The Alpha's Surrogate [The Alpha's #1]

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Chapter Thirty-Two


Tell me again why we’re not at that party. His wolf huffed, not at all happy with having to spend the evening holed up in the office doing some more boring paperwork instead of being down at the baby shower where his mate was. I bet she’s wearing something cute too but instead of looking at her, we’re just looking at some stupid papers.

Marcellus groaned as he leaned back in his chair, rubbing his hands up and down his face in frustration.

Stop putting those thoughts in my mind.

You don’t need my help with that. You think about our mate just as much as me. His wolf snorted. The only difference is that I’m not afraid to admit it.

I’m not afraid to admit anything.

Yeah, keep denying it because that’s definitely healthy.

Marcellus sighed as he squeezed his eyes shut and pinched the bridge of his nose, frustrated with all the grief his wolf had been giving him as of late however, he knew he deserved it.

Despite no part of him wanting to be here right now and every part of him wanting to be down in the den where his mate was currently at, he blocked out his wolf and forced himself to start on tomorrow’s set of work as he had already finished todays earlier. Usually, he would use whatever time he had left to go for a run in the forest or to deal with other pack issues but frankly, Marcellus didn’t trust himself with his mate roaming about.

While her scent lingered on every surface of the pack house – or that was what it felt like to him as Anastasia Mulberry was all he could think about nowadays – he had proven that he couldn’t be trusted. Just thinking of the many times that he had waited outside her room, immensely tempted to knock or lure her out under the pretence of a conversation caused his face to scrunch up into an embarrassed grimace.

A fucking horn dog, that’s what you are.

Oh, whatever. You’re worse than me and we both know it. Marcellus growled, not at all a fan of the sentiment.

Yes. The only difference is that I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Once again, Marcellus rolled his eyes and ignored the jab that his wolf took at him, forcing himself to rise above the occasion as if he were to respond, they would just end up in another argument.

The longer he stared at his laptop screen, the more he thought about his mate, so when he sensed her on the move, he couldn’t help but wonder if he had manifested the movement.

The moment she walked out of the den and began up the stairs into the living room, he was on high alert. As she walked through the living and began down the hallway, getting closer and closer to him, Marcellus couldn’t help but hold his breath in a mix of anticipation and hope. While he willed for her to walk past his office and head into her room as he simply didn’t trust that he would be able to keep his hands to himself, the other part of him, the dominant part of him, wanting her to drop by his office.

So, when she stilled in front of his office door and remained there for a few moments longer than necessary or was deemed normal, he couldn’t help but call out for her, every pore of his body craving her.

“How long do you plan to stay out there, Anastasia?” Marcellus called out to her a loud, booming voice, reaching out to close his laptop to give her his undivided attention, as if she didn’t have it already.

When he sensed her fidgeting on her feet, still out in the hallway, Marcellus couldn’t help but chuckle. When he called out to her again and she still didn’t move, he rose to his feet and took large strides toward the door, pulling it open to reveal the most important and prominent thought on his mind.

Leaning against the doorframe, Marcellus crossed his arms over his chest and watched her through darkened eyes, every part of him very aware of the fact that she was dressed in a beautiful pale blue dress that hugged her voluptuous breasts like second skin and flowing to just above her knees, beautifully framing her heavily pregnant belly.

“Why are you staring at me?” Anastasia frowned lightly

“I could ask you the same thing.” He hummed quietly, cocking a questioning brow in her direction.

She sighed and shook her head, her lips pinched at the corners.

“Did you want to talk to me about something?”

“No.” Anastasia denied with another shake of her head. “In all honesty, I don’t know why I’m here.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes.” She murmured quietly in a dazed voice but as his lips stretched into a wide grin, she was quick to snap out of her daze. “Actually, I’m here to ask you why didn’t you come to the baby shower?”

“I didn’t realise my presence was required there.”

“Not required,” she rolled her eyes. “But it would have been nice to see you there.”

Marcellus watched her quietly as his lips twitched at the corners, not even bothering to hide the smile on his face as he stared back at his mate.

“So, you dropped by here to tell me that you missed me?”

“No!” Anastasia huffed, a deep frown now on her face as she glared daggers at him, not at all appreciative of his choice of words. “That’s not what I meant at all! Stop trying to twist my words.”

“Why are you getting so defensive?”

“Why are you so annoying?”

“Okay, okay!” Marcellus threw his head back and laughed as he held his hands up in surrender, wary of the fact that she would strike him for getting on her nerves. “I was caught up with some work so I couldn’t make it. I’m sorry.”

Anastasia continued to purse her lips as she stared back at him, her eyes narrowed but when he cocked a playful brow, her lips twitched up at the corners and she sighed, finally caving in.

“You don’t need to apologise.” She shook her head softly. “I just thought that you had gone back to avoiding me.”

“Not this time.” Marcellus was quick to deny, already feeling like an idiot over the first time when he was stupid enough to believe that ignoring his mate would mean that he would be able to resist her. Unfortunately, that also meant that he had slipped up over his choice of words.

“So, you were ignoring me last time!”

“Okay, fine. You got me there.” He chuckled, his hands stilled raised in the air as she watched him through narrowed eyes, her baby blues sparkling up at him from the overhead lights. “What can I do to make it up to you?”

“I can’t think of anything now but I’ll let you know when I do.” Anastasia informed him, struggling to keep the grin that threatened to take over her face.

“Are you blackmailing me?”

“No, just stating that you owe me.”

We’ve got a negotiator on our hands! His wolf chuckled along with him, highly amused by her antics.

“How about I start by walking you back to your room?”

Anastasia chuckled and rolled her eyes playfully, gesturing down the hallway where her room was only two doors down.

“You know my room is only down here, right?”

“Yes, but we can never be too careful, especially with all these big bad wolves around.”

Anastasia snorted before following it up with a giggle as she turned on her heel and beginning down the hallway, not needing to glance over her shoulder to know that he was following behind.

Not even a moment had passed before she came to a stop in front of the third door with Marcellus right behind her.

“Well, here I am.” She murmured quietly as she reached out for the door handle, turning her head to glance at him from over her shoulder.

“Yes, you are.” Marcellus murmured quietly, unable to look away from the beauty in front of him, currently staring up at him as if she wanted to ask him to stay. “Is there something else you wanted to ask me?”

“No.” Anastasia answered quickly. So quickly that it was evident to him of her hesitation and indecisiveness, only choosing to answer that way as she had believed it to be the right answer.

To mask her hesitation, she pushed opened the door and took a step into the room. When she turned around, offered him a tense smile and moved to close the door, she was surprised to find his knee pressed against the door and applying just enough pressure to prevent her from closing it while he remained in that position and stance.

“What are you doing?” Her lips tugged down into a light frown as she blinked up at him, the lack of clarity regarding his motives and intentions confusing her.

Ignoring her question, Marcellus’ face took on a serious expression.

“Are you sure you don’t have anything to ask me?” He insisted, highly aware of the fact that she was turned on, and not just because she was squirming underneath his gaze. Along with that little fact, her desire was rolling off her body in waves and unconsciously, she was projecting it all toward him; beckoning him toward her without even realising the gravity of her actions.

Anastasia parted her lips as she blinked up at him, struggling to piece together a coherent sentence, especially under the intense scrutiny of his gaze; his eyes not once wavering from her.

“All you have to do is tell me what you want and I’ll do it.” This time, his voice was barely above a whisper as he dared to inch closer until finally, they were both in her room and he was able to reach behind and close the door, officially giving themselves some privacy.

A pregnant silence – pun intended – filled the minute space between them as Anastasia held her breath, internally battling herself between ordering him to leave and ordering him to return to the needy crevice between her legs, one which had been creaming for him since before she arrived in front of his office.

When he took another step toward her, her mind was made up.

“Can you make me cum again?” The words blurted out of her mouth before she could stop them, almost as if his stare was some sort of truth serum that had her spilling all her secrets and innermost thoughts. When he made no move to leave and instead, remained glued outside her door, she wondered if he had heard her.

By this point, she was no longer embarrassed but rather, very horny. The fact that she couldn’t stop thinking about the feel of his mouth on her and the way he had eaten her pussy until she couldn’t cum no more wasn’t helping the situation in anyway and in fact, worked against her.

“Please?” She dared to ask in a breathy whisper but before the entire word had passed her lips, he had closed the distance between them and pulled her into his arms, holding her as close to him as he could with her belly in the way.

“You don’t have to ask me to make you cum, you little spitfire.” He whispered against her lips before nipping at the bottom one and tugging it into his mouth to suck gently, unable to keep his wandering hands off her, roaming all over her sides, back and wherever else he could get his hands on.

As much as he wanted to savour the moment, it appeared that he was overruled as she made quick work of removing his shirt and beginning to unbuckle his jeans. When he chuckled at her rushed actions, she lifted her head to shoot him a sharp glare, yet continued in yanking down his jeans and boxers in one go before pulling out his eager member, the tip already pearling with pre-cum.

Marcellus hissed at the sensitivity as she pressed her thumb into his slit, using his pre-cum to lube the sides of his cock, her hungry eyes trained on his cock as it grew bigger in her hands.

“You’ve got me completely naked. It’s only fair that we even the score.” He murmured quietly, allowing her to do with him as she wished while staring down at her from under hooded eyes.

When she didn’t respond and instead, continued pumping him, a strained groan passed his lips and he moved quick to pick her up around the waist, tugging on her dress as he walked them over to the bed.

By the time that he had laid down on the bed, as naked as the day he was born, she threw her legs over his waist into a straddling position, dressed in only a small bralette which failed in constraining her swollen breasts which looked ready to spill out. And when he reached around to unhook it with a quick motion of his thumb, they did exactly that.

“I wasn’t finished!” Anastasia groaned in protest, rubbing her bare pussy up and down his length, desperately in need of some friction.

“If you carried on like that, it would have all been over before we even started.” He chuckled at the small pout on her face and the way her eyebrows knitted together in the middle, almost as if a petulant child who hadn’t gotten her way. “Do with me what you want, Anastasia. The ball is in your court.”

“Oh, it definitely is!” She grinned cheekily down at him as she reached between them and fondled both balls, almost as if her name rolling off his tongue had spurred her one; excited her.

When he yelped at the sudden action, having not anticipated it, the corners of her lips only tipped higher as she rose up on her knees, reached underneath to position his length before plunging herself down on her.

Completely stuffed to the brim with everything that he had to offer – and what a lot that was – Anastasia threw her head back as a quiet and elongated moan passed her lips, one which became more frequent and louder in sound as he drilled into her from underneath, unable to take his eyes off the beautiful sight that was his mate riding him without a care in the world, desperately chasing her orgasm.

Her greedy pussy pulsed and pulsated around his thick cock as he helped guide her up and down his shaft between his thrusts, pleasure-filled grunts escaping him, intensified by the sight of her swinging breasts, bouncing out of control with every movement.

“That feels so good.” Anastasia squeezed her eyes shut at the overwhelming pressure as he lifted his body onto his elbows and reached up to capture one of her hardened nipples in his mouth, moaning around her breast as she arched her back to further press herself into him.

The louder she moaned, the harder he sucked and when he sensed her about to burst, he reached down between their enjoyed bodies and pressed his thumb against her swollen nub.

Anastasia threw her head back, his auburn tresses tumbling down her back in disarray as she exploded on him, her juices coating the both of them as she squeezed tightly around his throbbing cock which felt as if it was still expanding in size, attempting to milk him for all that he was worth. And when the pressure of her around his cock became too much for him and he came with just as much intensity, she did exactly that.

Marcellus groaned as his cock jerked inside her, splashing her pussy walls with his milky semen, shooting up into her as he dropped his body back on the bed, his hands still braced on her hips.

Fuck! His wolf whispered, at a complete loss of words at the intense pleasure that they had both experienced as well as her pussy which was still wrapped tightly around him.

Her breasts continued to sway as she panted heavily, small gasps passing her lips as she came off her high, unable to look away from his hazel eyes that had now turned the deep gold which she loved looking into so much.

He was kind enough to allow her a few moments before his cock twitched inside her again, only natural while still inside her warm, slick cavern; a lovely home.

Marcellus chuckled darkly at the bewildered look on her face.

“Oh, you thought I was done with you?”

Anastasia gulped from on top of him and nodded her head warily.

“Let me tell you this, little spitfire.” He murmured quietly, bracing his knees as he thrust into her again from underneath, this time angling toward the left where she was especially sensitive. “I’m a werewolf, and an Alpha at that. You won’t find anyone to match my stamina.” When she moaned quietly and bowed her head, her red auburn locks perfectly curtaining her face, the baby blue of her eyes only slightly visible as she stared down at him with her hungry, needy eyes, he grinned.

“I can go all night. I hope you can keep up.”

In response to his words, she reached behind her and fondled his balls, pausing to give each one of them a firm squeeze, his lips curling devilishly as she alternated between the two, he knew without a doubt in his mind that his challenge had been accepted.

“Let’s put my stamina to the test then, shall we?”


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