Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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The Demon Alphas

Shaun's POV

Everything was going well. Our lives changed thanks to my mother who decided to move us somewhere we met our soulmates. In a blink of an eye, we gained even a larger family. I was more than sure our pursuers stopped tracking us since we moved to a new territory. I also thought they caught a whiff that I was mated to the next pack beta which means trying to mess with my family was a wrong move. After a few weeks of no weird scents, I finally moved on and became comfortable. I even let mom come with us here! I wish I listened to my sister, now I don't know how I should face her. She believed in me so much and I let her down.

It has been two days after my mother's kidnapping and one day after my sister lost her conscious. She probably thinks our mother is dead by now, but I'd feel that if it'd happen. So no, she must be alive. The question I keep on asking myself is that is this a normal human kidnapping that they'd ask for a ransom, or is it my father's choice mate striking again? And if it is her, there is no doubt she wants us all six feet under. But how did she do this? The scents I caught when I came home were human, she involved humans in a werewolf fight, is she stupid?!. She must be one crazy woman.

When I think about yesterday morning, I feel overwhelmed. Damon's wolf nearly blew the casket when his mate was emotionally hurt and lost conscious. His eyes turned from electric blue to black within seconds and his wolf kept on grunting 'Mate hurt, my mate, hurt, you... you... YOU!!' then growls which nearly sent the entire floor above us onto our heads if it wasn't for Silver and Aaron trying to calm him. I squatted to carry my unconscious sister on my back with the help of my sister and ran off with her to her room. I could hear Amora shouting words I couldn't quite catch at the lower floor for I was busy trying to find a way to bring back my sister to her senses.

She never reacted this way before. She never fainted and I've never seen Damon so distressed, nor a wolf cry out like that. I never thought about the two humans down there who just witnessed what happened.

I heard a low whimper then "Mama.. maa come back...please...maa don't leave... I'll kill them...Maa... Noo...MAMA..!!" My sister was fussing as it seemed she was having a bad dream, and it was a way to bring her back. Her mate was gently stroking her hair as he tried to shrug her slowly and whispering sweet nothings to her ear so that she calms down, it did for a bit before she began fussing even more and the whimpers became screams. Her eyes flew open as I stood just beside her bed. Her eyes were the clearest green but within seconds they were the deepest shade of blood red. Oh, this wasn't good!

Just then my phone beeped notifying me that I had a message, it was from an unknown number and as I opened it, I felt a rage I never felt before in my entire life. I could feel my eyes turn black as my body shook. My wolf was resurfacing and I could feel I was losing every tiny control over my body! I saw the blood. I heard a loud gasp from my mate, she clearly heard my thoughts and saw the pictures projected on my head.

"Guys; Jake and Allan, you need to move out of this room this instant!!" she said as she started to pull them away from the room. My sister was still laying silent with an angry and intimidating aura flowing from her in waves, and they got stronger and stronger on each passing moment, and within minutes I felt myself gaining control again as I felt my wolf submitting to her. She was my Alpha after all and when I looked into her eyes, I did not see Nix. It was her wolf who was present now. Damon was busy burying his head on her neck, nuzzling her while she was staying calm looking at us like she was going to kill any of us within seconds if she wished to.

Amber came to my side and hugged me but I felt her slightly shaking, probably affected by Nix's wolf Alpha influence dominating us all in here, except for her mate.

"Show her the message" It was Damon who spoke now.

"No" even if her wolf intimidated mine, I was still her brother and she will never hurt me while I was worrying for her wellbeing. "I'll show you why I won't," I said as I gave him my phone instead. My sister's head turned to me giving me a glare that could freeze hell, and she gave out a low growl. Damon stiffened as I began seeing his electric blue start forming red spots.

"You better control yourself, we don't want another black fur dominating the room just now" It was Amora who spoke now, that's when I noticed her current position. Her mate had protectively shielded her from his Alphas and she was now behind his frame. Her eyes were swollen, nose red and she looked pissed at the situation. Her lips were pouting and I could technically see smoke coming from her head. Damon answered by giving them my phone as he closed his eyes fighting his wolf for control and soon he was back to normal and went to hold his mate's hand and had a quiet mind link convo with her. Just then Amora started weeping with her hand muffling her mouth so that she doesn't make further noise as her mate tries to console her and soon or later they went out of the room. Allan came in with a confused and worried expression.

"Can someone please tell me what the fuck is going on here?"

The message had a few words on top, 'We'll be in touch soon, Mommy says hi!' Then there were five pictures attached. the first mom was on the blue dress she wore the day they took her, tied on a chair with a blindfold, the other picture was her surrounded by four men, three white, one Asian who were stark naked holding their cocks while one of them had his hand under her dress fishing for a boob, and the others, I don't even want to remember them anymore. They were quiet all this time because they were busy raping my mother. I didn't realise that my cheeks were wet or that I was sniffling until I felt my mate's embrace. She led me out of the room toward my room and there, I cried until I couldn't anymore.

Silver's POV

This family is truly suffering! The only mistake Mr Eric did was to give in the demands of his father. I cannot blame him because I don't know what truly happened then. Maybe he was blackmailed or maybe he was just tired. Not every wolf has the guts to wait for their mates, others give up and settle for chosen mates instead. It's not common but it's not rare either. If the one behind this is their stepmother, then how was she alive?

Damon was busy comforting his mate's wolf and Shaun broke down. I pity these kids, for what I saw on those pictures; I would have been even worse because I don't even know where she was. The police were still investigating the crime and they'll keep showing up for more information they'd need from us.

Jake and his father were trying to act cool but I knew their brains where brainstorming. The only things keeping them from bolting were the current situation and the fact no one had shifted in front of them yet, so they must be trying to find a logical explanation for everything they witnessed so far. Denial.

The day after around 1600 hours, Phoenix's phone started to ring. She was back to herself again thanks to her mate and was determined as ever to find her mother. She picked up and the unknown caller started to talk.

"Hello little Phoenix, It's such a pleasure to finally talk to you!"

"Who are you?" She asked indifferently. Good, this girl knew how to mask her true emotions.

"Why I am your evil stepmother silly!" Amora gasped. "Oh, you put me on speaker?! That's even better! Is your brother there too? How about your new daddy?" I looked at Allan. He looked pissed but collected.

"Where is my mother?" Her voice never wavered. Her tone remained cold and emotionless! Damn, I'll have to learn a few tricks from her.

"Hmm.. so much confidence from a little weak human who is also coloured." She laughed. "Your mommy is asleep, tired of playing with her new friends! You know she'd be well of as a pornstar more than a useless lawyer she used to be. I heard she wasn't even that bright!"

"At least she did something on her own, unlike some spoiled brat who made a career at banging anything with a dick. Where the fuck are you?" Amora chirped in with her smart mouth.

"You must be a new sister." I could sense she didn't like the insult.

"Who wants to know?" Amber retorted. Shaun squeezed her hand and shook his head to stop her from talking.

"Such a pride you have there little Phoenix, Now let's get to the fun part. I am sending you my current location, you'll come with your brother and whoever volunteers. I don't care that your brother has mated a beta from the Demon Alpha's pack and just know if you ever try anything stupid, I'll kill your slut of a mother."

"Agreed," Shaun said and ended the call. Soon Shaun and Nix's phones beeped and they opened the message.

"York!" They both stated. Shaun added. "Northern Yorkshire" He scowled.

"Isn't that where the abandoned villages are?" Jake inquired. Damon and I nodded.

"We need to come up with a plan, but before that.."He turned to Shaun. "please forward to me the message, I'd also like to have the map location."

Everyone else's phone vibrated or beeped as Nix said. "Done! Everyone has it now."

"Brilliant, now for the other thing. Can anyone here explain to me what the hell is going on? The colour-changing irises, powerful growls and calling someone a pathetic weak human. Alphas, betas and mates. Are you kids talking in codes or is there anything I need to know now?" Allan looked eager to find out everything.

Aaron spoke up. "First of all, there are only four kids in this room, Shaun, Jake and their sisters. The other's you see are old enough to be your grandparents, except for me who we might be of the same age." Allan looked at him like he was stupid.

"You were telling me the truth," Jake said disbelievingly at his sister who nodded at him.

"What truth?" Allan inquired but his son didn't talk, he sat on the floor instead his mind trying to register and sink in all of this.

"Well?" Allan's patience was thinning. Suddenly they heard bones snapping and popping. Before they know it I was standing on all fours, my silver wolf out and proudly faced them as he started to stalk slowly towards them.

Allan and Jake became white as a sheet. "Shit!" They both blurted out as the father helped the son to stand but Jake's legs were already weak from shock.

I tried to tell them to relax but I forgot I was a wolf now and it accidentally came out as a growl. That was a motivation enough for my brother, within seconds my in-laws were starting their cars and peeled off like the house was going to explode any moment soon.

"That went well," Amora observed.

"I'll let it sink in for a while, no one should pursue them" Nix stated.

"You are an asshole Silver" Amber giggled.

"I didn't think of a way better, it saved us a whole lot of explanations and no one is in the mood right now" Silver defended himself as Aaron snickered.

"This area is a pack area. It belongs to Alpha Jaden of the Crust Pack. It has been known as abandoned but he has been sorting out for ways to revive the area since his pack population has been growing. If we decide to go there, we have to be careful because we won't be facing your dearest stepmom alone. She's not that foolish." Damon spoke up his eyes still viewing the location via google map.

"Humans in pack issues? I'm still getting around that fact. The Owens are family but those rapists!" Aaron's tone held irritation.

"I'd appreciate you guys don't go there. This is my brother and my fight. I want to tear those animals into pieces and this time, I'll bath on their blood. I want to kill everyone in that pack, anyone who cheered on what my mother went through. I want to relish hell that people would whisper about at nights to their kids to straighten them up." Nix's voice held so much anger and hate that made most of the wolves in the room to shudder. Her eyes had red specs which only meant her wolf was present.

"I hate to disagree with you, but this is not only your fight. We are family and we stick together. Besides, it's about time my wolf gets to have a decent meal, don't you think so Silver?"

"Oh, man."


Two men were sitting on the couches within a huge house with bitter expressions and the older one looked to be even more in shock. The younger version of the other was still pale and zoned out. What they witnessed was too much for them.

"Is my mind playing tricks on me? I still don't believe what has happened" Allan mumbled to himself.

"She told me but I couldn't believe it, they all told me but I disregarded them."

"They told you?" Allan inquired.

Jake nodded.

"They're all werewolves? Wait! My daughter..!" He flung to his feet and started for the door when Jake's voice boomed from behind him."

"She's okay. She knows everything and she was the one who told me but I took it as a way to shield her best friend"

Allan turned around with a frown. "What do you mean?"

Jake told the whole tale to his father who stood there bewildered.

"Is my Genesis one of them?" His voice was weak, everything took a toll on them.

"I don't know.." Jake couldn't finish saying what he wanted when an unfamiliar voice cut in their conversation. "Don't you now?"

On their stairway stood a tall man, Athletic built, tan skin, midnight-black hair and a pair of mischievous forest green eyes. An evil smirk was plastered on his face as he slowly ascended the stairs.

"Who the fuck are you and why are you trespassing on my premises?" Allan's voice was cold and held rage.

"Whoa, if it wasn't the man who was shaking like a leaf a few minutes ago!" The dark man responded

"Man! I believe he just asked you a question." Jake crossed his hands on his chest as he scowled at the strange man right before him. There is something familiar about him, he thought. Suddenly they saw two big wolves coming from different parts of the floor they stood on.

"You see since I'm such a considerate stepson, I wanted to reunite my stepmother with her punny lover, her stepchild can tag along for all I care." He said with a shrug.

The realization hit them in waves. This man is Shaun and Phoenix's half brother. Before they could react they were attacked by the scary wolves and it all went black.

"I just love it when things go as planned," Marcus mumbled with a sick grin as his eyes flashed a deep shade of golden colour.


Pitch Black. It's the first thing her eyes saw when they flattered open. The smell of urine assaulted her nose when she tried to take a deep breath since the plaster muffling her mouth restricted the right amount of air to enter her lungs. Even though it was her own product, she couldn't help but scrunch her nose in disgust as waves of the odour slipped inside her nose, making her gag.

When she tried to move, pain shot from various parts of her body which forced a painful whimper from her. She must have broken a few ribs, and she could feel her core ache and by force movements of her thighs, she felt herself sticky down there and sore.

Soft cries managed to wake Allan from his previous unconscious state and his eyes started to search in the dark for the source of the cries, the voice was so familiar that he couldn't help but call out.


Genesis's eyes widen to the voice. She screamed against the plaster on her mouth as hot tears stung her cheeks. "God not Allan!! Not him please!"

"Shh baby relax! Those morons have tapped you!" Allan cooed as Genesis continued crying. "It's going to be alright baby, they will come for us, hold on for me please?"

They heard a groan and curses from the other end of the room." Jesus fucking christ!"

"You are finally awake, I started wondering where they could have taken you." Jake didn't get the chance to respond when the door suddenly reopened and four people walked in. The light was switched on and the new company could be seen clearly.

Allan flung his neck to his woman, she lay in the floor battered, dirty and naked. They tapped her mouth and tied her hands and feet, she looked terrible that he couldn't conceal his raising burning rage."

"Careful honey, you might explode!" The blue-eyed woman with dark hair spoke up as she walked towards genesis while eying him. She was beautiful but something about her was twisted. She looked to be on her early 30s. "Staring is rude you know?" She teased with a mocking giggle.

The dark guy from before snickered before he said "More like glaring mother. Maybe I should teach him a lesson."

"You're even worse than her!" The blonde girl stated facing the dark man.

"Shut up you brat!" The stepmother spat.

"What a family! Now I'm not surprised" Jake taunted earning a kick on his face from another red-headed guy. "Learn to hold your hole shut before I fuck it for you. It could be much more useful that way" Jake spat blood and glared up to his offender. His eyes were bloodshot with anger.

The woman bent down before Genesis and removed the tape from her mouth. Before Genesis could react the raven slapped Genesis so hard that the humans in the room plus the blonde girl flinched. "That is what you get for screwing my mate"

Genesis bitterly laughed regardless of the pain she felt. "He was never yours, not in this life nor the next. Whatever you do to me, I will never regret being with him, Britney.!"

Britney was shaking with rage and the next thing she flew a punch which collided with the side of Genesis's face and her head hit the floor with a thud. She was coughing blood as dark spots clouded her vision.

Britney spit on Genesis's face as she rose to stand right up again. "Oh don't you sleep yet, the party is just getting started." She turned to Allan, "Boys! Punch the daylight out of him as she watches, then Joey dear; Fuck that slut."

Margaux couldn't take it, she rushed out of the room with tears clouding her vision. Britney called the other two men inside so that her victims get to scream even more. The screams and whimpers were music to their ears as they made it last for as long as they could.

I promised to give you hell, and that's what I shall give.


They were exiting the house when Phoenix's phone rang.

"Who is this?" Nix answered the phone.

"Phoenix is that you?" A young woman's voice on the other side was in a whisper.

"Yes, who are you?"

"I'm Margaux. Listen to me, Mom has set a trap for you here. This place is surrounded by 60 wolves altogether and the place she sent for you has special gas equipped with wolfsbane and other chemicals which will weaken your friends and send you all to slumber within seconds. I'm going to send you a correct address, come save your mother and your friends."


"Allan and his son are here, they've just been brought in a few minutes ago and mother is planning something against them. You need to come here as fast as you can before it's too late for them."

"I don't fucking trust you! Why would you do this?"

"Don't judge me for my family's mistakes Phoenix. And right now, you don't have a choice but to trust what I'm telling you right now."

"You can fuck off for all I care." Nix cut the line looking at his mate. "Are you going to believe this shit?" Nix asked his mate. Before he could answer her a new text message icon could be seen at the notification taskbar of Nix's phone. She opened it viewing a map showing a house near the one they sent earlier. The words accompanied were 'I'm being my father's daughter by doing this. It's all on you now.'

She gave her mate her phone as she turned to Silver. "We are going to do this our way."


It has been two hours since her mom started to torment those poor humans. Margaux was crying her eyes out at the woods. "Oh God why?!"

She couldn't miss the way Jake looked at her. The hate burning in those eyes hurt her the most. By the pain she felt, she wanted to die. "There is no way he would accept me after what transpired today. This is what I'm paying for, for being my mother's daughter."

The screams had died out by now so she started her way towards the place. "I am going to die with him today." She reached the door and opened it. The stench of blood, sex and piss revolted her but she didn't care. Her eyes searched for her mate and she spotted him on the corner quietly sobbing as his whole body shook. An aura full of anger, terror and disdain flooded in waves from him. He didn't have many bruises, which meant her mother kept him for the party arriving anytime from now. Her heart broke when she saw the scene in front of her. Genesis had lost conscious and Allan lay down motionless, his heartbeats slow.

She closed the door behind her and silently walked in.


Jake's POV

I'm traumatized. Never in my life have I ever dreamt of such horror to unfold right before my eyes. I never thought I'd face this kind of evil and feel these feelings of disgust.

The door reopened again and I fought the dread in the pit of my stomach. In came the blonde woman from before who ran from here when her mother was about to relish hell to us. She was the most beautiful woman I ever seen, a thought that hurt me. How can such a woman be involved in something like this! This world is surely crooked.


Margaux walked towards Jake and when she was near him, she kneeled right in front of him. Jake's confused gaze swept her and before she could react on anything, his eyes connected with hers. Seconds turned into minutes as no one was able to break the trance they were both on. Allan's cough brought them back to their senses as she quickly rose from where she knelt and ran to the man on the floor. She had a small shopping bag with two water bottles in it, she fished for one as she sat on the floor beside the bloody man, her hands lifted the man's head on her right thigh and opened the bottle and spilt a quatre of the water on the man's face. She took out her napkin and started to clean the man's face. The man groaned in pain as she cleaned him slowly and when she was satisfied, she fed him the remaining water of which he couldn't stomach. The man continued to cough blood and she knew he was dying.

She brought her wrist near her mouth and bit down hard to draw blood then she connected it to the man's mouth and held his nose forcing him to gulp her blood down.

"What in hell are you doing to my father?" Jake spoke in horror to the blonde woman.

"Trying to save his life" She answered him calmly.

"Get your filthy blood away from my father!" He hissed.

Even though she was hurt by his words, she forced her voice to come out as calm and composed. "We don't have a choice now, my blood or he dies." When her wrist was healed she left the man and strolled close to her mate. She offered the other bottle to Jake, and she saw how he looked at her with disgust and mistrust.

"It's not drugged. Take it" After a few minutes of hesitation he accepted the bottle, she opened it for him and he gulped down the liquid. "The only thing I ask from you is to not to take me as my mother's daughter, but as Eric's daughter. She told him with a voice full of emotions and eyes glassy with unshed tears. She stood from there before he could answer her.

He was taken aback by the gesture this woman had shown towards them. He didn't know what to say or think as he saw her go back to nurse his father. He sat there observing everything that woman did for minutes before the door opened again. She didn't flinch.

"Look what we have here!" One of the men said and when he whipped his head to their direction, he saw the woman he loved all his life, Nix carried unconsciouss by the big man like a sack on his left shoulder, her hands and legs tied up and the other two men dragged Silver's unconscious body into the room, also tied up. Britney was the last one to enter and her face held rage when she saw her daughter looking after an unconscious Allan.

"You have always been a foolish and stupid girl! What are you fucking doing?" She yelled at her daughter.

"I was trained to care for people who went through your twisted wrath mother!" Her mother's hand connected with her cheek and left a red imprint of her hand for a few seconds before it healed.

"How dare you?" Britney hissed.

"How dare I mother? Have you ever been my mother?"

"You were busy being your pathetic father's weak child! He turned you weak!"

"And that was a reason enough for you to toss me to your new husband who does nothing but rape me!!"

"YOU LIE!!" Britney roared.

"Yet you call yourself my mother. Couldn't you even feel through our bond how your own daughter had been vandalized all these years you sat at that pack's throne as Luna?! Some Luna you were!" She was backhanded this time. Margaux spit the blood from her mouth and looked at her mother. "I thought so! That is the only thing you truly cared, power and not family."

"Who do you think you are little girl?" She bent to grab her child but Margaux moved away avoiding her mother's touch. "So you've chosen your side?" Her mother said in a bitter tone.

"I choose family over your twisted way of life. I will never go back to that house to be used like a slut. I'm old enough to choose how I live my life." Margaux stood up to her mother.

Britney rose with a cold expression and her lips curled up into a nasty snarl. "So be it, tie her." She mumbled before she turned and left the room with her men going behind her, one of them dragged her to the other side of the room where Silver was tossed and tied her then he left the room locking the door behind him.

The darkness slightly enveloped her before her wolf eyes adjusted themselves. She looked at her sister who was tossed beside Allan's battered body and her body started shaking as quiet sobs left her body. "Why didn't you listen to me Phoenix, look at us now!" She wept as Jake took in everything which was unfolding right before his eyes.

He didn't feel the tears which escaped his eyes as he watched his mate cry.


The group were in a private jet and silence reigned them until Silver decided to speak up.

"I don't like this one bit" He earned a glare from his Luna.

"That is like telling me you believe that sorry excuse of a sister.." Nix didn't finish her sentence as her mate cut in. +"She had a point on telling us we have no choice right now." Damon interfered.

"We are going along with both plans, that's the best way through this," Nix responded with clear irritation.

"We don't want you to be weakened, nor hurt. Do you really know how wolfsbane work?" Shaun inquired.

"You'll be surprised." She responded with an evil glint in her eyes. "After this, I'll know whether to trust my dear sister or not."

"Damon, let me say this; Your mate scares me." Silver told his friend with a scowl in his face.

He huffed all the way to their destination.


Nix continued to play unconscious as she heard everything going on between Britney and Margaux. She couldn't help but feel sorry for her sister and if this was all not an act, fuck that was not an act considering she tried to warn her about the trap. Her sister was suffering all the time she thought the worst of her. Her heart tugged at that. She smelled her mother but her scent disgusting. She felt her wolf resurfacing as she smelled the blood of the people she loved in the stinking room. Her wolf was still fighting for control and she could feel herself fade slowly.

"Baby, everyone is here just like Margaux said. My wolf is fueled by the scents here and I'm afraid she'll ruin our plans. Where are you?"

"Phoenix? Oh, Luna, you are one crazy she-wolf! We're on the border, I'm letting my men in first before I show up. Let them think they're here for their Gamma before the real fun begins."

"I love you, Damon." She sent before she cut the link.

At the background, she could hear quiet muffled sobs from her sister and she could hear Allan's groans which meant he is regaining conscious.

"Stop crying big sis, I'm alright!" She finally decided to end her sister's misery and she heard her gasp.


"Shhh, they could be sticking their ears in here" Nix whispered but she knew her sister could hear her very well.

"How could you shove yourself in such trouble? Where is Amora?" Jake's voice pierced through the dark.

"Oh, Jake are you alright? What did they do to uncle Allan?" Nix inquired.

"Judging from what they went through, I'm physically okay"

"How could you be fine after inhaling such a gas? It's even fatal to humans!" Margaux whispered.

"Oh dear sister, you are surely going to be surprised. Now, are you anywhere near the man I came with?"

"Yes, he's right beside me! Nix, a few inches from your feet lies a bottle of water please do what you can and kick it to your right." Nix obeyed and soon the bottle hit Margaux's left hip. She tried to reach it with her hands as she ignored the pain from the ropes and grabbed it. She took a while to finally open the bottle and poured the water on the Gamma's face. He started a coughing fit.

"Are the ropes too tight?" Nix asked with a concerned tone.

"Yes, and they had stirred wolfsbane in them to make it harder for us to break them." She explained as she looked at her reddening wrists. "I poured water on him to help wash away the effects of the gasses he inhaled."

"That's good information."

Only a small quantity had left on the bottle so Margaux repeated what she did to Allan, she pinched the Gamma's nose and poured the remaining liquid into his mouth forcing him to gulp it as the only way to breath. Once he did she left him as the man let out a loud gasp, "Son of a bitch!" he cursed as he finally felt his whole body in pain.

"That's a second phase, if you feel the pain then your body is fighting to heal itself. The water even in small quantity has significantly helped you."

"Phoenix! You will get me fucking killed one day!" His voice came out in grunts. "Thank you, lady" He thanked her caretaker. "Fuck these ropes sting! These people are so fucking dead!!"

Nix's head was on the floor so she closed her eyes and concentrated on the gravity. She distantly heard footsteps coming their way and she loved it. She thought about all their words and mentally smiled. First, her mother was still alive, so are all her family members and second; Her assumptions were correct. Wolfsbane did nothing to her.

She always thought why didn't she have a wolf's scent? Why did she smell human while she was one of the deadliest wolves in existence? Then her head started to create assumptions.

It could be like a sheep's skin, a natural trap to her unfortunate preys but that wouldn't have been all. It must have had another significance. If her body wanted to take a human sheep's skin then that meant it could also serve as an armour against the external harm which would be against something hidden deep inside her, her wolf. The sheep's skin meant to blend well with the intended sheep until she decides not to. And when she showed them her true nature, by the time their confusion has been masked, it will be too late for them.

Every predator's worst nightmare is to find out they were prey all along and it's too late to go back.

The door opened after an hour and in rushed Britney, Marcus and at least ten men from the Crust Pack led by their Beta.

"So these insignificant insects brought war to our doorstep!" The beta stated coldly.

Nix was waiting for the lock's sound to let her presence known.

"According to them, we have their gamma and his family" One of the men countered.

"From what I know, his mate is that human's brat best friend and that soon to be a dead man lying there is her father. The family they say is actually his in-laws here, her brother is right there in the corner." Britney explained as she walked forward. "Oh! He's awake!" she then looked at her daughter and the discarded bottle beside her. "Thanks to my foolish daughter." She spat.

"Aiden, lock the door. I don't want a soul out of this room until I get full revenge for my fallen soldiers!" The anger from his voice was eagerly observed by Nix's wolf who now already took full control of her. Just when the door was locked they heard ropes being ripped off like mere tissues by a punny human beside a bloody Allan.

"Such a strong girl don't you think so Britney?" The beta spoke as he wet his lips. "With exotic looks, I may add" He commented as Nix finally sat with her head facing the floor while her hands went to unwrap the ropes on her legs. She then stilled while most people in the room wondered on her somehow impressive strength for human.

A soft chuckle could be heard from the other side of the room and they whipped their heads to the laughing Gamma. "You bitches are officially dead." Before anyone could react on that, they heard a snap right behind them and the sound of the keys. Turning around they saw they human girls holding Aiden's head on her right hand which was dripping blood and right under it lay a headless body, still fussing painfully as life slowly left it. Her left hand rose and wiggled the key as her lips curled into a sadistic smile. If they weren't freaked out yet they were captured by a pair of blood-red eyes that screamed murder.

"The Gamma spoke again, "The best part of it, the only work I'll be doing is watching!"

That's when all hell broke loose.

Within a few seconds, they all lay on the floor with no hands."If you think your deaths are going to be instant, think again." Nix's voice boomed over the screams in the room which woke up Genesis. She took in her surroundings before she let the darkness take her again.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?" Marcus roared in pain and rage.

"See for yourself brother!" Nix's growl like voice responded before black fur started to surface all over he body. Pops and snaps could be heard as their eyes widened in fear by witnessing what transpired before them. A huge all-black she-wolf stood in front of them emitting waves of dominance with no scent. Her blood-red eyes were storming with rage as her tongue fell out enjoying the fear she smelled from her prey.

"What's worse, her mate has just breached your borders, and he's no different from her." The Gamma explained


"Please, have mercy!"

The cries went to deaf ears as the black wolf started devouring her feast mercilessly.

Damon stood naked over a mutilated body before countless men who bowed their heads in respect to their new Alpha. His body was bloody and his eyes swirled golden. The blood all over his body did not belong to him, but to the headless Alpha who lied on the ground. He brought his right hand which carried the ex Alpha's head a few inches closer to his head and muttered. "This is what you get by messing with the Demon Alpha!" He spat on the lifeless head a tossed it away.

He scanned around the bloody area and bodies lying around and turned to the new crowd, small number of pack members who lived nearby. "Did you think I am one of those pathetic and soft Alphas who whispered chilling stories around about themselves to rebutt danger and earn a fearful respect?" He watched them cringe by his words, "I am who they say I am. There are no second chances once you've signed your doom with me" They suddenly heard a powerful growl nearby which promised more than death and some wolves whimpered at its intensity. Damon smirked, "Or my mate." He motioned to one of the Crust pack warriors, "You there, coordinate the others and clean this party out" He gestured to the surrounding dead bodies. "Pile them and burn them." I will summon the whole pack tomorrow to meet your new administration and your new Alpha Pair. You're dismissed." He left the dispersing crowd and ran fast to the cabin nearby.

"There must be hell going on in there". He mumbled to himself as he caught the bloody scent coming from the cabin.

When he was inside he went straight for the door which just under it had a pool of blood oozing out and loud screams could be heard from inside. He twisted the knob to find it locked, so he broke it and slipped inside. When he was finally in the room, he took in the gore surrounding it. He spotted his mate's black wolf at the centre having the time of her life as dead mutilated corpses scattered everywhere, well of what was left of them.

"Welcome to the party!" His gamma's voice came from the other side of the room and he whipped his head to where they were. He stood with his hands folded on his bare chest, beside him laid Allan, Genesis who was on Silver's shirt and Jake who was held by an attractive blonde woman who looked highly uncomfortable. The blonde's eyes widen when she took in his statue for her first time, she felt his aura and showed her neck in submission.

"Help! please!" Damon's head whipped to the other side spotting a handless raven who looked weak from the blood loss, beside him lay a handsome dark-haired man whose heartbeats were slow. "He's dying! Margaux, he is your brother!! God, I'm your Mother!!"

Oh, so these are the trouble makers! He thought. "So you now remember that I am your daughter?" The blonde's voice came out raw, broken with emotions. "It's not up to me now, you brought this upon yourself and now you'll have to pay for your sins."

"You are worthless Margaux!!"

"No, Mother! I am the one who is ashamed and disgusted to be your daughter. You need to pay for what you did to my father! I would have killed you now, but it would have been fast and she can make it last." She motioned to my mate who turned to her side.

I stepped in. "No, my mate has had her share. I am going to finish you off myself but first, you'll have to go through something." I announced with a smirk.

Britney felt the man's aura and she gasped. "Who are you?"

"I am the Demon Alpha." I introduced myself as I strolled towards her. Her eyes widen with fear.

"He is Phoenix's mate." Silver added.

"No! no! Oh, Luna!" Britney now understood her fate. She earlier figured Phoenix wouldn't kill her if she pleaded for her brother's sake. But with this information, her hopes came crushing on her face. She dug her own grave. She trembled like leaf when Damon stood before her. He bent and yanked her son up by his throat as she screamed for him to stop. He was her favourite, her only true joy in this world. Her only son.

Damon's eyes caught hers for a few seconds and an evil smirk appraised his face. She understood the meaning but before she could do anything, Damon's buried his teeth right into Marcus's neck and came out with a chunk from it. She screamed out her pain holding her chest as hot tears sprang from her chest. Damon's eyes were pure red and right beside him stood Phoenix, nude as her mate.

"That was how my mother felt when you took her mate from her." Nix hissed.

"That's how it felt when you took my sisters and father from us" A new voice made her whip her head to the door. Her vision clouded with tears mistook Shaun to Eric.

"Eric..!" She whispered. A boot collided with her head making her vision full of black spots.

"Think again you whore" Shaun spat.

Margaux was crying her eyes out as she watched everything. It hurt so much and it crushed her to see her baby brother for the first time. He reminded her so much of her father. Silver felt for her, so he crouched right beside her and hugged her. This girl needed comfort. She went through a lot.

Meanwhile, Shaun yanked Britney up by her throat forcing her to watch in intensity as Damon and Nix tearing her son into pieces. And right then Shaun snapped her head and Damon finished by unhinging it from its sockets.

They turned to watch Margaux crying out onto Silver's shoulder.

It was over.

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