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Chapter Twenty-Nine


When he awoke the next morning to find a tent under the sheets, Marcellus wasn’t the least bit surprised.

He groaned and squeezed his eyes shut as his hard member throbbed painfully, aching and desperate release, his mind still reeling from the events that had transpired in his mate’s bedroom the previous day.

Even though he had lied about Dalton mind linking him the previous day, he had done it with good intention. If he had stuck around for a moment longer, he would have done a lot more than just eat her pussy, and he didn’t want to push her into doing something she wasn’t quite ready for. Especially since it was evident that she was confused about her feelings toward him.

Reaching down for his engorged member under the sheets and using the bead of pre-cum that had sprouted on the mushroom head, Marcellus closed his eyes and remembered the taste of her from the previous day, unconsciously lipping his lips as his gums ached for another taste.

The sweetest dessert he had ever enjoyed.

A mixture of groans and growls which he refused to muffle escaped his lips as he continued pumping himself, picturing the fire in her eyes and the way she unconsciously beckoned him back to her after an orgasm. The way her legs had parted for him, the way her thighs wrapped around his head to keep him there and the way she had pulled and tugged on his hair when the pleasure became unbearable.

But most of all, he remembered the way she looked at him. Past all of the lust and desire, he saw the raw need for him in her eyes. He saw that she wanted him just as he wanted her. Even if she didn’t yet know that they were bound together by fate.

More groans passed his lips as he throbbed painfully, continuing to pump his cock with one hand while reaching down to grope his balls with his other hand until finally, milky white seed spurted from the tip, splashing against the sheets and dripping back down on him; a small, satisfied smile on his face at the thought of his mate.

Almost as if he could sense that Marcellus had been previously occupied, Dalton mind linked him as soon he had stepped out of bed and reached down for his previously discarded underwear to wipe himself off.

I need to talk to you. I’ll meet you in your office in a couple of minutes.

Can this not wait half an hour? Marcellus asked, not too keen with getting started for the day when he hadn’t even had the chance to clean himself up. I haven’t showered yet.

I’m afraid it can’t.

Marcellus sighed and ran a hand down his face.

Why does he want to talk to us so early in the morning? His wolf groaned in frustration, thoughts of their mate still swirling around in his mind, especially since they could sense her in the room next to his, still sound asleep.

I have no idea but he sounds urgent so I guess a shower would just have to wait.

He’s going to smell the fact that you just masturbated.

Eh, Marcellus shrugged as he let himself out of his room, making sure to close the door behind him. Serves him right for calling on us so early in the morning.

His wolf hummed in agreeance as he closed his bedroom door behind him before moving over to the right to let himself into his office.

“I don’t even want to know what you were doing this morning.” Dalton scrunched up his nose in disgust as he walked into the room only a few moments after he had, being able to scent it out the moment he began down the hallway.

Marcellus snorted, a wide grin on his face as he dropped himself into his desk chair, reaching out to boot up his laptop for the day.

“As if you don’t do the same when Winnie has you out in the dog house.”

“Touché.” Dalton chuckled as he took a seat ac “You’re making fun of me now, but just wait until you get a mate and she uses sex against you when you annoy her.”

Marcellus merely hummed and feigned quiet laughter. If he wanted, he could have told Dalton that he had already met his mate and in fact, she was asleep only two doors away from his office, but it didn’t feel right telling anyone else before he finally came clean to her. Not even to his best friend.

If she finds out Dalton found out before she did, that’s just probably going to make things worse.

Oh, definitely. He hummed in agreeance.

“So, what was so urgent that you needed to talk to me before I could even shower?”

“The council.” Were the only two words that passed Dalton’s lips before Marcellus cut him off with a loud, elongated groan, one which was heavily laced with a mix of frustration and anger; irked with their insistence in the involvement in his love.

“What about them?” He groaned from behind his hands which were still pressed up against his face. “Please tell me that they’ve decided they’re no longer interested in forcing me to take a mate.” He all but begged, desperate to get the old-timers off his back.

“Actually, the opposite, I’m afraid, Mars.” Dalton chuckled, though the sound was heavy and with a sombre expression on his face. “I woke up to a voicemail on my office phone from elder Malachi.”

“What did that old fucker want?”

Dalton grimaced before forcing the stale words out of his mouth. “The council have invited themselves over for lunch.”

A moment of silence filled his office as Marcellus dropped his hand, unable to believe what Dalton had just revealed, silently willing for his friend to suddenly declare that he was only joking.

“What the fuck did you just say, Dal?” He asked, a deep, throaty growl slipping past, rumbling from deep within his chest as he sat up in his chair and stared at his Beta through wide, dark eyes. “Tell me that you’re joking.”

“I can’t do that, Alpha.” Dalton replied quietly, visibly gulping and unable to look his friend in the eyes as the Alpha wolf had just come to the surface. “I’ve never been so serious about something in my life before.”

Marcellus growled and slapped the palm of his down on his desk, so filled with rage and pent-up frustration that his hand didn’t even throb from the impact. However, he was sure that the effect would ware off once he calmed down but for now, he had more pressing matters to deal with than a bruised hand.

As soon as those old fuckers try to step foot on our land, we need to wipe them all out.

We can’t do that! Marcellus growled back at his wolf as he began pacing back and forth in his room. That’s just going to make things so much worse.

Does it look like I care? His wolf countered with a growl. They’re trying to force us into taking a choice mate, and for what? Just because they’re bored? For their sick pleasure? Why the fuck are they so concerned with us being able to run the pack when we haven’t had a single issue in the past ten years? What the fuck has changed?

I don’t know.

We already have a mate!

Yes, but we can’t tell them that yet.

Why the fuck not? His wolf growled again, this one so loud and powerful that it sounded from Marcellus’ mind link, heard by everyone in the pack and that was connected to him. We already have a mate. Why are you so ashamed of her? She’s fucking perfect!

And she’s also pregnant! He roared loudly back at his wolf, tired of having to put up with his shit when they had gone over this very argument many times before in the past month.

This time, his wolf remained quietly – only panting quietly – as he waited for his human counterpart to continue.

She’s under so much stress and pressure already with the pregnancy. How can we put all of this on her now when she’s in such a critical state?

We’ll have to tell her someday.The sooner the better. His wolf urged him, calmer than he had been a few moments ago. The longer we hold off now, the worse it’s going to be for us later.

If we tell them we have a mate now, they’re going to want to meet her. Marcellus groaned in frustration, pulling on the ends of his hair.

And she doesn’t even know she’s our mate.

Plus, she’s also pregnant with a baby that isn’t mine. They’re going to sense that out straight away and they’re going to judge her for something she had no chance of knowing.

Just like how you did.

Yes. Marcellus sighed. Except, those judgemental fucks are worse than me.

His wolf sighed and settled his head on his paws, both of them now back to the square one where they had planned to tell her when the time was right. They had absolutely no idea when that would be, but it would certainly adamant that it would be after she had the baby, and not because a bunch of crabby wolves decided that they wanted to exert their control over him and his life.

“What do we do?”

Dalton sighed; his lips pursed. “We need to find you a choice mate before the council gets here.”

Marcellus groaned in frustration but didn’t protest when Dalton left and returned with a folder of potential mates for him. While he had visited a few packs to meet a few females, he had stopped doing this as of recent as none of them could possibly compare with his mate. Unfortunately, he couldn’t quite tell them that so now with the threat of the council hanging over his head, Dalton and Marcellus began going through the file, looking for the next Luna of the Lupum Griseo pack.

A few hours later, many, many arguments and a shit ton of coffee later and they were done.

And just in time too, as by the time that they had narrowed it down to two potentials females that on paper, were perfect to run the pack by his side, border patrol had mind linked to him that the council had arrived.

Marcellus knew that that once they got to pack lands, it wouldn’t be long until they reached the pack house, especially since his dad, the former Alpha of the Lupum Griseo pack, was with them and knew the place like the back of his hand. However, before that could happen, Marcellus was determined to do whatever he could to put a stop to that.

“You wait here. I’ll be back in a moment.” He announced without a care in the world as he rose to his feet and began walking out of the office.

“Wait. Where are you going?” Dalton asked in surprise, following behind with, very conscious of the wild look in Marcellus’ eyes.

“I’m going to greet our visitors.”

“Are you sure that’s such a good idea?”

Marcellus chuckled darkly as he shot his friend a smirk over his shoulder. “We wouldn’t want to be accused of not being hospitable, now would we?”

Before Dalton could either insist that they wait for the council at the pack house or he go along with Marcellus to make sure everything stayed in order, the Alpha wolf was already gone.

Marcellus marched out of the pack house and ran off into the forest, uncaring of the many crazy glances and stares he was receiving from pack wolves that were lingering about, surprised to see their Alpha randomly zoom into the forest in human form, and so suddenly too.

It was only when he reached the border of the pack on the North side that Marcellus came to a stop, not even breaking a sweat despite running as fast as he could, determined to stop the council before they could take even a single step into his land.

“Alpha Marcellus, what a lovely surprise. I didn’t expect you to greet us at the border.” Elder Malachi grinned wide as he eyed the Alpha wolf standing in front of him, a dark look on his face.

Marcellus merely growled in response, his eyes glancing around the five wolves in front of him, his eyes lingering on his father who beamed back at him, as if this was a casual visit.

“Lovely surprise?” He echoed, a sneer on his face. “More like unwanted visit.”

“That’s no way to speak to a highly esteemed council member.”

“I can speak to you anyway I want.” Marcellus countered with a deep growl, taking a few steps forward to tower over the otherwise the former Beta that had most likely received the head of the council title through improper means.

Malachi snorted and rolled his eyes, uncaring of the fact that he had just disrespected an Alpha wolf.

“Not when I hold your fate in my hands.”


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