The Darwin Chronicles, Book One: The Mountain Ranges

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Chapter 5

Someone was tapping on the window. Emmett drowsily opened his eyes, annoyed, and sat up. He saw Isaac across the room, sleepily doing the same. He shivered as the blanket fell off of him, a blast of cold air hitting his bare torso. The boy stood up and tiptoed over to the window, Isaac watching.

A girl stood outside the window, wearing a white nightgown and a cloak. Her arm and ankle were bandaged. She looked very different from when Emmett had seen her last. She was perfectly clean, all traces of grime and blood gone from her skin and hair. Her golden hair was shiny and not in a braid anymore, draping across her shoulders like a queen's cape, shining in the moonlight. Emmett opened the window.

"What are you doing?" He whispered. "It's the middle of the night."

Her grey eyes pierced into his green ones. I'm aware.

He yelped and jumped away from the window, clutching his head. "What the-?"

"What?" Isaac slid off the bed, looking from Amelia to Emmett.

"She-she talked to me. In my head!" Emmett hissed. "You can only send and receive telepathic messages if you're in animal form."

"Unless you're a Legend," Amelia said. He realized that this was the first time he heard her voice clearly, when it wasn't raspy in exhaustion or tight in rage. It sounded sweet and silvery, as if the moonlight had been transformed into a sound. "Then you can send and receive telepathic messages in human form too." They stared at each other, Emmett trying to process what she had just said. "Follow me." She disappeared from the window. Emmett exchanged a look with Isaac, then climbed out of the window, Isaac following.

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