The Darwin Chronicles, Book One: The Mountain Ranges

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Chapter 15

Over the next few days, Emmett had never seen anyone cry so much as Amy. She never did it openly, but somehow he always found her in the woods, crying where no one could see her. He always stayed hidden.

In the training sessions, people threw venomous glares at her, and she trained alone and ate alone. Emmett no longer trained with her anymore, sticking with his own old friends. Her eyes were usually trained to the ground when she didn't have to be concentrating on something, but more than once he caught her staring at him before she looked away quickly. Everything about her radiated loneliness.

He could see how it was affecting her. She started losing weight and sleep. He could see her shifting her food around her plate at meals, saw her work harder in training. She was punishing herself. He knew that a few people felt sympathy for her, even people whose loved ones had died, but he saw Amy pushing away these people although he could tell that she craved human closeness.

So one day he turned into a dog and followed her into her many sessions deep into the woods. It was night. She wore a silver cloak and white nightgown. Her footsteps were silent and light, pacing along without hurry or purpose. In a clearing she stopped and paused, her head lifting up. Was she sensing something?

"Emmett," She whispered. "I know you're there. Come on out." Shock struck him as he stood there in dog form. Then he tentatively padded out towards her. She bent slightly and cautiously put out her hand towards him, which he licked. Emmett returned back to human form. "Come on," she whispered. Amy kept walking, and he followed, letting her guide him deeper into the woods.

They stopped in the same clearing as the one his Awakening had been performed at. They lowered to their knees, and Amy took each of his hands in hers and looked him in the eyes. A golden glow started to radiate off of them, another bond starting between them. But this one was different than the Awakening. This one made Emmett feel the spirits of all who had ventured here before, the memories associated with this place making him feel safe and warm and happy, something he hadn't felt in a long time.

"Do you remember this place?" She whispered. He nodded, and she continued. "This is the place where my father took yours to awaken is powers. This is where your father took me to awaken my powers. And this is where I took Samantha and Julie to awaken their powers. And you. Can you feel it?" He nodded again. The soft golden glow shown brighter. "The magic within this clearing. They say when you come back to your Awakening place in times of weakness with your Giver or your Receiver, it makes you strong again. The bond between Giver and Receiver is strong." And the golden bond broke suddenly as she broke down and hugged him, her tears wetting his bare shoulder. Her warmth comforted him, and he wrapped his arms around her. "I'm sorry," She sobbed. "I'm sorry. I killed Darren. I killed your father. I'm so sorry, Emmett. I know you hate me, and I know that you can't forgive, but I just need to let you know that I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anybody."

"Amy," Emmett said softly, pulling away. He looked into her eyes. He wondered why those piercing, stormy grey eyes were always so sad, what had caused her to be this way. "Amy, I forgive. I know it isn't your fault." His grip on her tightened slightly. "But we have to find those people. The Ciis. We have to take them down. Okay?" She nodded, and he wanted to kiss her, but didn't know if she wanted him to kiss her. Her tears dried quickly, and they stared at each other. It wouldn't be right to kiss her, but it wouldn't be wrong. So he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.

Her lips were soft and warm against his. She really was a good kisser, just as Isaac had said. He gently pulled away, and they looked at each other again. He knew their relationship hadn't changed a bit, although he had just kissed her, but he preferred it that way.

"I know a way to help your sister," She murmured.


"Your sister, Norie." Amy looked at him, tilting her head. "She was burned, right? I can fix her."

Amy cautiously stepped into the house, wearing her silver cloak and a green dress. The family looked up, and she bit her lip, afraid that they would push her away. But they didn't.

"I can heal Norie," She said. "But I need you to trust me."

"We do, Amy," Emmett said quietly. Norie looked a bit scared, but nodded, along with Eliza. Amy softly closed the door and moved closer into the room, and fell to her knees swiftly.

"Come here, Norie." Norie stood up front the couch and joined Amy on the floor. Amelia looked up at Emmett and Eliza, a grave expression on her face. "This won't work unless I have my full concentration. Only the strongest of Legends can achieve this. If I mess this up, both of us will literally burn up. Do you understand me?" They both nodded. "No distractions." She turned to Norie and put out her hand. "Give me your hand, Norie." Norie nervously placed her hand in Amy's. "Don't worry. You won't feel any pain. I'll be the one feeling it." A bright, strong glow filled the room, coming off of Norie and Amy's conjoined hands. It spread so that it was covering both of them. Norie gasped as the burns started to radiate blue light, Amy's face tightening in concentration. Beneath the blue light, the wounds began to heal. A sheen of sweat appeared above Amy's brow, her face now tightening in both concentration and pain. Emmett sat forward in his seat, as did his mother, amazed by what they were watching. The red, angry flesh was become pale, the charred skin springing back to life. The glows became stronger yet. Amy started to radiate a strong red glow, and they could see the glow transfer to Norie, turning into a blue energy that seemed to bring the dead skin back to life. Emmett saw Amy's hand started to tighten on Norie's. She started to bite her lip, still concentrating on Norie's blue eyes. The scars on Norie's arms started to glow blue, the scabs fading and the skin returning to good as new. The sagging skin on Norie's face began to straighten, her lips becoming normal again, the patches of raw skin growing new patches of new skin over them. Amelia's face was now covered in sweat, her face tight, the pain evident. The intensity of the lights became brighter and brighter, almost blinding Emmett and Eliza, then suddenly flashed, making them both turn away for a second, then shut off. Norie gasped and stared at Amy with wide eyes, touching the newly healed side of her face. Amy doubled over, dripping sweat and panting loudly.

"Are-are you okay?" Norie timidly put a hand on Amy's shoulder, who shook her head, unable to speak. The red light was still radiating from the older girl, slowly getting fainter.

"Amy, what's going on?" Emmett joined them on the floor. The red light extinguished, and Amy cried out loudly, almost falling. Emmett caught her.

"It worked," Amy told him, gripping onto his hand painfully. Another wave of pain hit her, red light flaring once again for a second. This went on for a few minutes, and she finally relaxed, seemingly about to collapse, almost unconscious from exhaustion. "A Legend can choose to heal people, but with the cost of excruciating pain."


"It's like the Awakening," Amelia said. "But instead of giving her my energy, I gave her my strength and health. Now I'll be weak for a long time, and I'll be getting sick very easily. But I'll be alright in a few months."

"Thank you, Amelia." Norie clasped Amy's hand in gratitude. "That was extremely kind of you."

"I'll go home now." Amy stood up weakly. "My mother will be worrying."

"No, no, you should stay here. You're tired," Eliza said, rushing towards Amy. "You have just done something of great service for our family. Norie's pain has disappeared."

"No, I really have to go."

"Then at least take something home with you. A gift." Eliza hurried to their cupboards and rummaged for a moment before taking out a small package of peppermint sweets. "Take this." She handed Amelia the package, who visibly lit up. Emmett remembered minty smell on her breath, and guessed that she liked peppermints.

"Thank you ma'am. Good night, Miss. Walker. Emmett, Norie." She turned and tiredly opened the door and melted into the darkness.

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