Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took time to read, like, comment and review Damon's Soulmate. It really means a lot to me. This is my very first book and your feedback has really been constructive.

Thanks to your encouragement, I’ve finished drafting book two of the Demon Alphas series.

Are you a fan of vampires? *smiles*

The ride is about to get bumpy! Come along and enjoy!

Trial of Love

Jake had never pictured himself loving any other woman beside his childhood friend, Phoenix. His beliefs crash down when he finally meets his mate.

Margaux seems to bring out the best version of him and shows him to the path of true happiness. Friendship, Unity and Family seem to have conquered all the odds. But what if danger still lurks in the darkness awaiting for the best time to struck?

Could there be more from the past that could threaten the future?

Will Margaux be able to accept her twisted fate?

Happy reading and many thanks ❤️

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