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The Queen's Alpha

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Chapter 1: Kill It


I nuzzled my face into the crook of her neck, inhaling her intoxicating scent of gardenia. The warm feeling of holding her in my arms was one that I found comfort in.

“Be careful…” I spoke as I hesitantly loosened my hold on her waist. I stepped back just enough for my eyes to capture her beautiful chocolate-brown orbs and capture the beautiful look on her face as she flashed me that breathtaking smile of hers.

She cupped the side of my face, humming.

“You worry far too much...I’ll be fine.” She whispered.

I hate it when she does this…

Unable to suppress the deep sigh that so desperately wanted to escape my mouth, I pulled away from her completely. “I’m serious, Josephine.” I push back.

She giggled, moving to me, swaying her hips side to side to tease me. She knew the effect she had on me. It seemed that every time I worried or grew upset with her, she’d play her game till I’d forgive her.

Wrapping her arms around me, her soft plump lips planted a tender kiss on my own.

“I know you are, but your concern is really unnecessary. We’ve done this a million times. Killing another pack isn’t exactly new to me and neither is killing an alpha. Relax.”

Though I wanted to protest, there was nothing I could say; every word she spoke was true.

When I parted my lips to speak, she captured my lips in her own, embracing me in a passionate kiss. Taking the opportunity that I had no intention on denying her, her tongue brushed against my bottom lip, requesting access. As I wanted her to, her tongue invaded my mouth, exploring every inch till I took hold of her waist and pinned her against the wall. Having been caught off guard, she didn’t attempt to stop me when I took dominance of our passionate kiss.

I gently ran my hands down her sides, touching her desirably. I moved my lips away from her own, hungrily kissing her earlobe and down her bare and fragile neck. While her soft moans filled the air, her breathing grew erratic.

I loved the effect I had on her.

She was perfect for me and I for her. It was why she was the only other I had ever felt for. Aside from the care I felt towards my childhood friend, Harvey, and my parents’ commander, now mine, Jacob, she was the only one I truly care for.

Taking hold of my wrists, she pushed my hands away from her body, desperately trying to catch her breath. Seeing as I wouldn’t restrain myself from continuing, she tried to push me away only to force me to push her back against the wall.

“Kira...St-Stop…” She breathed out. The smell of her arousal overwhelmed me making it nearly impossible to regain my composure.


I didn’t want to stop, but for her sake and the way that she pleaded me, I was forced to completely cease my actions. I reverted my eyes to meet hers. Everything inside me had urged me to continue, but I knew that if I hadn’t stopped, she would’ve gave in.

Though I knew it was necessary to keep fighting if I wanted to successfully pull off the job I’d been planning for for years, I didn’t want her to go. Unfortunately, being my only assassin, she had to.

Before I’d give into the desire to take her here, I planted a gentle kiss on her lips and embraced her in a tight hug.

“Come back to me.” I whispered.

Releasing her from my hold, I turned on my heels and moved to exit her bedroom. In one swift movement, I opened the door and quickly stepped out, shutting it behind me.

Josephine wasn’t mine. Although I would’ve loved to claim her mine, we aren’t mated to each other. Why? She’d never allowed me to mark her. Being Queen, if I desired to do something, I very much could, but her desires matter to me. It was why I chose to respect her choices, even if I didn’t always agree with them.

At the sound of a throat being cleared, my attention was forced to the man walking down the hallway. The instant my eyes captured his chocolate-brown orbs, I gave him a small smile.

Jacob...Just the person I needed to see.

“Is everything set?” I asked.

With an awfully odd look on his face, Jacob came to a halt before me. He furrowed his eyebrows at me. “Yes. Is everything alright, Kira?” He gently asked.

Is it?

I nodded though there was a knot forming at the edge of my throat that I tried very hard to pretend not to notice.

“Just...make sure everyone returns safely.” I mumbled as I turned to the direction in which he was headed and began my way to my throne room.

Hiding a burden I knew far better than to deny to myself wasn’t something new to me. Seeing as I was not one to care much for another, it was also something I learned to brush off easily.

The night that my parents were slaughtered, fifteen years ago, I was bestowed the title of “Queen”, and the part of me that found it easy to care for another died that night. That was also the night that I was stripped of my childhood and vowed to one day take control of what should’ve belonged to us.

For centuries, werewolves had claimed to be the dominant species. It was my parents who started a rebellion and paid with their lives. It wasn’t always this way, or so I was told. Vampires originally ruled over all; even over the ignorant humans.

When the mutts gained a new King, Niklaus, things changed. Sadly, like us vampires, werewolves are immortal. Only way to kill them is by severing their head or pulling their heart out.

Truly unfortunate…

Stepping into my throne room, I was forced out of my thoughts at the sight of my usual standby guard, Asiel, holding a brunette human girl whilst Harvey stood not far from him with a smile on her face.


She walked to me. Her attempt to embrace me in a hug was denied as I rose my hand, motioning for her to stop. With a sigh, I pointed at the human girl.

“What is this?”

Taking a single glance at the girl, she giggled. “It’s my gift to you.”

My gift?

Noting the look of confusion on my face, she sighed in exasperation. “Your birthday is next week.”

Exactly...next week.

I wish I could say that it was rather strange of her to do this, but it truly wasn’t. Even as a child, her gifts always seemed to be a week earlier--her first gift, that is.

A slight chuckle escaped my mouth as I walked to my throne. Having been standing only a few feet from my chair, within a couple of seconds I found myself sitting.

“I take it as...you bought me a slave?” I questioned as I motioned Asiel to bring her closer to me.

“Yes ma’am.” Harvey nodded with a smile on her face.

Seeing as the human wore nothing but red lace panties and bra, I couldn’t stop myself from lingering her form. I’ll admit, the sight of her body was one I truly enjoyed. What made me grow in excitement even more so were...the thoughts of sharing her with my beautiful Josephine.

Perhaps we’ll enjoy this one more than the other…

I eyed her carefully and fully until my eyes met hers once more. It came of no surprise to me that she seemed terrified and utterly confused.

Being forced to keep a low profile, humans were not exactly aware of my kind’s existence. Some suspected, but few had attempted to make our presence known. On the other hand, because their King was current ruler, they had learned that werewolves were no longer simply a “myth”.

Soon...that’ll change.

“What is your name?” I asked, a small smirk forming on my lips. Watching her squirm under my stare was something I found quite amusing.

“W-What are you?” Her voice shook as her body trembled.

I frowned at her response. My disappointment in her lack to answer the simplest question only grew when she continued.

“A-Are you a w-werewolf..?”

Oh my god…

I could not resist the urge to roll my eyes. In doing so, Harvey took it upon her to harshly take hold of her hair and force her head back. “She asked you a question.”

The human flinched away, whimpering as Harvey released her from her hold and shoved her to Asiel, forcing him to harshly grip onto her upper arm to keep her in place.

“Please, don’t kill me…” The human cried as she squirmed under Asiel’s hold.

“Okay! Harvey, I appreciate the gift...But I don’t want it.” I rose my hands in defeat as I stood on my feet.

I wanted to make an exception because it was Harvey who brought her to me, but I really had no intention on adding another slave to the collection I kept in my cellar, much less if it had yet to be trained.

“A-Are you…”

When the human spoke, I forced my attention back to her. “Vampires?” I cut her off. “Yes, barbie. We’re vampires.” Shifting my attention to Harvey I shooed at the human, “Get it out of here.”

“D-Do you…” Again, I reverted my attention to the human. This time, I was a bit interested in what she was to ask. “Do you sparkle?”

Are you fucking serious?

Normally, the stupidity would’ve made me laugh. Seeing as I was already annoyed, it only irritated me further.

Clapping my hands together, I moved toward her. “Yes, human. We do.” I snapped my head to Harvey, motioning for the door. “Please, Harvey. Open the door and lets wait for the sun to rise so she can watch me step into the sunlight and sparkle like a magical fairy.”

The human parted her lips, her eyes widening in disbelief.


I begged that in that time that it took me to blink, I’d see that she was a fiesty one and had snapped back with her own sarcasm. Unfortunately, when I looked at her, I saw what was the true face of utter excitement.

I cannot.

Altering my gaze between Harvey and Asiel, I demanded. “Kill it.”

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