The second chance mate

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Faster! It won’t take him long to figure out you’re gone. He will find you. He always does. I can’t go back I’d rather die. A howl echoes in the distance he knows you’re gone. My legs pump as fast as they can go. I take a wrong turn and now I’m standing near the edge of a cliff. A branch snaps I turn to see the cause of the noise. As I lift my eyes they connect with murderous red ones. He’s found you.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Faster! I tell myself. I don’t have much strength to shift. I haven’t heard from my wolf in weeks, I doubt she can help me right now. My legs are so sore but I can’t stop, I need to get away as far as I can.

As I run through the dark forest rocks and sticks leave cuts on the soles of my feet. I hiss with each scratch but I can’t stop.

A howl echoes through the forest. He knows I’m missing. I run faster and frantically. I can’t be captured again. I won’t go back. I can’t go back.

I try to navigate my way through the unknown forest. Up ahead I can hear the thundering of a river. Thank the goddess I think.

Twisting through the forest towards the river my ears pick up a noise behind me. Something is following me. Sweat dripping down my back, my face, my chest and in my eyes but I don’t stop. My nose picks up the scent of the thing following me. It’s him, he’s close.

I round the mountain side, I can smell the river, it's close. I have a chance if I can just make it to the river. I break through the edge of the forest. I can hear the raging river but I can't see it. The river flows below, there's a 60 foot drop. "NO!!" I'm cornered.

I hear a branch snap and I turn to see what or who caused it to snap. As I lift my head my eyes connect with murderous red ones. He's found me.

The beast smirks, he knows I have nowhere else to go. He shifts back into his human form. He stands confidently naked. "Come now mate, you need to come home".

"I'm not going with you, I'd rather die than go back with you!" I scream. He starts to stalk towards me. I have no other option I need to fight him if I have any chance of freedom. I charge at him but he expects my actions and throws me to the ground.

"It's no use little mate, you cannot defeat me". He chuckles. I calm myself, I need to fight smart. He grabs me by the back of my neck. His nails digging into my skin. He lifts me up so that we are eye level, I'm gasping for breath. " This is the last time you do this stupid shit, if you weren't my mate you'd be dead long ago." He inhales a breath and grins wickedly " that doesn't mean I can't have my fun".

I spit in his face. "Fuck you". He roars and throws me to the ground. I'm winded. The bastard straddles me and back hands my face. I cry out. "This is what happens when you don't do as you're told, obviously my punishments haven't taught you that yet!".

He continues his assault on my body aiming for my ribs. I didn't have the energy to defend his assaults, I could feel by body becoming weaker. I couldn't help but laugh at the idiots that told me that having a mate was the best thing in the world, that they share a unique bond. A mate being the other half of a wolf's soul without a mate a wolf loses its purpose. Once one mate dies the other follows shortly after from overwhelming heartbreak.

But not my mate, the beast above me is far from what I imagined. He's cruel, abusive, a monster. He wraps his hands once again around my neck, squeezing. My vision starts to fade more. I'm losing consciousness.

No, I can't die not like this. I need to fight this. I start to claw at his arms, shredding his skin. With new strength I bring my legs forward and kick his stomach. He lands on his back, he's winded. I stand up and kick the side of his head. When I try to kick him again but he catches my ankle and throws me back. "You little bitch!"

He tries to throw a punch but I dodge it by rolling. I'm not quick enough to dodge his next move. He grabs my hair and lifts me up. I punch his face. Hearing the crack of his nose as he drops me. Clutching his nose he stumbles back. I try to land a kick to his head but he catches my foot and pushes me back.

I stumble back close to the cliff's edge. I can't steady my footing and I fall over the edge. The last thing I hear is the beast roar. I hit the cold raging water.

Everything goes black.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. This is my first fantasy novel so feedback would be amazing. This is not a normal wolf story so it will be different to the others you read. This story will have strong language, mature themes, sex scenes and some triggers. I hope you enjoy the story! :)

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