Her Ancestry

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Isabella is having a perfect teenage life- parents, friends, and a loving boyfriend Ethan. But what happens when she comes across a secret which leads to her ancestry to some supernatural beings? Read to know more! Also, please leave your likes and comments to help me do better! ❤️

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Isabella's POV

I woke up in the morning, annoyed by my alarm. It read 6.40, still half an hour to school. But I had to get ready, and figure out clothes, since I had a shopping spree after school with my best friend, Katherine.

I have been with her since 6 years, when she joined my school. We have been inseparable ever since.

I have a good social life, because of Ethan. My first boyfriend, preferably my last. We met last year and instantly hit it off. I like him way too much, and he feels the same.

I am an average girl, with extraordinary grey hazel eyes, strange color which my mom claims I have herited from my grandmother. I have long brown hair, standing at 5'4".

I chose to wore an off shoulder black crop top, revealing a little part of my waist, and black jeans.

"Mom! I am leaving for school!"

"Wait honey! Have your breakfast. This is so wrong" she lets out a dramatic sigh, "I made blueberry pancakes just for my beautiful daughter, and she's leaving."

I glance at my dramatic mom. She's the best at cooking, and she looks like me. Except the fact that she has honey brown eyes.

Dad is not home, he has gone for some business trip. Sighing, I sit down in front of a plate filled with pancakes. I had a mouthful of them, and they taste delicious.

"They are yummy mom. Thank you!"

"You're always welcome, darling."

I see my watch. "I am leaving now mom!"

"Have fun honey!"

I make it to school just on time. My phone buzzes.

Where are you?

My face instantly brights up. It's my gorgeous boyfriend, who is waiting for me outside my class.

Coming to you baby ;)

I know its corny, but he loves it when I call him baby. So I call him that, just to make him feel special.

I make my way to algebra, 5 minutes late. He's still there, looking handsome as ever in a dark green shirt and blue jeans. He has a body of a model, tall and lean with a beautiful tan skin, unlike mine, all white like porcelain.

His deep grey eyes meet mine, making my heart skip a beat. He swirls me in a hug and kisses my head.

"See you at lunchtime gorgeous." He winks and sprints his way to his class.

I reach to the door, and everyone stares at me. Thankfully, Mr. Rivera doesn't say anything, and I make my way through it.

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