The Alpha's Surrogate [The Alpha's #1]

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Chapter Seventeen


After a long day at work, he slipped into his room with the intention of heading straight to sleep but was quick to halt in his steps as he stared at the stranger in his room. Except, she wasn’t a stranger.

“What are you doing here?” He asked with wide eyes, not trusting himself to move away from the door which he currently had his back pressed up against.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” She murmured quietly, cocking her head to the side to study him better.

Sat on the edge of the bed with her legs crossed and her arms braced behind her, sat his mate, Anastasia, with her ruby red lips curled up into a teasing smile and her hair thrown over her shoulder.

“Who let you in here?” Marcellus frowned deeply as he tilted his head down and buried his nose into the neck of his shirt, attempting to escape her honeysuckle scent which tantalised him; teased him. Tested him.

As they were in such close proximity, he could almost taste her on the tip of his tongue which was a dangerous thought to have, especially when she was sat close to him and leaned back, almost as if inviting him to come a little closer.

If he wasn’t a masochist, Marcellus would have turned around, opened the door and left, escaping the little spitfire that appeared hell-bent of pushing him to the very edge of his limits.

“You’re not happy to see me?” Anastasia murmured quietly as she leaned a little further, the bottom of her shirt riding up to reveal the smooth tan slither of her stomach.

Instead of rejoicing in the extra skin that was now revealed to him, his lips turned down into a frown as he took a step closer, his eyes zeroed in on her seemingly flat stomach; free from any sort of bump whatsoever.

“What happened to you?” He asked in concern as he reached the edge of her bed and dropped himself to the ground by her feet, his eyebrows knitting together in a mix of concern and grave worry.

“What do you mean?”

“Your stomach…” he whispered quietly as he finally tore his eyes away from her midsection to glance up and hold her gaze, his eyes swimming with emotion “It’s flat.”

“I wouldn’t say my stomach is completely flat since I suck at going to the gym but either way, that’s a weird compliment to pay someone.” She laughed softly and dropped her arms so she was now laid flat on the back, her hands pressed against her stomach.

“I wasn’t paying you a compliment.” He denied, unable to tear his eyes away from her face.

Her lips parted and her eyebrows furrowed together slightly as she turned her head to the side to stare up at him, the curiosity clear on her face.

“Then why did you say that?”

Marcellus shook his head as he rose to his feet and took a seat on the edge of the bed, making sure to keep some space between them as he didn’t trust himself around her. Almost struggling to control himself with her in such close proximity to him. Her scent rolled off her in waves and absolutely consumed him, wrapping around him in his own personal blanket; one which he never wanted to escape.

Unfortunately, not everything was that easy.

“Did you have the baby already?” Marcellus bowed his head and braced his elbows on his knees to bury his face in his hands, struggling to cap a lid on his emotions.

A part of him was glad that she was no longer pregnant but another part of him, the bigger part of him, was afraid that something had happened. He didn’t dare to voice aloud the horrific thought, struggling to swallow it.

“What baby?” Her lips pulled down into a small frown as she tilted her head to the side to study him better but from her angle, the best view she had was of his back. “What are you talking about, Marcellus?”

A light groan passed his lips but when he refused to answer her. He was too embarrassed to admit that her saying his name caused his heart to beat dangerously erratically. Especially since he was still internally battling his wolf whether he was going to accept or reject her as his mate.

“It’s a bit too late for that now.” Anastasia whispered into his ear, propped up on her knees behind him as she brought her arms over his shoulder to press against the hardened muscles of his mid-section, teasingly pressing her lips just under his ear.

Marcellus didn’t have time to ask how she had heard him when he hadn’t uttered his thoughts aloud as she pressed her chest to his back, giggling softly as his body tensed under his touch.

“You seem nervous.” She murmured quietly as her mouth inched up to scrape her teeth against the lobe of his ear, sucking gently.

“You seem to have that effect on me.” Marcellus gulped as his back stiffened, not daring to move as her hands travelled up over his abs and pecs, before circling around his shoulders and pulling him back against her, nuzzling her face into the side of his neck. “You make me nervous.”

“Little ole me?” Anastasia chuckled quietly “Why would I make you nervous?”

“You just do.” He was barely able to force the words out of his mouth.

With her hands all over his body, her chest pressed into his back and her mouth doing as she wished, Marcellus could do nothing but sit still, in fear that if he so much as moved a finger then he would ruin a moment and she would leave him.

She chuckled quietly, pressing her lips to the smooth skin of his neck, her tongue flitting out to leave a wet trail as she travelled up; sucking gently as she went.

“You smell so good.” She all but moaned into his ear. “So musky and woodsy. Masculine.”

When her arms slipped away, Marcellus frowned in disappointment but very quickly, his lips parted in shock as she twisted around so she was now sat in front of him; straddling him. Her arms circled his shoulders again as she pulled him closer, her chest pressed against his, her lips curled up into a devilish smirk.

Anastasia leaned in and placed a small, teasing kiss to one corner of his lips. She took her time press little kisses to his full bottom lip as her mouth travelled to the other corner, her red mane creating a curtain around the both of them as they shared this very private, intimate moment.

“I wish I could taste you.” She whispered the confession against the corner of his lips, blissfully unaware that her words had finally set him off and he could hold himself back no longer.

“Your wish is my command, my little spitfire.” He roared loudly as he looped his arms around her waist and pulled her body flush against his, aligning their centres perfectly, his hardened cock desperate to acquaint itself with her warm, weeping centre that called out for him and only him.

“Spitfire?” She murmured against his lips, her eyes fluttering closed. “Your little spitfire?”

Marcellus hummed as he pressed harder against her mouth and rose to her feet, helping to guide her legs so they wrapped around his waist, his hands squeezing her firm, ample ass.

“You don’t like it?” He hummed lowly as he watched his mate from under hooded eyes, turning around to lift both his knees on the bed before dropping her.

He chuckled as she bounced lightly on the bed and pouted up at him, but was quick to cover her body with his and brace both his arms by her head as he dipped his head low to steal a kiss. His tastebuds erupted as she tasted sweeter than she smelt.

“I love it.” She moaned into his mouth, her arms and legs wrapped around him, her hands fisted against the back of his shirt, almost as if she was afraid that he would leave.

If only she knew that, that was impossible.

“Spitfire, it is.” He whispered before pressing his lips against her mouth and wasting no time to unbutton her shirt and push it off her shoulders.

The fated couple didn’t waste any more time as they stripped down to their birthday suit, their clothes strewn about the room in disarray as they were quick to resume their previous position with him laying on top of her. Except this time, the engorged muscle between his legs throbbed against her aching centre, desperate to sink into what would be home.

“Please.” She moaned wantonly into his mouth and bucked her hips up, her pussy only creaming further as he nudged the leaking tip of his member against her lower lips which were slick with the juices of anticipation and pure, raw need.

“Beg for me.” He instructed in a deep baritone, reaching down to nudge the thick mushroom head of his cock against her lips, spreading her juices as she squirmed underneath him, her face scrunched up and her eyebrows knitted together with innate desire.

“Please!” She moaned against his mouth, her teeth raking over his bottom lip. “Please, Mars. I want you so bad!”

“Beg me more.” He chuckled darkly as the head of his cock slipped into her wanton hole, only teasing her further. “Tell me just how much you want me.”

Anastasia groaned in frustrated, breathing heavily as she clenched around the tip of his cock, her pussy pulsing to be filled with his thickness, all but weeping for him.

Her hand travelled up his back and the base of his neck before wrapping her fingers around his hair and pulling his head closer to hers, angling it so she could whisper into his ear.

“Please, Alpha.”

The last word came out a moan as he reared his hips back and thrust into her all the way to the hilt in one go, filling her to the brim with all that he had to offer.

Anastasia moaned and pressed her head further back into the pillow and opened herself further up to him, a moan passing her lips with each thrust of his hips. When her back arched and a low groan passed her lips, Marcellus grinned before dipping his head to press a kiss to one of her hardened nubs, alternating between the two to ensure an equal amount of attention to both voluptuous breasts.

“You like that?” He murmured quietly; his mouth still attached to her rosy nipples that ached for his attention.

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” She grinned up at him, but her lips quickly parted in a silent moan as he pushed himself back onto his knees into a kneeling position, slipping his hands under her hips to hold her up as he continued to drill into her, refusing to relent as they both chased their impending climaxes.

His hips slapped against the curve of her ass with every thrust and pound, his thick cock brushing up against her front wall. When he felt her clenching around him tightly, trying to squeeze him for everything that he had, it took everything he had not to spurt his release into her so early.

Three more thrusts from him was enough to set her off as Anastasia squeezed her eyes shut and pressed her head back into the soft pillow under her head, coating his cock with her juices. Her pussy quivered around him as he continued to thrust into her, making her orgasm last longer.

The more she clenched on him, the sloppier his thrusts got as he struggled to contain himself until finally, he thrust into her sharply one more time before he coated her walls with everything that he had, cumming inside her more than he had ever cum before.

Guttural groans sounded from deep within him as he emptied his heavy, low hanging balls balls, dropping himself low to hover over her. His gums ached as he continued to pulse inside her, still far from soft or limp. Hard enough to go for a second round and then maybe a third perhaps, if she was able to take another rough pounding.

Anastasia moaned quietly from underneath him and reached up to wound her arms around him, gently rubbing a hand up and down his back, basking in that after sex feeling which cocooned them both from the rest of the world.

However, Marcellus didn’t quite feel the same way.

As the seconds ticked by, the more painfully his gums ached until finally, a loud growl passed his lips as he was unable to hold himself back any longer. He pressed a kiss to the crook of her neck in a silent warning and when she craned her neck to the side in welcome and acceptance, that was all he needed before he clamped his mouth down on her neck, finally marking her and forever entwining their souls together.

It was only when his phone started blaring did Marcellus wake up and realise that everything that he had just witnessed was nothing more than a mere figment of his wild and horny imagination.


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