Poseidon's Bride

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Willow has been condemned to die- for the sake of appeasing the same god who ends up saving her. Now that she's saved though- how will she go on living? She can never go back to the life she knew- can she forge a new life in Atlantis with a god that seems to hate her?

Fantasy / Adventure
Alex Fox
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Willow- Lost

Tomorrow I would be thrown into the sea, locked up with weights to drown for Poseidon. A proper death for a weak witch- despite not being born with the gift. I felt so disconnected from the earth that even receiving the news of them condemning me hadn’t rattled me. I expected it to go through. The moment Odira became Iana’s right hand I knew I was condemned. She hated me as well as anyone like me.

Of course she hated me in particular though, I had not taken her mistreatment of the witches that had lesser gifts. So when she came to me in need of a potion for her date before prom so many years ago I made sure she was not only violently ill, but I made her look like a sea hag for several seasons before she finally figured out a spell strong enough to dispute the natural magic in herbs.

So many witches relied on their magic they forgot what the earth had to offer in it’s endless bounties. Now despite my talent with it I was to be drowned for not being born with the natural gift both my parents had had before they passed away. Born as powerless as a normal human.

I knew Odira would bring the old rules back, this town still believed with all their might that Poseidon would rise from the ocean and deliver it’s people to greatness. That we were also Atlantis’ children left behind when it sunk into the sea- an old story told for generations. That as long as we purged the weak from our flock he might forgive us- and to prove our loyalty we suffer them to drown in the seas. On their sixteenth birthday any born with an extremely weak gift or no gift at all despite having magical parents where to walk to the end of the cliff where I currently sat.

Then they where chained. They where gagged. In old days they where flogged as the salt water crashed up into their wounds. Then they where pushed into the sea for Poseidon.

While I too believed in Poseidon- I also believed that our people had either been spared or doomed on purpose. There was no proof Atlantis even existed- but if it did and Poseidon ruled over it I was positive we were excluded on purpose. He was a god of the sea, his heart cold- intense. I know in my heart he would never condemn an innocent person- but he would certainly punish a betrayal. He was supposed to be of the sea- and while it was harsh at times it was also a very wonderful thing to behold.

That’s why I refused to go like a coward. Looking at the water below me now- crashing against the rocks made my stomach drop as my bare feet clutched at the rock and my plain white gown whipped across my legs making me even colder. I had brought a mixture of herbs- a potion to help me sleep laced with belladonna. Not enough to kill me- just enough to make the transition into death easier.

“I will not die as a coward, but nor will I suffer for something that isn’t my fault.” I muttered to myself before I glared at the ocean. “Do you hear me Poseidon!? I will not be chained in humiliation! I will walk into the arms of death on MY TERMS.” I screamed into the wind.

I didn’t get a response. I hadn’t expected one. There was just the endless crashing of waves as the water shifted and pulled. I fought back tears, refusing to cry. It had been inevitable and even if I had run there was no running from the entire coven. There was no sanctuary in the other covens- even now in the west of the America’s with their internal problems- they where no match for the covens to the east here. Trying to go to Europe?

Ha- going over to another continent was a death sentence. Just trying to visit was a hassle of getting permission and paperwork as it was when they also visited. They stayed out of America’s internal affairs just as we in kind stayed out of theirs- though I had heard as we all had that many witches on that side of the continent where losing their gifts with each generation.

It explained why the wars where getting worse. Why sickness seemed to start to plague the earth... We where the earth’s care takers and we are a dying breed. Even now I thought of myself as one of them...

But I wasn’t.

Despite being able to feel the earth and the plants calling to me I was not like them. I didn’t have magic in my finger tips, I couldn’t bring anything to life or cast a protection spell let alone a glamour. I would either be hunted to my death or I could embrace it the way I chose.

With a shaky breath I finally convinced myself it was time- the sun was breaking the horizon. They would come for me if I didn’t go now. Quickly I drank the potion, tossing the vial behind me to shatter on the side of the cliff and become sea glass or sand. I took it at a run, feeling the beat of my feet on the stone, the rough edges catching the soles of my feet as my body quickly became numb.

Then with all my might I pushed my body off the cliff side feeling myself fall, closing my eyes enjoying the feeling of the air rushing by me. All to soon the frigged water hit me but I kept my eyes closed already feeling the belladonna in the potion doing it’s job. I didn’t try to hold my breath, I just let it be- feeling the slight pain as I inhaled water into my rapidly numbing body- and slowly slipped into darkness.

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