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The Alpha's Surrogate [The Alpha's #1]

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The Alpha's Surrogate Alpha Marcellus finds his mate in the human, Anastasia Mulberry but she is already pregnant. He is both deeply enraged and saddened that she started a family without him but the more he learns about her, despite his efforts not to, the quicker he realises that he couldn't have been more wrong. Follow Alpha Marcellus as he makes mistake after mistake trying to push his mate away in hopes of protecting his heart, only to realise the truth at the very end...but is it too late? And what happens when the unexpected happens and everything goes spiralling out of control? Will Marcellus be able to fix it or will he need to kiss the idea of a mate goodbye forever? Cover by @sevgisizcesevdi and @TheMythicalCommunity

Fantasy / Erotica
Layla Knight
4.7 366 reviews
Age Rating:


People usually said that this happened to them when they were dying but, in that moment, Marcellus was more afraid for his mate than he was for himself. Despite all the chaos that was going on around him, he couldn’t look away from his mate, nor could he stop thinking about all the moments that they had shared over the past few months even though they were few and far in between.

He thought of all the good times and all the bad times that they had shared. Regardless of everything that had happened and all the things that he would go back and change if only it were possible, he was grateful to have spent those moments with her.

He was grateful for every smile and for every kiss, even those that hadn’t turned out so fruitful or solicited a positive reaction. He was grateful for her coming into his life if even through the most unconventional way possible. But most of all, he was grateful that the Moon Goddess had blessed him with her as his mate as he knew that no one else would have put up with even half of the stuff that she had.

His only wish now was that they would be able to make so many more memories, and he would be given the chance to make up for all his fuck ups so far but with how quick things were happening, he wasn’t sure of anything anymore.

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