The Alpha's Surrogate [The Alpha's #1]

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Chapter Twenty-Eight


She’s a perfect match for us, you know.

Marcellus snorted at his wolf who hadn’t been able to stop yapping about their mate all day, but couldn’t bring himself to deny the statement which he knew was nothing short of a fact.

Why? Because she called us out on our bullshit?


Well, I can’t say you’re wrong about that. He chuckled as he walked out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist, a second towel in his hands as he reached up to dry his hair.

Don’t say it like you didn’t enjoy it. His wolf chuckled and not for the first time today, Marcellus couldn’t help but agree.

Once he was dried off, he flung the towel back into the bathroom to pick up later and headed over to his wardrobe where he got dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie; both black. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, he lifted his knee to slip a pair of socks onto his bare feet.

With all the extra work he had been doing these past couple of months, it wasn’t any surprise to him that he had actually run out of things to keep himself busy and stop thinking about his mate; not that it had really worked.

If Marcellus wanted, he could call up his financial company and get them to email over some work to get busy with it in under an hour but he believed to have earned at least one afternoon off.

The only thing was that he had no idea what to do with his time.

He had completed some work this morning, kissed his mate, had her run away from him, attended a zoom call with his fellow Alphas, completed some more work, joined one of the training sessions, had lunch and then a shower. And it was only one in the afternoon and since he was determined not to be one of those Alphas that was always working in his office, he needed to find something to do.

We could always do our mate. That will definitely help pass the time.

Marcellus snorted at that, chuckling at the absolute audacity of the request. As if she’ll let us within a metre of her after this morning.

Well, you won’t know until you try.

You have got a point there. He hummed with a thoughtful expression on her face. But she isn’t home.

We’re awful good at waiting.

Again, you make a very valid point.

Marcellus wasn’t sure if he would come to regret this later or even how she would react since he didn’t know her all that well yet but whatever her reaction, he couldn’t wait. Or, he could since he slipped out of his room and walked over to the right where the guest bedroom – and her room for the past couple of days now – was.

It was torture have to listen to the sound of her move around room – and the pack house – during the day but it was even worse at nights. While her light snores and her gentle breathing lulled him to sleep, it hurt more and more every night knowing that she was only next door yet he couldn’t do a thing about it. All Marcellus wanted to do was march in there, slip under the sheets with her and fall asleep with his mate between his arms.

But he couldn’t since she saw him as nothing but the Alpha of one of the neighbouring packs.

However, perhaps he had managed to change her perception of him after stealing a kiss earlier, not that she hadn’t reciprocated it. In fact, he allowed himself to believe she had rather enjoyed it but with the way she had all but ran away from him – not that she could run in her heavily pregnant state – he wasn’t quite sure.

What he did know was that he had certainly enjoyed it.

Even though the guest room was technically his, Marcellus still felt slightly awkward about trespassing in her room without her there but the moment he opened the door, all of those previous fears and apprehensions went out the window.

The moment her sweet, honeysuckle scent overpowered him, Marcellus momentarily stilled and just blinked into the room, overpowered by the sheer power and strength of it.

If he thought her being so close was teasing him before, physically being in her room where he was enveloped by everything that was Anastasia Mulberry, then now was so much worse. Or so much better, depending on the way you chose to look at it.

Somehow being able to close the door behind him, Marcellus took a step further into the room until that multiplied in number and he found himself standing at the foot of her bed.

She hadn’t exactly decorated the room since she had only been here for a few days, but seeing the room with her things all around it and her scent wrapped around every nook and crevice of the room caused his heart to beat stronger and faster until finally, it all just became too much for him.

Turning around, he dropped himself on the edge of the bed allowed himself to sink into the bedsheets, groaning lightly. When he closed his eyes, it almost felt like she was right here next to him.

Marcellus wasn’t sure how long he stayed like this but the moment he scented her return to pack lands, he shot up and remained seated on the edge of the bed. Leaning forward, he rested his elbows on his knees and buried his face in his hands.

If he were to get up and leave now, he would be able to return to his room and leave her none the wiser. Even if he were to leave it ten minutes and then leave, she still wouldn’t be able to tell that he had been in here since she wasn’t a werewolf and wouldn’t be able to scent him out.

His wolf growled in anticipation as he heard the car pull up outside the pack house. His heart started beating faster as she walked up the steps, said her goodbyes to her friends and walked down the hallway.

The moment he sensed her scent the strongest, indicating that she was right outside the door, his breath stilled in his throat.

Since Marcellus wasn’t sure why or how he had ended up in her room in the first place, he hadn’t exactly thought this through and the moment she opened the door and reached for the lights, a light scream escaped her he was quick to rise to his feet and hold his hands up to show her that it was just him and that he meant no harm.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you like that.” Marcellus apologised quietly,

“What else did you expect? Sitting around in my room in the dark?” Anastasia sighed and pressed a hand to her chest in hopes of stilling her beating heart, her eyes still wide from the shock of having returned to discover someone in her room. The fact that it was the Alpha and the same mated wolf she had kissed earlier just made everything all the worse.

“Again, my apologies. I wanted to talk to you.” He murmured quietly, gazing up at her from under hooded eyes, unable to look away.

Technically, he had lied and there wasn’t anything that he had planned to talk to her about – not that they didn’t have a lot to talk about – but in the moment, he said the first thing that came to mind. If he didn’t have a valid reason as to why he was creepily waiting for her in her room in the dark, that would just scare her away.

As if he hadn’t done that already this morning.

“Okay.” A small frown graced her lips as she ventured further into the room and closed the door behind her, leaving the bags on the side by the door as she kicked off her shoes. “What you wanted to talk about can’t wait?”

“I don’t think it can.” He denied in a quiet murmur, turning his head to watch her as she walked around him and seated herself on the side of the bed, taking a lavish gulp from her water bottle. “But if you’re too tired, I’ll just come back later.”

“I thought you just said that it can’t wait.”

“No.” He chuckled lightly. “But I can make an exception for you.”

“Like how you made an exception for me earlier?” Anastasia laughed softly as she cocked a questioning brow in his direction, finally returning her water bottle to the bedside table before pushing herself up to her feet.

As he noticed her struggling and groaning quietly, Marcellus was quick to rush to his feet and help her out, clenching his jaw as the tingle zapped the palm of his hand and tingled all over his body.

“You’ve got a point there.” He chuckled and took a step back as she moved around him and headed to the bathroom, not sparing him a single glance as she closed the door behind her.

Marcellus chuckled at her antics and used the time to eye up the few bags for the purchases that she had made, unable to stop his mind from wondering into the gutter.

“Sorry, pregnancy bladder.” Anastasia explained as she stepped back in the room a few minutes later, walking over to the bed and taking a seat as the soles of her feet were beyond aching now.

“How have you been feeling lately?”

She blinked at him; her lips parted slightly in surprise. “You dropped by my room to ask me how I’m feeling?”

“No.” He chuckled and raised a nervous hand to run through his hair, tugging gently on the ends as he struggled to come up with what to say next. As an Alpha and naturally confident person, it wasn’t often that someone or something made Marcellus, but it appeared that his mate was an exception to that. “But is it so wrong that I’m concerned about your well-being?”

“Why would you be concerned?” She asked rather rudely even though she was slightly touched by his considerate question. “I’m not a wolf.”

“Technically, you’re a quarter wolf.”

“True.” She hummed in agreeance. “But I don’t have a wolf.”

“Your father is half wolf, right?”

Anastasia nodded, cocking her head slightly to the side in curiosity.

“Then that would make your mother human?”

“Yes.” She nodded, her lips tugging down slightly at the corners. “What’s with all these questions.”

“Sorry.” Marcellus chuckled. “I’ve just never met a quarter wolf before, so I guess you could say that I’m more than a little curious.”

“You’re never met a quarter wolf before?”

“No. Half wolves, yes. Quite a few, actually but quarter wolves, no.”

“Why is that such a foreign concept?”

“Half wolves are usually mated with full-bloodied wolves to produce stronger offspring. I’m just surprised that your father was mated to a human.”

“Oh, my mother wasn’t his mate. In fact, he never met his mate.”

Marcellus hummed quietly and watched her carefully, genuinely curious, silently prompting her to continue.

“He doesn’t really talk about it but I think he’s always been disappointed that he doesn’t have a wolf and being around the pack all the time just made it all worse for him so when he moved away from the pack, he intended to leave the supernatural world behind since he doesn’t resonate much with being a wolf anyway. So, when he first met my mum, he never told her that he was a werewolf and when they slept together for the first time,” Anastasia paused to grimace slightly at the thought of her parents sleeping together, but pulled a face when Marcellus chuckled at her antics. “Well, both of them were in for a surprise because he ended up sprouting some fur and claws. To this day he’s not sure why exactly because dad doesn’t have a mate but that’s what they think of each other as.”

Marcellus threw his head back and laughed at the hilarious story, having never quite heard something like that before.

“What happened after that? Surely your mum must have had a lot of questions.”

“She avoided him for a weeks after that but he was persistent and by the end of the year, they were married.”

“Unbelievable.” He chuckled and shook his head, highly amused by the story and looking forward to meeting the estranged couple one day if his mate allowed.

“He loves to tell that story because it’s the closest he’s ever gotten to having a wolf.”

Marcellus suddenly got a strange look on his face

“Have you ever wondered about your wolf?” He asked quietly after a few moments, his eyes gradually darkening into that deep gold which never failed to entrance her.

“Only all the time.” Anastasia chuckled, though the sound was heavy and quiet, a sigh escaping her as the sound died down. “But my dad doesn’t have a wolf and other than heightened speed and healing, I’m nothing more than a regular human.”

Marcellus wanted to correct her, to tell her that she was so much more than just a regular human.

“Why did you ask me that?”

“Well, sex seemed to work for your dad.”

She watched him carefully through narrowed eyes before continuing, confused as to what he was suggesting or alluding to, especially since there was a dark glint in his eyes. “What point are you trying to make?”

Instead of answering her question, he countered her with one of his own.

“Have you ever had sex with a werewolf before?”

“No.” Anastasia frowned lightly as she shook her head warily.

“Maybe you should try.”

“What?” She blinked in confusion, watching him carefully. “You mean you?”


“And you’re offering up your services?” She cocked a teasing brow, aiming to throw him off with her less than pleasant choice of words.

“Only if you’re interested.”

“I’m not.” She was quick to answer. Too quick.

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yes.” No.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to prove you wrong then, wouldn’t I?”

Anastasia gulped and watched him from under hooded eyes, very much aware of him and the blinding power that radiated off him in waves, only increasing in magnitude as he got closer to her.

“What are you insinuating?”

“Oh, I’ll show you what I’m insinuating.” He chuckled darkly, finally coming to a stop in front of her.

Almost as if upon instinct, she parted her legs to make room for him between them and craned her neck back to gaze up at him, holding her breath.

Despite knowing that this was wrong, even more so since he had a mate, Anastasia couldn’t resist. Not when he was giving her those bedroom eyes. The fact that they were currently in a bedroom and sat on a bed just made it all that worse, and so when he reached out and gently pushed her shoulders back, she let him.

“What are you doing?” She asked quietly, not daring to look away as he sunk down to his knees between her parted legs and began rolling down her leggings which were definitely more comfortable than fashionable but, in the moment, as he stared back at her with his tongue licking flicking across the seam of his bottom lips, she couldn’t bring herself to care.

“What I’ve been thinking about since the day I first saw you.” He murmured quietly and before she could question him further, he leaned in and buried his face in the sweet nectar that was between her legs, giving her a long lick from top to bottom.

When her breath hitched and her thighs quivered slightly but she made no move to stop him, only reaching down to bury a hand in his hair, Marcellus grinned against her lower lips before he dove in further.

While he had thought her sweet scent had tormented him before, it was nothing compared to how it overpowered all his sense now. The only difference now was that he didn’t need to hold himself back but rather, looking forward to the open buffet between her legs.

The only buffet for him for the rest of his life, if she let him.

Marcellus nipped and sucked, alternating between both as he stroked her throbbing nub with his thumb, grinning against her sex as she moaned and tried to close her thighs around his head. A low rumble sounded from deep within his chest as the sound of her moans reached his ears, only spurring him on further.

He was barely able to slip a finger in past the first knuckle before she exploded on him, her juices coating his finger as he pumped slowly so as to draw out her orgasm.

“What are you doing?” Anastasia hummed in confusion; her eyes locked with his as he made no move of letting up.

“What? You thought just once would be enough?” Marcellus snorted against her lower lips before he dived in again, hungry for another taste.

It was only when she had cum for the third time and on the brink of tears, unable to take any more of his wet, lavish tongue, her pussy and clit quivering from the overstimulation that she closed her legs and pushed him away, still panting slightly.

“No more?” He questioned teasingly, rising up to press his lips against hers in a bruising kiss but before she could reciprocate, he had already pulled away, was standing back on his feet and reaching into his joggers to adjust himself, obviously having enjoyed their little session just as much as her.

“I think three is enough for me.” She chuckled quietly, her eyes fluttering closed as she pressed her head into the pillow underneath her head.

“We’ll have to work on your stamina, my little spitfire.” His lips stretched into a slow grin.

“There’s nothing wrong with my stamina.” She denied and tried to push herself up, gratefully accepting his help as he helped her sit up and lean back against the headboard.

Even though he had just given her oral so good to make her cum three times, Anastasia felt uncomfortable being half naked in front of him so made the sheet didn’t drop, clutching it tightly to keep herself covered.

“We can talk about that later but Dalton just mind linked me about something so I need to go.” He explained with an apologetic frown on his face, seemingly just as disappointed as her that he couldn’t stick around and talk some more, having enjoyed his company more than she had expected to or was willing to let on. And not just because he had gone down on her. Multiple times.

“Oh, and one last thing.” He turned around just as he was about to leave, a serious expression on his face.

“What’s that?” She was barely able to whisper from where she was sat on the bed, still panting after having orgasmed twice.

“Try not to leave pack grounds for the next couple of days.”

“And why’s that?” She frowned deeply, shooting him a dark glare, not at all appreciative of being told what to do. “You make me cum and that gives you a right to tell me what to do and what not to do?”

“Of course not. I wouldn’t ever try to dictate your life that.” Marcellus shook his head, his lips tugging at the corner slightly at her defensive reaction. “But there’s been a few rogue sightings lately so I just wanted to make sure that you’re safe. You may not be a werewolf but I’m pretty sure most people see you as part of the pack in some way, so I just want to make sure you stay safe.” He lied expertly, not wanted to scare with the truth about females being kidnapped.

“Okay.” Anastasia murmured quietly. “Sorry for jumping the gun like that.”

“You don’t need to apologise to me. You never need to apologise to me.” Marcellus shook his head, an apology from her being the last thing that he wanted from her.

They were mates and while he wished for open communication and honesty from each other, an apology from his mate he could forgo. They were bound to make mistakes – it was expected, even – but the last thing he wanted was for her to feel bad for making a simple mistake, especially when he was lying to her.

The only thing that made him feel better was the fact that he kept telling himself that he was lying for the greater good. That this way, he was keeping her safe without scaring her but he was sure that if she were to find out, she wouldn’t see it the same way.

“And why is that?” She asked quietly, blinking back at him.

“I think you already know.”


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