Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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A new family member.

Damon’s POV

I was sitting peacefully at my office with a shitload of paperwork. My mood as grumpy as ever. I paused to think, I’ve traveled to many packs with clever excuses but my only intention was to sniff out my mate. I never caught her scent. I swept all over America twice plus Europe but I had no luck. I went to Africa, I searched all over the few packs there but nothing. I went to Asia, even that bloody continent on the south pole, still nothing. I feel this lunatic goes crazier with each passing day. My wolf growls at the thought. “I'm no lunatic, you dimwit!

“Right” I reply sarcastically. I never searched on neutral grounds nor human towns. I'm not looking for a rogue or a human. I shudder at the thought, human.

As long as it's mate, I wouldn’t care”. My wolf growled.

“Hell, I won't! I don’t want a weak Luna. Who would take her seriously? They’d respect her because I say so. I don’t want weak pups!”

Did that pup from last week look weak to you?”

I pause “Well I can't bet on my offsprings”

My wolf growls.

“Fuck off!” This hurts my head.

He growls even louder.

“Fuck you!” Now I'm pissed.

“Brother Damon!!” Finally, he calms. My little cherry comes bouncing in. "Finally! An angel to calm me."He growls.

“Hello, cherry!”Madeline is wearing a yellow A-line dress with white sunflowers. Her straight silky black hair fell to the middle of the back with a cute white hairband. Her big blue eyes were looking at me excitedly as I notice her rosy cheeks burn up from the running exercise. “Did you run through the stairs?”

“Eh!.. a girl needs exercise once in a while.” She responds dismissively as she waves off her left hand. She’s too adorable when she acts sassy. I let a soundless chuckle as I pick her up so she sits on my lap. My eyes should be golden now, my wolf likes to play with her at any time he gets.

“Mommy’s birthday is three weeks away! Is there going to be a party?” She looks up at me pleadingly. I make a mental note to find out who is behind this, starting with Silver.

I pretend to think… “hmmm, is she okay with it little cherry?”

“Yes! We have not had a party for a while! My big brother is too busy..." she pouts playfully as she looks at me. Now she’s telling on me to my wolf. This clever little devil knows very well how to deal with me

“Very well then”. I say

She loudly gasps. “Oh, really Damon?” I nod

“YAY!” she screams and she kisses my cheek, she climbs off my lap and darts out of my office like her dress is on fire. Probably to the one who sent her. My little loyal cherry. I wonder what she’s getting out of that poor soul who asked for this favor.

I shrug. I take my pen to continue with work as I hear one of my warriors through the mind link

“Alpha, Mr. Lloyd has crossed through with his family, a total of two cars, four passengers altogether. Three humans sir.“

Three? I note this.

“Stay clear of them, he is our new packmate. I’ll send Klaus to welcome them when they reach here.”

“Yes, Alpha.” I cut the link.

“Damon” I hear Klaus

“What did you promise her?”

“I’ve got no idea of what you’re talking about”. He links

“Right. The new packmate shall arrive in not more than two hours.”

“I’ll go to welcome them, or Amber shall go if I won't make it”

“Why wouldn’t you make it?”

“Just a thought of plan B, anything can happen”

“You mean paying what you owe to Madeline.” I retort and earn a brief silence.

He then speaks up.“Like I said, I’ve got no idea of what you’re talking about.”

“Cut the crap and receive the new pack members”. And I cut the link. I would have gone there myself, but I’d overwhelm them and they’d probably shit on their pants. Especially with my rage episodes. Klaus looks approachable enough with his kind smiles. They shall feel at home with him and not be bullied by a certain animal.

My wolf huffs.

Nix’s POV

This place is amazing! Mom truly deserves this. I talked to Shaun, and we made an arrangement. This shall be our new home. We can’t live mama all alone. But we shan’t be staying much, we'll still be needed in London to oversee things in our company. Alexa is also one of my colleagues there, she is in charge of looking after all legal issues concerning our company and our businesses when I’m away. I’ll be staying with mom for two weeks and go back to London to aid Alexa. Shaun shall be doing that too. We exchange weeks so mom gets to have company, I go, he stays, and vice versa. But all weekends shall be spent here and if our businesses go smoothly, we shall all be together here for months without leaving, just like how dad used to do.

“I envy you.” She teases and I turn slightly to look at her smilingly then I go back on looking at the road in front.

“I would!” I grin.

“This place is wonderful, a lot of sights to catch.” Amo gushes.

“That’s why I brought you with me, so that next time you come unannounced as you’re used to, and crash for as much time as you like.”

She grins. “Yeah!...” She pauses then “Nix I never had a sister and I take you as one. That’s why I always find a way to come crash on your bed. I’ve always felt connected to all of you since we were kids”

I smile. “Yes, I know. Elvera used to call you every weekend to ask where should the sleep over take place.” We laugh

“Yeah and how I kept mixing you guys up when we were at elementary school. I just couldn’t tell each of you apart. So I used to call out a name and watch your expressions.” We laughed again

“You remember how we grew fat together? I swear I thought we looked like hippos together,” I said smilingly while shaking my head as I take a right turn following Shaun closely.

She giggles. “You weren’t that bad, you guys were always too cute to be true. You had a lot of secret admirers and silent death glares. I still wonder what made them not to come at you! You were never bullied, ever!”

“Luck..?” But it was truly just us, when we confront humans, the anger that radiates through us does weird things to them. I call it nature. Their bodies get the message and they find themselves cower away.

She shrugs. “What’s up with you and my brother anyway? Have you talked?”

“Since the last time in my room, not really. Just like the old times but not much either? Uhh.. I don’t know”. I bite my lip.

“I guess your eyes just turned blue.” She snorted. “Though why you keep on ignoring your feelings?”

“I don’t want to hurt him, Amo. I love him too much to do that to him.” She raises her brow to me. “Like a brother Amo,” she scoffs

“Who you kissed… I may add, passionately!” She sighs. “He likes you a lot Nix, I mean who wouldn’t? every guy we meet so far gets crazy over you, except my ex”. She rolls her eyes.

I giggle at her last part. Indeed, I’ve always been chased around. But a wolf wants what she wants. I can’t help it. “Amo, one day you’ll understand why I'm doing this. I promise. But please trust me, I don’t want to hurt him. He deserves better”.

“I know sweetie. I’ve known you all my life so I practically trust your guts. I hope he gets over it soon. And for the record, if you’re really saving him from heartbreak, thank you.” She reaches for my arm and squeezes it.

I see Shaun parking in front of a one storey house, with big aluminum windows and dark brown exterior color. Its design was a sight catching surrounded by trees and green grass. It a medium size and by looking at it I bet it had four bedrooms. “Let's verify my assumptions shall we?” I mumble to myself as I pull off my seat belt and climb off my car. Amo does too.

“Nice place”. Amo observed. What else should she say? She had been to better places. Uncle Allan loves extravagance. Then she adds with a high spirit. “Looks homey!”

I smile at her. This is why I love her, she’s just sweet. As we circle my car to open the car boot, I notice a tall good looking blonde man standing beside our house, his hands crossed over his chest and his brown eyes taking all of us in. he’s massive, big muscles and intimidating. Then I catch his scent.. something about it draws me in. I don’t smell any negativity from him, he's not human either. I conclude he’s pack and is here to welcome us. How kind. I notice everyone has seen him and I see Shaun moving towards him.

“My my what a dish!” Amora says. We’ve always have had a thing for huge older men. I wish she knew he can hear her. I can even notice his lip twitch and a ghost smile on his face. I can't help but giggle.

“What? Just look at him Nix! If I get a closer look, I’ll be able to guess his age.” I laugh.

Right then Shaun turns around to go get mama, I get the message as I take Amo’s hand and we also start towards our visitor.

“32 give or take” I hear her whisper to me as we get closer to him. I smile with a nod to her. But with my calculations, he can be between 75-85. My dad looked like that as well while he was approaching a hundred. Werewolves live up to 4 centuries, the fourth is an old age century. Daddy told us many pack elders are between 300-400.. we mostly die at that age. That’s where we look ‘old’. Oh, the perks! If one gets a human mate, the werewolf’s life span decreases to 200 where he lives with it with his mate whose bite enables them to keep up with the age genes. They also get a tad stronger and stronger immunity. We don’t get sick except for the rare werewolf disease which I’m not interested to know about.

The man smile and Shaun starts the introductions. “Everyone, meet Klaus Atkinson, Klaus this is my Mother, Genesis Lloyd.” They shook hands with pleased to meet yous. He motioned to me, “my sister Phoenix Lloyd.” I smile at him as I shake his hand. “And our friend Amora Owen”. She shook his hand with a friendly smile. I see Shaun managed to tell him of Amora’s cluelessness. But by sensing his aura, this man is beta. I look at him again and I find him looking at me too. There is that smell again, distant cocoa butter, and something to it I can’t pinpoint. It's not his. But it's enough to bring my wolf on edge. What’s happening to me?.

“You’re flashing blue again”. Amo whispers to me. I clear my throat as I mask my confusion.

“It's nice to meet you all. My daughter shall be here soon. We planned to help you out settling in.” He smiled again

Yes! I can see the mark now, on his neck. His mated. We both nod our thank yous as I turn to look at Amora with an amused smile. She’s vexed though she masks it well. As we turn to the cars to take the bags, a car pulls over and comes out a gorgeous brunet with light brown eyes like her father, and dark brown long hair tied on a ponytail. She looked so much like her father, 5’7 tall so she’s an inch taller than me and a killer body. She wore black skinny jeans and a white tank top with a black blazer.

"She’s pretty". Amora mumbles and I nod.

I notice her nose flaring, the girl sniffs the air as she walks slowly towards us then she stands and stiffens. She then looks around as if searching for something until her eyes catch on Shaun and she freezes. Shaun is acting the same too. Standing there in shock.

My jaw slacks.

“God bless me!” Mom blurts out.

These two are mates.

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