The Fallen King

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The book is about a king that was killed and reincarnated into a different world, he uses his knowledge from his world to grow and become stronger, the main character plans on becoming stronger so he can protect the ones he loves

Fantasy / Other
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Chapter 1

The air is thin and cold, there Is the scent of blood in the air, metal hitting metal can be heard throughout the night sky, an arrow can be seen cutting through the air, heading towards the king “my king, watch out!!” the knight exclaims, as he dashes towards the king, leaving dust behind him as he sprints towards him, he stops when he is in front of the king slashing at the arrow that is in front of him successfully cutting it in half… the other half of the arrow managed to hit the king in the shoulder... “The king was hit, get him to safety.” The knights started to protect the king, three knights brought the king into the forest, The rest of the knights continued to fight onward… one of the three knight’s smirked as he looked down at the king… “this is the end for you, my king.” The knight lifts his sword preparing to kill the king as the knight lets out a breath, he slashes at the king’s throat, cutting off his head…

“Huh, so you do see a light at an end of a tunnel when you die, I thought it was just a joke or a metaphor that people say, I always wanted to die in battle I hope that the next king will be a good one…” as the fallen king drifted towards the light a voice could be heard… “here comes the baby” the voice sounded heavenly… “(I can understand the people that is a good sign)” the doctor handed the baby to a woman, “I think we will name you Arthur” “(the female voice has a motherly tone to it)” Art starts to look around the room, due to him being curious. “That’s a good name, Sophie hi Art I’m your dad” art looks at the man. “(the voice has a deep and gravelly tone to it)” a year has passed since the day art was born. “Okay art it’s time to sleep Art” as sophie lays art down she leaves leaving him to sleep, art grabs his crib helping him to his feet he grabs his blanket throwing it on the floor, art breaths in as he climbs over his crib landing on the blacket he through on the floor “(i have 1 hour till she comes back)” Art quickly sneaks into the study room, he grabs a book and starts reading it learning about the new world he is in... as he is reading he comes across a part talking about mana… “( this i kinda like what my grandfather was trying to teach me but instead of it being named mana it was ki)” art learns how to gather mana and to form what the world he is in calls a mana core, art tries to do a technique he knows about gathering ki… as he does the technique that he sees in the book as he got a hang of it sophie walks in “what’s wrong Art you can’t poop” sophie lifts uo Art and starts to smell a foul order as she picks up art and takes him to his room to change him, “(i must have done that without knowing when i was concentrating on the technique)” Sophie puts art back into his crib… Art falls asleep.

Two years have passed since the day he learned about mana and mana cores, every time art can get he goes and starts forming his mana core, Art has been watching his dad train, “you like to watch your dad train right art?” Art nods his head after a while of watching he goes and trains his mana core as Art tries to get down squinting his eyes as he tries to get down, Sophie picks up Art. “Are you sleepy Art?” Sophie starts walking towards Art’s room, as they pass the study room Art points to the room. “Mommy books mommy, please books” Sophie sighs and starts walking towards the study room. “ fine you like books don’t you Art.” Art nods and crawls towards a book, as he grabs the book a thud can be heard from outside, Sophie sighs and heads towards the sound, “ Gorge you better have not knocked down the tree!!” Sophie opens the front door and looks at Gorge holding the tree trying to keep it up so it won’t fall over “hehe… sorry honey I didn’t mean to” Art has been forming his mana core since he learned how to, Gorge and Sophie were talking… Gorge rushed towards Sophie covering her as an explosion went off inside the house… “ Gorge let go of me, Art is inside, I need to go save Art…” Gorge runs inside what used to be a house which is now a pile of rubble and ash… Gorge falls to his knees… “Hehehe… H-h-how is this possible!?” Sophie walks up to Gorge seeing what he is seeing… “How he is only 3... How can his mana core be complete at 3?... Hehe.” Art was in the air floating, with his eyes closed... Everything around him turns to ash and rubble due to the explosion…

Sometime after Art’s mana core formed… Gorge has been training Art even when Sophie advised not to. “Okay Art put mana into the stick. Like I said...” Art closes his eyes… And he focuses his mana into the stick. Once he feels his mana going into the stick, he sprints to his father swinging at the wooden sword slicing it in half. “... Art that was… Amazing!” Gorge was stunned how Art was able to do that…” Guys time for dinner!!” Sophie exclaims. Gorge and Art sprints inside, when they enter the kitchen and sit at the table, Gorge clears his throat “ Sophie I think we need to send Art to Volteks city to train there...” Sophie looks at Gorge “Are you saying you can’t train Art anymore” Gorge sighs “I’m not saying that but I think it would be a good idea for him to get proper training” Sophie stands up quickly “ I don’t want to send Art out there by himself he is just a boy” Art looks at them and stands up on the chair “why can’t you guys come with me…” Gorge looks at Art the Sophie “ that is a good idea. I can have my old group come with us so we can have extra protection…” The family starts to pack and get ready to head to volteks city…

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