Damon's Soulmate (Demon Alphas series) Book 1

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Clawing out.

Damon’s POV

I was still at my office when I heard a soft knock at the door, then Silver barged in with an exhausted expression. Klaus was tagging not far behind him with a highly amused face. I raised my brow pulling up my most concerned look. “what is it now?”

Klaus just chuckled.

My lip twitched, this must be gold. “Well?”

“He found his mate.”

Silence. Now I needed to digest this. I looked at them back and forth

“Then why is he like this?” I asked

“She’s human”. Silver spoke up.

“Has that ever been your problem?” I smirked as I taunted him

“She’s also blonde”. Klaus hollered and I joined right in.

Silver glared at us so I collected myself and asked my poor whipped annoying buddy. “So that is what is making you act like…this?"

“No. It’s that I never thought that my mating process shall include Courting! How am I going to control myself? As for today if it wasn’t for Klaus who got me out of that house as soon as he did…”

“Then his pigeon should have flown away saving herself from a pervert.” Klaus interrupted.

“I don’t care if I’d share my life span with her! she’s perfect! And as for you Klaus, I’ve never disliked blondes, you’re one of them yourself. I just had a thing for brunets.” He said with a huff as Klaus started to laugh again.

“I’ll keep a note of this for future use, some people need to be blackmailed for favors."

Silver looked at me with his most disapproving look. “They call you a demon for a reason.”

I shrug and chuckle at his state. "I promise you, she’ll bear your mark within a month. Well, that’s a maximum time if you’re slow like someone we know."

Klaus cleared his throat. “I’m not slow, I’m a gentleman”

Silver and I scoffed together as we jointly chorused, “Right man!”

I stood up and walked from where my table was towards him and pulled him in for a brotherly hug. “For what is worth, congratulations man.”

He sighed as he pulled out. “I don’t know if I will be able to protect her from my past.”

“Your past conquests shall never lay their fingers on her if they’re smart. Who wants to mess with an angry Gamma?” I comfort him. But it’s the truth.

“Thanks, man”. He responded with a smile.

Things have been exciting since that day, Silver was busy wooing his mate, My newest pack member got to be an addition to the Beta family and my family as well. Amber moved in with her mate and Silver could have been their frequent visitor if his mate didn’t leave so soon with her best friend for London. So he now got a reason for using his phone anytime he got the chance.

A week later, he couldn’t take it, he followed her. He came back a few days later on his highest spirits. I suppose things went well. She came again three days ago and he’s planning to tell her about his true nature tomorrow. Today has to wait since it's my mom’s party. Here I am walking around making sure everyone was having a good time while I enjoyed soft music playing in the background.

My parents are busy socializing with guests. Mom is chatting with her best friend, Emma the wife of the Chief warrior of the pack. While the men caught up with each other. I was busy scanning the room till I caught a wonderful scent. I recall to have smelt it on Shaun in my office, but now it was stronger and pulling me to a direction where my legs walk to on their own accord. This meant the owner of this amazing scent was here. My wolf comes on edge as I stalk faster to the direction the scent is coming from. I reach a familiar table that is occupied by a beta and gamma family.

I noticed a woman sitting between Amber and Ashley, her black curly long hair cascaded to her lower back. It looked shiny and beautiful, It looked natural. Her body was tense and everyone at the table seemed to look at her with concern. I take in a long breath sniffing her out. Damn it's her! One thing I noticed from her scent was that she was human. A human.

My smile disappears. I want to leave but my feet seem to act on their own, I find myself right behind her chair as she stood up as fast as she could so that she bolts away from the table. She crashed onto me and I hurriedly steadied her. When my arms made contact with her hands, electric tingles shot up and pulsed through my hands. I stared down at her as her eyes drank me up from my torso and when they paused a few more minutes on my lips, I got turned on as I felt a slight bulge inside my trousers. That was new.

When her eyes met mine, that’s when I knew I was truly whipped. I got lost into her forest green orbs as my wolf came forward and claimed her.“MATE!”

He howled with happiness inside my head while I tried to force myself to stay calm!

She looked as lost as I was, so I asked her if she was alright. She shrugged way from me as I noticed a pink tinge on her cheeks. She has light brown skin and a killer body. Maroon does her justice indeed. She’s the most beautiful creature I ever saw during my existence, it's almost unnatural. How can a person be this attractive?

“Yeah.” She replied with the most beautiful melody I ever heard.

“What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Phoenix, can I know yours?” she responded as she blushed profusely. That meant she felt the bond.

“I’m Damon.”I noticed a flash of blue on her eyes followed by a look of confusion, then…..panic? Before she could react a thought crossed through my head. Human, weak. I couldn't help but feel disappointed. I wanted to be alone for now.

I excuse myself as I turned from her and walked as fast as I could. Was that a practical joke? I wanted to be away from that place. The last thing I wanted was for people and her included, to see the disappointment on my face.

For I am truly disappointed.


I can feel my eyes sting. Before he turned away, I saw something flash on his face. He turned around so fast to hide it but it was a little too late for I saw it. Disappointment. Do I look that pathetic? Does being a werewolf matter too much for him that he cannot overlook it? I feel tear drop against my right cheek and my hand goes up immediately to swipe it off. I turn back to the table and I see everyone staring at me, I see shock and pity. Who wouldn’t? but I hate it.

I look around and I notice few stares from people who were quick to notice what just happened, I heard a few snickers and didn’t bother to know where they came from. I see my mother stand up and make her way towards me. I reach for her hand, she takes my hand and leads me away from this awkward scene. We reached the parking lot within a few minutes and found her car. We mounted it and she peeled off.

The car ride was dominated by silence. I was trying to reach my wolf but she was quietly whimpering. I couldn’t speak even if I wanted to. The tears weren’t coming out either since that single tear. I couldn’t feel anything, I was just sitting there. I didn’t know we were home, I didn’t even notice my mom opening the car for me. That was the last thing I remembered of that night.

Shaun’s POV

Right after my sister and mother’s departure, our table remained awkwardly silent. Klaus left after his best friend but no one seemed to notice it, they were too engrossed in looking at my sister’s heartbreaking expression. They didn’t understand why she reacted the way she did. There is no way for her knowing she was standing in front of her mate who seemed to run away from her like she set his ass on fire. Was she deeply attracted to the stranger or was there much going on that they know not of? Some of the she-wolves were happy to the fact that she was human and her beauty seemed not to work on her favor against her mate’s expectations, this meant its about time he officially rejected her and one of them gets to be picked to be future luna of the pack. The strongest one.

Amora the first one to come out the shock spoke, “what just happened? What did that man tell my best friend?”

Yeah which reminded me, she’s human. She does not understand.

“It’s a little hard to explain hun.” Silver answered her tenderly. I’m almost sorry for that wolf, he’s yet to tell his mate about his nature, and knowing Amora he needs a lot of energy to carry out that task. Since he’s not yet accustomed to her unfiltered mouth and her outbursts, he’ll suffer from migraines from time to time.

“I’m sick of being kept in the dark a lot is happening around since the day I arrived here but play dumb to it. Now my friend is hurt and everyone seems to get the reason behind it but why but me.” She complained.

“Babe calm down, let….”

He was interrupted by her. “No! why am I still here anyway? That man may thank baby Jesus I have no idea who he is or where to find him, or else I’d start with him. But that has to stick on my to-do list, for now, I’m going to my friend. She needs me.” She turned to his side facing him. “Come with me, hun?” She stood up.” Please excuse us”. And she started for the exit Silver right behind her.

Suddenly I felt a vibration in my trousers, I took out my ringing phone and picked up.

“Shaun! Come home now!”

“What’s the matter, mama?”

“Your sister.. she…” she then burst into tears.

“Mom calm down, I’ll be there in few minutes”. I stood bidding everyone goodnight and I was out, Amber following suit.

Alpha or not, he’ll have to hear from me soon.

We met Amora and Silver just arriving and we all started for Nix’s room. We found mama by the door waiting for us, her eyes were puffy! I reached for her hand, “what’s the matter?”

“It’s like the night of the accident.” She meant the day I lost my sisters, wait. Does she mean Nix has shifted??

“Half.” She said looking at me. She didn’t want everyone else to know, this is why she was standing outside Nix’s room.

“What’s happening to my friend Genesis? Is my friend alright? Can I see her?” Amora asked worryingly

Mama just shook her head at her then she turned to me, “she’s not talking, she just broke everything”. She said as she started to sob.

“Silver, please bring Amora downstairs, she does not want to see this.”

“Hey! That’s my best friend you’re talking about! Let me through”

I'm not in the fucking mood Amora! Listen to me and stay out for now!”. I didn’t mean to shout at her but I couldn’t help it. I heard a low growl from Silver and I apologized to him through the mind link

"I'm sorry man. It’s just a private issue. My sister wouldn’t like to be seen in her current condition”

With a slight nod, he led his mate down the stairs as I turned to Amber. “I trust you’ll keep this to yourself”. She nodded still not sure of what is going on. Mama opened the door and led us in. I heard Amber gasp and called out with disbelief. “Nix!”

Phoenix sat down in a corner hugging her legs. Her whole body had long black fur, her hands were replaced by claws and her nose was replaced by a snout. Her eyes were the darkest shade of blue, meaning her wolf took over. They looked glassy as he stayed there still like she wasn’t even there. The whole room was a wreck! Claw marks everywhere, everything was broken or in shreds. Her wolf had panicked. At least she knew not to touch her mother.

“She’s a half shifter?” Amber asked in a low voice

“No, its her first time shifting this way.”

“She’s a werewolf!!”


“She smells human!”

“An advantage we cannot explain. You always need to surprise your enemy at the time they least expect”

“That explains her confidence”. She mumbled to herself. “Now that she let her wolf nature show, I can sense her aura. It's intimidating!” She took a step back. “But her scent is still human”.

As if she triggered something. Nix’s head shot up and looked at her. Her eyes showed no recognition as they turned blood red! Her mouth opened but the frightening growl-like voice came out instead. “I’ll show you, human!”

I’ve never been so shocked. Never has a wolf talked out loud before, they always talk to us in our minds. And her aura wasn’t of which I’m used to. It's stronger. My wolf came out in protection mode, I turned into my light brown wolf and stood in front of my mom and mate.

Nix stood up and started to approach us slowly, taunting us to take one step back and lose concentration, so she strikes. It's one of our ways to intimidate our prey, wait…prey?!

Nix continued to shift in front of us, till she stood up on all fours completely taken over by her wolf, she’s the most huge she-wolf I’ve ever seen. I take she grew stronger after her first shift. Her midnight fur circulated her whole body and it emanated that frightful aura. Her eyes were the darkest of red which by looking at them you’d feel your legs give out. This is all to be called human! "Oh, man!"

She let out a loud growl which seemed to shake the very ground we stood in. Mama moved from behind me. Her eyes had no fear but determination. She started to walk towards Nix as I heard Amber’s voice, “mom please come back!”

“Stay where you are”. She replied her as she turned back to face Nix. “Now you stop this foolishness this instant! Who are you trying to scare away?!” She shouted at her daughter who looked back at her mom. Amber ran to her side. I shifted back.


Nix growled back to her mom.

“How dare you, young lady? Wolf or not I am still your mother, now sit before I use a wooden spoon to teach you manners.” Wow mom.

Nix’s wolf huffed as she sat down. Now I had to chuckle. They all turned to look at me. In a blink of an eye, Nix stood up again turned to the window and went through it. Mama screamed as I run towards it watching Nix land gracefully and sprinted towards the forest. Like a blur, she was gone. I jumped after her shifting mid-air and ran tracking her scent. I heard a howl from a distance as I kept searching for her.

I never found her that night.

I went back home. I found my mate at the main door and shifted. She hugged me. “Where is mom?”

“I put her to sleep, you were out for a while.”

“How about Amora?”

“I guess Silver took her out on time.”

I sighed.

“She’ll be back. Her wolf wanted an outlet, I think.”

“I hope she does not meet anyone. Then again, who would keep up with that?”

“You never caught up to her?” she asked with disbelief.

“She is fast.” I defended myself.

She smiled weakly. “Come on, lets get inside”. Just then I sensed a presence behind me. I turned to see a figure I recognized behind the trees.

“She’s not here.” I tell him.

“I sensed that.” He said as he moved closer to us. Alpha Damon looked calm, but I knew this was just a mask. “What happened here?” He asked as he looked around.

“Nothing. I’ll give her the message when she gets back.” I told him without hiding my irritation.

“I am here for you.” He softly spoke.

Well, would you look at that?

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