The Darwin Chronicles, Book One: The Mountain Ranges

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Chapter 32

"Isaac," Emmett said slowly, "What are you doing?"

Isaac's eyes were tinged purple. His expression was so evil, it was frightening, and lined with cruelty and hatred despite his smile.

"The Ciis," Isaac repeated. His voice was malevolent.

"Isaac?" Amy's hand tentatively reached up to touch Isaac cautiously. "Are you with...them?"

Isaac's smile widened. "Of course!"


"The humans," He scoffed. "We're so weak compared to the beasts. It's best to let them rule the earth." He spread his arms. "Join me!"


"Join me. When the monsters win, they'll inherit the earth. All who work for the Ciis will be spared and rewarded. "

"And slaves," Emmett spat. "Why should we live like that? What are you, anyways? A leader?"

"No. I am simply a recruiter. You and Amy are Legends. You could be valuable to our causes. You can convince others to join us. Fight off the weaklings who try to stop us. We can rules the world. Don't you want that?"

"Isaac!" Amy said. "Don't you remember that old Blackfire saying about murder? No death, no real harm. If you don't kill, it's better off for both you and your enemy."

Isaac sneered. "Ah, yes. That little thing. But remember that other saying. Kill or be killed. I see you two will not join me. Very well. Then I suppose you'll just have to see what's up the path. This will be fun!" His evil smile widened disturbingly, and he disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.

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