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My Alpha Boss

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This is a now published novel and can only be found on GoodNovel. Enjoy this teaser! Savannah Moss is a small town human girl who moves to NYC in hopes of pursuing her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Nathan Daniels is the CEO of Silver Crest Industries, the most eligible bachelor in New York and happens to be the Alpha of the Silver Crest Pack. After Nathan's mate died last year, he spiraled down with drinking and women. When he finds out that Savannah, who is a human, is his second chance mate he becomes ecstatic. Things take a turn when he loses control over his instincts. Adding in the fact that Savannah knows nothing of werewolves, he knows he has to win her over the old fashioned way. Will Savannah fall in love with Nathan, and will she accept his other side? One thing is for sure, she will make him earn her trust and her love.

Fantasy / Romance
Lily Dean
4.7 45 reviews
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Chapter 1

My Alpha Boss has been published!

It can now be found on GoodNovel exclusively!

Enjoy this teaser!

Savannah P.O.V

The usual symphony of car horns and people calling for cabs are my background music as I throw on my favorite red bottom heels and designer sunglasses. I take a quick glimpse at myself in the full-length mirror, cringing at my appearance. Not my best, but it’ll have to do for today.

I’m late. Again. It’s the third time this week. Luckily, I’ve made friends with a few of the cabbies in Manhattan and Jeff is sitting outside when I run out the front door of my apartment.

I smile at him and wave obnoxiously. He just shakes his head at me while chuckling to himself.

“Late again, Savannah?”

“Always. Thanks for being so great Jeff!”

“No worries! Anything for my favorite client.” He winks at me in the mirror and I flash a friendly smile back at him. I check my phone, then watch the other cars pass outside the cab. Everyone here is always in such a hurry.

We make it to my office building in the center of New York in record time. I glance down at my phone as I get out of the cab - I’m only three minutes late, so I just have to pray Misty comes into work late as well.

“Knock ’em dead Miss Moss!” Jeff yells over his shoulder.

“Thanks Jeff! See you soon!” I close the door, pulling up the cab app on my phone. As usual, I tip him more than I should as I run towards the towering glass building’s front entrance. The doorman, Matt, sees me and opens the door in a hurry.

“Morning Matt, thanks a million!”

“Anytime Miss Moss, don’t hurt yourself running in those shoes!”

He’s right, so I slow my pace and take a deep breath. I make my way to the elevator and push the button for the twenty eighth floor.

As soon as the doors close, I straighten out my rumpled skirt and blouse. I comb my fingers through my wavy hair, the light brown strands untangling easily. Then I lean back with my head against the wall, letting out a long sigh and closing my eyes. I didn’t even have time for coffee, so I’m dragging this morning. Hopefully, Jade made some already.

I work for one of the biggest fashion companies in New York. We design and sell mostly to businessmen, but we also have a small women’s collection. Honestly, that’s where I should be utilized, but unfortunately, I am not.

The CEO of the company built this place from the ground up and happens to be only twenty-seven years old. Nathan Daniels. AKA the most eligible bachelor in New York. I don’t have time to care though. I’m here to make a name for myself through talent, and I’m not about to sleep with someone to make it big.

Back home in Maryland, I graduated from a small community -- top of the class. My honor’s degree is in fashion, but you’d never know it from my current title. I’m only an assistant to one of the designers here. Assistant in the loosest sense of the word.

My boss’s name is Misty and she’s a complete bitch. She’s also drop dead gorgeous. I’m sure you already know the drill. Long golden blonde hair and strikingly beautiful blue eyes. Rail thin, with legs that go on for miles. There’s a rumor going around that she dated Nathan for a week so now she obviously thinks she’s above everyone else.

The doors open to the elevator and I let out an exaggerated breath of pure relief. The lights to Misty’s office are still off, meaning she hasn’t come in yet.

My heels click against the marble floor as I quickly make my way over to my desk. I pull out my laptop, sit down and turn it on. I smile at Jade as I drape my purse over the chair.

“Look who the cat drug in. So nice of you to join us today!” Jade leans back in her chair and raises a well-defined brow at me.

“Please tell me you have made the coffee already,” I beg with clasped hands and a pout.

“Of course, I have!” She replies in a sing-song manner before getting up from her chair and walking over to pour me a cup.

I mouth a thank you at her and proceed to sort through dozens of emails. Jade strides over and places the steaming cup on my desk. She watches as I bring it to my lips and inhale the scent like it’s going to revive life back into me. I take a sip and moan into the cup as the caffeine floods my veins, energy tingling through my fingertips.

“Mmmm, thank you.” I let my eyes flutter closed, still gripping the mug in front of my face.

“Uh huh, who’s the greatest best friend in the whole wide world?” she asks sarcastically.

“You are!” I reply while rolling my eyes, finally placing the now half empty cup back down.

“You bet your sweet little ass I am!” She struts back to her own desk and I just chuckle at her.

If it weren’t for Jade, I’m not sure I would get through my days at Silver Crest Industries. To be honest, I don’t think she would get through her days without me either. I’ve worked here for just under four months, and she’s been slaving away here for nine.

I sit up straight as Misty finally glides off the elevator, immediately giving orders. “Savannah, get me Brenda on line one. I’ll take a coffee and a bagel as well,” she commands. Jade and I simply roll our eyes at each other and pull a face behind Misty’s back.

Misty is a year younger than me at twenty-three but don’t let that fool you - she’s got the intimidating boss role down pat. Honestly; she should be a model instead of a designer. I doubt that the rumor about her fling with Mr. Daniels is a lie. Any man would want to be with her.

Personally, I’ve never met Nathan Daniels, but from what I have seen in pictures he cuts quite the figure. His hair is dark brown, almost black, and his eyes are the lightest sky blue. He keeps his hair short and always has a scruff of a five o’clock shadow. The other girls in the office whisper and say that he works out every morning before coming in, and supposedly he has an eight pack. I’ve also heard rumors of a drinking problem.

Unlike my love-struck colleagues, I have no interest in messing around with the CEO of the company I work for. Especially when this particular CEO has already slept with most of the women who work for him.

Jade filled me in when I first started here, overly excited as usual to partake in gossip, and grateful to have someone to spill the news to. Apparently, all his “behaviors” began after his wife unexpectedly passed away last year. Jade gave me the news eagerly, but it struck a chord with me. It’s sad really, they were both so young to go through something like that. Nicole Daniels was only twenty-five when she passed away. Supposedly the only thing more beautiful than her face was her heart.

I shake my head off my train of thought and dial up Brenda, our head seamstress, and place her on line one. After notifying Misty that I had her on the phone (and making sure she actually picks up), I head over to the small office kitchen to grab a cup of coffee and a bagel.

I walk into her office without knocking, once again in awe. I dream of having an office like this of my own one day. It’s light gray in color with all white furniture and accents of blush pink and dark navy blue. There are men’s designer clothes and accessories everywhere. Her desk and walls are filled with new sketches for suits and other business attire for men.

I wait in the doorway looking around. Misty barely glances my way as she motions for me to place her breakfast on the desk, then waves her hand at me to leave the office. I force a tight smile at her before I turn away.

“Thank you, Savannah,” she says with irritating politeness.

“You’re very welcome.” I fake another smile and open the door to leave, but then get interrupted.

“Oh, Savannah,” Misty calls out to me.

“Yes Misty?” Please don’t make me stay late again.

“Nathan has a few things for me and said he left them with his assistant, Rachel. Please go up there and fetch them for me. I expect them on my desk by lunch today.” She turns back to her phone call, and I am dismissed. Finally. I walk out and close the door behind me.

“What was that about?” Jade asks with yet another raised brow.

“I don’t know, but I have to go get something from Rachel upstairs for her.” I’m irritated that I have to go up there again. I have my own work piling up as she sends me on these useless errands, she could very well do herself.

“I wish you good luck on your journey to the dark side.” Jade cracks herself up before getting back to her computer.

Anyone who works below the top floor refers to it as the dark side. It’s rumored that all of the girls who work up there end up sleeping with Mr. Daniels eventually. Then they get fired. Or quit. They’re all snobs up there anyway, so I really don’t care who stays or goes.

I glare at her and slowly make my way to the elevator once again. I hit the button for the 32nd floor and pull my phone out, scrolling as I wait to go up. The elevator dings, and the doors open so I take a few steps forward without looking and walk directly into a very muscular chest.

I bounce back, trying to maintain my balance and brush myself off. “Ooh! What was that?” I can feel something tingling through my veins and it’s definitely not the caffeine from this morning. Weird. “I’m so sorry, where is my head this morning?” I put my phone into my pocket and shake my head. I look up, and straight into the eyes of none other than Nathan Daniels.

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