The Alté Guy

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^^^^^ Due to the frequent University strikes happening, Ashley decides to get a job at as an attendee in a mall.... Ashley social life begins to rejuvenate as she meets a namesake and Newton who are into an alté lifestyle in the store she works in.... Their friendship bosomed and Ashley is starting to see Newton as More than a friend. She's unsure what to do... she doesn't encourage or support his lifestyle Is she going to confess her feelings or let it slide away ??

Fantasy / Humor
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Chapter 1

I struggle to bring out my phone as I paid the 'keke'driver his money, shoot ! The time said 8:30am. I was supposed to be at the new place where I work by 8:00am unfortunately, my bed had alot to tell me, it's always having a lot to tell me these days. I was late for the third time this week and I don't have any valid excuse this time to tell Ms Garcia the nice manager who employed me last month. She said she was doing it because she didn't want us teens to become bored and wasteful because of Nigerian Universities are on strike due to unpaid salaries for the tenth time this year. Most of Mrs Gracia employees are teenagers like me.

I hastily pulled the huge transparent push/pull door leading to the back entrance of the shopping mall. I'm greeted by the nice scents newly arrived clothes. I quickly put my bag into the staff Locker just beside the door, sanitised my hand and raced into the main mall. We were having a discount sale on all items so I wasn't surprised to see

Customers trooping in already while some where strolling feeding their eyes. You could tell from the footprints on the white ceramics tiles that the crowd was Much.

As an attendee, I took a quick glance and saw someone in need.

'Hey, how can I help you ? I asked professionally, with my ID above my head.

'umm, I'm looking for the jeans section' the green haired guy replied

I use my hand as an indicator as I walked to the third aisle, I turned my back to be sure be sure he was tagging along and a girl was with him. Their dressing was oddly satisfying I mean, they dressed like the mall was their runway for a street fashion show.

We got to the third aisle and I stopped walking immediately and let them carry on while I observed their dressing. The green haired guy wore a blue bleached jeans, a green converse and a black tees. He had tats imprinted all over his body and piercings too. I liked the girl's style, she had a cowboy's hat and boots on. She wore a short plaid skirt which showed of her dark long legs unlike mine which are like that of noodles. I could see her belly button piercings from the top she wore.

"Hey, I'm Ashely" she said putting her hands out for a shake.

"I'm an Ashely too !" I leaned forward for a hug instead.

"Nice to meet you"

"And you too" I added

The green haired guy stopped his search and stared at us in confusion so Ashely2 dragged him by the elbows. "Ashely this is Newton okeke, Newton okeke this Ashley we're namesake" she squealed. He put his hands out for a shake ' Hi Ashely what's up?'

"I'm fine" I replied.


'So you work here ? Do you stay around ? Ashley2 said breaking the awkward silence

"Yes I do, I stay around Lekki phase ii" I replied

'Fine, I'd be going to the beach with a few friends would you like to tag along"

"Y..yes" I said without thinking.

We exchanged numbers, excorted to her to the exit and that was it. A whole new chapter of friendship begins !!!!

Still unsure about my writing skills. Please leave an honest comment.

Chapter 2 would be dropping if reasonable amount of people like and comment. Thanks xoxo

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