Uncle's obsession

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The last thing a ruthless vampire prince wants is a weakness, especially when that weakness has to be the daughter of his enemy, who he can't get out of his system. The plan was to use her, but he ended up falling for her. He wants her in every way possible. He wants her heart as much as he craves her body and he would kill any fucking human or vampire that lays a hand on her.

Fantasy / Erotica
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A man knelt on the floor beside his wife in their room as they trembled. They were surrounded by three men that were far from being ordinary humans. They knew without the help of a soothsayer that these were vampires, and they knew the reason they were here.

These men have been torturing them for the last three hours, demanding to know the whereabout of the rest of their family members.

The door was kicked down suddenly and they trembled looking up to see who it was. Outside the room stood a tall scary man, whose gaze slayed their already dying heart. They knew who he was. The vampire prince himself. Although this was the first time they had actually met him, they knew without any doubt that this scary man was the prince. The heartless prince every vampire hunter never wanted to cross part with.

"Where are the rest?". He growled, causing all in the room to shudder at his deep husky voice.

"There are three people missing, and one was killed trying to escape". One of the men informed the fierce looking man.

The woman's sobbing increased. She never liked her husband's job because she knew it would get them in a lot of trouble. Now look were it got them, they were now at the mercy of the vampire prince himself. She could only hope that her two daughters were safe.

In a flash, the man stood in front of them. The woman flinched when he crouched beside her, his cold finger tilting her head up to meet his gaze. His blue eyes were mesmerizing. Anyone could get lost looking into his eyes, just as she is getting lost now. He had a chiseled jaw and prominent nose. His lashes were unbelievably long and his lips tempting. He had a pale skin which made him look devilishly handsome. If not that this was a matter of life and death she would never had stopped admiring him. He was unbelievable gorgeous.

"Get your hands off my wife". Her husband yelled, trying to save his wife from the monster beside him. The prince stood up and in one swift move grabbed the man by his neck and yanked him across the room, causing him to hit his head on the wall.

"Michael". His wife cried and tried crawling towards her husband's lifeless body, but was stopped by the man who wasn't done with her.

"Be a good girl and tell me where they are". He coaxed an evil grin on his handsome face. She shook her head, no as hot tears trailed down her tears stained cheeks. She had no idea where they were and even if she did, she won't surrender her kids to this monster. It was clear what his intentions were. She wasn't going to let her kids die for what they knew nothing about.

"No?". He asked, digging his nails into her skin as he trailed it down her neck, leaving a trail of blood behind. He knew she didn't know where they were. He was only doing this because he derived joy seeing her beg.

The woman closed her eyes as she tried enduring the pain.

This was for her kids. She kept assuring herself.

"There is a limit to my kindness, Mrs. Martinez. If you fail to...".

"Mom". A tiny voice called in a sleepy tone, interrupting him. He turned to see a little girl rubbing her eyes. She was on a pink night dress and was clutching a stuffed animal to her chest. Her long blonde hair was tied in a pigtail. The Prince's eyes softened when she revealed her green eyes. They were the most beautiful emerald green eyes he had seen. He couldn't deny that she was fucking adorable.

There was something about the way she looked at him that made him soften his heart, and that...was a big problem.

"Run, Adrienne". Her mother screamed, getting up and running towards the child, when she was stopped by one of the men. The child looked up at her mom, obviously confused at what was happening here. "Please let her go". She cried.

"Mom, are these your friends? Why is dad sleeping on the ground? Why are you crying? Where is Julie?". The five years old child had a lot of questions she needed answers to.

"Yes, am your mum's friend". The vampire prince replied, stretching his hands out for her to take. "Come say hello to uncle Blaze". He added.

The little girl looked at her mom, then back at the scary man who claimed to be her uncle. Was it possible that this scary man was her uncle? If he was really her uncle why was he making her mother cry?

Before she realized what was happening, her tiny feet were already walking towards the scary man. "Good girl". The prince praised, picking her up. Weirdly, she felt secured in his arms.

"You are not a bad uncle, are you?". She asked hopefully. Blaze smiled at her, then ordered his men to tie the noisy woman to her husband and bring them both outside.

He placed the girl on his shoulders as he made her watch his men light the couple up. A lone tear dropped down the little girl's eyes as she watched and heard her mum scream. Even at that age she knew exactly what was happening. This bad uncle was killing her parents.

"Don't cry little one, I have sent them to meet their maker and I will make sure you join them soon". The prince assured, feeling satisfied.

Only if he knew what was in stock for him. Only if he had known what saving her would cost him.

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