Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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Shaun's Soulmate

Shaun’s POV

I’m utterly gobsmacked. I’ve never seen such beauty! I sensed her sweet scent before she climbed off her car. She smelled of lilies and I knew what she was to me the moment she turned to face me. She had long wavy dark brown hair cascading to her mid-back, her slender frame, athletic toned body, and tan skin glowed under the sun. Her aura was strong and I realised she was a beta wolf.

When I looked into her light brown eyes, everything else stopped. My wolf came forward claiming what I never thought could happen anytime soon. “Mate!” I remained frozen on the ground I stood, my eyes swimming on her brown orbs. She was breathtaking. I didn't know for how long we kept staring at each other until we heard a throat clearing beside me following the words. “Come on child, let me introduce you to our new neighbors!”

I heard a gasp. Probably that must be Amora, I can’t blame her. My mate came forward with no intention of tearing her gaze off me. My wolf was pleased. She came standing closer to me holding up my gaze till we were a few inches apart, not caring about anyone else.

"Hello, I’m Amber." She introduced herself and I was instantly turned on by her sexy voice. Imoved even closer to her and I lowered my face to meet her’s. "I’m Shaun."

"Well, hello Shaun". It's the only warning I got before she crashed her lips onto mine. I never knew how intense this felt until now. Now I understand Dad completely. I feel this magnetic pull I cannot explain and tingles shoot up all over my body. I kissed countless women before but it was never this good, this is different. I groaned as my hands snaked through her waist and held her even tighter.

I have found my true mate. My wolf is howling inside my head. My girl is strong and forward with what she wants. I don’t know for how long this kept on before I heard a small growl beside me. So I did what my body and soul weren’t happy with. I came out for air and looked at her as I smile. She was overwhelmed with emotions just like I was.

"What just happened?" Amora broke the ice

"Love happened." My mom answered as she grinned at us. Oh, mama! I looked at her.

"Well, that was unexpected." Beta Klaus observed with a slightly raised brow. Shock still evident on his face. And slight annoyance. Probably his wolf protectiveness over his pup.

What a tense situation thanks to a clueless human

"Welcome to the family sweetheart." My mom came closer to Amber and hugged her. A tear escaped her brown eyes, she was happy.

"Welcome to the family Shaun." Klaus smiled as he extended his hand to me, I took and shook it.

Nix was hugging my mate, introducing herself and Amora as they went back to their car helping with the bags. I told mama to head inside the house first since she was clearly wasted by the drive. We came behind her with luggages.

Last week, back at the Alpha’s office, Klaus and I agreed at the furniture’s arrangements for our house and he promised to put everything in place before we came. Judging from the look at the interior, he did a good job. The place looked good and I thanked him.

After putting the luggages in their respective rooms, Klaus left for the packhouse, he had things he needed to take care of but promised to come for dinner the next day. I went to Amber and went to Amber asking her to go out for a walk, I needed time to get to know her, so I left the ladies happily planning to go find a diner and they promised to bring some food back home.

I took my mate’s hand as we walked towards the door.

Klaus POV

Sometimes life is not fair. I mind linked my mate, Aaron, and Ashley to tell them the good news while those new lovers were sucking their faces away. The pups were happy for their sister, who wouldn’t? she got the blessing at this young age while my best friend goes berserk just to wait for it. I’m on my way to his office to finish up some pending issues with him. Hopefully, he’d be happy for my daughter’s achievement.

Today is surely full of surprises. I never had thought that Shaun was mixed, and his mom’s appearance raised questions in my head. She shouldn’t look like that if she was marked by her mate. What made him not mark her? True mates cannot resist one another! I marked Lucrecia within three days of meeting her and I was considered slow.

And his sister, I never saw such a beautiful creature in my life except for my mate, of course, it’s almost unnatural. I’m looking forward to a stir she’ll cause for the unmated wolves in this pack. Amber has always been bold, now her boldness has caused us a hell of an awkward situation. That poor human kid looked like a lost puppy. I’m glad I got out in time.

I’ve reached the pack house and I start to ascend the stairs to Damon’s office, I mind link him.

“I’m coming up!”


Strange. I decide to contact Silver. “ Where are you, man?”

“Not anywhere near the packhouse.” As he says this I open Damon’s office door, I enter to find no one. But that’s not what disturbed me, the shattered window is what called for my attention. As I scoop near it and catch his scent lingering with a few drops of blood on shattered glasses. I notice how the paper works with the things which are supposed to be on his desk are scattered all over. I sigh. Another rage episode. I wonder who was the victim this time.

I use the mind link to call the omegas in charge of cleaning the office. He wouldn’t be happy to come back to his shit. I head to my office to finish up my work while the omegas clean up Damon’s office. As I sit on my chair, my mate comes in holding lunch. This woman. I can never starve when she’s around. She comes in with a grin on her face.

“Mmm, that smell reminds me of how hungry I am”. I tease her.

She giggles as she sets the food on the table and rounds it coming for a kiss, “hmm and horny” I say against her lips as I scoop her onto my lap and kiss her some more. I never get tired of us. She comes out for breath and plays with my hair as she looks at me.

“Tell me more about our new son baby.”she cooed.

And so I told her everything I know while I ate away. As she takes the dishes away letting me finish working I hear heavy footsteps in the corridor then my door slamed open.

“ Klaus my man!” I roll my eyes at this drama

“Who is the unlucky woman this time?”

“I’m thirsty” the fucker is avoiding my question.

“Hello silver”

“Lucrecia, hi... I see you're taking care of this dog as always. But I advise you, let him starve sometimes so he gets to learn how to cook!”

She rolls her eyes while grinning, “I’ll give this advice to your mate too do not worry. I’d want a partner in crime before any of that.”

“Now Lucrecia, you know that was only a joke!" He defended himself as he poured himself a glass of water. "Besides, I think it’s a wonderful thing to be taking care of this big puppy, who else would?”

I scoff

Lucrecia laughs and comes to kiss my cheek as she moves for the exit. "You two behave!. Cheers!”

“So who is it?” I ask him as I start with my paperwork


“The warrior?” She’s a pretty she-wolf who likes spreading her legs. But she’s good in hand to hand combat. She’s one of the best warriors in the pack. She wanted to try jumping on Damon, but She didn’t push through it. So she’s not dumb after all.


“Did you have a good time?” I tease

He blankly stares at me then he shrugs. “How is the new wolf?

“You mean my new son”

He chokes on his water and I give him time to recover from his coughing fit, slightly amused. “What?”

“I'm going to be a grandfather in a few years.”

“Well fuck me!” He says astonished. Recovering from his shock

“No, thank you”

“How has Damon taken this?”

“He was not around when I came back”

“Ok, how is your new family?”

“It’s an interesting family, and I think Scola and other she-wolves are going to hate his sister.”

Silver smirks. "She’s that hot?”

" She's a lawyer." Silver paled and I snickered. "You’ll judge for yourself when we go for dinner tomorrow.”

“I’m glad that I'm invited. Just one question, is she blonde?”

Now it was my turn to laugh. Silver never goes for blondes. “Dark”. I answer him

“Good.” He rests as he starts playing with his phone.

This shall be interesting indeed.

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