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Chapter Thirty-Three


Despite thinking that he was over it, he was certain that he was far from over it.

Or well, that was what he had convinced himself the past couple of minutes. Before that, he couldn’t stop thinking about the way she had looked at him with her baby blues as she rode him into oblivion, her hands braced against his lower stomach as she used his body for her own pleasure. But before even that and since the moment he woke up, he had been sure that he was ready to tell her the truth about them being mates despite promising himself that he would wait until after she had given birth.

You’re more undecisive than a kid in a candy store. His wolf snorted with a roll of his eyes, tired of having to listen to his thoughts for over half an hour now, choosing to remain quiet until now when he couldn’t take it anymore.

Marcellus chuckled quietly as he leaned back against the headboard, turning his head to glance down at the sleeping beauty next to him, covered only by the thin white of her sheet.

Can you blame me? He sighed, suddenly feeling so much calmer than before, and just by looking at her. Just look at her. She’s all we could possibly want in a mate.

And so much more. His wolf chuckled, leaning his head down on his paws to continue gazing at his sleeping mate, having not realised exactly what he had been missing out on these past ten years after having gone without a mate for so long.

And to think she was only an hour away, in neutral territory.

Hidden in plain sight.

You can say that again.

So, what are you going to do now?

About her? Marcellus asked even though both him and his wolf knew that from the moment that they had met, it had always been about her and would continue to remain that way for the rest of his life; not that he would wish to change anything about it. What can we do?

We can continue what we’re doing now, just hold out for a little longer. The baby should be here any day now.

Even though Marcellus wanted to agree with his wolf, he knew that he had instantly made things so much messier between them the moment he kissed her that day in his office. While that was bad enough, it was so much worse now that he had seduced her and they had slept together. It just complicated what already was a very messy situation.

I should never have kissed her that day in my office.

Well, you shouldn’t have had sex with her last night either. His wolf snorted, though a growl wrapped around his words, not at all appreciative of his human’s words.

I’ve just made things so much worse.

I don’t get what your fucking problem is! His wolf roared at him, very quickly nearing the end of his tether with this game of back and forth that his human counterpart was playing with their mate, even if she had absolutely no idea about it. She’s our mate and even though I wanted to tell her sooner, I agreed with your stupid request of waiting to tell her the truth until after had given birth to the baby, but now you’re having second thoughts? What the fuck is wrong with you?

You just don’t get it. Marcellus sighed and bowed his head into his hands, groaning quietly, conscious of the fact that she was still asleep next to him. Everything is so complicated already between us, and now I’ve just gone and made things even worse.

Well, you’ve got no one but yourself to thank for that. His wolf snorted, rolling his beady eyes in frustration. Do tell me how you’ve made things more complicated, because I fail to see what exactly is wrong.

You just don’t get it. He sighed, repeating his words in frustration.

Then fucking explain to me so we can sort out whatever this issue is!

Marcellus lifted his head and sneered at his wolf, not at all appreciative of the tone and manner of talking that his wolf had chosen to use on him, especially when he was nothing short of serious.

The council is pressuring me to take a mate.

Yes, and we already have a mate. His wolf rolled his eyes again. Next!

Just let me say what I need to say and then I’ll have time to listen to your commentary, okay?

His wolf merely growled in response and while Marcellus wanted nothing but to growl back at the beast, he bit his tongue, needing to lay everything out on the table.

The first fact is that she’s carrying someone else’s child. The future Luna of the Lupum Griseo pack is pregnant with a child that is not the future Alpha. That has never happened before. Marcellus groaned aloud at the reminder, even if he had been the one to remind himself of the very evident fact, obviously apparent from under the thin sheet that was covering her sleeping body beside him; the same body that had been wrapped around him last night and even a few hours into early morning. Even though we’ve been over this already, I’m not going to lie and say that it still doesn’t hurt, because it fucking does. So much! We had previously thought that she was completely human but we know now that her father is half wolf which makes her quarter wolf and means that there’s a possibility that she could have a mate. Albeit a small possibility, but a possibility nonetheless. Surely her dad must have taught her that. Anyway, regardless of all of that, I doubt the council would be too happy about Anastasia becoming the Luna of the pack since they’re all old judgemental fucks who have nothing much going for them anymore. That ties in nicely with the issue of the two females that we’ve narrowed it down to arriving at the pack today so we can choose one of them to be our mate and the Luna of the Lupum Griseo pack.

Marcellus shook his head before he continued, trying to clear his mind.

Are you done? Can I speak now?

Yes. He confirmed, the word barely above a whisper.

Well, fuck the council and what they think!

Marcellus sighed as he moved over to seat himself on the edge of the bed, his back now turned to her.

I wish it were that easy. He bowed his head and brushed a hand through his hair, his jaw clenching as he pulled on the ends, not so gently this time. As annoying as Malachi is, the council has far too much power in the werewolf world and if we piss them off, they could take the pack away from us. They could take everything away from us and we would be powerless to stop them.

While only five council members had visited them, the council was filled with many more wolves and together, they governed the werewolf world.

Is it all worth it though? His wolf asked quietly, a stark contrast with the way he had been roaring and growling at his human counterpart earlier. Is the pack worth it if it means we can’t have our mate?

A deep sigh escaped him and despite the itch to glance back at her from over his shoulder, he resisted. Just one look at her and all his walls would crumble down and they would be back at square one; more confused and perplexed than ever before.

Nothing is worth giving up Anastasia. Marcellus answered with absolute certain. But she’s not a wolf. She doesn’t think like us and she certainly didn’t grow up as one of us either.

What? So, we’re just going to reject her because she’s different? Because she’s human?

No. I could never reject her and even if I tried, you would never let me. As you should. He chuckled quietly, the sound heavy and filled with deep sorrow at even the thought of it. But once she finds out how we’ve been lying to her all this time and keeping all of this from her, she’s not going to want us. And once some of the truth comes out, all of it is going to spill and with us looking for a replacement and judging her so instantly, how can we expect her to want us? To want me?

A moment of silence passed between them as they both contemplated the situation at hand, his words hanging in the air between them.

Have you ever thought of asking her what she wants? She may be our mate, but she’s also the rightful Luna of the Lupum Griseo pack. Quarter wolf or not.

From what I can see, either way, it’s going to end in rejection.

And you’d rather be the rejecter than the rejected?

I’d rather grovel at her feet for the rest of our life if it means that she’ll eventually forgive us. Marcellus groaned in despair, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel but from where he was standing, it looked like he was more in a hole than a tunnel with absolutely no chance of escape.

“What’s got you thinking so hard this early in the morning?”

When the sultry voice sounded from behind him, he appraised her from under hooded eyes, glancing at his mate from over his shoulder.

“You.” He answered quietly, his lips curling up slightly at the corners

“Do you regret sleeping with me?” Anastasia asked quietly, shuffling around on the bed so she was sitting up now, holding the sheet up around her shoulders.

“No. I could never regret that. Last night was amazing.” Marcellus answered instantly, before she had even finished asking the question, speaking nothing short of the absolute truth. “Do you regret sleeping with me?”

“No.” She answered, just as quickly as him. “So, if I don’t regret sleeping with you and you don’t regret sleeping with me, then what’s the problem?”

“I don’t know where to start.” He chuckled quietly before finally, turning around to finally face her, unable to resist anymore. The fact that he was still naked and his cock twitching slightly at the sight of her bare shoulders and the shapely silhouette of her naked body underneath the thin sheet which she kept pressed against her body didn’t bother him in the least. But he couldn’t help but laugh as she eyes took in all of him, unapologetically devouring him with her eyes.

“How about you start from the root of the problem and work your way from there?” Anastasia suggested with a cheeky grin on her face, her eyes still staring down at his cock, not even trying to hide where her attention was trained.

Marcellus chuckled darkly as he pushed himself forward and mounted the bed on his knees, slowly crawling over to her with a predatory look in his eyes. Despite the very heated argument that he had been having with his wolf before she woke up, he just couldn’t resist his mate. Especially when she was looking at him, silently begging him for a repeat of last night.

“As of late, you appear to be the root of all my problems.”

“Oh, is that so?” She murmured quietly, reaching out to loop an arm around his neck and pulling him in for a kiss, grinning against his mouth.

“Yes.” He murmured against her mouth, nipping on her bottom lip until she parted her lips and allowed him entrance, eager for the taste of him. “You’re definitely the problem.”

“Well, if I’m such a problem, then you should do something about it.”

“Oh, I plan to.” He grinned, pressing one last to her mouth before leaning back against the headboard and holding her carefully at the hips, guiding her to straddle him.

After having tried a few positions last night, it was evident to him that she much preferred being on top – he also had no doubt that it was probably the most comfortable in her condition – than basic missionary, and was more than glad to indulge his mate.

Things between the two of them got heated very quickly as he bent his knees, pressed his feet into the mattress and drilled into her from underneath, his hands braced on her hips to help her up and down. When her sweet moans met his ears, it only spurred him on further.

“Fuck!” He pushed his head back further into the pillow, his eyes clenched tight as he felt himself shoot into her, the pressure of her hungry pussy clenching tightly around him too much to handle.

Anastasia panted heavily as she bowed her head over him, her hands moving up to press into his upper chest as she tried to calm herself down. When this continued for a few moments, he chuckled lowly and gently caressed her sides, a soft expression on her face.

“I just rocked your world.” He murmured with a smug grin on his face, his eyes still closed.

When she didn’t answer him but instead, a pained groan escaped her and she dug her nails into his chest, he started to grow worried but dared not move in fear of making whatever the situation was, worse.

“What? What’s wrong?” Marcellus asked, forcing his voice to remain monotone despite how concerned he had become with her lack of words. “Anastasia?”

“I think you just broke my water.”


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