Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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Plan B

Andrian's POV

I was getting tired of the so-called 'Plan B' but sometimes patience is truly the key!. I make a mental note not to make my boss unhappy since she is a cunning, calculative, and patient enemy. That bitch is truly evil. I wore a jacket full of some human sweat and odor, to somehow mask my scent while I wait patiently at any sign of life in the house I grew so tired of watching. It's 1600 hours when I saw a familiar SUV drive through the gates.

I never tore my eyes and made sure I don't blink so that I catch every detail of what was unfolding. The dark woman came out of the vehicle wearing dark blue jeans trousers and a simple t-shirt. Her hair has grown longer and was loose cascading to her mid-back. She looked a bit different, maybe because of a few pounds she lost. After her came her new daughter who had tied her hair up on an untidy bun, she looks much more attractive than the last time I saw her. She wore black short pants with a white tank top and a pair of black simple shoes. Her mate followed with matching black pants and a white t-shirt. He looked even more intimidating and his aura was a tad threatening, but he looked somehow calm.

They went to the car boot, opened it, and took off some suitcases. By the looks of it, they will be around for a few days. I watched as they say goodbye to the driver who I also recognized as the human boyfriend of the mixed girl and he drove out. They took their stuff and entered their house while the athletic brunnet was busy taking in the house. I don't blame her, this place if not the whole neighborhood is a sight to behold.

I fished my phone from my pocket and dialed the humans I hired for this job. It was picked up on the third ring.


"Mark, I need you guys at the place I showed you the other day, Pronto!"

"Give us 15 minutes." then the line went dead. Our plan needed humans to work out since their scents won't alert them till it's too late. My orders were to capture anyone related to them as bait but luck proves to be by our side. I was keeping watch until I saw a familiar all-black SUV coming my way. I started my engine and got the hell out of there before my scent overpowers this pathetic sweater. Now that I'm supervising things from afar, I called Mark and gave them orders. Soon hell will break loose.

Allan's POV

I was busy working in my office when my phone started ringing. I disregarded it for I had a lot to deal with by now. When I was done with my work or most of it; I reached for my phone and went through the missed calls. Most of them were unnecessary, but only one caught my attention; Genesis. It was from four hours ago, I sighed as I called her back.

"Hello, beautiful!"

"Hi, Allan, busy as always?."

"I was, and I think I wouldn't have been if I knew it was you who was calling. How are you?"

"I'm a bit tired but okay. Have you talked to Jake?"

I facepalmed. The kid was supposed to come today and it slipped my mind. "I haven't. I'll see him at home."

"So what's your schedule for tomorrow?"

"Hmmm, let me see. I have a meeting at 11 am and some appointments later on"

"Then come over for breakfast!"

I'm confused. "How? You're many towns away from here, even if I get there on time I won't make it to my office on time!"

She giggled. "I'm in London Silly!"

"Really?" Now, this is news. Wow.

"Yes, so..?"

"I'll be there honey" My door opened and my secretary came in, her skirt was too short and her shirt buttons were lowlily undone revealing her boosted boobs. I need to deal with this. "I'll call you later, take care beautiful!"

"Okay bye!" And she hung up.

"Who was that? Your fiance?" She inquired like it concerned her.

"Don't tell me you care, It's none of your concern anyway!" I said coldly.

She rounded my table and came to me, she turned my chair so that we faced each other and raised her leg so that her knee was slightly brushing my dude splashing me her thigh. "Let me show you how I care!" She cooed in her most seductive voice. I looked at her face, she bit down her lip as she rested her hands on the sides of my chair and lowered herself so that she captures my lips for a kiss. When we were inches apart, I raised my hand to touch her chin. She gave me her best seductive glare as I smirked.

"You are fired!" I calmly stated looking her dead in the eyes.

She giggled. "Is that so!" she mumbled teasingly before trying to bury her head onto my neck. I grabbed her by her cheeks as tight as I can and pushed her off. She fell off me with a soft thud and a shocked expression.

"This isn't the first time you tried to seduce me, and while at it you broke some ethical and dressing codes," I alleged as I looked at her with disgust. "I don't go for easy types and most especially whores. You just fucked my HR last night." Her eyes got wide.

"Look i..." I didn't let her finish.

"Get out before I call security. It's way after working hours and we don't have an overtime agreement. I will charge you with trespassing plus attempting robbery and ruin your life unless you fucking leave my office this instant!" I spoke in a calm but cold voice that made her shudder with fear. She stood up right away and started for the door when I added: "And make sure you clean up your desk disappear within the next five minutes." I looked at my watch then back at her with my most serious face.

I never dated since my wife passed away, it was too painful for me and I loved her too much to let go. The only woman who I let in as a friend was Genesis, she knew how to calm me and cheer me up. She helped me raise my children. Little by little I found myself falling for her but I couldn't do anything since he was my closest friend's dearest wife. I saw how they loved and cared for each other, it was enough she remained my friend. So instead of alcohol and self-pity, I threw myself to work and made myself even more successful. Eric's death was something I never saw coming, as much as it crushed all of us, it gave me hope.

I stayed by her side when she needed me and stayed away when she didn't. I was there to talk to her, even if mostly was by phone. She finally opened up to me a month ago and I got to kiss her for the first time at Castleton. I'm trying to take it slow so that she doesn't feel overwhelmed but that doesn't stop me to be the proudest and happiest man in the world. I don't feel lonely anymore. So I won't let anyone especially some young sluts or gold diggers to come and ruin what I've been wishing for, for decades. I love Genesis and I'll do anything just for her.

I reached my house late and tired. Judging by the time, I texted Gen good night while I climbed the stairs to my room. After I refreshed myself and was finally in my pajamas, I went to check on Jake. I knocked on his door thrice but he didn't open. He must be sleeping, probably tired from today's journey. I went to the kitchen and made myself something to eat before I tiredly retired for bed.

I met Jake on the following morning at the hall and told him that I wasn't having breakfast at home. We talked for a bit before I left for Genesis's house. It didn't take long to get there, soon I was driving through her gates. After parking my car, I saw Shaun coming out with his wife. I moved from my car and walked towards them, when we approached each other we shook hands and gave our salutations.

"What are you doing here this early Uncle Allan?" Shaun asked

"I thought I'll be having breakfast with all of you today, your mom invited me."

"Oh, I see.." Shaun sounded amused. This boy can see right through me.

"Unfortunately my husband can't wait to get his ass at his company, and I can't wait to know everybody!" she looked at him as if she was threatening him. Shaun groaned and I chuckled. Young love! They hurriedly left and I wondered as I entered the house what havoc will that boy start today. I went straight to the kitchen and found her sitting on one of the stools on the island with a half glass of juice on the island table. She was speaking with someone on the phone and judging by the way she sounded, it must have been Nix. She looked up as her brown orbs locked with mine and smiled wide exposing her cute dimples.

I gave her a wink and moved to sit across her. She stood up and went to fetch a jug of juice from the fridge and poured me some. I drunk silently watching her as she served us breakfast. She came to sit beside me as she disconnected her call, finally giving me her full attention.

"Sorry about that, my daughter can be quite talkative"

I shrugged. "All I heard was a typical concern, she's worrying too much while they know I'm around" I wiggled my brows.

She giggled. "They don't know you're my Samson!" I smirked as I took a bite of a pancake from my plate. We continued having our breakfast as we teased each other and flirt all the time. I helped her out with the dishes and later settled at the upper balcony. Time seemed to pass quickly when we are together and before we knew it, there were only 30 minutes left before the meeting would start so I had to go.

She escorted me out to my car and before we said our goodbyes, she spoke up."This place reminds me so much of the past, but I can't get myself to let it go. I know it's best to accept the reality but I don't see us comfortable here!" I understood what she meant. She felt uncomfortable about our current status in this house, which held so many memories with her beloved. As much as I wanted to kiss her now, I refrained. I reached for her hand and squeezed it.

"I'll think of something, thank you for opening up to me. We'll talk later on." She reached for my cheek and left a soft kiss. "Take care!" She whispered as I entered my car and sped off. I've got an idea and I'd like it to be a surprise. 30 minutes later I had my usual poker face in a room full of executives and shareholders listening to an endless presentation.

Hours later I was preparing to leave my office, It's dark outside and I feel overly spent. My phone rings and I reach for it, It's Shaun. I answer it.

"Hello, Shaun!"

"Uncle, Mom is missing!" He sounded panicked

"What do you mean she's missing? For how long??" I can feel my heartbeats increasing with every word he was saying.

"I...I don't know! Our gardener saw her being taken by a group of men to a black car. He called the police and tried to call me but I wasn't near my phone when it rang. Ugh! Uncle, we need you here!"

I was by the door before he even finished his sentence. "I'm on my say, see you there!" Fuck!! I'm going to kill somebody.

Andrian's POV

Everything was going as planned. The woman was tied to a chair and blindfolded as I took a few pictures. She looks calm but I can smell her fear, the tough facade she's pulling can fool the humans but not me. The scent of arousal in the air made me want to puke, some of them wanted a piece of her but they knew better. I left the room so that I make an important call. Luna Britney answered after a few rings.

"There better be good news," She muttered instantly after picking up.

"Damn right you are Luna! I've captured the monkey for you."

She let out a breath, "Perfect! Good job Andrian, now it's time for phase two. I'll be there in two days, in the meantime; create hell for her." I already had something on my mind.

"Yes, Luna." And the call was disconnected. I nearly pitied this woman, but orders were orders. I found the men at the end side of the hall. "Fellas, she's all yours! just don't kill her yet!"

And I walked out.

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