wanted to tell you so that you don't freak out when you don't find me at home the moment you return. Since I can't mind-link you, here we are."

He sighed. "Babe I know you'll do anything to escape your training." Judging from his tone, he's smiling.

"Hey! that's just mean! I'm not one of those people who run away from their duties" I huff. He knows how I feel about my situation and the fact that I'm expected to lead a bunch of werewolves, not forgetting this is a huge pack. It truly has been hard for me to comprehend and accept this. But there is no running away from this, apparently 'Luna' knew what I'm capable of when she paired me with him. I've got to trust that.

He chuckled. "Is your best friend going to accompany you?" He raised his voice just enough for the message to reach its destination. I heard a low growl, Damon. I roll my eyes. He's teasing that jerk again. Honestly, I'm still not used to this growling thing. It's one thing from my mate and the other from a different wolf, especially the most powerful one I know. The whole werewolf thing still kind of freaks me out a bit. I'm just good at hiding it since they don't scare me enough to make me bolt. Well, that's me reassuring myself whenever I'm facing one.

"No, but I'm sure she'll go for him tomorrow. We're planning to spend the rest of the following day together before he goes away." I sigh."Anyway, stop teasing that jerk. I don't want to see my brother's pretty face bruised".

"Ok baby, I got to go. See you later and I'll talk to mom. Kisses princess"

I smile."I love you!" And I hang up.

A half an hour later I was parking my car outside Genesis' house. The front door opened just as I peeled out of the car revealing my brother who looked like was going out. He came to me and I gave him a tight hug.

"Hey, What's up?"

"I missed you!" I told him while my face was buried on his chest. Taking in his scent. "Where are you going?"

He gave me a light kiss on my forehead and shrugged me off. "I thought it would have taken longer to miss me since you're busy loving your husband," He said in an amused tone, I rolled my eyes."I miss you too squirt. And to answer your nosy question, Nowhere in particular. Feel like taking a walk" He said as he shrugged.

"And clear your mind, perhaps your feelings?"

He stared blankly at me.

"Cut it out! You can't mask anything from me. I'm going to take a walk with you, we've got a lot to talk about"

"Stop that," He said indifferently

"Stop what? Caring about my brother? Well, I'm sorry to burst your bubble big brother, I took a day off just to meddle in your boring business. So let's go!"

He sighed. "Aren't you going to say hi to anyone in?"

"Who is in anyway?"

"Mom, Amber, and her twin siblings. Klaus went out with Shaun earlier today." Beta duties no doubt. Klaus is a very busy person, he could use a hand with Shaun. People will miss his easy smiles when the uptight Shaun succeeds him. Heh, that I'm sure of.

"I'll say hi when we come back, lets go." I slipped my hand into his and pulled him away. We started working quietly, each of us not knowing how to start conversing.

"Amo, for the few times I spent observing your....your husband..." He paused then continued " I wish you knew how hard it is to call him that, or to come around the fact you're married before me," He said in a slightly irritated voice.

I giggled. "I'm not sorry about that but you'll get used to it"

"So, as I said, I observed him, and how he behaves around you. I couldn't have asked more for you. The way he looks at you was enough to even clear our father's doubts. Of whom we both know is a tough shell."

I grinned as I slightly tightened my grip on his arm. "He's a tough shell alright. I understood way back how he came to befriend Eric back then, they've got a lot in common, including their intimidating nature." I paused as I remember the past days when our families were happy before shit started happening in my best friend's family.

He spoke up cutting my thoughts. "I wish I had what you have now. I thought it'd be me who she marries in the future. I thought she wanted time to adjust because we've grown up together as one family and she sometimes maybe took me like a brother. But her heart would have changed that due time." He sounded lost. I turned my head so that I see his face. His eyes were red, and now I notice his puffy eyes. God! I'm not used to seeing him like this. It's a good thing we're in the woods.

"I wish you knew what is happening, but you wouldn't understand!"

"It's damn near what she told me the last time we talked, that I wouldn't understand." He then let go of my hand, scooped down to grab a stone, stood upright, and threw it to the nearest tree with a force that made me want to whimper. "I want to understand! how retarded do you guys think I am?"

"It's not like that Jake!" I walked ahead of him to the tree he just hit seconds ago and I turned to face him. "I'm her best friend yet she didn't tell me anything until I found out for myself about a month ago! I was angry at first but I came to understand her! I wouldn't have believed it or understood everything as I do now a few months ago either. Some other things have to be experienced for you to truly understand Jake."

"Like what? The power of marriage? What I see is that you two married two best friends who are obviously older than you two, who happen to live in a faraway town from where we lived our whole lives in a period of few weeks of meeting! I'd say you chose wrong before I met Silver, but I'm not sure about her and that jerk!"

I shook my head. "Your feelings are clouding your judgment for sure. Well It's true Damon is a dick, but he's not too bad. It's just the way he is. Since I met him, I wanted to kick him; but for the few days I lived here, I saw a side of him that only a few people around him get to see. He is a good person, he just enjoys being misunderstood and his nature is somehow different. Color black suits him well."

"Are you listening to yourself?"

"Listen to me Jake, I don't blame you one bit. You always liked her, and she had liked you for way longer before you started looking at her differently. She had always hoped it would be you, but she later knew you weren't.." he cut me off

"What are you saying? How do you know if one is the right choice or not?"

I looked at the ground."I can't tell you, I'm sorry. But I want you to know that she loves you a lot. She rejected you because she knew this day would come, and she was afraid of this" I motioned my hand to him. "No one wants to see you like this. Jake I know there is a woman for you out there, you just need to find her."

"I have already let her go little sis." He said sadly. He then turned the other way to walk even deeper into the woods, his shoulders shaking as he walks. He is crying, he hoped too much and he got heartbroken. I sigh, he truly loved my friend. Some find it hard to let go. My hand comes to my cheek to wipe away a tear, I cannot let him suffer like this. He does not understand, maybe the whole truth can. I shouted so he could hear. "Can you handle the truth?"

He froze. He stood there as I started walking towards him. "I'm breaking all the laws unfamiliar to me to tell you everything, but I'd do that all over again if it shall lift you from the confusion you're swimming in."

"Why have you been acting weird lately? You talk in codes, when you try to explain something you do so carefully not to splutter out something you clearly don't want me to know. The girl I knew I'd marry someday rejected me for reasons I cannot comprehend. I saw conflict in her eyes and I knew by the time she'll come to me, then I find her married to this big guy who looks intimidating like hell and a cherry on top; arrogant. Genesis of all people accepted and treats your new brother as if she knew him all her life. Everyone is strange around here, and both you, Shaun, and Nix married here. All of you have new tattoos on your necks, most married couples have. Does the truth involve my observation?"

I stood there staring at him. He has never been stupid, his keen observations have been useful in business. I don't know how much he's holding out for he must have observed a lot. But I think he fed everything to his negativity. "Yes"

He took time to dry his tears, then he turned to face me. "I'm listening"

And so I started running my mouth.

Silver's POV

Aside from managing all matters concerning the security and welfare of the pack, I'm bound to protect this pack's Alpha female with my life. Lucky me, she can protect herself most of the time which makes my work easier. I have just finished sorting out some matters with the pack's chief warrior and I'm on my way to Genesis's house. I can't help it, I miss her already. I haven't held her all day and my wolf is going nuts. I park my car, peel off and walk to the front door of the house. I knock and it opens to reveal a Genesis.

"Hello Silver, come in!"

"Looking wonderful like always Gen.," I tell her as I take her hand and kiss her palm. I let it go, she smiles and turns to walk back in. I walk in right behind her as I close the door behind me.

"Charming as always!" She says while shaking her head. Habits die hard I guess; I've always been a flirt, I can't help it most of the time though since I mated I became harmless. I don't mean to woo anyone besides my little minx. Damn just thinking about her I feel my little buddy harden. "Amo is out with her brother, he has been down lately. They met outside and wandered away into the woods."

Into the woods?! Are those two crazy? "When?"

"Five hours ago!"

That's too long. I turn for the door "I'll be back, let me check them out!" Before I reach for the knob, it twists and her scent hits me. My wolf calms as I see Jake coming in with his sister.

"Hey man!" He offers his hand and I take to shake it.

"Hello".He looks tired and sad. A red nose and ah..! He was crying. Good thing he's holding up things together.

"Excuse me, I'll go to freshen up. I'll see you guys later!" He patted my left shoulder and walked as fast as the wind could take him towards the stares kissing Gen on his way and flew up through the stairs. Gen watched him as he walked away after waving at my mate who was currently in my arms squeezing the life force out of me. We remained embracing each other for quite a while, already drowned in our own world since we didn't hear footsteps coming our way.

"Cut it out you two! You've got a full night ahead to act like silly bunnies!" Ashley's voice boomed with slight irritation.

"Now now Ash, let them be. I'm sure Aaron and you shall be worse when your turn comes." Most twins get to share a mate unless their mates turn out to be twins too.

"I pray to Luna I don't get to share anyone with this freak" Aaron said with a grunt while Ash rolled her eyes at him.

"Hey everyone! I'm sorry I didn't come in to say hi when I reached here a while ago, Jake needed someone to talk to." She said as she let go of me and walked to the little crowd standing a few paces near us, kissing each one of them.

"We understand, he hasn't been himself lately. I was also thinking about talking to him before he goes." Gen said with concern written all over her face.

I closed the door and joined them as we all went for TV while Ash volunteered to bring us some snacks. After Amo was done talking to her mom, she declared to be tired so she went up to say goodbye to her brother while I went outside for fresh air. A dark blue Hilux drove by and parked beside my car and soon a trio peeled off. Amber walked hand to hand with her mate and stopped to greet me while Klaus stopped talking with someone on the phone. When the young couple excused themselves, I walked to him as he finally finished his conversation.

"You don't look good," I tell him.

"Shitty day that's what it is! And people are a bit wary of their new Luna."

"I don't blame them. They expected a sweet she-wolf to be their mother figure and not a super fiery human."

"They are just confused. They don't know her full capabilities which makes them edgy. They expected her to be weak and they got surprised. In fact, you know it's in our nature to maintain ranks, uncertainty makes us edgy. Besides, she's not fiery, she's a sweet girl. She just likes to be surrounded by the right people."

"You got to know her before any of us so I can't dispute that."

"I got a chance to know what she was before anyone else but I learned a lot about her from my mate."

He nodded. "Damon has truly met his match!" We laughed. "Luna knows well to pair her children"

"The mending we should be looking after now won't be the broken doors nor shattered windows!" I chuckled

"Not even his desk, well unless they use it again this time."

"I'll talk to the omegas when they feel the building start to shake again that they should not worry and continue doing what they are doing and to notify the plumbers and constructors of their possible future assignments because the whole floor shall be going through full renovation every now and then." Klaus was chuckling as my mate was walking out of the house towards us.

"Hello Klaus!" she was looking at us with a curious expression.

"Hello to you blondie" He earned a glare from her. "You look absolutely tired and you haven't reached home yet." He was teasing her and I could see her face turn red.

"Whatever!" She ran to her car, entered, and drove off. And here I was waiting all the while for her.

"Good job at embarrassing her," I say accusingly at him narrowing my eyes.

He shrugged."You get your fun with the new black wolf and I get with a new blonde human. You irritate her mate and I irritate you." I roll my eyes as I start for my car.

"And you walk away happy? now that seems hardly fair isn't it?"

"I don't like the sound of that," he says crossing his hands across his chest. He knows me too well, I smirk. I felt my phone vibrating, I took it off my pocket to find a message. It was from Amo telling me she drove to our house. "See ya!" I told Klaus as I mounted my car and tore off.

A few minutes later I was home, I found my mate in the shower and so I joined her. One of the longest showers I ever had. We were having dinner when I started acquiring about her day.

"How was your day with Jake?"

She sighed. "It was okay I guess."

"Then why do you look even sadder!"

"I hate seeing him so.." She didn't finish her sentence as she dropped her spoon onto her plate like she remembered something important.

"What is it, baby?"

"You won't like what I did today"

"What did you do Amo?"


"You should tell me from the beginning!"

"I met him outside on his way to nowhere, and I joined him. We walked around and talked. Silver, my brother has always been in love with Nix. She on the other hand used to have a crush on him. It was so when she thought she'll never have a wolf so she was human just like her mother. And if that was the case then she would want to live a normal life in the future with him. She couldn't tell him because she thought he saw him as a sister. Things changed when she turned. At that time I didn't know about her nature so I couldn't understand why she wanted to hide her feelings so much and disregard them when finally my hard-headed brother decided to show her his affection." She stopped to stand and re-fill my almost empty plate. I smiled at her and thanked her. She's used to my big appetite now.

"I didn't know how this all started. I don't blame her if she was a late shifter from a human mother. I'd think the same way. The boy's affection matured mostly from how your friend acted around him."

"Yes. Even with such looks, she never dated. One because she thought she's a she-wolf and later because she had feelings for my brother. Well, I liked the idea of them together and it wouldn't have been hard because our families are so close. She didn't realize the way she hugged him a little bit too much, kissed his cheeks, or the way she held his hand every time they walked together fed my brother's affections even more. Instead of his baby sister's wallpaper on his phone, there was hers. Lots of her pictures were on his phone. Sometimes I felt like a third wheel whenever I tagged along with them. I didn't bother me, I considered her my sister way too long before the concept of her being my sister in law had ever crossed my mind."

"If he feels even a half of how I feel for you, then I can understand."

"You know what happened after she shifted, the way she rejected him. She told me it just felt wrong, all of it. She never stopped loving him like a brother. But it wasn't easy for him to be rejected today and tomorrow you find her happily married. A woman who you thought loved you just like how you loved her for a long time. And her husband acting as a bipolar jerk."

I blew out a breath. I had to think about all that from my own perspective. With me being in his shoes. I sure was a playboy all those years I hadn't found my mate. I never let myself fall for someone who was not my soulmate. But being in his shoes gave me the chills. "So what did you talk about?"

"I couldn't help it, I told him why he wasn't on Damon's place beside my best friend." She winced when she finished talking, for a good reason.

"YOU WHAT?!" I roared. No wonder she lost her appetite, I've lost mine. She stood to move out of the kitchen. It's a good thing we are at our house.

"Look I know what I did was wrong! But he deserved to know the truth. I can't let my brother suffer thinking he is insignificant or not good enough for anyone! I'd be angry at Nix if they dated, but they didn't. I owed him the truth as his sister."

"Do you think Nix didn't want to tell him? Human learning about our secret with no natural ties with us is good as dead by pack laws!!" My voice boomed at the hall and she froze. I walked to her and turned her to face me. She looked pale. "You just death-sentenced your own brother Amora."

Then the waterworks started.

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