Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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It wasn't easy to move on from that fateful day. For some, it took years to heal and for some, they had nothing to struggle from but relief. For what was worth, they stood by one another and together they overcame the odds.

A very pregnant Genesis sat on a big couch enjoying her Nutella while her dear husband was busy massaging her feet as they watched her favourite TV show. At the background, Damon, Shaun, Daniel and Aaron were busy helping out with decorating the room as Silver; the current Beta of the Moonstone Pack entered carrying boxes full of who knows what. "You sissies are doing it all wrong!! The words should be at the centre, not on the other side of the room." He instructed earning a couple of growls and a mighty glare from Damon.

"Watch it asshole!" Damon warned earning a chuckle from Allan.

"You won't be the one sleeping on a couch for months if this goes wrong". Silver retorted.

The main door opened revealing the Alpha pair of the Crust pack; Klaus walked in with Lucresia on his arms. "I already feel at home, the gang is complete." He announced walking to his best friends as they enveloped one another in brotherly hugs. "Allan, as handsome as ever!" He acknowledged the middle-aged man who went to join the party leaving behind his wife to the company of her close friend, Lucresia.

"Oh don't flatter that old man, he'll burst!" Genesis commented from the couch and laughed with her friend.

"Ahh...It's a good thing we got an extra hand" Aaron countered with a smile as he wiggled his brows at his father.

Damon gave the Crust pack territory to his best friend seven years ago after killing their Alpha. Since Amber was trained to be beta all her life, She requested to join her father's pack as beta taking Shaun along. Aaron started to train harder for he was now an Alpha heir. His twin sister Ashley chose to join Shaun's company and run it on his behalf since the beta duties and his family business was too much on his plate to handle. Silver stepped up to be beta along with Amora while Jake and Margaux were appointed Gamma. Margaux later built her own hospital and named it after her firstborn son with Jake, Eric.

Silver and Amora had two children; Elena who was 7 with curly shoulder-length brown hair and her father's silver-grey eyes, And Liam who was four, was his mom's carbon copy, blue-eyed and blonde little trouble maker just like his dad. Eric was his grandfather's grandson with his dirty blonde hair and Jake's serious eyes. He always hanged out with Micah, Shaun's second son who looked the same except for his vibrant forest green eyes and his father's dimples but the same serious manners. Mason, his brother was a loner who loved to eat more than anything.

Damon and Phoenix had their trouble-making twins, Abraham and Allan Jr who were four years old with green eyes and black hair. They were their father's son whose dominant side started too soon for their age.

Margaux hurriedly came in. "Hey you guys!" as she went to kiss Genesis's cheek and Lucresia, "Hi Mom! I'm so sorry I'm late, the surgery took a little bit too longer than I thought...Oh, Lucresia you look hot!!"

Lucresia giggled. "Oh stop you!"

Genesis responded, "Bless you, child, don't think too much about it."

"Where are the others" she asked as Jake sauntered in with baby Maite on his arms. He stopped by saluting the men, tightly holding onto his sleeping daughter.

"Nice try you lazy ass, go lay the child down and come over here" Daniel scolded the grinning Jake while the men snickered.

"Amora and Ashley are upstairs getting the children ready and the others are busy destroying my kitchen." Margaux giggled as she kissed her dear mother and strolled off to the kitchen while at the background Damon's voice could be heard cursing over how Silver bossed them around and how he wished Nix popped their child soon so that he gets a privilege Jake had now.

"It's about time you showed up! I really needed help with this and nobody here volunteered to give me a hand" A fifteen-year-old Madeline complained just when Margaux stepped into the kitchen. A pregnant Nix scoffed rolling her eyes "Drama Queen!" she was frying something while Lola; Daniel's mate was placing a lasagne into the oven and Amber was decorating a big cake.

"Has Nix been bitching around today?" Margaux playfully inquired as she quietly tiptoed behind her little pregnant sister and stole two sausages from a plate just beside the frying pan earning a dirty glare from Phoenix.

"I could write an award-winning book about that!" Amber responded earning uh-huhs and tell me about it-s from the other women.

"Whores..!". Nix retorted. The women giggled.

Meanwhile, there was chaos upstairs.

The boys gave Ashley and Amora so much trouble that Ashley vowed to never have children in the future. There were choruses of Liam you get back here or Allan stop doing that, Or put that down and look what you did to your shirt!

Elena helped out as much as she could while Mason did whatever he was told to do so that they finished whatever they were doing to them, besides he couldn't bare to stay naked for a long time in front of females while the others ran nude from one corner to the other.

Lets say he was too shy and couldn’t wait to get away.

It was Eric and the twins birthday and they loved to celebrate it together. It was at that time of the year when they all came together to celebrate their children's birthday and the end of the year holidays. Out of various get-togethers throughout the year, this one was their favourite for it was longer and more fun. Finally, each one of them felt complete.

They were a one big family full of love and unity.

The End.

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