Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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What's a heat cycle?

Nix's POV

All I see is darkness. My hands are tied to my back. I'm tied to a chair. I try to struggle out but I can't. I feel weak, I can't even mind-link my mate, or anyone else.

"Don't tire yourself princess" I heard a woman speak not far from me.

"Who are you? Where am I?" suddenly my blindfold is taken away and I take my time observing my surroundings. I see silver chains holding me to the chair, which explains the pain and loss of powers. The room is dark and I see dark figures surrounding me. The woman's voice I earlier heard must be the dark figure slightly forward from the others. My clothes are bloodied. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME??!"

"I already got what I wanted, now I'm just accomplishing my wishes. Look closely at what lies on the floor. I do, this time keenly. I make out trails of blood all over the floor. After looking hard at my right side, I make out a body. My eyes go wide! I look at the other body beside. I can feel my heartbeats quicken. Now I can see clearly what lies on the floor. The bodies of my loved ones. All of them! It's more than slaughter. "No! no..no..no..noo..NOOOO!!" before I do anything I see a sharp knife thrown my way aimed at my forehead.

I wake up.

I feel like a ragged doll by the way I find myself shocked by my worried mate. Panic and concern are written all over his face. I can feel my heart beating frantically as my body is draped in sweat. I hurriedly sit up looking around the darkroom, looking down and my surroundings!

"What is wrong Nix? Baby are you alright!!"

My hand flies to my chest, calming my self as I hear my mate's voice. My voice comes out hoarse; "I'm alright, it was just a dream" I tell him as I hug him so tightly. "Baby hold me!"

"You were shouting and tossing around, I had to try to wake you up from the nightmare I thought was haunting you"

I felt a tear straining my left cheek as I hold onto my mate. "It felt so real! I've never felt so hopeless, so lost, so weak! Oh, Damon my family! Mama, Shaun. Everyone.!"

"Shh..! baby relax. Lay down with me? mmm?" We went back to our sleeping positions as he rocked me back to sleep after he gave me a glass of water.

I woke up at the first light still on his arms. I took my time looking at his sleeping features. His arrogant face looked so adorable and peaceful when he slept. So innocent that you'd think he wouldn't hurt a fly. His brows were excellently shaped, his eyelashes were long and dark. His nose wasn't crooked and his lips, oh his lips. So pink and plump, which begged me to kiss them every time I saw them. His chin was cute with his carpet vibe of beard which he liked to tickle me with. A few strands of his soft jet black hair were lying gently onto his forehead and I scooped them back and I started trailing my face on his perfect face. I love him so much that it hurts. My wolf is purring from the tingles I feel whenever our skins collide and I'm content just by staying with him like this.

After a few minutes, his eyes flutter open. And I get to see the most beautiful and clearest shade of ocean blue I've ever seen. It stayed like that for a few seconds before changing back to its normal electric blue with specs of silver-grey. I wish I understood his eyes. I let out the air which I was involuntarily holding.

"I'd give anything to wake up like this everyday" He finally spoke.

I smiled. "I love you"

"And I you" He came close and kissed me. When we came for air, which must have been minutes. I told him "The blue shades of your eyes, I don't know what to say!"

"Did you know the female black wolf gets to have her mate's eye color?" He had been teaching me a lot about our kind lately.

"Is that why my eyes always flash blue? Mostly when I'm confused?"

"Yes. When we both are in our wolf forms, no one can tell us apart. Only our scents can tell us apart, although they are mixed up due to our mating our natural scents still linger. But I still can't explain why your wolf doesn't have a scent and you are slightly smaller than me."

I stayed quiet for a while thinking about it, then my thoughts ran back to the events of last night. The dream. I want my mother."My love, I want to go to see my mother today. And I'd like to see Jake too" His calm expression turned grim. I know he has been trying to act cool around him, I'll give him a C-minus for that but at least he wasn't trying to kill him. "Stop that!"

"You think I enjoy this?" great! he's pissed. And I don't help.

"Partly you do! Honestly Damon besides his sad personality now thanks to me, has he ever done anything to woo me? He maybe needs time to adjust and he doesn't deserve your ill-treatment. He is like my brother, he is family! How would you feel if someone treated Madeline the same way you treat Jake now?"

He was too busy sulking to answer. So I awoke and went to take a shower making sure I locked the door behind me. After I finished my morning routine I went straight to our closet and hurriedly put on my jeans shorts and a loose t-shirt. I brushed my hair and tied it up on a high ponytail letting the curly waves drop to my mid-back. I took my phone dialing Amora and grabbed his car keys as I exited the room without a goodbye. If their house wasn't a bit far from the packhouse, I would have run instead.

I passed by the former Alphas home for a quick breakfast with them and since it was Saturday, I found Madeline home so I took her with me. An hour later I was parking in front of Silver's house. Madeline and I exited the car and went to the front door of which opened before we even knocked.

Amora was standing there with a flushed face, swollen pinkish lips, and the widest grin. Silver's big t-shirt covered her up to mid-thigh and don't get me to start with her hair.

"Hi, Bitch! Busy morning I see.." I teased as I kissed her cheek as she stepped aside letting Madeline in with me following behind her.

She chuckled."Judging from your tone when you called me earlier, it wasn't the same with you!" She turned to Madeline. "Hello, pretty girl!"

"Hi Amo, where is Silver?"

I smelled him before I heard him approach us. "Right over here rotten Cherry!" Madeline silently laughed as she went to hug him and she kissed his cheek. "I haven't seen you around for a while! You know how unhappy it makes me when I run out of people to blackmail"

"Sure you do! And sooner or later, your task is going to change. We'll require a nanny soon enough!" Yeah, Amber is pregnant. Mom and Shaun are over the moon! Mama has been video calling grandma and grandpa not forgetting my Aunts every now and then. I look at my friend but her expression made me think twice. Her eyes were shining with excitement and her cheeks were as red as a tomato! She looked a bit nervous and gave her mate a glare that could freeze an erupting volcano.

Silver moved from Madeline to me and gave me a welcoming hug. "It's a good thing you're here, we missed your company!" I was still dazed when he let me go as he started to follow Madeline who was to the sitting room. "Amo is pregnant?!" My voice came out like a whisper.

Silver confirmed as he disappeared with Madeline."Damn right she is!"

I whipped my head to her side with the coldest expression I could muster. "You!" I muttered accusingly!

She looked guilty."Look...I can.." I cut her off

"How could you!" I was fully facing her now stalking slowly towards her as she took a step back. She shouted at my face. " I ONLY FOUND OUT THIS MORNING AND OBVIOUSLY THAT JERK IS TOO EXCITED TO KEEP HIS TRAP SHUT BEFORE I TELL YOU MYSELF!!"

I couldn't contain myself much longer. I hugged her as tight as I can. "Oh, I'm so happy for you!" .She let a breathe and she hugged me back. "I am happy too, and freaked out actually!"

I move away to look at her. "Why?"

"You know how I feel about pregnancy and childbirth after the documentaries we used watched during our teen years as a way to remind ourselves to sew our legs shut or that." I laughed at her as we made our way to the kitchen to grab some snacks.

"It's a good thing you're the first one to go through it so that I get some experience from you," I told her

"Fuck you, Nix!"

"I bet you're too sore now for another round my cute little bitch!" I laughed.

"I won't be laughing at me now since you're mated too. I bet your heat is on the corner!" She wiggled her brows at me as she took a chocolate cookie from the plate I was holding. Shit! she's right! I'll have to talk to Amber, she's the only she-wolf I know who can tell me something useful about my heat cycle. I know nothing about it and I need to be ready. My smile vanished and Amo had her last smile. We were in the sitting room when Silver started.

"Your mate told me you blocked him from your head, and he felt you are nervous so on behalf of him, Are you alright?"

Amo giggled."Tell him to chill, it's just girls' stuff"

My cheeks had a faint blush. "How have you been lately Silver?" I changed the subject. I didn't want to talk about that jerk for now and serves him right if he's on edge right now. He needs not to know that I'm alright or not.

He took the hint and played along."Good, I can't complain, It's a good thing you came, we wanted to talk to you before adding Damon to the party." He then looked at his mate.

"Let me handle this Silver." She said and he nodded. Madeline was busy with her iPod and the TV to care. "I was with Jake yesterday..."

I nodded. "How is he? I wanted to go there today and maybe spend the night also. He's going away tomorrow in the morning right?"

"Yes. But that's not what I wanted to tell you. You see, my brother was so sad and confused that I couldn't hold it any longer." She looked disturbed and her eyes were beady.

"What's the matter?" I moved even closer to her and held her hand. "What did you do?" I asked her softly, dreading that it wasn't what crossed my mind right now judging from the way they acted.

"I told him the truth. You are a werewolf, so is Damon and my Silver. Everything to make him understand he wasn't good for nothing!" I gasped. "I didn't know I was putting his life on the line! I didn't know about the consequences, I just knew you were forbidden to tell humans. I thought since I am human and he was my brother, nothing would happen!"

I stayed quiet for a few minutes then I spoke up. "Did he believe you?"

She shook her head as she wiped her tears away, I pressed her hands in encouragement. "I don't know, he looked at me like I grew a second head and laughed at my face. When I explained more connecting the dots for him, he shut me off and said he was hungry. We ate at a diner and went back home."

I nodded. "He didn't believe you because no one changed in front of him, that's a good start." I hugged her. "Nothing will happen to him as long as I live, he just needs to act like he doesn't know and everything will work out."

"Mom called me last night, saying he confronted her. She told him to disregard it and if he believes it to be true, then his mouth shall be his weapon to our distraction" I blinked letting this all sink in.

"You know what? get ready, we're going home." She nodded and rose to go. Her mate got up and followed her, she was depressed and he wanted to calm her. I joined Madeline with a cookie on my hand when she finally spoke up.

"At least tell me this Jake guy is cute" I was shocked. She blinked innocently and started laughing at my expression.

We made stories waiting for the couple to come down. We have bonded well these past few days, she sometimes wished she had a sister to talk to, and here I am. I promised to take her to my favorite restaurant and she promised to bring me to her favorite spot. The couple came down a few minutes afterward and we left the house together.

Madeline disappeared into the house as soon as we entered while we were busy exchanging hellos. Mama looked good thanks to Lucresia, I've noticed she lost a few pounds due to exercises they have been doing together. Her skin was glowing and she was constantly smiling. I made a mental note to acquire what was going on with her lately. Besides a few phone calls and texts, we haven't had our bonding time for a while. Well if mama was glowing, then Amber was shining! She looked even more gorgeous, her hair had a shine which wasn't there before, her eyes were sparkling and her features were much more feminine. Her skin was glowing and judging from the way she talked and behaved, I believed this all had to do with her pregnancy and my brother's treatment. I never thought my brother could get this soft.

Speaking of Shaun, he looked warmed up, he still was uptight but less bossy. We stayed together for an hour or so talking and catching up. Mama asked for Damon and Silver told her he had some pack issues he had to attend to and that he'd be here soon after he has settled things out. I sighed relieved that I didn't have to explain why her dear Damon wasn't around. Amora asked for Jake and before she had her reply the front door opened Jake stepped in. He had ear pods on with a body t-shirt that clung to him like a second skin and a pair of sports trousers. He had a bottle of water in his right hand and I could smell sweat all over him.

"Hello!" He said as he came to us and started shaking hands with Silver, kissed his little sister's forehead, and for me, I hugged him.

"I miss you!" I tell him as I embraced him. He tensed for a moment but he calmed and hugged me back. "I too Squirt!" He then shrugged me off. "I stink, I'll go and freshen up!" He then bolted away leaving me rooted where I was staring at him go.

"What just happened?" Amora asked. Clearly caught on her brother's nervousness.

"He's been acting weird since breakfast," Amber informed us.

"He almost looks scared" I blabbered out. I turn to the party going back to where I sat before.

"I figured leaving him be will be wise. He'll talk to us when he's comfortable enough." Shaun said. After some time he rose from where he sat kissing his mate. "I have to go now, I'll be back soon." Amber escorted him to the door and after he shifted and ran off. "Girls, care to help me out in the kitchen?" She said.

"I'll come, Amora stay with Mama, "I tell her.

"Oh please! I'm coming with you guys." She says

I neared her and whispered "I need to talk to her in private, please Amo! I'll tell you about it. In fact, You keep that hunk of yours company and tease mom a bit." She giggled as she nodded. I smiled as I started towards Amber, and we left for the kitchen together. Once we started preparing ingredients she spoke up.

"Go on and ask, I know you've been itchy to inquire something from me."

"How do you know?"

"Your body language speaks enough!" I chuckled as she smiled back at me.

"You look amazing Amber! A fair picture of a well-loved woman!" She blushed.

"It always happens to mated pairs past the female's heat cycle, a successful one" She giggled and I laughed. "You haven't noticed him either?"

I nodded. "I have but I don't observe his looks much, eew!" She giggled. I continued "He has always been good looking thanks to our dearest father, if he got an upgrade then it's good and bad for you! But I did notice his eyes and manners"

She hummed. "What did you mean by good and bad for me?"

"Good for you that he is all yours, bad is that you'll have to kick every woman who'll stare and woo him whenever you guys go out. Not to mention when he goes to London, and when is that going to be..? Tomorrow, together with Jake. Soon enough desperate women will be a pain in your ass, lets not forget about the single-ho she-wolves!" I finished as wiggled my brows at her.

She laughed. "Let me see them try I tell you. I trust him though! he won't do anything stupid"

"I appreciate you for that. You two truly deserve one another!"

"Don't get me started with you and that mate of yours. I wish you knew how out of control he was three months ago. He lived up to his reputation without a sweat! He broke things and people altogether. I'm happy that he is much calmer now but he's still scary"

"He's just a big teddy bear, it's not him who is a bully, it's his wolf. It's kind of adorable actually. Figuring him out has been my favorite sport lately." She smiled.

"It's mine too with your brother" she then reduced her voice to a whisper "I actually enjoy his uptight behavior sometimes, I find his serious manner sexy and I like breaking it" She was blushing now.

I laughed. "Please say no more! I love how rough Damon can get!"

She paled. "You do?! And here I was praying to Luna for his mate to have a strong will of going through that!". I looked up at her questionably. "Every woman he'd been with had horror stories to tell. A few more didn't have the chance to tell."

I smirked. "His wolf is a sadistic maniac, but he also made sure no one had the urge to cling onto him after he's done with them." I finished with a shrug.

"If what I'm witnessing now is true, then you truly are his mate."She said as I laughed.

"I wanted to ask you about, you know; girl stuff. Since my mom and best friend are human, I never had a chance to know more about me."

"What would you like to know?" She stopped doing what she was doing and looked at me.

"Heat cycle, if I can escape it or if I can escape the consequences, pregnancy, everything about she-wolves."

"First of all girly, You cannot escape your heat period, unless you want to hurt so much that you'll wish for death and it will never come." I felt my body weaken as I pulled a stool to sit down." It starts out with a hot feeling, you sweat and you get this urge to peel off your clothes, you eventually will when the heat gets uncomfortable with clothes off. But that's not all, you get aroused like never before. You felt overwhelmed when you found him and still do right?"

Well yes, I feel like my body has a mind of its own sometimes. I never get tired of fucking him senselessly and my wolf is even worse. We do it every chance we get since he is a sucker when it comes to controlling his lust unless we've annoyed one another one way or the other. I nodded as she smiled knowingly.

"Then it's going to be even worse when you're in heat and your scent is going to complicate matters with other males around here. The more dominant and strong a wolf is, the more strong your scent will be. And it shall cause such havoc considering your sadistic adorable teddy bear issues with jealousy and self-control."

I nod.

"If any other male touches you, you suffer. If your mate doesn't touch you, you suffer. And if you get what you both want, you'll luckily get pregnant. It's a bit hard for our species to conceive but here I am!"

"So pain pushes me to sex? And you are not the only one baby girl, Amo is your new bestie now." Her mouth fell open. I still looked at her waiting for my answer.

"You'll find out." I groaned. "She's pregnant too?!"

"Yes!". We continued talking as we made lunch. When I started with dessert, mixing the ingredients for a red velvet cake. I decided to lift the block in my mind link with my mate. I truly miss him now, damn this freakin bond! As I put the delicious mix in the oven Amora came into the kitchen going straight to the fridge and fished out some sausages and juice.

"I hope it's pineapple juice," She said as she poured herself a glass and waited for her sausages to heat up in the microwave. "Mmm lucky me! How I like fresh juice" she took some mayonnaise and took her sausages from the beeping microwave and sat on the high stool and started chugging everything down. We stared at her until Amber decided to join her.

"You two are not even four weeks along and here you are!" I roll my eyes at them

"Your mate is with Silver and mother, so my work here is done!" she said looking at me.

"Damon?" I didn't hear him get in!

"Nah, Abraham Lincoln, He is busy bouncing his little sister by the way." I scoff as I lazily start for the exit. "I knew you missed him!"

"I'm going to Jake, if he's not coming down then I'm going to drag him down with me." A few seconds later I was softly knocking on his door. He opened and went in not even bothering myself to look at his face.

"Why are you burying yourself in your room one day before you leave?"

He shrugged. "I don't think I'll be a good company to a bunch of people who think they are wolves."

I looked at him like he was stupid. "Excuse me?"

"Is this some sort of a cult or something? Or is it an atmospherical illness catching up to people who live here? Was that the best excuse to come up with to toss me away?"

"Who tossed you away? if I remember everything correctly, we never dated! And I told you this would happen. I never thought you'd be this stubborn! Do you realize you're hurting other people as well? Your sister, Mom, and wait till Uncle Allan sees you like this!"

"I'm perfectly normal Nix. But you didn't have to come up with a lame excuse. And mother wasn't doing any good to play along!" He let out a breath. "I accept that you've moved on and I can never try to do any harm in your relationship, you know that!"

"But you're not acting up well, you're distant." I pressed myself onto him and embraced him. "Trust me when I say Amo needs you now more than ever!"

"Why so?" he moved me off him and held me with both his arms. "What is it now?"

"It's not my place to tell you, please Jake; come back to us. We miss you!"

He hugged me and kissed my forehead. Then both my cheeks. He held my face on both his palms. "I hope I find what you've found with your husband soon." I smiled.

"Come, Lunch is ready though it's a bit late. Amber and I prepared it with so much love!"

He laughed while looking at his watch. "I guess I'm hungry," he said as I pulled him out of his room to the dining room where I found Silver, Damon and now Shaun who was coming in. Jake joined them as I walked into the kitchen where all women were preparing the food to be served. I helped and soon enough everyone was at the dining table happily eating while conversing with each other. Amora and Silver announced their news and everyone cheered. When everyone was full, the men retired to the kitchen for the dishes while we were relaxing in the sitting room. We heard glass shattering about three times and mom was getting nervous. I volunteered to go see them and I was surprised to witness what was going on in the kitchen. The men were busy talking and I actually saw Jake and Damon conversing like normal friends. I walked in pretending to pour myself water in a glass and bolted away as soon as I told them mom was charging each of them for a broken plate and glass.

Later in the evening, I was sitting with Jake and Madeline at the porch when Damon decided to intrude.

"I'll be inside," Jake said as he stood and carried a sleeping Madeline and left.

"You're still angry with me." It was a statement. "I am sorry, I've been stubborn and a jerk..but I can't help it being near a man who..." I shushed him with my index finger on his lips.

"I forgive you, Damon, in fact, I have since morning. I was just hurt that you didn't take the pain to get over all the negative feelings and get to really know him. If he was a bad person he would have taken advantage of me long ago and he wouldn't have been okay with my happiness with you. I just want my family to get along. I want peace."

He hugged me. "I'll do anything for you my love"

How I miss him. My body explodes with tingles whenever he hugs me and they go straight to my core. I move my head from his neck and start leaving a trail of butterfly kisses on his neck. He shudders and I smirk, he moves his head towards mine and crashes his lips onto mine and I eagerly welcome them. This is one of the best parts of our relationship. Making up.

He later excused himself for he wanted to bring back Madeline to his parent's house, he took Silver with him. I went straight to my mother's room waiting for her to finish having a shower. She looked at me puzzled when she exited her bathroom.

"For how long have you been there? I didn't hear anyone coming in!"

"Long enough.."

"What's up with you and your mate? You've been distant from each other all day and he was staring at you all the time"

"Just a little misunderstanding in the morning mama, but we are ok now" She nodded. "So, tell me more about the glow you have and sudden interest in sports" I hit a nerve. She's nervous. "Well"

"I'll tell you when I return" Now I was the one who was puzzled

"From where?"

"London, I'm going with your brother." I blinked "I thought you knew!" she added slightly amused.

"Obviously not! you three are going tomorrow?" She nodded. I felt uneasy. "Why? I thought you didn't like it there anymore!"

"We'll talk about this when I return. He is going with Amber so I won't be lonely after all. And she wants to see the place where her mate grew up, isn't that sweet?!"

"But Moom!"

"I'll be fine. They will not let even a fly come my way!" I don't like this but it seems she had already made her mind. She's excited about the trip which confuses me. I mentally told my brother about my feelings about this and he told me mom has pushed him too into this. I told him about my dream and he told me not to worry, he had everything in control.

After dinner, we all retreated to our rooms. Amo and I went to sleep with mama, we slept snuggled together as Silver and Damon crashed into my room. Jake disappeared into his when he started hearing a fuss from Shaun's and Amber's room.

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