The Alpha's Surrogate [The Alpha's #1]

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Chapter One


He hated attending these sorts of events and found them to be especially vexatious. Usually, he would have tried to pawn off his Beta and best friend, Dalton, to represent the pack however, Marcellus couldn’t bring himself to separate Dalton from his son who had come down with a fever last night.

So instead, he had brought two warriors with him to formally represent the Lupum Griseo pack.

As the Blue Onyx pack where the Alpha Ceremony was taking place was multiple states over, the drive was well over a couple of hours and by the end of it, Alpha Marcellus Storm was on the end of his tether. He had brought his laptop with him in the car to get some work done but very quickly, it had died form lack of charge and he cursed himself for not bringing the charger with him too.

Other than paperwork for the pack to make sure everything remained in order, Marcellus worked to grow the financial firm that his forefathers had started and worked hard to keep prosperous over the generations. While he had a team of wolves to help manage everything for him and keep the business profitable, he liked to make sure that everything was running smoothly.

That, along with the hefty inheritance that his father and former Alpha had left behind for the pack, all the money accumulated from previous generations, left the Lupum Griseo pack in a very good financial position, making sure that no one was left without.

If members of the pack struggled financially, then they had the pack to fall back on and if anyone required a job, then as Alpha, he was happy to help them find one within the pack as they only thrived if everyone worked together.

An aggravated sigh passed his lips as he glanced down at the flashing battery icon on his laptop and closed the device in a bout of anger, wincing as the sharp slap of it filled the car. Running a hand down his face, he placed it back into his bag however this time, his actions were far gentler.

To pass the time, he queried both the warriors about themselves and the recent happenings of their lives, priding himself as Alpha to make an effort with every single one of his pack members, even if their pack had just grown to eight-hundred with the recent addition of a pup this past weekend.

“It appears as if we’re the last ones.” Zion, one of the guards noted aloud as they all stepped out of the car and stretched their legs, having been cramped inside the moving vehicle for a few hours now.

They were wolves and by nature, they were not meant to be cramped in small places for so long. If they could have run here, they would have but Marcellus was sure that the other Alphas would frown upon such an arrival.

“Fashionably late.” He murmured quietly, a tinge of mirth in his voice as he straightened out his suit jacket and did up the button. “Now, come on. Let’s get inside before they send out a welcoming party.”

The two warriors shared a knowing look and snickered before following the Alpha, making sure to flank him on both sides as he preferred that over having his pack members walk behind him. While he was an Alpha and that facilitated him with more than a regular wolf, he didn’t believe himself to be better than anyone else.

Unfortunately, they were too late and the other Alpha’s had already spotted them before they could even make it to the front entrance of the pack house.

“Your call, Alpha.” Mohammed, the other guard murmured with a chuckle as they swarmed by all sides, most of the wolves curious as it had been years since Alpha Marcellus had attended such an event.

Marcellus sighed and ran a hand down his face, already tired and the ceremony hadn’t even started yet. If he thought he was tired and frustrated now, he had a whole other thing coming to him as after all the greetings and introductions were done, they all headed outside where the official ceremony would take place.

The only thing that made this whole ordeal bearable was that it reminded him of his own Alpha ceremony ten years ago when his father and former Alpha of the Lupum Griseo pack handed down the title and responsibility. It was everything that happened afterwards that Marcellus found tedious.

The dinner had been especially boring as most of the Alpha’s were decades older than him and only seemed interested in an alliance between their packs or finding out what liberal ways that he chose to run the pack.

Liberal. Their choice of words, not his.

Once everyone had been finished eating, they had all broken into groups and somehow, all of the older Alpha’s were huddled together in one of the pack offices drinking scotch and sharing stories of before he was even born, the newly appointed Alpha had gone off with his newfound mate somewhere and Alpha Marcellus found himself coerced into one of the dens in the pack house, surrounded by a bunch of wanton females who were desperate to know about his Luna situation. The other Alphas around his age were all mated and had decided to head back straight after dinner. He would have done the same if not for the insistence of the former Alpha of Blue Onyx.

He wanted to tell them that none of them would ever be his Luna but to keep the peace, he bit his tongue. The more they fawned over him, the more he wanted to leave and when he felt his wolf rise to the surface, he stood up abruptly and joined his warriors that were planted in front of the TV with some of the other guards and warriors.

“Alpha?” Mohammed murmured quietly; his dark brows arched in question. “Everything okay?”

I’m so fucking over all of this. Marcellus replied back through the mind link, referring to both of his warriors.

You ready to leave? Mohammed asked at the same time Zion did, both of them chuckling as they momentarily turned to face each other.

Yeah. He sighed and ran an aggravated hand down the side of his face. But I think Dalton would tell me off for leaving without telling anyone. He said, referring to his best friend and Beta.

Both Zion and Mohammed nodded as they rose to their feet and flanked their Alpha from both sides, the trio avoiding the group of females as they headed out of the den and down the hallway where all the other Alpha’s were located in an office.

“You guys wait here. I’ll be out in a minute.” Marcellus instructed them as he nodded briefly on the door before reaching down to twist the handle and let himself in, not awaiting an invite.

“Alpha Trent?” He called as he stepped into the office, closing the door gently behind him. “Could I have a quick word?”

“Sure, but I’m not Alpha anymore.” Trent chuckled boisterously from behind his desk where he was already on his second glass of whiskey of the night. “Feel free to say whatever you want to me in front of everyone. There’s no secrets among old buddies.”

It was evident to Marcellus that the former Alpha was drunk on werewolf alcohol – as regular human alcohol just wasn’t strong enough to intoxicate werewolves – and the reduction of responsibility that came from passing down the Alpha title to his son.

Marcellus pursed his lips as he forced himself to glance around the room, sending a nod of respect to all of the other Alphas before finally returning his gaze to the former Alpha. As much as he respected all of these men, they simply didn’t have much in common, mostly due to the age gap as his father and mother had, had him nine months after realising that they were mates.

“Well, I just wanted to give you my congratulations and let you know that my warriors and I will be leaving now.”

“Oh, so soon?” Former Alpha Trent sounded in surprise. “What’s the rush? It’s not like you have a mate to go home to.”

The room filled with laughs at Trent’s drunken, underhanded comment which only made Marcellus and his wolf angrier.

“No, unfortunately, I do not have a mate waiting for me at home.” He ground his teeth as he spoke, forcing himself to keep a lid on his temper as losing his temper in a room full of Alpha’s was not the wisest thing to do, even though he was pretty confident that he could take them all if necessary.

“Don’t you want a mate?” One of the other Alpha’s piped up, an amused look on his face. “Or do you plan to spend the rest of your life alone?”

Before he could answer, some of the other Alpha’s injected themselves into the conversation.

“You know you can’t run a pack forever without a mate, right?”

“You won’t be able to run a pack forever without a Luna by your side.”

“It’s been ten years, so I can only assume that his mate has either rejected him, or she’s dead.”

It was the last comment that tipped Marcellus over the edge and instead of sticking around to hear some more bullshit poking at something which he had absolutely no control of, he turned around and slammed the door open before walking out of it, his lips curling up slightly at the round of curses that sounded from the room at his grand departure.

Frankly, he didn’t give a single fuck about what those old farts had to say and that was definitely the last time that Marcellus would put in any effort in attending these sorts of events.

Marcellus stormed out of the office with a simple roll of his eyes, not needing to breathe a word to his warriors for them to understand what was going on and follow him out of the pack house. They all piled into the car and Zion didn’t waste a second before he started up the car and peeled out of the parking lot, beginning the long journey back to the Lupum Griseo pack.

While the journey over had been excruciatingly long, the journey back didn’t seem as long but Marcellus found himself beyond frustration by the end of it.

“What took you so long?” Dalton greeted him and the two other warriors at the door, his son Devon just dozing off in his arms. “You were supposed to send me those documents earlier but you never did.”

Marcellus sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, remembering the flashing battery icon of his laptop which he had conveniently forgotten in the car.

“My laptop died.”

Dalton nodded in understanding and shifted his son in his arms before continuing to list all the things that needed to get done today as they were now behind on some essential paperwork, having assumed that the Alpha would be able to do it all on the car ride over to the Blue Onyx pack.

As much as he loved and appreciated his friend and Beta, Marcellus couldn’t bring himself to concentrate and surprisingly enough, only a little bit of that was due to how tired he was. The more significant reason was that something else or rather, someone else, demanded his immediate attention.

His nose twitched and his wolf rose to the surface as he angled his head up, tuning out everything else as he focused on the sweet honey which clouded his very being, rendering him unable to think of anything.

Marcellus had never smelt something so pleasant before in his life and from all the stories that he had heard, he knew exactly what it meant.



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