Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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Damon’s POV

I’m exhausted from the run. This problem of mine is getting way out of hand. I’m now fighting for control over my wolf. He is controlling me. My eyes or should I say his eyes are turning red now, and not golden. He does not respond to me either. He just growls, grunts or huffs. I alone have become bitter. I envy mated pairs that I never wish to see them, they intensify my rage. What did I do to deserve this? I'm slowly losing my humanity. I should spend the night at my parents’ house today, I need my mother.

As I knock on the front door, my mom opens the door holding a robe. She might have seen me running to the house in wolf form. I receive it and put it on as I walk into the house where she envelopes me into a bone-crushing hug.

“No need to tell me anything, I can feel your emotions love”.

I let out a long breath as she takes me to my father upstairs. We enter their room. I find him sitting on the bed with a remote in his hand, watching his favourite show

“Good evening Dad”

“Good evening son”

“How have you been these past few weeks?”

“Good”. He looks up to me, he senses my feelings. “This has gone too far son, look at you!”

I sigh, looking at the floor like it's the most interesting thing in the room.

“I’ll take him to the pack witch tomorrow,” my mom says.

I look at her astonished. “Why mom..”

“Not another word from your stubborn mouth” she replies

My wolf huffs. At least he respects his mom. "And what can she help me with? She’s not the fucking moon goddess!”

“Don’t swear in my house pup”. My dad starts

I huff.

“You think your father could have been sane when he found me without one?”

Now I’m catching flies. I look at my father, “you!”

“What are you looking at? Listen to her.” is this old man blushing?

“Just a simple potion baby” mom cuts in.

“She means disgusting,” Father says bitterly

“But it helps. Now let's not disturb your father and his lousy show”. Father growls lowly. “Let's go to your room.”

I miss them. I’m too busy to visit most of the time and it has been three weeks since I last saw them. As we enter my room, my mom starts

“I hate seeing you like this baby, you have dark circles under your beautiful eyes.”

So I start doing what I never do in front of anyone. I sob.

“Now now baby, it’s okay to cry. Strong people cry. Let it out!”

“I’m tired of being lonely mother, did I wrong the moon goddess anyhow?”

“Nonsense child! You’ll find each other at the right time, which is soon!”

“Bullshit mother! Sometimes I wonder, maybe she’s dead before I even get to meet her. That’s where my rage comes from.”

“Then I believe for you, and I have hope. You’re strong and kind. And your match shall be exceptional.”

“I’m pushing away my closest friends. Everyone is wary of me. Look at my eyes mom. Maybe what they say it's true. I’m a demon”

He didn’t expect to be smacked!


“Don’t you raise your voice at me boy, and stop being stupid! Do you see Klaus, no Silver afraid of you? A true friend stays with you no matter the condition you’re in. They try to understand you. And for those who call you a Demon, they don’t truly know you and you know what? Who cares? Do you know them? What matters is that the people who truly love you and care for you understand you, just like how you know and understand them. Pay attention to those who are worth your sympathy. Protect your pack and those who you love without thinking of how your enemies think of you. And as for I, I see my little bundle of joy growing a beard and testosterone.”

I chuckle. Her hands come up to hold checks.

“I see my little angel growing wings and soon enough, you shall fly.”

I hug her as I smile. “Thank you, mom.”

"Mother knows best."

We sat on my bedroom, my head laying on her lap and her hand playing with my curls as I slowly drowned into sleep. I feel somehow peaceful.

I see myself walking in a forest. I don’t know where I'm from or where I'm going. At a distance, I see a little girl on a white floral sundress and a matching hairband. Her straight long black hair cascading her back to her waist. Her ivory skin glittering under the sun rays.

“Little girl..? What are you doing here all alone? Are you lost? “I call for her as I slowly approach her

“I'm not lost.” Her tone is soft and cute. Then she turns around. She has big silver eyes and rosy cheeks. Her small lips curl in a pretty smile. “I’m here for you.”

“I don’t understand.” My brows knit in confusion.

“Would you be able to protect what you crave for?” she asks her tone not what I expected from her.

This girl looks no older than 6, how can she talk so..?

Her little giggles cut my thoughts as she says, “Believe me when I say looks can be deceiving.”

“Who are you?”

“It doesn’t matter who I am young one, just remember my question and you shall soon quench your thirst." Her smile is warm and her eyes hold so much wisdom and knowledge. It's like staring at the mirror and..."Who is that?”

She cuts my thoughts as she motioned behind me and I turn to look. There stands an all-black she-wolf. She was huge with a strong aura. She was stalking towards me slowly as if waiting for some reaction from me. Her eyes where electric blue and the most amazing scent hit me! Before I could even make out what was it, I heard the little girl’s voice far behind me.

“There is always a test for determination of award, how far can you go to protect who you love?”

How did she get that far? Was I not paying attention? When I look up to her again, she was gone. She just vanished!

“Holy..!” I say as I turn behind to take a look at the wolf, but she’s not there either.

My eyes shoot open as I take in my surroundings. I'm at my parent’s house. I must have fallen asleep on mom’s lap. I search for the clock, it’s 4:30 am. I blow out a deep breath as I let my head rest back on the pillow. What was that strange dream about? And the wolf I saw. Black wolves are rare, they are considered powerful. I’m the only black wolf in my pack.

Fuck this, I’m going to that witch this instant! I get up, get dressed, as I cascade the stairs I wonder if mom still puts the keys where I’m heading to. I see them, grab them and I drive away. After a half an hour, I pull up in front of a big fancy cottage house. She surely loves style. As I climb out of my car I hear the front door open and she steps out.

“I was expecting you.” Bonnie was a tall slender woman with short dark bob hair and curious dark eyes.

One word, Creepy. But that’s the way she is. I follow her inside.

“Like father like son, though you are worse.” Don’t get me started with her age, she was around when my great grandfather was on diapers.

“He mentioned a potion,” I tell her.

“You don’t need it”

“Why? You said yourself, I'm worse”

“She’s already here”


“What do you recall from your last dream?”

“How do you know?”

“The Moon Goddess spoke to you.”

My jaw slacks.

“What did she tell you?” she asks me though I get the feeling she knows the answer.

“That little girl was the Moon Goddess?”

“She can come in any form she chooses.”

“She said a lot of things that confuse me.”

“Go home and think straight. The answer is within you”

I stay quiet. My head is brainstorming.

“I know what you’re experiencing. It's not easy, but only you are strong enough to overcome this. You are the only one to fight against yourself. Only you can bring out the best version of yourself.”

I stand up. “Thank you for your time, Bonnie.” There is no use.

“Your welcome child. Now go, I need my beauty sleep.”

As I pull over at my parents’ home, I hear my mom through the mind link. “I’m at the kitchen”. I go to her. I find her making some pancakes and offers me some and gives me juice, I eat quietly.

“What did she say”

“To dig a little deeper”. I say sarcastically

She smiles. “You’re your father’s boy alright."

So I told her about my dream. She didn’t comment, she just listened.

When I finished my dinner, I kissed her forehead as I moved to the door. I’ll see you later beautiful, and I was gone.

When I reached the packhouse, I made it straight to the kitchen on the main floor. I found the beta and Gamma family having breakfast, as I entered they all turned to me with slight bows,” Alpha”

“Good morning!”


“Morning cherry”.

“Come join us,” Klaus said

“No, I’m full. I’ll be at your office, Klaus.”


In a few minutes, he entered with Silver on toe. “You look better today.” Silver commented.

“I guess”. I pause.” So are the new pack members settled?”

And they told him every detail.

Damon stood up with a half-smile and went to hug his friend. “Congratulations o blessed one.”

“Her we go with his sarcasm”. Complained Klaus playfully as he patted his friend’s back

“That’s how we know it's him we’re talking to.” Silver teased.

“Join us for dinner?”

“Some other time guys,” I tell them

“It's okay” Klaus replies

“No pressure.” Silver countered.

“You’re window is fixed”

I sigh. “Thank you. Please send my greetings. I’ll accompany you next time.”



I went back to London with Amora leaving my brother with his mate and mama. Now I know for sure that even if Shaun and I are not there, she won't be alone. Our family is growing. I'm on my way back today, It's exactly two weeks since I was gone and there is a party at the packhouse tonight.

Amora should be there already, she fell for her mate from the moment they met. But the poor guy was too astonished to do anything. Well, he did nothing foolish. He took control and behaved like a human. He came to see her last week here in London and by looks of things, he’s doing well. She went there yesterday as I had a few things left to take care of. Silver seems to be a nice guy, funny too. Jake’s face was priceless considering the age gap. They think it’s a mere seven years apart, I cannot wait for her to learn the true number. I chuckle to myself. I park my car outside our house as Amber comes out to receive me.

“Welcome back.” She hugs me.

“Thank you, sis.” I smile at her.

“Everyone is inside though the girls are upstairs getting ready”

“Remind me again, what’s the party about?”

“It’s Alpha’s mother's birthday. Don’t ask about her age!”

We laughed as we entered the house. I found Silver, Daniel, and Shaun talking. I said hi as we went ascending the stairs. I reached my mother’s room, with the noise inside, she’s far from bored. I slammed the door open, "I'm hooome!!”

“Hey, sweetheart.” Mom came to hug me as Amber laughed behind me. I exchanged hugs with Amora, Lucrecia, and Ashley. Ashley had her father’s blonde hair and her mom’s light brown eyes. She was at the same height as mine and had an easy personality. I found them already on make up and taking turns at styling their hair, the hairstylist Lucrecia was doing some magic.

“You should go take a shower, genesis is going to do my make up now!” Amber said. “Hurry!! Its almost time.”

I grinned and ran to the bathroom. A few minutes later I came back with my wet curly hair and a towel. Everyone was ready!

Ashley and Amora were wearing dark blue dresses, Amora’s was on an off-shoulder dress hugging her body like a second skin with silver stones glittering all over. Her black high heels made her look taller and her hair was tied up on a pretty chignon bun while Ashley was in a baby doll dress and her hair was in a tidy fish braid.

Amber is wearing a cute light brown empire waist dress with black heels. Her hair is down in waves and her makeup gives her a glow. She tucked her hair on her left ear to show off her brand new mark. I smile.

Mom is wearing a Sheath white dress with white heels. Her red lipstick shines on her while Lucrecia is wearing a black shift dress and black heels. Seeing their shiny legs reminds me of one thing.

I’ve yet to wax my legs.

As they finished their torture on me, they finally let me look at myself in the mirror. Damn, who is she? She makes me almost forget about my now tender legs thanks to Ashley and Amber. They waxed me like a criminal!

My simple maroon bodycon dress fits me perfectly, I love this dark maroon lipstick and the cat-eye make up. This colour suits my caramel skin perfectly. Today, they didn’t let me straighten my hair. Not like it listens, it goes far in waves, never straight, so the girl in the mirror today has long curly black hair. My green eyes sparkle with excitement as I see how good I look. My black and maroon mini purse on my hands complete my look as I look at the black heels on my feet. I say one word.

“Perfect”. And they all laugh.

I made sure to switch the video mode on my phone as the mated women started cascading the stairs to their mates. The men’s expressions were priceless and when they realized I caught them on video, it was too late.

As we were on our way out Ashley whispered teasingly to me, “Let's see if the Alpha shall wait for his mate at the end of tonight.”I tensed and my eyes widen. She laughed as she went first into my car. Amber was going with Mom and Shaun, Amora is obviously with Silver. Beta Klaus came for his mate. Daniel came and told me, “Get in squirt, I'm driving.”

“It's my car” I retort.

“And I'm driving!” I rolled my eyes as I joined Ashley in the back seat. He circled the car to the driver’s seat. Turned on the engine and drove.

As we reached the packhouse, it took me minutes to zone out from my stupor. It’s a fucking castle! Well since it’s the biggest pack in England, but still!! Ashley leans and says “I know right?”

She knew what I was thinking. I wonder what’s Amora’s expression to this. I say as I giggle while I get off of the car. Ashley comes around and holds my hand, let's go? And we start moving. My phone vibrates and I take it off my purse to see a text message from Amber. Good luck at making life long enemies!. They’d be wasting their time, they should actually sue my late father and mother for making me. As I type send I accidentally bump into someone!

“Hey! Watch where you are going airhead!!” she screeched.

“Excuse me?” Should she really insult me? Really?

“You heard me”.

“I heard a horse neigh.”

I heard a few gasps. “Do you know who I am, human?”

I scoff, “You’re not interesting enough to raise my curiosity”. I tell her as I start to leave. My hand is slightly yanked painfully and I find myself in a tight grip a few steps back.

“How dare you.” Oh, now she’s done it! I can feel my rage start to build up before I smash her head Ashley speaks up.

“Leave her before somebody gets hurt”

“The fact that you’re beta’s daughter doesn’t make you intimidating.” The brunette smartly retorts.

I cannot take it any longer, my other arm reached her hand which was gripping my other hand, I yank her grasp from me and I twisted it till I heard a snap, accompanied by a loud yelp.

I let her go, as I look her in the eyes, her silver furious eyes. “Why I’ve never seen such a fragile warrior. Don’t ever touch me again if you don’t want to test how fragile you can get.” With that,t I took Ashley’s hand and we left her in shame with her highly amused audience.

“How did you do that?” Ashley inquired with evident shock

“Do what?”

“Break her wrists!”

“She’s really fragile”

“Or you’re really strong.”

“My father, was a beta remember?”

“But you’re human Nix.”

“Then I’m right, she’s fragile.”

She stays quiet clearly not believing me. “Thank you for defending me “

“What are sisters for?” We hold hands as we go find our table. It didn’t take long to see our family. We went and joined them. They were busy chatting away and I was surprised to see mama talk so freely! This was a really good place for her after all. Daniel was talking to Shaun, I don’t know how or when he got her, we left him outside. People sure have dressed up. Ashley started at Amber

“Guess what?”


“She gained a foe”

Amber laughed, “its about time, who is it?”


“Shit!!” Amber laughed.

“Don’t worry, my sister can defend herself well,” Shaun speaks up

“How? Scola is one of the best warriors”. Amber asks with clear worry.

“Is she also a doctor?" I ask

Ashley and Amber answer with amusement, “No”

“Then I’ll be fine”.

Amber laughs. “Confident. I like it!!”

Ashley looks at me for a while but she says nothing. Doubts. I’ll let her find out on her own, its more fun that way. But before I can think of anything else I smell the most tantalizing scent ever. I tense as my wolf comes on edge, I start to sniff profusely for I cannot get enough. My mouth starts to water and I gulp. I close my eyes, Phoenix relax! Calm down! Shaun looks at me quizzically.

“Please excuse me, I need to go to the ladies room”.

I stand up in a hurry and turn back to start moving as fast as I can but I crash into a hard body! Strong hands come up to grab and steady me so that I don't fall. Oh, Lord, it's him!! I gulp as I take in his broad chest, this man is even more huge than Klaus, my eyes travel to his neck, I see no mark. I internally sigh with relief, my eyes travel to his lips, I gulp painfully. His heart-shaped lips are plump and pinkish... I go straight to his eyes. The whole world goes into a blur. His electric blue eyes completely cage me in. Oh, they're so blue! I forget about everything. I’ve never seen such beautiful eyes. I can get lost in them for a lifetime. My wolf comes forward and claims him, “MATE!”. I let out a low gasp as I feel my body overwhelmed by new emotions. I want him...I want him so much

I’m whipped.

He looks gobsmacked and more than shocked. His mid night black hair looks so soft that I wish to run my fingers through it. He slightly frowns, he’s confused. He looks adorable when he’s confused.

“Are you alright?” That’s when I feel the tingles shoot through my hands like an electrical current. He steadied me from an awkward fall, his hands are on me. I move away slowly as I end our stare-down


“What’s your name?” oh his voice!!

“Phoenix, can I know yours?” I say blushing like a schoolgirl.

“I’m Damon.” He says with a smile. Oh, this man! Wait..! did I hear him right? That’s when I get to feel his aura!

Well suck my pussy and call me candy!

I’m mated to the freaking Demon Alpha.!

Oh, kill me now!

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