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In Pain and Blood - [Sample]

By Aldrea Alien All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 14

Hello there.

I hope you’ve been enjoying In Pain and Blood so far. I certainly have had fun writing it. Please be sure to like chapters, or even comment. I love comments.

You might notice this chapter is missing a crucial detail, namely the story. Well, I’ve been saying this on my blog for some time that all the R-rated chapters are only available by signing up to my special FREE mailing list, which is the case for this month’s chapter. You won’t find them here, won’t be on my blog or anywhere else besides that mailing list.

If you’re worried about spam. Well, you have my assurances that this little mailing list does nothing but put a chapter of In Pain and Blood into your inbox on a monthly basis (and will let you know when the whole book is out).

So, sign up and I will be sending chapter 14 out only to those on this particular mailing list in a week’s time.

Or you could buy it here:

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