The Alpha's Surrogate [The Alpha's #1]

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Chapter Fifty-Five


Dalton! He called out to his Beta through mind link. Fucking get here already! You need to come and see this!

His chest rumbled with another deep growl as he glanced ahead at the small plane in front him, unable to believe that they had cut it so close and if any later, there was the chance that his mate could have been airborne right now.

From where he was standing, hidden behind the trees so he would remain hidden from the unsuspecting kidnappers, Marcellus was able to tell that they were packing the plane with supplies.

That means they’re heading off somewhere.

It doesn’t look like we have much time. Marcellus hummed in agreement.

What the fuck? Dalton swore in question through the mind link, stood just behind Marcellus as he peered over his wolfish head. What the fuck is going on?

They’re trying to take our Luna away! One of the warriors piped up and the others roared through the mind link in agreeance, all more than prepared to put their life on the line for their Luna and their pack.

When do we move, Alpha?

How are we going to do this?

Should we split up? Half of us go for the plane and the other half for the house?

They’re not fucking taking our Luna anywhere!

They’re about to fly to their death. That’s the only place they’re going.

Several questions sounded through the mind link from his warriors, all them ready and rearing to go, bloodthirsty for some revenge.

In that moment, Marcellus had never been so proud of his pack wolves before. They were all determined to do this without so much as a second thought for their Luna, a woman that most of them had never met before, especially after he had kept them secret for so long.

With the loyalty of his wolves and the need to save his mate before things got even more out of hand, Marcellus instructed his wolves to follow him. Since they were only still packing, Marcellus knew that they still had some time but right now, every second counted.

Since these people were also wolves, Marcellus knew that would be able to sense them as soon as they got near so essentially, they didn’t have any time at all.

I’m going to head into the plane and check that out but take half the warriors and raid the house! Marcellus instructed through the mind link to Dalton, though made sure everyone heard. Kill everyone and everything that tries to stop you from getting to Anastasia. I don’t care what the fuck is going on but if she’s in there, you need to get in there!

Yes, Alpha. The wolves all piped up through the mind link and as they split up, Marcellus leading half the warriors while Dalton took charge of the other half.

Unable to stand back and watch while not doing anything, Marcellus turned around and gestured with his wolfish head for everyone to follow him. While he was still confused as to what these people were trying to pull off, all he knew was that he needed to get to his mate as soon as possible. With this private plane in front of them, he had no doubt in his mind that they were trying to transport her out of the state and if that happened, he feared that he would never be able to see her again.

Unable to consider that thought for a moment longer, he growled lowly and pushed himself to run faster, only thoughts of his mate running through his mind.

Just as he had expected, the wolves were able to sense them before they even came into vision but having anticipated this – more like expected – Marcellus and his wolves jumped them from behind. Not willing to listen to any explanations, Marcellus pounced on the first wolf in front of him before he could even turn around to see his attacker.

Snapping the wolf’s neck to the side, he bowed his head and clamped his teeth on his prey’s shoulder and yanked out a large chunk of skin. With blood dripping down his teeth and matting in the fur around his mouth, he glanced up to find that his wolves were taking care of the rest of them outside of the plane.

As he knew that Dalton would not fail him and would be able to get to Anastasia if she happened to be inside the building, Marcellus pushed himself forward and pounced up the stairs of the plane, jumping several at a time.

“Who are you?” One of the air hosts asked but she wasn’t able to finish the question as Marcellus jumped him and sunk his paw into his chest, plunging it in and ripping out his heart.

Marcellus couldn’t bring himself to care because as far as he was concerned, all of these people here were guilty but one thing that he found surprising was the fact that there were also a few humans on the plane but not feeling even the slightest bit merciful, he slit all of their throats before they had the chance to even cry out.

As his wolves tackled the rest of the people in and outside of the plane, Marcellus bounded up and down it but after finding no one left but the human pilot who had tried to lock himself at the front but to no luck.

“Where is she?” Marcellus growled as he grabbed the human around the neck and slammed him up against the wall.

As the human gasped and grappled at his hands around his neck, trying to loosen them even though there was no point as there was no way that Marcellus was going to be letting go without the answers he needed. He opened and closed his mouth several times but Marcellus only growled in response as his face started to grow red, almost as if he was about to blow.

“Where is she?” He questioned again through gritted teeth though this time, he had made sure to loosen his grip as he couldn’t afford to kill him just yet.

The human would die but only after he had got his answers.

“Inside.” Was all he managed to get out before Marcellus squeezed tightly and watched as the life drained out of his eyes.

Having stepped out of the cockpit before the human’s body even dropped to the ground, Marcellus shifted back into his wolf form as he jumped out of the plane and allowed his wolves to take care of the rest of them while he ventured into the house where he was now sure Anastasia was at.

If she wasn’t in the plane then she was most definitely in the house, not that the human had any motive to lie especially since he had his life flashing through his eyes.

We should have gone in the fucking house first! His wolf growled in frustration, pushing himself to go faster and harder but instead of heading toward the front door of the house which had been ripped open like the rest of his wolves, he scented the air and the second honeysuckle wafted toward him, he dug his paws into the ground and bounded toward the side of the house where he could feel his mate. As he rounded the corner, he shifted into his human form and in that moment, Marcellus saw his life flash through his eyes.

People usually said that this happened to them when they were dying but, in that moment, Marcellus was more afraid for his mate than he was for himself. Despite all the chaos that was going on around him, he couldn’t look away from his mate, nor could he stop thinking about all the moments that they had shared over the past few months even though they were far and in between.

He thought of all the good times and all the bad times that they had shared and regardless of everything that had happened and all the things that he would go back and change if only it were possible, he was grateful to have spent those moments with her. He was grateful for every smile and every kiss, even those that hadn’t turned out so fruitful or solicited a positive reaction. He was grateful for her coming into his life if even through the most unconventional way possible but most of all, he was grateful that the Moon Goddess had blessed him with her as his mate as he knew that no one else would have put up with even half of the stuff that she had.

His only wish now was that they would be able to make so many more memories, and he would be given the chance to make up for all his fuck ups so far but with how quick things were happening, he wasn’t sure of anything anymore.

Marcellus didn’t even have to think as he transformed into his human form, his legs and continued running with his arms outstretched in a desperate attempt to brace her fall as he knew that once she hit the ground, death would be difficult to escape.

He had no idea what she was thinking, throwing herself out of a two-storey building but he had never been so grateful for being in the right place at the right time before as much as he was now. With his arms wrapped tightly around his mate and his face buried in her hair, he felt his body come alive with love and life; finally, being like the order of the world had finally been restored.

A low, estranged sound passed his lips as he pressed her body further into his and held her as tight as possible, momentarily uncaring of the fact that he was probably squeezing her too tight. He just needed a moment to assure himself that she was safe and sound, and that she wasn’t going anywhere before he was ready to let go but unfortunately, they weren’t granted even those few moments of bliss.

With his mate back in his arms, Marcellus was completely unsuspecting of the oncoming attack and before he could even brace himself for the impact, something hit them from above. Unable to carry the both of them, especially after the second body had all but knocked him off his balance, they all fell back in a pile of tangled limbs.

“Anastasia!” Marcellus couldn’t help but roar in pure fear as he reached out for her as she had tumbled out of his arms during the fall.

Turning his head frantically from side to side, he raised himself into a sitting position and when his eyes finally landed on her, he felt like he could breathe again.

“It’s okay, Marcellus. I’m right here!” She called out to him but before she could assure him further, she felt herself get yanked from behind into a hard body and a set of strong, sturdy arms that wound themselves around his waist, ones which promised to not let go any time soon.

“What the fuck was that?” He whispered into the crook of her neck before raising his head to glare at their attacker, but his eyebrows quickly rose in surprise as they landed on a petite blonde who looked like she was barely above a hundred pounds, give or take a few.

Instead of answering his question, Anastasia squirmed in his arms and somehow, she was able to slip out from underneath them.

A low growl passed his lips but before he could reach out and yank her back, he was surprised to see her rush over to the female and gather her into her arms.

“I’m so proud of you, Thea!” Anastasia praised the woman as she wrapped her arms around her and comforted her. “You were so brave for jumping like that. I’m so proud of you!”

Marcellus sat back and watched in a questioning tone at the scene that was unfolding in front of him, confused and unsure of what to make of it all but unlike the two females that were stuck in their own bubble, he was very much on guard. So, when he saw the familiar wolf sneak up from behind, Marcellus roared loudly in warning and before his mate could be snatched away from him again, he looped his arms around her waist and yanked her around the waist.

“Thea!” Anastasia screamed loudly as she watched Harvey snatch the woman and take off running away from them. “Marcellus!” She screamed at her mate as she struggled in his arms, unable to loosen his grip from around her. Despite her best attempts, it was no use as he didn’t even budge when she flailed about and kicked him in the shins.

“Marcellus! We have to save her!” She couldn’t help but cry as she turned her head to lock eyes with her mate, reaching a hand up to cup his jaw and press her face closer to him. “Please, we have to!”

“Get on my back.” Was all he instructed as he twisted her around his body and the moment her arms and legs were wrapped securely around him, Anastasia felt herself drop a few feet and before she knew it, she was on the back of the big bad Alpha.


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