Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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Luna Britney


I’ve been observing the family for over five months now. They are a real peaceful family. Makes me feel bad about what is going to befall them soon. The girl though, I seem not to stop thinking about her. I can’t get her out of my fucking mind. She’s just too beautiful to be true. The first time I saw her, Shit! I’m starting to lose my concentration. Her brother looks intimidating enough. His aura is threatening, his other siblings can’t match to it. I sense something wrong with him, it is as if he smells me. It's impossible though, I always remember to mask my scent well. Luna Britney told me to call her when there is something important to report to her.

Last week I followed him to The Demon Alpha’s territory, I did not dare enter it so I don’t know what business he had there or which town exactly did he go to. He is also a rogue! How can he go there? Has he any contacts with the Alpha? No rogue goes there, ever! Even a pack wolf like me thinks twice. I don’t have any official business there nor a friend. The last thing I want is to be a meal. I can’t call Luna with a partial report so here I am today, it looks like they are leaving, all of them, odd! And there’s my beautiful peacock. Damn, I was disappointed that my wolf did not recognize her the first day I saw her. She’s wearing her hair on a tidy bun. Those curves. I’ve always been a fan of mixed-race chicks and now I'm officially obsessed. I can see their friends are helping them out with bags and hugging each other. So they are leaving. Let's start up the engine.

I follow the two cars as they leave the premises. The brother and mother are leading while the beauty is with her friend, the blondie. I follow them for an hour or so until I reach the outskirts of the territory. I'm losing them, I cannot follow them into the damn territory! This is not good. I park my car and dial Luna Britney’s number.


Shaun’s POV

I smirk to myself as I cross over the boundaries of the territory. Asshole!

That tracker thinks I'm a weakling or stupid. Well, he thought wrong. I’ve memorized all the familiar scents around my house. It's my little territory. I saw him since day one. This made me wonder, who is so interested in our lives as to stick their fucking noses so deep?

Daniel’s family moved to Castleton two years ago, that’s how I knew about that scary Alpha. His father used to be the leading warrior at the Blue moon Pack which is around London. We lived at the neutral ground so pack matters passed us. He moved his family to the Demon Alpha’s Pack after a better offer. Blue moon pack’s Alpha had a bad pack administration. Forced matings lead to less potential pups. Mistreatment of lower-class wolves, especially omegas. The way of life in the pack is less desirable. As a warrior, he saw his chance with Moonstone Pack and he took it. Even though the Alpha can be a ballistic asshole, he maintained peace and justice within his pack. The weak were considered even though they were not as much favored, but they are never mistreated nor left out. The pack finance was improving every now and then and that made it perfect.

Anyway, back to the plan, when mom asked for relocation to this place, I cringed at first, but what Nix said was gold, well she didn’t know how valuable her advice was. The person, who is after us, can never enter the Demon Alpha’s territory. And if I manage to stick on the Alpha’s good side, I’ll be calm over my mom’s security. It’s a bit far from London and I wouldn’t be able to work in peace while I'm worried about mum. Now I’ll have enough time to find out the fuckers and put them in their fucking place.

Luna Britney’s POV

I always knew I couldn’t trust Eric and his foolish family. I loved him since the first day I saw him while we were mere pups. I went to visit Miranda, my best friend in their pack. Our pack and Shadow pack were close so this was ordinary. His dirty blonde hair and forest green eyes which sometimes flashed the darkest blue when he was confused drawn me in since the first time I saw him and his serious but kind personality made me daydream.

I used to follow him around, and step on any she-wolf who looked his way. He was mine. My feelings made me so sure that when the right time comes, at 18, our wolves shall recognize each other. But it was never the case, so I tried to talk to mom, she always refused my pleas as she wanted me to be with my true mate, who I always thought would be Eric. I tried again once I was 25,26,27 at last she gave in, she talked to her mate, Daddy was hesitant but he thought of the advantage. Two beta families amalgamation is a good thing.

Their family was wealthy here in America and they had properties and some businesses in England since beta Anthony was British, his wife Elena was American, a beta heir, while Anthony was a leading warrior in one of Britain’s Pack. So he relocated here and became beta after mating his true mate. They later had Eric. Elena died ten years later due to a difficult labor, giving birth to Eric’s little sister who died a few weeks later from the same disease of which killed her mom. Elena was suffering from a rare werewolf disease, so technically, she passed all her beauty and looks to his son, Eric.

My father talked to his father and his Aunty. They agreed to the match and started to talk him into it. He always knew I was after him, he never paid attention but I never lost hope. At 30 he still didn’t want me. I tried, so did our families but he never accepted me. I waited for him regardless all that and I remained hoping he'd finally take me. At age 45, he finally took me. I don’t know what our fathers did but it worked. We mated and I became his one and only.

I was the happiest woman in the world, and I did everything in my power to make him happy, but I felt it. He truly never loved me. His wolf avoided mine. And he always refused to touch me when I went through heat. But I withstood all of that. At our 50th birthday, I seduced him while I was in heat, and I got pregnant. He started to care for me and I liked the attention. I birthed our first child, Marcus, he looked like me with slight features of his dad, mostly the way he walked and wit.

One day, I grew tired of waiting to be loved, I started seeing our pack’s warriors. Fun sex here and there was my way of outlet. If I wasn’t happy with him then no one will. He’s tied to me, isn’t he? Sleeping with someone else couldn’t hurt his wolf since he never bonded with mine, so it never bothered him. At age 69 I had a baby girl with him. Margaux was a cute brat. With her father’s blonde hair and my blue eyes. She always sought for her father’s attention but he was so always busy with his stupid business trips taking up to half a year in total away from home, and maybe more.

Marcus at the young age of 21 started acting as beta when his father was away. But when he was away, my wolf suffered, and my mark started to disappear, so I figured he must be seeing someone. A lucky slut.

Things got even worse for us, we never had family time and we used to fight most of the time. One day I heard him talking on the phone with a girl calling him Daddy. At first, I thought he was into sugar-daddy shit but as I kept on observing, I realized she was his daughter. I felt rage and so much hate. I wanted to find that godforsaken family and kill them.

At age of 95 I visited my parents at my home pack and met the Alpha. His choice mate had died and he was looking for fun, and oh we had fun! It turned out real for him and he wanted me for himself. Good enough, he was in a feud with the shadow pack’s Alpha pair, so I thought why not have my sweet revenge? If Eric found his true mate, I’ll get her. They will all pay for betraying me.

So 5 years ago my plan came to action. I set up that kidnapping incident and killed his lousy sperms. And later on, we evaded the pack and got to see Eric’s once beautiful green orbs go lifeless. Right before pushing through with his plans to relocate to his love nest for good. And now I'm Luna of both packs. Not only that but I'm waiting for the perfect timing to get rid of the remaining insignificant beings who came between my happiness and me.

I’ll kill them all.

My cellphone rang.

“Speak!” I ordered.

“Luna, they have new residence”

“Which is? “I reply as I sip some red wine.

“Moonstone pack”. I choke on the liquid. When my coughing fit calmed I continued "WHAT? HOW?!"

“I’d find the particulars after I hire human private investigators. I still don’t know the exact town they’re going to. I couldn’t cross over.” the voice on the other line explained.

“Stop being useless and get on with it! I need a fucking full report in a week. Got it?” I bark. Fucking useless dog!

“Yes, Luna.” I hang up. Darn it! Have they figured it out? Why isn’t that black slut dead already?! A true mate can never survive the other. Their love is unconditional and that’s why they’re fucking rare! They simply die together. I had plans for those useless breeds. One is human and the other must be weak. I smirk. Love is really blind, to leave a strong potential she-wolf for a weak human mate. My fun is not over. I’ll get them.

Even if it’s the fucking last thing I do.

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