The Darwin Chronicles, Book One: The Mountain Ranges

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Chapter 18

Emmett tugged on his formal clothes, complete with his father's old leather boots. Embroidered on his chest was the Briarlight crest, which was a thorny red rose with a golden aura glowing around it. Norie knocked and entered his room, wearing a blue dress that complimented her bright blue eyes perfectly and a silver cloak, the Briarlight crest on her chest too.

"You like pretty tonight," Emmett commented. She smiled.

"You look handsome tonight," She answered.

"Thanks. I think I'm ready to go. How about you?"

"Yes. Mom already went ahead. Mrs. Roberts asked her to help out a little before it starts."

"Well, then, m'lady, shall we go join the party?" He offered her his arm, and she giggled and took it.

"Of course, good sir," She said. They walked out of the house towards the square.

A huge, elegant tent had been set up in the square, which was now decorated with flowers. Emmett recognized it as the same tent used in all of the other wedding he had seen, and wondered what Blackfire used.

"It's so pretty," Norie remarked quietly, clasping his arm.

"Not as pretty as you," He told her. He opened the flap to the tent, where a gaggle of people were already standing, talking quietly yet excitedly.

"Emmett, come here," Eliza called to him. Emmett let Norie join a group of her friends, and walked over to where his mother and Rosetta Roberts was standing.

"Good evening, Mrs. Roberts," Emmett said politely to Amelia's mother.

"Hello, Emmett. You look nice tonight. Listen, Andrew's feeling jittery, so I thought you could calm his nerves down a bit."

"Sure, but why me?"

"Well-let's just say his friends aren't here anymore, and he knows you a bit from his sister. He's back behind that flap over there," She said, pointing. Emmett sucked in a deep breath and stepped in.

A honey-blonde young man sat on the ground, his head in his hands, his elbows leaning against his legs.

"Hey," Emmett said. The young man, Andrew, looked up.


"I'm Emmett. I don't know if you know me or not." Emmett offered his hand to Andrew.

"I do remember you. And Amy tells me about you all the time." Andrew shook hands with Emmett. He looked to be about twenty-four.

"So, your mom says you're nervous," Emmett said. Andrew let out a long sigh.

"Yeah. I guess I am. I mean, marriage is a big commitment, you know? I'm not going to drop out at the last second, but I feel like I'm going to puke." He looked up at Emmett, his grey eyes pleading for words of advice. His eyes reminded Emmett of his sister's grey eyes, but these eyes weren't as sad or conflicted as hers.

"Listen. I don't really have much experience in the field of love, but I know what my dad said. When I was little, I used to ask my dad how people got married. And he said, 'if you love the woman, you shouldn't have any problems'. Do you love your girl?"

"Of course. I love Alexandra with all of my heart."

"Then you'll be fine. Look. Take in a deep breath through your nose." Andrew inhaled through his nose. "Now out through the mouth." He exhaled through the mouth. "In through the nose-" He inhaled again- "And out through the mouth." He exhaled. "Better?"

"Yeah. Thanks, man." Andrew clasped Emmett's hands. "I learned a lot just now about love. Amy talks about you all the time, and you're a nice guy. Keep it up, okay?"

Emmett didn't really quite get what he meant, but nodded. "Okay."

"Andrew." Eliza stepped in. "It's time to get to your spot."

"Alright." Andrew stood up and shook hands with Emmett again. "Thanks, Emmett."

Emmett didn't really pay much attention through the service. He just knew that the bride, Alexandra was a pretty girl with black hair and brown eyes, and that the mothers of both halves of the couple were crying in the front row. They exchanged vows and whatever happened at weddings, and the benches were moved to the side to make the room and dance floor.

He saw Amy sitting on a bench. She wore a silver dress with golden outlines, the shade matching her eyes exactly. Golden flowers in various shades were braided in her hair, which was weaved with festive silver and gold ribbons. Her cloak was an inverse of her dress, gold with silver outlines. The Blackfire crest was embroidered in the middle of the cloak, a black phoenix with red and golden highlights. Even her gold flats matched, along with her silver necklace with a gold swallow charm.

"Hello." He sat down next to her.

"Hello, Emmett." Amy watched Emmett and Alexandra dancing happily in the middle of the dance floor, a mixture of sadness and content on her face.

"That'll be you someday," He told her.

"Yeah. Maybe." She was silent for a moment, then asked him, "Have you ever wondered how life would be like if there were no monsters to fight? If humans couldn't morph?"

"No," Emmett admitted. "I can't even imagine it." She didn't respond, and he asked her, "Do you want to dance?" Her expression brightened.


"Yeah, of course." He stood up and offered his hand, helping her up. Emmett led her out to the dance floor.

"You know how to dance, right?" She smiled at him, and his heart fluttered.

"I know the basics, but it's been awhile." A waltz started playing, and he puzzled over where to put his hands.

"Here." Amy laughed and took one of his hands, placing the other on her hip. They started to waltz, Emmett surprisingly remembering the foot movements.

"Did you like it?" The words came out from his mouth before he could stop them.

"Did I like what?"

"When Isaac kissed you."

"Oh." She looked away. "I don't know. But I know you didn't."


"I told you. Legends can feel it when others are nearby. Can't you sense me?"

"Now that I think about it, yeah." He felt a silvery aura coming off of her. It felt familiar, as if he'd felt it since he was a baby.

Amelia gave him a wry smile. "You did a pretty good job attacking him. But honestly, I don't know how I feel about Isaac. He's nice, I guess. But I wouldn't marry him or anything."

"Oh." The song ended, and Emmett bowed and Amelia curtsied. Emmett saw Isaac march up to them and tap her on the shoulder.

"Amy. Want to dance?"

"Oh. Sure, Isaac." She glanced at Emmett before letting herself be led away by Isaac, who shot a warning look at Emmett.

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