The Darwin Chronicles, Book One: The Mountain Ranges

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Chapter 2

One day, Emmett was heading out with the afternoon patrol, going to scout the northern side of Briarlight's territory. Everything was going well, everything was just it's usual calm, orderly self. No monster tracks, or mountain lions, or hostile travelers. Well, almost.

"A scout from Blackfire!" Joseph shouted down the line. Emmett looked towards the trees to his left to see a swallow flying towards them, which landed out of his sight behind a tree. Then he spotted girl limping towards them. Her grey eyes were glazed with pain. She was bloody and grimy, her skin covered in cuts and bruises and scratched and burns and dirt. Dirty bandages soaked with blood were wrapped around various limbs. A bow hung off her shoulder, her quiver empty, and she gripped a sword that was stained with dried blood.

"Monsters have attacked Blackfire. Lucas requests help." She rasped. Joseph nodded curtly and turned to Emmett.

"Emmett, you're the fastest. Get back to Briarlight and bring in Squadron Four," He ordered. The commander looked back at the girl. "Fly with him to Briarlight. You can get medical treatment there."

"No, sir. I need to get back home and help fight. You'll need a guide anyways," The girl said. Joseph nodded.

"Go, Emmett. Hurry." He closed his eyes and morphed into a falcon. The rest of Squadron Two followed him, and they took off, the swallow leading the way. Emmett closed his eyes and willed himself to turn into a hummingbird, and took off, speeding towards Briarlight's bell tower.

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