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Chapter Eight


Not for the first time during her pregnancy, Anastasia struggled to get a good night’s rest in but tonight was especially worse. The hot flashes had been much more frequent and intense this past week and she didn’t quite understand why. Either way, this was the seventh morning in a row that she had awoken with soaked underwear and her skin all hot and fuzzy, the dark-haired sexy man staring back at her just as he had done in her dreams.

With his hazel brown eyes still staring back at her, unable to stop picturing the man of her dreams in her mind, she slipped a hand under the sheets and under the band of her cotton underwear. She teasingly flicked her slick clit, already throbbing with anticipation from the hot dream she had just had the misfortune of waking up from when things were just about to get good.

Anastasia closed her eyes and pressed her head further back into the pillow, using her free hand to travel underneath the thin over-sized shirt that she had slept in to rub her nipples between the thumb and forefinger, needing a little something extra to tip herself over the edge.

When her lower lips were absolutely drenched, she squeezed her eyes shut and imagined the sexy man of her dreams between her legs, locking eyes with her as his tongue flicked out of his hot mouth to circle her clit teasingly before plunging into her.

As she imagined the thrusting motions of his tongue, Anastasia plunged a finger inside of her and was quick to increase that number to two, but the wondrous sensations were nothing compared to the pleasure she could only imagine a man as sinfully sexy as him would be able to give her.

Her legs parted further at the thought and she alternated between both breasts, twisting and pinching her sensitive nubs harder and faster, still so far away from her peak. Anastasia continued this motion until her hand started to cramp up and her fingers started to feel numb, but she was still so far away. In fact, it appeared that she was further away from her orgasm now than she had been when she first started touching herself.

Just like her dream, everything stopped before things were about to get interesting.

A frustrated groan passed her lips as she gave in and slipped her fingers out of her cotton underwear, deciding to get started on the day. She sincerely hoped that it wouldn’t be as disappointing as the way it had started out.

After a quick shower, she slipped on her robe and headed downstairs to get started on the day.

Her stomach growled at the thought and she couldn’t help but chuckle lightly, pressing a light hand against her stomach as she walked down the stairs, promising the pup some eggs and toast; a combination which appeared to be both of their favourite go-to for breakfast.

She hummed quietly as she entered the kitchen and got started on preparing her first meal of the day, also pouring herself a glass of freshly squeezed glance of orange juice from a large pitcher she had filled the previous day.

With how hungry she was, she made quick work of plating up her food – not really bothering with the presentation of it all – and took a seat at her dining table but before she could tuck in, her eyes drifted up and locked on a lone animal blinking back at her, his eyes unwavering despite her now staring back at him. Almost as if he had been watching her for a while now.

A shiver ran down her spine at the thought, pleasurable enough to force her onto her feet and take a step towards the animal, unable to look away from the magnificent creature that it was.

Anastasia wasn’t sure what she was thinking but the moment the wolf turned his back on her, she turned around and ran out of the house, almost as if she expected her presence to stop him in his tracks. If she was thinking straight, she would have snorted at the thought.

The moment her bare feet touched the green blades of grass, he was already gone, not even a speck of dust left behind to indicate that he had ever been there.

She frowned and remained rooted on the spot, turning her head from side to side, almost as if she expected him to be lurking around somewhere, still watching her.

When she did a round around her house, she came up with nothing but an imprint on the ground from where she assumed the wolf must have laid for a prolonged period of time. Sighing, Anastasia returned back to the front porch to glance up and down the street, not really sure what she was looking for anymore.

Anastasia couldn’t explain it but for some very strange reason, she wasn’t scared but instead, rather intrigued.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she was currently carrying a wolf pup or that she had been spending a lot of time around pack wolves as of recent late, but Anastasia almost felt safe knowing that he was there, watching over her. Protecting her.

Shaking her head in attempt of ridding herself of such strange thoughts, she tightened the robe tie around her waist and turned around to head back inside where her eggs had probably gone cold.

She had absolutely no idea who it was or even if it was one of the wolves from the Lupum Griseo pack but Anastasia felt nothing but safe, and she couldn’t help but wonder what a pack wolf was doing so far out of territory, especially this early in the morning.

Other than Raphael and Justas that sometimes wondered out of pack territory to see her, even more now since she was carrying their child for them, Anastasia didn’t see much wolves around even though she lived on neutral territory with two packs on either side of her.

The most contact she had with wolves – other than her friends – were the students she taught at the high school she worked at. It was a mixed school with humans and werewolves alike, just bordering the territory of The Silver Claw pack and North of The Lupum Griseo pack.

With nothing and no one holding her down back home, she had chosen to move out here after college once she had landed the job as an English teacher for the tenth and eleventh grade. It had been two years since then but never once had she awoken to find a wolf watching her from outside her house. It appeared there was a first for everything.

Either way, Anastasia wasn’t willing to take any risks and decided to give Raphael a call.

With her hands full with the eggs and toast that had gone cold, she binned them and opted for some cereal instead. When she seated herself back at the dining table, she began eating while she dialled his number.

“Ana, how are you this fine morning?”

She couldn’t help but laugh softly at his chipper tone. “What’s got you so happy this early in the morning?”

“I’ve got Justas to thank for that.” He whispered quietly into the phone and Anastasia threw her head back and laughed, the insinuation not lost on her.

“Did he bone you good?” She asked him in a teasing tone, a large, bright grin on her face.

“Real good.” He whispered just as quietly as before, his tone wispy and light; in love.

Anastasia sighed wistfully as she continued to work her way through her cereal, not much of a fan of it anymore as she preferred it crunchy rather than soggy.

“I could do with someone boning me good.” She said, shovelling a spoonful of soggy cheerios into her mouth.

Raphael chuckled. “You could have plenty of people sticking it to you if you only let them.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“All I’m saying is that you have plenty of suitors who would love to be given a chance, but you’re just too damn picky.”

“Perhaps.” Anastasia pouted, not that Raphael could see through the phone. “But funnily enough, I didn’t call you to discuss my non-existent sex life.”

“What? You want to hear more about my sex life?” He teased, following the chuckle with a quiet chuckle.

“Anyway, I actually called you to talk about something and not just chat bullshit.”

“And what did you want to talk about?” Raphael asked, his voice far more serious than a moment before as he picked up on her tone of voice.

“This wolf was watching me this morning.”

Momentary silence sounded on the other end of the line, though it was soon followed by some shuffling.

“Someone was watching you?” Justas’ voice sounded on the other end of the line. “Is that correct?”

Anastasia nodded but was quick to follow it up with some audible words. “Yes. A wolf was watching me this morning. Just sitting outside my kitchen window and then when I saw him, he turned around and ran away.”

Some quiet murmurings sounded on the other end of the line but she wasn’t able to make out what they were discussing.

“What are you guys saying?” Anastasia asked, not wanting to be left out of the loop. Especially when it was her that they were currently discussing.

They both paused and silence filled the other end of the line before Raphael sighed and answered her on behalf of him and his mate.

“Do you think it was a werewolf or just a regular wolf?”

“I’m not sure exactly but I think it was a werewolf.”

“How can you be sure?” Justas asked, concern dripping off his face.

“That’s the thing,” she frowned, “I’m not sure exactly but I just had this strange feeling that it was a werewolf, you know?”

Raphael hummed but it was Justas who answered.

“It could just be a regular wolf or it could be a rogue. But if it was the latter then I doubt he would have run away.”

“Also, I live on neutral territory so a rogue wouldn’t just be able to get in.”

“You’re got a point there.” Justas hummed in agreeance. “It doesn’t sound like something to get too worried over, but I’ll let the Alpha and Beta know about it, just to be on the safe side.”

“Thanks, guys.” She sighed in relief, her lips curling up slightly.

As she had some things that needed attending to, they kept the conversation light and Anastasia finished off her appetising bowl of cereal before booting up her laptop and getting started on the first chapter of the day.

Since it was Sunday and she had finished her lesson plans yesterday over lunch, Anastasia had the rest of the day to spend working on her latest novel. It was a romance wrapped around in a sheet of mystery and thrill, exactly the kind of story she loved to read, one which she hoped would translate tremendously on the big screen one day. But for now, that was only a pipe dream and all she could do was finish the novel, polish it off and then start looking for a literary agent.

When she was about halfway through her second chapter and right in the middle of a steamy scene, one which had her core throbbing slightly and squirming in her seat, Anastasia decided to take a break for lunch. Closing her laptop, she rose to her feet and headed over to the fridge only to find it mostly empty, and definitely not containing enough ingredients for the nice, hearty meal that she so suddenly craved.

Oh, fuck it! She declared before grabbing her jacket and slipping her laptop into her purse. Within a few minutes, she was out of the house, in her car and already driving down the street, internally debating between a burger or a lasagne even though she knew that just like last time, she would probably end up ordering both.

She wouldn’t be able to use the eating-for-two excuse once she gave birth so she intended to make as much use of it while she still could.

When the friendly waiter approached her table, she ended up ordering both meals as well as a side of fries and a chocolate milkshake to wash it all down with, not the least bit ashamed despite the funny looks that he had given her and her never-ending order. Once that was all sorted, she pulled her laptop out of her bag and decided to get some more work done before her food arrived but unfortunately, it appeared that she was faced with another distraction.

“Mind if I join you?”

When the voice sounded, Anastasia glanced up and gasped.


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