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The One Who Walked Upon the Dead

Though I had told myself that I was going to divulge my feelings after my last meeting with the girl, I chose not to. I really didn't have anything definitive to say about the encounters right away. I had my doubts and all but that wasn't any reason for me to just go and cause a panic during out dire times.

Yet it always weighed on my soul so I strove to better myself regardless. I worked hard to build up our farms and trained hard to help defend out claim that once was our city. I forged a spear out of salvage from buildings we chose to dismantle to build walls.

Out situation was looking up; at least for us. News from radio told a different tale from far areas. It was this that caused us to make defensive pacts with neighboring towns and such.

And on one day, we were called to honor that. The radio call came in a panic, calling forth any aid as quickly; people were being killed in a nearby town. We had to hurry, we had to help.

So, gathing ourselves, myself and some of the best trained headed out using an old truck we had fitted to run off of solar batteries. It had limited charge but it worked well for missions such as this.

We had set out just as promised by our defensive pact even though promised a lot of chaos waited for us by the radio call. And upon our arrival, the call…

It did not lie…

The gate that had been made for the town's wall had been completely destroyed and beyond we could see corpses just beyond. Leaving our vehicle behind, we rushed in to stop the bloodshed from continuing.

The very bloodshed we witnessed as we entered the towns hub. A man with dark hair, black clothes, swung his weapon which was a blackened metal scythe, and sliced a man's head clean off. The body fell partially on his foot and he calmly kicked it aside.

It was a shocking scene before us, the man standing in front of corpses… Yet that wasn't the only disturbing part. Just partially behind him sat upon horseback the girl and the two strange men I had encountered. The dark feeling in my soul was there again; I was at a loss of words and action that very moment.

The girl did not look up at me, instead she looked towards the scythe wielder and held out reigns to a beige colored horse she had been keeping.

It was the red haired man who looked up towards us, "Look; sheep have come." He said in his intoxicating voice.

The heavyweight man fell his eyes upon me, "Oh look it's that one again."

"Shall I dispatch of them?" the newest stranger, the one with blackened hair and robes, inquired.

It was then that the girl looked up and locked eyes with me, "Hello again." She said to me.

"Do you know this sheep?" the dark haired one asked.

"Yes he is good; he spoke with me four hours one day." She replied. "He is not our concern."

"What on earth is going on!" I demanded. "How are you involved in all of this… I've had my suspicion but never had I believed I would witness this…!"

"What? You never imagined you would witness the end?" she asked of me; leaving me confused but my crew even more confused.

"I implore you to leave this place." she spoke with a calm voice. "The time is not for you to become involved in all of this."

I was angry by her dismissing me so easily. I wanted answers and I wanted them now. "Are you behind all of this? Are you behind this war? What is your intent."

"My intent?" she asked just before she laughed, "For the world to belong to us!" she said as she motioned to herself and the three others. "You hold no chance to me; nothing can stop me from obtaining such."

That explained enough. It meant that she was truly behind all that was occurring. And, though I had fancied her, I could not let her get away with any of this. I needed to, along with my crew take the four down. And I would not allow them the first strike.

With a heavy heart, I tossed my spear. I had actually become excellent at hitting any target with such a toss. And my aim was her. However, I never expected the spear to be batted away. The red haired man had swung out a sword, which he still held out in front of the girl, to knock the spear away.

The girl didn't recoil; the horses didn't flinch. Everything was calm; and silence fell to the area. The only should was that of my weapon embedding in a nearby corpse upon the ground.

"You cannot kill me in such a way." She stated. "Even if he had not deflected as I knew he would, I could have just as well. This is not the time."

"Do you wish to leave it at this, lady?" the red haired one asked.

"Yes, come, let us return to the base." She replied as she led the turn leading the others away and towards the exit of the town.

My crew and myself were left in shock. Once my attack had been knocked away any home of us combating the four was knocked away just as my spear. There was nothing we could have done in that moment and there would be nothing that could have been done if we had followed the four to deal with them.

Our only problem then lay… What would we tell the others upon our return?
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