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The One Well Fed

Times continued to a downward spiral. The war indeed continued. We of the city banded even closer together forming our own world as was necessary. Somehow, small bits of civilization carried on as it once had, but it was clearly falling apart bit by bit.

Radio had become out form of communication as far as the range would reach. It was the best we had to keep up with everything else going on in the world. It was nice knowing that we weren't alone in out plight to hold on and try to keep stable lives.

Yet a situation began to arise as our stockpiles began to dwindle. Food was becoming scarce to come by. It was clear to everyone that we were digressing. But we did the best we could and decided to take food source into our own hands. Scavenging, hunting, farming…we began doing it all. Anything to keep safe and fed.

I had become a hunter. I remembered a forested area near the ranch, even though I dreaded going near that place since that day, so I decided to go there one morning despite a horrible feeling in my soul.

That feeling did not disappoint me. It was there that I saw her once again. Yet she was there alone; I caught glimpse of her sitting at a small table in the stable, a book in her hand, reading. Despite my better judgment I approached her.

Upon reaching her, she smiled, but did not look up, "It is impolite to not say 'hello'." She said to me.

"Why are you so calm about all of this?" I asked her bluntly. "Why aren't you helping everyone gather food?"

"The lack of food is not my concern," she said to me, erely. She closed her book and looked up at me, her face serious, "Why do you keep asking me such things?"

"Why are you alone today?"

"I cannot give you the answers you seek." She replied callously. "What is coming is inevitable."

"Who is this guy, eh?" a man's voice called from outside.

I turned to the voice off to one side; a man jumped down from a black horse. His appearance struck me as odd. The lack of food was great in all areas but the man who had just dismounted the horse was clearly heavier set than anyone I had seen in quite some time. How was this possible.

"He is good; he is a man I once spoke with for hours here." She said man.

"Why are you still here? We've got things to do; come on." He said curtly.

She stood from the table, smiled at me, and went to her horse.

"Hey, you, keep away from the lady, okay." The man said.

"Don't worry of him," she said as she mounted her horse, "I'm not his concern at the moment; the worse has yet to come."

The man huffed, glared at me; I merely just watched as he mounted his horse and turned to the side, "Still, keep away it you know what is best for your health."

She smiled as she rode to him, "Come, let us go be with the others."

I watched in dismay as they rode off. It seemed every time I encountered her things seemed to become a little bit stranger. I knew not what to do; but it was time that I returned to my friends and let free this information of my encounters with her and the strangers henceforth.

Something bothered me, deep within. I could feel my soul both drawn and disturbed by the girl and the two men I had met alongside of her. I don't understand why I felt that way; nor did I understand why I had come to my conclusion.

She and those other riders were up to something; and everyone need to know. Yet would they believe me?
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