Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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Britney's POV

Finally! I'm finally going to get rid of that wretched family, they were not to exist in the first place!. I laugh out loud as I stand up and start walking towards the mini bar, I need a drink. I sensed my mate through our bond pushing a message to my head, he must be feeling my excitement.

"Can you at least share the excitement with me? I'm beyond irritated right now!" His voice rang through our link and I grinned. He is always irritated.

"I finally caught that black slut." I inform him.

"You're going to kill the rest of them. I thought you gave up!" He sounded bored.

"I never give up my prey, I'm like a leopard, I stalk you patiently until I finally strike. So now it's time for the real fun to begin and I want to be there when it all happens!"

"Do whatever you want" with that said, he cut the link. I rolled my eyes as I caught Marcus's shape passing through the corridor through the glass doors, I called after him and he came back.

"What can I do for you?" He looked tired and pissed. Why is everyone in a bad mood today?

"I am fine thank you!" He rolled his eyes. "How dare you roll your stupid eyes at me? I'm still your mother young man!"

He groaned."Just get on with it before they start poking at my head again!!" Being Beta isn't an easy task, I used to tell him but he didn't seem to believe me. Now he's facing the music.

"Guess who finally caught the woman who took your father's affection from us." He narrowed his eyes.

"You have?" I nodded with a smile. I'm going to finish off that fucking family.

"Where the fuck is she now?" Anticipation! that's what I got from his tone. I was successful in planning my hate seed into him. He hated his father for how distant he was with him. When he learned he gave his all attention elsewhere, he resented the whole family too. We are similar when it comes to deal with people who we consider our enemies.

"I'll take you with me for you to see for yourself, Margaux too. It's going to be a beautiful family reunion." His green eyes flashed with amusement and he smiled brightly. He stood up and walked away probably duty calls but he looked in better spirits than when he came in a few minutes ago. I later told him to book us plane tickets for London the day after tomorrow while I still convinced his stubborn sister to go with us. I'll win this time and I don't care if I have to kill the Demon's upcoming beta pair in the process.

Margaux'S POV

I stood in front of my mirror naked, my body wet from the shower I just had. My long wet dirty blond hair cascaded right under my breasts with water beads still falling from it. My ivory skin was flawless as I took my time examining every part of my body up to my toes. I stared up again at my once electric blues which are now pale and saw nothing but emptiness. My life has always been dull, and now it has become even worse. My body heals the bruises but my heart and soul will never heal. As much as I try to wash the disgust away, it still clings to me like a second skin. Only now I get to learn the true value of my late father.

At first, he seemed distant. He was always busy with this and that. He was always traveling abroad and if he was here then he spent most of his time with the Alpha. I felt hurt but I couldn't stop pursuing him until one day my mother scolded me and ran off. I found this amazing waterfall deep into the woods which sometimes rogues crossed over, but it was still pack lands. I stayed there for hours crying out my loneliness. That's when I felt him, and not only him but also his affection rolled in waves to me. My father found me and watched me all the time, sometimes crying out his name.

I will never forget how he came close to me and held me, rocking me till I calmed down.

"I'm sorry little one, daddy is here now and no one, not even me will hurt you again!"

I couldn't believe it! I was only eight years old. I looked up at his forest green eyes which I always admired and hugged him with all my strength. Since then, he became my father, the father I always wished he could be and not a mere sperm donor. Even though he still traveled a lot and was busy with his beta duties, he made time for me and called me when he was away. I was thankful for the little he could give. My brother Marcus and I were never close, he bonded with my mother as I did with my father.

I understood why my father treated us in such a manner. My mother was not a good woman. She was spoiled, jealous, and wicked! She was used to getting what she wanted as she grew up in a wealthy beta family of our pack that she became spoiled and conceited. She enjoyed stepping over the weak and loved the attention. Someone like her could never get my father's attention, that makes my brother since he's her carbon copy.

Father even with a serious, uptight, and scary personality liked people with humanity. He wanted to be surrounded by kind and morale people, unlike my mother. He thought I was going to be my mother but no. I had his serious personality but I had an innocent look which people found adorable. I considered myself as his lookalike before he showed me his son's picture.

Yes, I knew about his mate and family in London, he used to show me their pictures and I actually talked to one of my sisters sometimes, Elvera. She was so young then and used to like the stories I told her every time we talked on Skype. Things changed when my mother learned about them. My father became even more distant and it was the last time I ever talked to my little sister but he promised to take me there when the right time comes because he was soon leaving America for good.

Due to my mother and brother's nature of inflicting pain on others, I wanted to heal the damages, so I decided to be a doctor. To be busy helping, to be in my own world where people would trust me and see me not as my mother's child, but my father's. I started hating my mother the day she killed my father. Marcus didn't see it happen but I was close enough, and I saw everything.

Tears start pooling from my eyes as everything starts coming back, the death of my father, the mating of my mother to the devil who does nothing but rapes me behind closed doors. I wish I ran away, but he thought ahead of me and gave me an Alpha command never to leave the pack lands and to always stand naked every morning after I shower waiting for him to take what was his. Tell my mother? what would she do?.

I hear my doorknob twist and the door flies open. He enters my room with only his trousers on, he closes it and turns to me as he unwraps his belt. He says he wants to break me, but I still have beta blood in me. I'll always be dominant irrespective of my innocent looks. He stalks closer till he reached my back, I resist a disgusted shudder. He fists my hair and pins me to the nearest wall. His one hand unzipping his zipper letting out his already hard shaft and starts to stroke himself while leaving a trail of kisses on my neck, I whimper. I felt his belt making contact with my butt cheek and I swallowed my whimper.

I remember his first time doing this to me, I hate silent sluts so if you won't moan, then you'll whimper in pain. He used to beat me with a whip or his belt to get a sound out of me, but later I grew numb.

"I want that ass today," he said that and before I could recover from the shock, he was already in me and I cried out! He never pounded my ass before, he hasn't even applied lube and I can feel him stretching me to the limit. It's so painful and he seems not to care, he continued to pound as rough as he could as his big member tore me open. Alphas weren't small, he continued molesting me as he grunted how tight and sweet my ass was. After what seemed forever, he released. He moved away taking my towel to wrap his semen and my blood away and tucked his dick back into his trousers. I was on the floor shaking with pain and fury as he said;

"I permit you to go with your mother for only for three days. I want you back here before the third day is over." He Alpha commanded me and my wolf submitted. He left my room as I lay there for a few minutes waiting for the healing process to complete. His nails left deep scratches on my hips, butt, and stomach. My neck and shoulder had bite marks and my ass felt like was teared open. I sit up after 15 minutes and start crying again. I'll find a way to never return here, even if it means to find a black wolf and risk my life just for him to break my pack bond to this monster.

I wake from the rug I sat on, and walk into my bathroom and take a long shower. I come out to dress when I hear a knock on my door.

"Who is it?"

"It's Ariel!" I quickly go to open the door and she steps in hurriedly and closes the door behind her. She then hugs me. No words are needed. She's my best friend and she knows everything. She shrugs me off and starts to help me clean up the mess our Alpha left behind. When we finish I put on a knee-high A-line dress and get to the pack hospital. I told her of my tomorrow's departure and she tells me she'll be coming with me on a separate airplane. She just needed to plan things out so no one knows she's going after me. she left me tending to pregnant she-wolf as she went to sort out her things.

A day after I was on a plane with my Mother and brother looking forward to a family reunion of the year.

Nix's POV

I didn't like it when mother left, but she's a grown-up. I had no right to make decisions for her even if it is for her own safety. My wolf wasn't calm either. I felt her pacing in my head which made me nervous. My last call with her calmed me along with my mate's assurance. My brother is strong, and even stronger now with her mate. But I still felt that dream was a warning. Sometimes I thought I was just paranoid, so loosen up! Well, I was okay until I felt my mate's nervousness through our bond. I waited for him to come home and when he did, his facial expression had something I didn't like.

"Get ready for a short trip tomorrow morning," he told me as he avoided my gaze.

"Weird! where to?" I asked him curiously as I observed him trying to find something to do so that he doesn't look at me.

"You'll find out tomorrow baby, now please pack us some enough clothes, I'll be back later there is an emergency I need to take care of this instant." And with that, he was gone.

Strange. I've never seen him act like this. I shrugged and went to our closet and started parking. I called Amora but she didn't pick up. I tried my mom, Shaun, and Amber. Everyone was unavailable! I shook the bad feeling I had.

"Phoenix honey, don't be delusional. Everything is fine! Find a comedy series to watch and laugh away your nerves!!" I said to myself as I went to bed, powered my laptop to find something good to watch. I was asleep before I knew it.

"Baby, baby wake up!" My eyes fluttered open by the sound of my mate. He was standing beside me wrapped in a towel, beads of water dripping from his dark locks and everywhere. Oh just look at the way that towel...

"If you keep on looking at me like that and you don't stop your arousal we are not going to catch our flight!" He cut me off as he turned to walk towards the closet. "Hurry up baby, we still need to drive our way to the airport and it's not nearby! Come on now! Chap chap!" I arose from the bed as I thought, where is he taking me? Is he trying to cheer me up or something? Where were we going to?" I finished my morning routine as fast as I could, and I managed to straighten my hair today! Though I don't think it shall remain so straight after a few hours, the waves shall always prevail.

I put on my high waist dark blue skinny jeans with a cute off-shoulder crop top Amora picked out for me matching my mate who wore a black body t-shirt with dark blue jeans. The Omegas had already taken our things to his car as we went down for a quick breakfast. I was surprised to see a large party assembled in the dining room. Amora with Silver, Aaron, Ashley, and their parents. My in-laws Mr. and Mrs. Forrest and Silver's parents.

Like I said, weird! We had a great conversation as we ate but a few people I noticed were actually nervous. I swallowed my curiosity as my mate told me it was time for us to go. While we were rushing out I came to know we were going together with Silver, Amora, and Aaron. So we were five altogether. I scooped Amora to my side when we reached Manchester Airport less an hour later.

"Care to explain to me what's happening?" I whispered at her

"I'm as oblivious as you! Silver just told me to pack for us yesterday and here we are going to London. Well, could this be the answer to why mother was glowing like a teenager?"

I laughed. "I don't know, we'll find out on our own since our mates are bent on super gluing their lips!"

An hour later we were taking taxis from Heathrow to our home. This will be the first time for Aaron, Silver, and Damon to be at the place Amora, Jake, Shaun and I grew up. A few minutes later we were driving through our gates into our compound. I saw and immediately recognized three cars parking randomly just outside our house. But the fourth car, what business had the police in my house? The uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach started to grow again as we approached the house. We peeled out when we stopped and after paying the drivers and taking out our luggage, they turned to leave as we started for the front door. I pushed it open and entered spotting Amber rushing towards us with her hands stretching out, I reached for her and extended my hands to her for a quick hug. Her eyes were puffy, looking behind her I saw my brother coming our way, he looked rough and highly pissed.

"I'm so glad you're all here!" Amber said

"Why? What's the matter?" I asked her, she stayed quiet looking at me funny. So I looked at my brother "Where is mama Shaun?" just as I finished to ask him the question something flashed in his eyes. Tears were starting to well in his eyes, I felt my heartbeats increase on every step I took towards him as I shrugged Amber off. "Well? is anybody going to speak out? You are scaring me! Kaka where is mama?" I was standing in front of him now, my hands raised to grab his biceps. I noticed he was shaking as his tears pooled out from his eyes.

"I'm sorry little sis.." he said hoarsely.

"For what? Answer me where is she?" my voice was getting even louder. That's when I heard Jake from behind Shaun.

"She was taken yesterday afternoon. Amora, Nix; Mom is kidnapped."

I screamed before everything went black.

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