The Alpha's Surrogate [The Alpha's #1]

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Chapter Five


“Just like that.” She moaned quietly, her words a mere whisper. Her head was thrown back as she lifted herself up and down his pulsing shaft, ever so close to blowing his load deep inside her where it belonged.

He craved to see his sticky seed seep out of her but more than that, he craved to plunge himself back into her to push his seed in as far as it would go, until her stomach was round and heavy with his pup.

“You feel so good.” She moaned again, her thick curls trailed down her back as she dropped herself down on him again, completely bottoming out as the curve of her ass slapped against his heavy, cum-filled balls, on the very verge of spilling himself into her.

A loud squeal passed her lips as he reversed their positions and towered over her, bracing his arms on either side of her hips, rearing his hips back to thrust back into her.

With his mate’s thighs clasped around his waist, her nails raking down his back and her moans sounding directly into his ears with each pleasure-filled thrust, Marcellus could hold himself back no longer.

With a wet, sticky patch over his crotch and his boxer shorts clinging to him, Marcellus groaned lowly and threw the covers off him before he headed into the shower, trying to wash away the dream of a mate that may not possibly be real, but to no avail.

The shower was cold and quick, and he pulled on some clothes even quicker before he ran a hand through his hair and headed out of his bedroom with the sole intent of heading next door and holing himself up in his office like he had done for the entire week.

“You’ve been acting really strange lately.” Dalton hummed aloud as he popped out of nowhere, Marcellus being so out of it that he hadn’t noticed his best friend approaching him from behind.

“What makes you say that?” Marcellus asked in a nonchalant tone as he closed the door behind him, making a move to the left to enter his office.

Dalton narrowed his eyes at his friend and crossed his arms over his chest, squaring his shoulders back as he eyed Marcellus trying to escape the confrontational situation that he had literally walked into.

“Don’t fuck with me, Mars. We’ve been best friends for as long as I remember. You’ve been acting very out of character lately and we both know it.”

If it had been any other wolf to swear at him and speak to him in such a tone, his wolf would have demanded blood but because it was his longest friend and Beta, his wolf merely growled at the disrespect but under the surface, both him and his wolf understood where Dalton was coming from.

“What do you mean by strange?” He asked quietly, his hand fisted around the door handle of his office door, very tempted to open it, allow himself in and close the door in Dalton’s face.

The fact that they were friends and he knew Dalton was right was the only thing keeping him here.

“You haven’t been eating properly and you’ve been spending nearly all of your time holed up in your office.”

“I’ve been swamped with work.” Marcellus lied expertly, holding Dalton’s gaze the entire time, daring the Beta wolf to claim him wrong. “You know what it’s like with all these transfers to go through, especially with handling work as well.”

“Yes, I know how busy it gets this time of year, but you’ve been especially snappy.” Dalton gulped as he forced the words out of his mouth, willing himself to continue as he was very much aware that right now, he was speaking to his Alpha and not his best friend.

Either way, someone needed to voice aloud what the whole pack had been thinking this past week.

“I haven’t been snappy.” Marcellus denied with his lips pulled down into a firm frown.

When Dalton sent him a pointed look, he sighed and ran a hand down his face.

“Okay, maybe I have been a little more short-tempered than usual this week but don’t worry, everything will be back to normal soon.”

Dalton paused for a moment before reluctantly, he nodded his head and dropped his arms down to his side, smart enough to understand when he was fighting a losing battle.

“Do you want to go get some breakfast?” He asked in hopes of lightening the heavy mood that had clouded over them that morning.

“In a little bit.” Marcellus insisted as he finally twisted the handle and allowed himself into the room. “I just need to get something done before I can eat, but I’ll see you in the kitchen.”

Not for one second did Dalton believe Marcellus as he had been the one to remind him to eat every day this past week, but there was only so much ground he could stand against his stubborn Alpha.

“I’ll save you a plate, Mars.” Dalton promised before moving to leave.

“I appreciate that.” He murmured quietly but his Beta was already half way down the hallway.

Just as Dalton had predicted, Marcellus buried himself in his work until breakfast passed and then lunch came and also passed. It was only when his stomach growled loudly for the third time in the span of ten minutes and his wolf was determined to go on strike if his human counterpart didn’t feed him immediately that Marcellus decided to break for a late lunch.

It was late afternoon by the time that he headed into the kitchen to locate the plate of food he knew that one of the chefs had left out for him, just as Dalton had promised.

Marcellus weaved himself through the crowd of teenagers in the living room, all of them having just been let out of school. They all nodded and bowed their heads in respect as he walked past, smiling softly at his pack wolves before he headed into the kitchen and reached into the oven.

Heavy on the meat and light on the greens, just how he liked it.

His wolf growled in ravenous hunger as he finally sat down at the kitchen island and tucked in, grateful that the few wolves lingering in the kitchen had left to give him some quiet to enjoy his meal in peace. With the opportunity to clear his mind while he ate, Marcellus quickly made his way through the first plate but since he had skipped breakfast that morning, he helped himself to some leftovers in the fridge.

He nibbled on some cold potatoes while he reheated a second plate, and grabbed himself a beer to help wash it all down with.

By the end of it, he was full to the brim. An Alpha and he had never learnt to slow down when eating.

He knew that if he returned to the office now, he would only end up falling asleep so instead, he retreated his steps but instead of turning right toward the office, he took a left and let himself out of the pack house for a very much needed run.

The moment his sock-clad foot touched the top step, Marcellus leaped into the air, shredding all of his clothes in the process and by the time he reached ground again, he was now on four paws, running head first into his favourite part of the forest. One which he had specifically closed off from the rest of the pack apart from on momentous occasions.

Next time we’re angry with everyone, we can’t be angry with each other.

Marcellus snorted as he stared out at the woods from the dark, golden eyes of his wolf.

I wasn’t angry with you.

Maybe, but I was definitely angry at you. His wolf growled back as he bent his head forward and pushed himself to run harder, the sound of twigs and branches snapping under his paws filling his ears.

Why are you angry at me?

Correction. I was angry at you. I’m not angry at you anymore.

Okay, fine. Marcellus rolled his eyes. Why were you angry at me?

Because you didn’t agree with me with finding our mate.

We don’t even know she’s real.

How can she not be real? His wolf growled. Everyone has a mate.

Not everyone. Marcellus sighed, choosing to take a back seat, something he was only able to do when he was in his wolf form and the beast was in charge. There are some wolves that go their whole lives without ever meeting their mates.

But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have mates. They just haven’t met them yet.

Well, maybe we’re one of those wolves.

I refuse to believe that. His wolf snorted as he pushed himself further, pushing himself to go as fast as possible as it had been nearly a whole week without shifting, the toll of going on without their mate for so long finally catching up with them. I refuse to believe the Moon Goddess would punish us by not giving us a mate.

Marcellus sighed for what felt like the millionth time that week. I sincerely hope so.

The rest of their run was relatively quiet, Marcellus more than happy to allow his wolf to take the steering wheel, really working out all that pent-up anger and frustration from a week of purposely pretending as if those two fateful days hadn’t ever taken place. As if he hadn’t somehow tricked himself into believing that he could smell his mate on two of his pack members.

Even to his own ears it sounded completely crazy, yet neither Marcellus nor his wolf could explain anything.

Not for the first time in the past week, there were so many questions running through his mind. None of which he was able to answer himself. To get his mind off the matter, his wolf set his eyes on an unsuspecting deer that hadn’t sensed him watching her for the past few moments.

He made sure to stay deathly quiet as he approached his prey from behind, taking one slow step toward it after another. One wrong move or one heavy breath and the animal would scramble on its feet to escape his clutches, but neither Marcellus nor his wolf were prepared to suffer another loss.

It had been quite some time since Marcellus had gone hunting in his wolf form so with the anticipation of this fresh kill, he pounced on the animal before she could even see it coming, going straight for her neck where she would bleed out the quickest.

With the blood of his fresh kill around his mouth and covering his fur, Marcellus mind linked some warriors to fetch the carcass so they would be able to enjoy the fresh deer during dinner and ran back to the pack house. He wasn’t the least bit ashamed or bothered by the fact that he was butt ass naked once he shifted back into his human form.

A whole week had passed since he had last smelt his mate and Marcellus was sure that he had suffered nothing short of a dizzy spell or vertigo; his mind playing tricks on him. As the week had passed, he had allowed himself to believe that he was over it, that his mind had only played tricks on his mind and the sweet scent was nothing short of a mere figment of his imagination. But now all of that was over.

Mate! His wolf howled loudly, scenting her out immediately.

Opposite to the reaction of his wolf, Marcellus pursed his lips and frowned deeply, ignoring the pull of the sweet scent and instead, trudging through the pack house and to his bedroom, closing the door behind him, as if that would be enough to stop her from tempting him. If she was in even real in the first place.

She is fucking real and she’s fucking here right now!

We’re just imaging things again. Marcellus denied and headed into the shower, wanting to wash the fresh blood off him from his kill. She’s not real and she’s definitely not here right now. We’ve been through this all before. Our mind is just playing cruel tricks on us again.

How can you know that? How can you be so sure?

Marcellus frowned as he headed into the shower, allowing the water to cascade over his body, bracing his hands on the tiled wall.

She’s here right now, and you’re just going to ignore her? Pretend she doesn’t exist?

I’m not pretending. She really doesn’t exist.

His wolf growled loudly and Marcellus groaned in pain as fur sprouted his body underneath the water and he did all he could to stay in control.

The rest of the shower continued like that, fighting back and forth for control for his wolf who was absolutely enraged with the notion that he refused to follow that scent, having been fooled by it one too many times before.

By the time he had finished with his shower, Marcellus pretty much had to crawl out of the shower cubicle. With the way that he was still fighting with his wolf, neither of them able to see eye to eye, he wasn’t even able to turn off the water.

When Marcellus felt himself to be on the verge of shifting on his bedroom floor, unable to control his wolf from completely taking over, he groaned and bowed his head. As he dug his sharp claws into the wooden floors, a deep, guttural groan passing his lips.

He barely had time to pull on some jogging bottoms – sans boxers and water still dripping down his bare upper body – before heading out of his bedroom floor and allowing the sweet honeysuckle scent to guide him to where his imaginary mate teased him.

When we don’t find her, we’re just going to be disappointed all over again. Marcellus warned the beast as he climbed up the first flight of stairs, allowing the scent to guide him.

I don’t care. I’ll follow our mate’s scent off the edge of a cliff I need to. At least that way, I’ll always know that I did everything that I could to find her.

Marcellus pursed his lips and continued climbing up, moving onto the second flight of stairs to head up to the third floor where the scent was the strongest.

When he came to a stop in front of a familiar door, one which he had been stood behind a week ago, his lips pulled down into a deep scowl, sincerely believing that he was stuck in a never-ending cycle.

Was this how he was going to go? Keeping smelling her everywhere but never be able to see her? Would he lose his mind first and then lose his wolf? Or would it be the other way around? Would his pack then follow?

How long until he lost everything?

Stop overthinking and open the damn door! His wolf demanded with in a deep growl, forcing him to reach out and wrap his fingers around the door handle.

With a deep inhale, he held his breath and pushed open the door, tentatively sticking his head through.

While Marcellus had expected to find the room empty as he couldn’t scent either Justas or Raphael to be in there, he was shocked to find a woman on the bed, fast asleep under the sheets.

A truly angelic sight.

Her shiny auburn locks covered the entirety of the pillow as she slept on her side with her back to him, soft snores sounding from her every few moments.

I told you the Moon Goddess wouldn’t leave us without a mate. His wolf howled with glee, his hungry eyes feasting on the woman that had perfectly been crafted for him and vice versa.

Marcellus could only gulp in response as he stepped into the room, unable to believe that she was real.

You better believe it, Mars. His wolf howled again, pacing excitedly in his head. Can we wake her up now or do we have to wait?

We’ve waited out whole lives for our mate, we can wait another hour.

You’ve got a point there. This time, the beast’s voice was quiet and his words a mere murmur as he lay down on the ground and rested his head on top of his folded paws, studying his newfound mate with a mix of interest and awe in his eyes but the emotion that trumped all, was love.

He longed to see her eyes, imagining what he could only assume to be the beautiful set of eyes that he would spend forever gazing into, but that would just have to wait until she woke up.

Perfection, was the only thing running through his mind as his feet moved on their own accord to move to the other side of the room so he could get a look at his sleeping mate.

With a slender button nose, high cheekbones and soft chin to decorate her heart-shaped face, she also possessed a pair of plump, juicy lips to match the shade of her hair. Both Marcellus and his wolf concurred that they had never seen such a beautiful sight before, and couldn’t wait to spend the rest of their lives admiring and worshipping. However, his most favourite feature were her eyebrows.

Even in her sleep, her dark, feathery brows were arched, almost as if mocking him; challenging him. While the Alpha in him growled at the notion that his own mate would challenge him, he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with his little spitfire. Even if she hadn’t done a single thing to suggest anything about her character.

For all he knew, she could be the exact opposite of what he imagined her to be like but either way, he already loved her and there was not a single doubt in his mind or heart about that.

He had realised that she was human the moment he stepped into the room, but he didn’t care. Everything happened for a reason and he was absolutely rejoiced at finally getting a mate. The fact that she was human mattered nothing and instead, just made him all the more protective over her.

Almost as if she could feel his lingering gaze on her, the female sighed and shifted on the bed, the sheets slipping lower as she moved to lay on her back, reaching a hand up to rest on her stomach.

What the fuck is that? His wolf growled quietly, the sound a mere hum as he raised his head and squinted, almost as if unable to believe his eyes.

Marcellus didn’t blame him as even he struggled to come to terms with the sight in front of him.

Surely, that can’t be. He murmured quietly, but he didn’t need to take a step closer to confirm or deny anything. The fact was in plain sight in front of him and he would be a fool to try and deny it.

If Marcellus had been thinking clearly, he would have stopped to address the numerous questions that ran through his mind but both him and his wolf pushed to the back, ignoring them and instead, he did the only thing that he thought would soften the blow that he had suffered.

With a heavy heart, he forced himself to turn around and leave the room before he did something that they would both come to regret, him much more than her.

If he hadn’t left when he did, Marcellus feared he would have marked her on the spot. Asleep or not.


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