Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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Two years later.

“Get the fuck OUT!!” an angry voice roared accompanied by growls and whimpers from the office following crashing of dishes, glasses and things breaking. Two Omegas came out of the room shaking like leaves and crying as they ran for their lives.

The Beta shook his head and he made his way into the dark office. This wasn’t new, what was it today? Has the salt slightly been too much? Or was it a little bit too sweet? He watched the scattered mess on the floor with an amused expression as he shook his head. He raised his head briefly eying a silhouette a few paces in front of him and sighed.

“What do you want?” A deep growling voice came from a man who's back faced the beta. His body was tense and his hands were curled into fists as he stood tall facing the big window trying to calm himself down.

“To clean up your mess.” He responded casually as he squatted to grab a broom which laid on the floor and started to sweep the broken crockery. He continued "Good thing I always come prepared."

Just then the Gamma came in with a glass of juice, “Passion juice, your favorite." The gamma offered the glass to the irritated Alpha. "Come on man” he pleaded with his friend. The Alpha finally gave in after a few minutes of silence, he took the glass and started gulping the liquid down his throat. “Atta boy,” The gamma said approvingly earning him a growl from his Alpha.

The beta smirked and called other omegas to finish up cleaning the mess after seeing his Alpha's mood improving. He sat with the gamma on the side couches at the office having a private convo through the mind link. After the office was cleaned, The beta started to talk “Your mood is becoming worse in each passing day”

“He’s getting restless, it’s not easy to control him,” The Alpha spoke in a rough voice.

“You need to hold on, I know it's hard but you’re the Alpha. We need you sane and able”. The beta spoke.

The Alpha glared at his beta “Easy for you to say, you found her at 27 years old and you have pups. Let Silver be the one to talk” Silver was his gamma's name.

“Trust me, man, I know how hard it is. But you need to control yourself. Take a time off and calm him.” Silver advised.

The trio has been together all their lives. They’re 70 years of age but they look 30. It's hard for a wolf to be sane after living that long without a mate. The more dominant the wolf, the harder it is to hold on. It reaches to the point where they are consumed by rage, one tiny mistake, follows a broken neck if not an entire skeleton. They become a live ticking bombs.

Damon Forrest, The Alpha of Moonstone pack covering Derbyshire, Manchester, Staffordshire, and Nottinghamshire is the strongest Alpha in Europe with the biggest territory. He had a sour reputation of being merciless and a fearful wolf if provoked, and that happens regularly and rogues knew not to cross his territory. However, his frightening ways did not stop Luna wannabes on trying their luck.

It never turned out well for them.

Damon's wolf was bitter since he craved his mate more than any woman. He made sure to leave permanent damage on any woman his human side sank his dick into, to make sure they got the message. Sometimes they never got the chance to tell the story. This made other women think twice before throwing themselves on his way.

To think this made things better. It didn't.

The situation worsened his condition and made him grumpy most of the time. He wasn't your perfect prince from fairytales. He had his flaws. He was arrogant, grumpy and most of the time merciless. Some people saw him as a big jerk but most of it was for a show. He never needed unnecessary acquaintances, his first and foremost objective was to keep his pack safe and maintain his territory. That was the only way to protect his loved ones and his future mate, only with them he could afford to be sweet and soft. Well with his best friends included; Klaus and Silver.

His father was badly injured in one of the rogue attacks on their territory where he lost both his limbs. He was shot with silver making him weak for a few minutes of which were used by the enemy’s advantage to brutally injure his legs. The injury forced him to step down as Alpha when he was still on his prime years and Damon stepped up to take the Alpha position at the young age of 20 while many Alphas took the position at age 90-100.

It made them look weak for a few years while he patiently waited to be tested and when they did, they got to see what a brutal pup Alpha he was. He took over even the neutral lands where rogues roamed freely, and in a few decades, he became the most powerful and most feared Alpha in England.

His special feature was to eat his prey alive, whether a werewolf or a normal antelope. He was the only black wolf in the UK, and no one wanted to cross paths with one. They were known to be unpredictable and ate anything when they lost control. That's how he got the nickname; The Demon Alpha.

He takes care of his little sister, Madeline who is only 8 years old now, together with his all family. Even though he could be evil, he never did injustice within his territory. He was feared, but he was appreciated to be a just man within his pack. He only dealt with werewolves on his territory who mostly lived together in lands separate from Humans. It was to ensure flexible administration. He was nicknamed The Demon for a reason after all.

“Anyway you have an appointment tomorrow with a wolf from London, He’s rogue...uh.., or let's say a lone wolf since he was never a member of any pack before. He is 27 with a human mom and a sister asking for permission to join our pack. They want to come here to start afresh, mostly for his mom, for his sister and him. He shall be going back and forth weekly to take care of their family business in London” Klaus informed his Alpha.

“Weak!” Damon stated with boredom and lack of interest.

“Well I did a background check on him, his story is interesting and he’s clean. He’s a wealthy businessman which can be advantageous to our pack if he’s physically weak” Klaus said.

Having a human parent makes a pup weak with no full powers as a full werewolf. Well if you’re lucky even to transform. Most of them get a few abilities like smell and speed but nothing more, just fragile things. They have a human life span too. Others get to be complete humans. We let them stay in our packs since their families are shifters and they pretty much know our secrets. But things change when they marry their fellow humans and get out.

For those who get to be shifters, most of them get to be trackers if you’re lucky to have a strong werewolf parent. If it’s a normal werewolf with no rank, then a result shall be an omega baby boom. Damon and his friends thought their guests fitted the last categories, which irked Damon’s wolf. They didn’t want weak wolves, weak pack mates equals to a weak pack.

But considering the economy... Damon thought.

“Then I would not need to discuss this any further. I'll approve the appointment so I get to see this wolf and judge for myself.” Damon stated with finality and left the room for a sprint.

Damon’s POV

I woke up even more agitated today. After a brief morning routine I decided to go for a morning run. My wolf wanted out and had been clawing in my head lately. I hated the way I constantly lost control over him. He was bitter and wanted to take it out on everyone. When he was content, he retreated and left me sprinting through the woods towards the pack house briefly distracting myself from my never ending brainstorm.

"Alpha, your visitor is here". I heard Klaus through our mind link. Well, this better be worth my time or he’ll get it. Rogues know better than to double-cross me. I ran straight back into my room and freshened up before strolling to my office.

I heard a knock as I sat “Get in,” I said and the visitor stepped in.

His aura hit me as he strolled in and I raised my eyes from the paperwork I found on my desk and I curiously examined him. The Wolf did not look weak in the slightest. He is strong. A beta.

Strange, his mother is human I recall. She must be an exceptional human or a true mate.

“Alpha” he slightly bowed showing respect. That’s good so far. My wolf is pleased.

“Have a seat” I instructed him.

Once he sat across my table I caught a lingering scent on him. It's like nothing I've ever smelled before. Hmmm... my wolf pushed forward. The scent is distant but I can still pick it, it's not his. I gulped. I sucked it up and started to interview him.

He tensed as he sensed my wolf. My eyes flashed golden then it went back to its original color. What’s happening to me? I immediately masked my confusion and put my indifferent expression back into place. Our conversation went on for half an hour of which left me completely satisfied.

His father was a beta of one of the largest packs in America, some wolves from my pack found their true mates there and the Alpha was an honorable man. The news of his death surprised me and saddened me. I gave him permission to join my pack and let him live within my territory. I chose my headquarters to be in Castleton for its few population and its calm vegetation. I gave him credit to realize this.

I called Klaus for he knows the place well enough to carry on a sale contract with him since he shall require a house. It was settled that he takes the house at 352 Castleton View Road, VA 22716 as he proclaimed to be simple and near the packhouse. We agreed on the day of initiation to be two weeks after their relocation. He told me his sister is human. Well, I'm not shocked.

He looks serious and well disciplined yet something about this pup draws me in. I didn't feel my wolf rage all the time we conversed. He was strangely quiet. Yet I was still puzzled by the strange alluring scent which lingered on him. To whom did it belong to?

“Welcome to the Moonstone Pack,” I announced authoritatively.

“Thank you, Alpha.”

Interesting indeed. My wolf comments.
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