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Right, so basically it’s about this war for a legendary crystal heart that’s pretty snazzy and if you get the heart then you get a throne called The Colossal thrown(I think that’s how you spell it). And the thrown is even more snazzy and I guys you become like the ruler of the world I think and it’s OG. And there is this child that wants to stop the war so that everyone could live in peace. First he gotta get the heart before anyone else and distort it which will distort the thrown and yes. For me the villains are pretty basic but I think they are a little snazzy.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Prologue(how the war started)

A long time ago there we four territories that lived in peace allied with each other. There were no problems that ever existed. The first territory was named [name] and they lived in the desert, yes extremely hot but they knew how to survive. The second one was [name] and they lived in the dry grasslands. The third one was [name] and they lived near the waterfalls. And then two years later there was another one named [name] and they lived near the silver hills. Each one had one leader except for [name], they had two. Like I said they lived in peace until the [names] leader heard of a legend about the crystal heart that existed for years and years.

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