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The events of this novel revolve around the hidden forces that control this world. Sir Abraham Victor De Clay the famous English doctor, who lived in England between 1760-1850 he possessed everything, money, power, and influence and also the ancient science with which he faced the forces of evil and darkness in this world An interesting novel between fiction and reality. Some of these events have already happened, and others disappeared between imagination and memories. A Big series about who rules and controls the world and everything using the hidden power and ancient magic, and Who is the owner of the prophecy? Who spoils the plans of the Prince of Darkness. But before you start remembering, this is not just a novel

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter 1 The Old Legend

The events of this story began a few years ago. when no one in the “De Clay” family believed that their youngest son could carry the secret of wealth, power, strength, and glory. Because this story has been closed for a very long time ago.

The “De Clay family” The legend of this family emerged from the first ancestor “Abraham Victor De Clay”. He was a cleric and a doctor from nobles from the aristocracy of England But he was different from everyone who owned money, wealth, and power in that period. He was helping the poor people, feeding them, helping the weak, and the needy, providing care for the sick people, and helping people achieving their hopes, and he was also famous for his unlimited power and influence in England and the ruling class at that time.

His power and wealth, which everyone talks about, was not a family legacy, as was the case with all the ruling class and all the nobles, but rather because of a hidden power he possessed, and no one knew its cause.

He managed to control everything in the country until the decisions of the Kingdom of England at that time until his enemies described him as the successor of God because of the hidden power he possessed, and no one understood how he got it and from where. He had no differences between him and the ruling family and the state elite because he was not interested in governance or any of the state’s policies.

This made him a good reputation that preceded him wherever he went, but instead praised them and helped them if they needed money or advice. In addition to his high strength and wealth, he was a very wise doctor and

a gentleman, so his name has been spread between private and public and won an elevated position from the King of England and between the royal family and the nobility.

He also had no enemies in the whole country, except one group that Showed him evil. They knew “The monks of the Holy Temple” or “the Knights of the Kazil.” “The Monks of Kazil” had high power in all Europe and immense influence in all countries, specifically in England. They owned lands and livestock, they enslaved people by owning farms and crops, they imposed taxes and interest, and who was unable to pay would become a slave to the temple and the property of the monks.

While the monks were getting higher, in power and richness in England by owning lands and enslaving people. Sir Abraham was paying people’s debts, buying lands from the temple, and setting people free from the bondage of the monks. The monks would not accept what Sir Abraham was doing. On the one hand, he increases the power of the king, and on the other hand, he weakens the authority of the temple in the country and on the people’s necks.

He had great credit for ridding the kingdom of the influence of the temple and the return of vast areas of British lands to the control of the king and the country.

The monks arranged many plots to kill Sir Abraham, and they did not know where he had all this money, wealth, and power from. In a short time, he was able to purchase large areas of confiscated farms from the ruling class as well as from people and return them to their owners and the king, and they were unable to find out the reason for this man’s Wealth and strength.

He had power and great wealth, which no one knew, So the monks tried a lot to discover this secret, but they could not, they also worked in various ways to get him into the council of monks and members of the sacred temple, and their efforts were unsuccessful. Even the attempted to kill him was futile. After all these events, the monks remained powerless to confront Sir De Clay.

Years passed, and the temple of “Kazil” remained unchanged. They could not get rid of Sir “Abraham” and transmitted his hatred over the years. They could not do anything for him for more than half a century until his death in 1850 on his bed when he was ninety years old.

“De Clay’s” family inherited the power of money that sir Abraham possessed, But they could not get on the secret of that power, and that was the precious treasure that was kept among the secrets of his palace. And he said that in a letter he wrote before his death. That all that you can get after me is my money and my property only, but no one will inherit the secret of this power except those who deserve it.

It was greed and hatred that controlled the hearts and minds of family members. Every one of De Clay sons was thinking about himself and what he could take after his father’s death. All that they inherited from that power was the people’s talk about it and many of the myths that the family inherited from generation to generation, and none of them could discover that buried secret.

The family’s influence ended with the end of the war that destroyed all of Europe at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. With the passage of time, everything ended with the noble family of “De Clay”, and what remains is only the stories that the family talks about from generation to generation and the Grand Palace on the shores of the city of “Wales”.

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