The Heiress

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As soon as my dad noticed my drenched appearance, he yelled at me not to sit on his leather seat and quickly got a towel to cover up the chair. He was being a little bit dramatic in my opinion, but my dad does love his car.

Not as much as me, though.

I hope...

Despite my dad driving like a grandma, we manage to pull up to the school with five minutes until the bell rings. My class just so happens to conveniently be on the opposite side of the school, so I focus all of my energy into sprinting down the halls of my high school. Somehow, by some miracle sent from the God above, I make it to my class just as the bell rings.

Plopping down in my chair, I give a sigh of relief and close my eyes, attempting to catch my breath. This is exactly why I don’t take gym class. That sprint from across the school to here is definitely enough exercise for me to stay in shape and assure my doctor that I am being active every day.

As I practically gasp for air, I reopen my eyes as I hear the chatter of my classmates. Everyone is in a buzz over it being the last day and are already discussing summer plans and potential hangouts. I look across the classroom to see one of my best friends, Hailey, making big eyes at me, clearly questioning what took me so long.

Her short, curly brown hair bounces as she gestures wildly that I owe her an explanation or else I’ll lose my head. I laugh at her rather graphic enactment of her slicing off my head and shake my head. On a normal day, Hailey and I always arrive at class early so that we can fill each other in on the latest gossip. I’ve never once been late to our daily session, so my suddenly late arrival no doubt came as a shock to her.

I mouth “later,” and turn back towards our AP Biology teacher.

“Okay class, I understand it’s just a few short hours until Summer vacation, and you all are just itching to get out of this place. I know I am,” I hear her subtly mumble. “However, it’s not here yet, and we still have class and finals. So, pipe down and get out a pencil!” Mrs. Williams barks while standing at the front of the class and eyeing each and every one of us.

My entire class already took the exam, but Mrs. Williams insists that we all take her final as a “parting gift.” I don’t have to take it since I managed to maintain an A in this class, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take one more test. After all, it is my last day of high school. What do I have to lose?

We all lazily reach down to comply and take out a pencil from our bags. As bend down to retrieve my mechanical pencil out of my purse, I hear the door open. Normally, I could care less about whoever walked through that door, but something gnawed at me to take a peek. Sitting back up, my eyes land on a student that comes in with his backpack sluggishly hanging on his shoulder. He makes his way to Mrs. Williams’ desk, taking his time and walking with an air of dominance. There is an exchange of words before he sits down in the desk one seat away from a gaping Hailey.

I don’t understand why her mouth practically touches the ground at the sight of him, but then again, I can’t really get a good view of him from where I’m sitting. Maybe he’s just that good looking...or maybe he’s not. Who knows?

“Alright, silence everything. Please stop texting your girlfriend, Jeremy. Your thirsty texts can wait another forty~five minutes. Tests are being passed out, you know the drill. If I catch you looking at someone’s paper or talking, it’s an automatic zero.”

I take my test from her hand begrudgingly, but only because the test seems to be thicker than the textbook we had for this class. As I stoop over to begin, I notice the guy who came in a few minutes before. His back is turned so that he is staring at me; his smoldering gray eyes pierced through my own.

Holy Hades.

Well, no need to obtain the debate any longer. That boy is clearly fine. All traces of any other theory have been wiped from the premises.

I feel my face set aflame as I duck my head down to my paper in order to concentrate. I can’t have him distracting me on the last day of school. I have to finish strong first, and then he can distract me for however long he wants.


I scramble to finish the last question as Mrs. Williams calls time. It took almost ten minutes for me to finally remember the answer, but I did it with negative seconds to spare. As she goes around to collect the papers, I glance around the classroom to gage on different reactions. There are a lot of people who are putting their heads down clearly done with this whole thing, and there are those who keep glancing towards the stack of papers Mrs.Williams is holding.

I myself am just a bit nervous, fidgeting with my fingers as we all sit in silence. No matter how many questions I’m confident on or how much I know about the content, just the mere thought of certainty has a way of tipping the scale in the other direction.

As she comes by to collect mine, I begin to feel this odd sensation. Call me crazy, but it feels like someone’s eyes are on me and they can see into my mind; almost like they know my exact thoughts. I look up, but nothing unusual seems to scream at me. The bell rings overhead, and I grab my bag to leave.

Great, only three hours and thirty more minutes to go. Thank goodness we have early release, or else I’d lose my mind having to wait longer to be let out of this prison. I can so do this.

Exiting the class, I give Mrs.Williams a final farewell hug before heading out the door of my AP Biology class for the last time. I spot Hailey in the crowd and hurry to catch up with her. Her brown curls serve as my beacon and my eyes hone in on her figure as I make a beeline towards her. I’m so focused on Hailey that I fail to pay attention to exactly where I am going and I slam into something chiseled and solid.

Ah, yes. The famous chiseled and solid wall. The phrase reminds me of all of the cheesy yet intriguing fictional books I’ve read. Personally, I’ve never had the opportunity of such a cliché pleasure, but there’s a first time for everything.

A very unattractive grunt slips out of me as I stumble to gain my balance. “I’m goin’ down!”

Two strong hands wrap around my arms just in time, steadying me.

“Whoa, easy there. Aren’t we a little clumsy today?”

The person talking to me has a smooth voice that flows like velvet and makes me shiver. I may have a bad memory, but I do not recall something so sexy in my entire high school career.

Please be good looking! Please be good looking! Please be good looking!

I look up to see beautiful stormy gray eyes looking back at me.

Home run!

It’s the same guy from my Biology class!

Wait, did he follow me?

No, no. That’s crazy talk.

His hair is a tousled chocolate brown mess, and his smile is absolutely gorgeous. I notice the tiny dimples on his cheeks and almost shiver. Again. Knees, do not fail me now. My mouth gaps open, but no words will come out.

He chuckles at my looking like a blubbering fish. Please tell me he’s amused and not uncomfortable.

I wish I knew how to flirt. I really do. But every time I open my mouth, either sarcasm or sass exits when I talk to a guy. Those are two of my best qualities, however, they don’t seem to be a real crowd-pleaser with the male population. Neither does speaking before thinking, but that is something I cannot help. It’s just a part of my lifestyle.

“Cute necklace.”

Unable to register what he’s said, I scramble for the first response I can manage. Finding my voice, I remark, “Well, I wouldn’t be so clumsy if you would watch where you were going! God, I know I’m gorgeous, but you’ve got to get it together, man. This whole distracted look is not very cute.”

Why am I such an embarrassment to myself?!

I’m the one who needs to get it together, man!
I just wanted to flirt with him, I didn’t ask for this!

Granted, it had been partially my fault as well for running into him, but I’m not going to tell him that and make myself look like an even bigger idiot. He chuckles again, and lightly touches the pendant on my neck. His eyes meet mine and I feel my stomach catch on fire as they burn into me. He flashes me another dazzling smile before sauntering away. “See you around, Clumsy.”

Holy macaroons that boy is fine.

And I am an idiot.

A sudden tug on my arm draws me out of my state of euphoria. “Girl, what the f*ck was that?! Do you know how flirting works?! You’re supposed to draw them in, not scare them away!”

I turn towards Hailey, giving her my fake sobbing face. “I know! It was so bad! That was a really bad idea. I’m never opening up my mouth again!”

“God, you’re so dramatic! You’ll have plenty of time to practice and perfect your flirting skills tonight!” Hailey practically pulls my arm out of its socket trying to get me to move.

“Now, come on! The sooner we finish this stupid day, the sooner we can hit up your birthday bash,” she says in a sing-song voice.

My friends, Hailey and Ryan, have been planning a beach birthday bash for me since the beginning of the year. They were so excited to start the planning for it that they even came up with a team name. They called themselves the “Androminators” in honor of me. I know, the name kinda sucks but hey, it’s still cute and it’s the thought that counts. I figured they planned the party at the beach because it’s my favorite spot on this side of town and they were looking for an excuse to go.

Ah, I love my friends.

The day passes by quickly thanks to the shortened schedule, but the content is rather dry due to the fact that the school year is practically over. My second and third period go by in a breeze, giving me an exciting buzz for my fourth period and its end. Unfortunately, the buzz is killed as soon as I sit in my seat for the class to begin.

Never have I ever seen the clock tick so slowly than in this last period. I already hated this class, did time really have to torture me by drawing out my final sentence here? I swear, I could literally hear everyone mumbling summer with each tick of the hand. This is no musical, but I would not be surprised if papers started flying by the time the bell rang.

The drone of Mr. Brown’s voice nearly puts me to sleep and I have to fight it and the air conditioning from falling asleep. My body hunches over my desk as he continues to tell us how much he’s going to “miss” us when we’re gone. Yeah, right. That man almost failed me and he’s proud of it. But I proved him wrong by studying twice as hard and coming out of the class with a ninety~two.

My eyes almost glue permanently shut when I hear the sweet high pitched ring of the otherwise annoying school bell. Never thought I’d be happier to hear that sound than at this moment. I definitely am not going to miss its deafening scream. I stand up and immediately dash towards the door. “See ya!”

“Ah! Hold it right there, Andromeda!” Mr. Brown points a finger in my direction, giving me a livid look.

Great. My full name. It’s not like I wasn’t already embarrassed today, but it’s fine.

I hear a few chuckles from my classmates. “The bell does not dismiss you. I do. I don’t care if it is the last day of school.”

Ugh. Famous lines of every teacher to ever exist.

I slump back over to my seat.

“Okay, now you’re dismissed. Get out of my classroom.”

Seriously?! My hands go up as I look at him flabbergasted. Does he not understand the mad dash that takes place after the last bell rings to get to the bus?! I am literally the farthest bus on the lot! I push all the sour sass coming to the forefront of my mind back, and launch out of my seat once more. I am on my way towards the bus when my phone buzzes in my pocket.

Daddio: Come outside ;)

Uhm, is this a trap?

Surprises on birthdays are normal, yes, but my dad being at my school? He never shows up unless it’s important. Or if I forget my lip gloss, but that’s it!

I mentally go through all of the things I’ve done recently that could cause me to get in trouble. Hmm, nothing screams punishment worthy unless you count not taking out the trash--oh crap! I totally forgot my mom asked me to take it out last night!

Grr, why can’t my brain remind me of the important stuff I need to do instead of random junk that in no way benefits my well-being?!

I scan the parking lot until I spot my dad leaning against a random car. The sun reflects against his sunglasses. For an old guy, he looks pretty young. If I had to guess, my dad looks like he’s thirty-five. But finding out his true age might never be possible since parents have a thing about not telling their real age.

As I approach him, he breaks out into a full-on smile. Oh, God. He knows! “Well?”

“I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to forget to take out the trash! I got distracted with the show I was watching because the guy in it was taking off his shirt and holy moly did that boy have some abs--” Somebody please come and shut my mouth for me because it would seem that I’m very lousy at it. Clearing my throat, I try to gain control over my words again. “Not that you needed to know that. But please, dad! Please, don’t make me walk home!”

My dad, like the cruel man he is, smiles at me. “Hm, you know what? That sounds like a great idea, Peanut. I didn’t even know about that until you said something.”

Oye, me and my big mouth!

“I guess I’ll just take your car back to the dealership.” He begins reaching for the car handle.

Wait, what?!

“Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it!” I practically yank him away from the door. Okay, that’s an exaggeration because my dad is built rock solid. There’s no way I could’ve moved him without him actually letting me. “First off, how could you let me expose myself like that?! You can’t surprise me at school and expect me not to assume the worst! Secondly, you got me a car?!"

“Maybe.” He shrugs his shoulders, a playful smile dancing on his lips. My fumbling clearly amused him.

“I’m so glad you find such joy in my embarrassment, father. Truly, it makes me so happy.” I roll my eyes at him. He dangles the keys in front of my face, and I grab them in anticipation. He got me a car! I can practically hear the yellow mustang’s engine purring, begging me to take it for a drive. I scurry over towards the driver’s seat and nearly trip in the process.

Aren’t we a little clumsy today?

Images of the boy from earlier come flashing through my mind, his hypnotizing silver eyes burning into my cranium.

Bad Andi!

I quickly push them back and duck into the car. I cannot get distracted by gorgeous guys when I’m supposed to be focusing on the road. My knees and legs need to work in order for us to not crash. I push the key into the ignition hole.

“Ready?“My dad looks over at me, the sun reflecting in his glasses, giving him a cool James Bond look.

I pull out my own sunglasses from my purse. He thought he looked cool? Just wait. I’m totally about to upstage him.

I unfold the arms, taking my time in doing so and look out to the street in front of me.

“I was born ready,” I say before bringing the glasses closer to my face. Right before I pull them on, I give my dad a smug look. Just as I look over to him, I stab myself in the eye with one of the arms. My dad erupts into laughter as I cradle the area near my eye.

“God, that hurts like a mother--” my dad gives me a stern look, “--of pearl! You thought I was going to cuss, didn’t you? Ha! As if! My parents raised me better than that. I’m a proper--”

“Just drive, Andi.”

“Yes, sir.” Thank God he got me to shut up or else we would’ve been in that parking lot forever. I turn the key and start the car. The mustang roars beautifully, just like I’d imagined it. Gripping the steering wheel, I pull the car out of park and set it into drive.

Good job, Andi. Me too.

At least she made it to school on time!

Surprises in the school parking lot? Hmm. I wish that actually happens irl lol.

But what’s with this reappearing new guy? Who could he be?

What do you guys think is going happen at this “birthday bash?”

So many questions! Guess they’re just going to have to be answered in the next chapter.


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