blood wars book one (first draft)

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Jessica abducted and forced to endure torturous experiments, she losses her self but has found her calling, Jessica find her self the center of an investigation that could change the paranormal world forever

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

I remember little before waking up being dragged in to that cave, what I know is that I was enjoying a holiday with my father we had just buried my mum after her long battle with cancer and we need to get away from everything, just so we could deal with our grief and begin healing, my dad took me to Ireland he knew how much I had always wanted to go I was fascinated with the legends from the Emerald Isle, the tales of Finn McCool the stories of fairies, the little people and magic I was 16 at the time and probably should have outgrown the fairy tales and legends but I couldn’t help myself I had always been attracted to mysteries and stories of magic and the paranormal I could always imagine myself in a world full of magic and adventure if only I knew what awaited me I would have shunned all things magic.

I remember waking that morning it was a bright and cheery day the breeze was warm and the air felt fresh; I thought for The first time that maybe, just maybe, I could survive the loss of my mum. That if the world could still be this beautiful, then maybe it was still worth me living in. Shaking my self from my daydream, I got a quick shower and headed down for breakfast where my dad greeted me at breakfast with a grin.

“good morning sweetheart, have you slept well”.

“yeah dad that bed was so comfortable and the view when I woke up was beautiful.”

“I have I surprise for you after breakfast we are going to have a tour of the giant’s causeway and the port coon jetty and on the way back we can stop off at the village of Carnlough to get a bit to eat what do you think?”

“Thats amazing, how much time do we have before we leave?”

“you have time to eat breakfast sweetheart and I hope your hungry because I don’t think my stomach alone is enough to handle all this Irish hospitality”

We dove in to the food it was delicious; I was defiantly eating more than normal trying to fill up on energy for the day ahead


A little while after breakfast we rushed out of our hotel, as I was getting on the tour bus I was as giddy as a child on Christmas morning, it was off season so we were the only two on the tour. I remember sitting with my dad I was a ball of excited energy and my dad glowed with joy because of this, as our tour guide drove towards our destination he gave us a real treat telling us about the local history and legends we were enjoying the journey and I was falling for our tour guide (he had the most beautiful voice you could imagine), we were laughing at a joke he made when suddenly there was a bright flash the next thing I remember I was waking too rough calloused hand wrapped up in my long raven hair I was being dragged down a passageway the walls where rough like that of a cave or some mine the darkness was oppressive and all I could hear where the laboured breaths of my captor. I was trying not to cry as I was roughly dragged down the corridor, but my exposed skin was getting cut on all the jagged rocks and the way he was pulling my hair hurt. I must have let out a moan of pain, because captor looked down at me with a sneer and carried on dragging me until he reached the large wooden door covered in some runes at the end of the corridor and threw me in to the corner. He fumbled with something in his pocket. He pulled a large iron key from his pocket and inserted it in to a rusty lock and open the door as he was doing this he whispered if you live or die here this night is of no great consequent as the life you had ends, behind this door you will find your new life or your grave.

At his whispered statement my body shook with dread and he grabbed my hair again, I tried to pull away and felt hair come away from my scalp this just caused him to yank harder until I fell backwards, while I was unsteady he threw me in to the room as though I weighed nothing this elicited a scream from me, my captor turned and I cowered away but I wasn’t quick enough to dodge the back of his shovel like hand as it hit me across the face with the force of a sledgehammer, I hit the floor with such force I was seeing stars and I curled in to a heap on the floor while trying to shuffle away; I closed my eyes trying to stop the world from spinning I felt his fingers close around my neck; I felt as though he held my neck in a vice; he pulled me closer to him and I smelt the filth on his breath he stank of tobacco cheap booze and stale body odour; he held me so close to him I was about to gag then he said in a song voice don’t worry precious if you don’t live I will have the pleasure of your corps, I will be fucking your body till it breaks. I hope you die like all the other little sluts; I didn’t know what was going on, why it was happening to me, but it horrified me at the thought of him near me. my stomach turned at the thought and I threw up the breakfast I had had with my father just a short while earlier, at the sound of me gagging he released me again I wiped my mouth and shutter out a question it was the first time I had said anything to him and I could tell by his body language that he didn’t like it.

“where is my dad and the tour guide? Why are you doing this? What the fuck is it you want?”

“they are dead, they are too old but you might just be young enough”

I sat there, a puddle of vomit in-front of me, blood oozing out of various areas of exposed skin that had been caught on rocks and rough surfaces. None of that matters he said my dad was dead, the only hope I had for my life going back to normal was gone, all fight left me I just slumped on the floor and screamed myself horse, my captor began dragging me again but this time I put up no resistance I was broken he could take nothing more from me I just wanted him to get on with his plan and get to killing me then I might be reunited with my mum and dad soon.

The tunnel he was dragging me down soon opened up to a cavern that was bigger than anything I had ever seen it was bigger than a cathedral I couldn’t see the top or the back of this huge cave what I could see was a strong-looking stone chair that was etched with more runes and had heavy looking manacles attached to both arms and to the floor, there were also much thicker chains leaving off to the back somewhere but they disappeared in to the darkness.

Roughly forced in to the chair and cuffs violently attached to my ankles and wrists, he backhanded me again to ensure I was too dazed to be uncooperative; I had no fight left in me all I had in me was soul crushing anguish and a small amount of rage directed at the monster but also at myself for being too weak to defend myself; I was trying to regain my focus so I could figure out what he was going to do to me when I felt a sharp pinch in my left arm; I tried to pull away this is when I noticed that and being cuffed to the chair he had used leather straps to bind my arms to the armrest and where I felt the pinch in my Arm, I now had a catheter going in to my arm, The catheter was connected to a tube and a bag of Dark liquid I didn’t know what was happening and bucked in the chair trying to escape the man retreated towards the door laughing to himself; I heard the door close with a mighty bang and it was firmly locked. Whatever was being pumped in to me was hurting it started with a slight warmth quickly turning in to an insistent burning that’s when I heard it. The heavy scraping of what I thought was claws on the cave floor but it was too loud it couldn’t be possible I panicked again when I heard a beautiful voice over the claws scraping. The speaker sounded so refined

“you poor child it is bad enough that they have trapped me down here but to keep subjecting you young ones to this in the hopes to resurrect that cursed bloodline, may the gods damn them, child try to listen to me, you must try to empty you mind of all anger it will help your passing let me help you pass in as much peace as I can give you.”

I couldn’t understand what was being said all I knew was that I wasn’t alone

“are you an angel? Are you here to save me?” I could hear how weak my voice was it trembling with fear and pain then I cried out in anguish as my body felt like lightning had been passed though it every nerve in my body was burning and I wished for death to claim me quickly so I could be reunited with my family, as more pain radiated from my body I felt more tears run down my cheek as I screamed and cry out as more and more pain kept lashing my body, the voice spoke again.

“my name is Druk and I give you my dragons oath I will not leave your side though this ordeal and I will pry to your ancestors to give you strength as you bear this cruelty we will all watch over you Kaida (Little dragon).”

That was the last thing I heard before the pain took me I tried to empty my mind of anger and rage like the voice told me but I couldn’t my mind was like a maelstrom of pain, rage and a longing for death. I did not understand at how long I was in this state but it felt like weeks if not months, every time it felt like the pain was easing and I was coming round from the delirium I could feel that maniac injecting me with more of of the mystery solution as soon as this happened I was back in that maelstrom of pain, I lost count at how many times this process was repeated but when I woke next with all my mental faculties in order I was slumped against the chair with all my restraints removed; I rushed to my feet, stumbling on the rough floored surface; I made my way straight for the heavy wooden door, hoping that it would lead outside where I could find help. hopefully my dad wouldn’t really be dead and was looking for me, as I reached the door and tried to pry it open there was a flash like on tv when you see people from swat using flash bangs and I was thrown backwards like I’d been hit by a car, I stood and heard that odd scraping like claws on stone again I turned and faced the amazing sight of a dragon; I laughed uncontrollably I had finally gone crazy I had been abducted by some lunatic that’s told me he’s killed the only remaining family I have, he’s been pumping me full of drugs for god knows how long and now I’m seeing things that can’t exist I’m finally having a full on break down.

“oh child I know this must be hard for you but you aren’t crazy, I am real I have introduced myself before but that gods be dammed warlock gave you a blood transfusion of dragon’s blood, to be exact he’s given you my blood. You have had many bags of blood put in to your body and as far as I know you are the only one apart from him to survive the process so far.”

I just stood there for a moment staring at this beautiful creature, unsure what to say or do, so I decided to just sit and stare. Once it was obvious that I was in no state to speak Druk voice sounded again but the dragon’s mouth didn’t move shit it was talking in my head! This shit is trippy as fuck.

“kaida you have been delirious for days the mutations that dragons blood causes in humans is so dramatic the shock usually kills any that try this procedure, as far as I know it has been thousands of years since anyone has attempted to make any of the dragon blood, this thing was outlawed not just by the paranormal council but also the council of watchers, but the blood has sent the warlock in to madness he keeps bring people here to die, it breaks me every time I have to watch one of you children pass, but you livid, he has put dozens if not hundreds through that procedure but you are the only one to survive”

“Wait what do you mean mutations what has happened to me what has that monster done to me? Why is he doing this,? I just want to go home I sobbed”

“I don’t know why he is doing this the only time he interacts with me is to put me to sleep so he can steal blood and tissue from me or to test his spells effectiveness on me”

I stood up and slowly made my way over to druk the closer I got to her the more I saw how injured she had teeth, claws and scales missing one of her eyes had turned a milky colour as though she had at least lost partial sight from it. The chains that bound her had intricate runes inscribed on them and when I tried to touch them I was given a powerful shock that made my hand go numb, I looked up into dragons’s good eye and asked what had he done to her, at my question She sent me mental images of that had been happening to her, he had had her locked in here for years and the chains seemed to block her from accessing her magic and weakened her; the warlock had also placed a spell in the cavern that transfers the strength and power of his captives to him, (that’s all we needed, a powerful crazy person getting more power how could it ever go wrong).

“but you are a dragon how did he capture you?”

“child I was hibernating when he found me and chained me before I knew what was going on, by the time I came to he was already harvesting what he wanted from me. I tried to fight back, but his magic had already taken effect and he was more powerful than I thought. If you don’t believe me, look at your wrists and ankles ”

I did as she asked I was surprised to see that I had a thin silver bracelet on each wrist they seemed to have more rune on them and they seemed to glow slightly, I immediately attempted to pull them off with zero success I refocused my gaze at druk and asked “what the hell are these and why can’t I get them off”

“they are like my shackles from what I can tell you just have a little more walking room to stretch you legs, now I must ask you child how are you feeling”

The question threw me; I wasn’t expecting a dragon to show any kid of compassion; I thought about what she asked and when I looked inwards I found that physically I felt better that I should I wasn’t hungry the places he struck me felt fine I wasn’t in any pain and even the scratches from where I was dragged here seemed to have disappeared.

“I feel good. If I wasn’t stuck here, I would say I feel better than I have in a long time”

“that because of the changes my blood has made to you, I’m sorry that you have had to endure such pain and suffering can you please forgive me”

Druk’s plea for forgiveness was so heartfelt that I could feel her sadness and shame for what they have done to me,

“it’s not your fault, please there is nothing for you to apologise for, but could you explain something’s to me”

“kaida I will explain everything I can you just need to ask”

“okay first, why do you keep calling me Kaida ?”

“Oh, it’s a term of endearment I have picked up over a very long time it means little dragon”

“That’s so cool, okay you said that your blood is changing me what do you mean by that? Are you the only dragon left because I’ve never heard of a real one, and with how big you are, I’m sure people would notice you? Are there other types of mystical beings in the world?, who is that warlock and why is he doing this?”

my brain was working so quickly I kept blurting out questions until druk’s laughter sounded in my mind and there was a distinct rumble in her chest.

“okay little one it has been so long since I had company I will answer your questions while you think up more. Foremost, I am not this size all the time, the dragon breed can change in to a human form and even when we are in our dragon shape we can place a glamor around ourselves so that anyone that sees us thinks they are seeing something else like a plane or a cloud when we fly or if we are on the ground a mountain or big pice of machinery, if I could I would show you my human form unfortunately these manacles prevent me from shifting, but to answer that question fully yes there are more dragons in this realm and I wouldn’t be surprised if you had passed one in a street before,”

She gave me a look to say would you like to take a minute to process what I just told you and I heard her little chuckle in my mind, despite our situation she was enjoying the chance to have company.

“please druk continue I’m fascinated”

“if that will please you Kaida, you asked about me about other types of mystical beings the short answer again is yes, all the tales and legend have a grain of truth to them things like shape shifters, elf’s mages, witches, unicorns they are all real but we try our best to hide from humans as much as possible otherwise humans would want magic cures for everything, they also have a problem accepting diversity in their own culture and race so we don’t think they would accept the greater truth any better. As to our captor I can only tell you the small amount I have over heard when he has spoken to the others he has brought here and the things he mumbles to him self, from what I understand he was very much an academic mage not exactly powerful but very well read, he was researching the tales of blood worriers he must have heard a rumour about there being a dragon hibernating in the area, few knew I was planing on sleeping a few years away here so it was someone trying to get me out of the way or just pure coincidence that he found me, he then bound me and reduced me to what you see now but his rage has been getting worse over the years it’s like he is losing more of what he was and now just wants to experience the pain and anguish of others, you see the blood of the dragon breed doesn’t just kill or mutate some times it affects those with a fragile grasp on reality and turns them into what he has become, a powerful animalistic psychopath with the cunning and intelligence that he used to have just zero moral compass.”

“do you mean I could become like him? If that’s the case just kill me now”

I could not become someone like that I couldn’t enjoy making people suffer. Even him for what he has done to me and druk I would rate he get the help he needs rather than suffer. I hyperventilated as the possibilities of what I could do ran through my head; I felt a wave of calmness envelope me; I became relaxed and got hold of my breath once I regained some of my composure; I gave druk a very pointed look, wordlessly asking what she had just done to me.

“relax kaida please be calm, all I did was project calmness its like how I project my words or the images of my past, I apologise if I overstepped but I need you to understand you are not like him, I have been watching you since my blood entered your system and at no point have you exhibited any dragon madness, it is why I asked you how you where feeling earlier I needed to see how you would react but, you are okay,”

“okay thank you for telling me, but he must have loftier goals than taking people from the street and injecting your blood into them, and you still haven’t told me what sort of changes I should expect to experience”

“from what I have piked up he has backing, he reports the progress of all his experiments to someone but I don’t know who he seemed excited when you pulled through I’m not sure what he’s planing on doing next but I will do what I can to make things easier for you, as for the changes I honestly don’t know there are legends of the dragon blood worriers but I have never met one in person the only things I know from legends are that the changes can have a lot to do with the donor of the blood and how much is introduced to your system. From what I saw you have had 4 bags of blood every day you’ve been here and that is a lot of blood I believe the warlock only transfused one bag into him self. From what the legends say worriers of the blood are stronger, faster, they heal more quickly than most paranormals, they are long-lived if they don’t die in battle, like I said earlier powers and abilities depend on the dragon that donated the blood but until we get out of this cave, we won’t know what those may be. Young kaida please try to rest there is a cot and some blankets towards the corner behind the stone chair I will watch over you while you sleep”

At her dismissal I felt a weight fall on me like I hadn’t slept in days so went towards my new bed and lay my head on a bundle of blankets before I knew it I was snoring hoping that when I woke I would be back at the hotel looking forward to breakfast with my dad,


I woke to an awful stench.

“Oh, hello my precious your finally awake”

That voice it couldn’t be it was a nightmare, but I was wrong I opened my eye’s with dread and saw him in front of me grinning with glee the warlock, he had an excited almost manic energy about him at that moment looking in to his excited eyes I truly learnt the meaning of the word fear, my silent tears moistened my cheek as he spoke.

“The thing’s we are going to learn from each out it will amaze, you are the first step for us to realise our dreams, you probably don’t realise this but you are so special, we haven’t truly had one of the blood in living memory only those in the highest seats on the council and the watchers truly know what one like you may be capable of, now come with me so we can start testing you”

I looked over to druk and saw her body mobile on the floor I could make out the slight raising and lowering of her chest so I knew she was still alive. My captor saw the look on my face.

“Don’t worry it’s not dead I still have a lot I need to learn from it, but when came in it tried to stop me from getting to you so I was forced to give it a beating, you shouldn’t worry though these creatures are very sturdy I could beat it all day and it would recover given enough time, now come with me or would you like me to give you a taste of the same treatment ?”

I gasped and followed obediently. He took me through a series of tunnels, all of which seemed to slope downward, I couldn’t pluck up the courage to ask questions after seeing what he could do to a dragon I knew I had no way of standing up to him. After what felt like an eternity of walking he lead me in to a lab space, he had notes and diagrams scattered everywhere I could see specimen jars full of claws teeth scales and even huge eye, that couldn’t be dorks unless that was what happened to the milky coloured on I had noticed the previous day he notice my look of revolution and let out a booming laugh.

“yes that was difficult to get I nearly had to kill the thing to get it, ones it’s grown back properly I will have to take the other one so I have a complete set”

It disgusted me how could someone be so disturbed. Once he recovered from his bout of laughter, he strapped me down to an examination table.

You will not enjoy this he said and again I was overcome with fear, I tried to pull against my restraints but I couldn’t move.

“Now we know that the dragon can regenerate but has it passed that ability on to you I wonder”

He lifted a scalpel and sliced my filthy cloths off me in doing so he was cutting in to my flesh, as he pulled the last of my clothing away he runs fish hands over the freely bleeding wounds encouraging them to bleed more, he giggles with pure you”

“Yes, they are healing already that’s faster than my healing, this is so much fun now lets see if it only surface damage or If you can heal more extreme injures”

I was hyperventilating as he began his y incision this caused me to black out.

Went I came back around I was back on the cot in the main cavern drugs head lay a small distance away from me her eye’s locked on me I looked down to assess how bad the damage was and realised I was covered in filthy bandages and I had another catheter in my arm connected to an empty fluids bag connected to it, what the hell was he pumping in to my system now, I tried to move and my body ached like I had been beaten with a baseball bat,

“Hey druk, how long was I out for?”

“He brought you back two days ago, I honestly didn’t think you would survive I am happy that I was wrong but what he did to you was horrific and I hate that you had to endure it”

“I can’t remember much of what happened I blacked out just after he started cutting in to my chest”

The mention of it was enough for my fear spiking, I took a breath and steadied my nerves.

“You were unconscious when he took me but he said you tried to stop him and I have to thank you for that he didn’t hurt you too badly did he?”

“No, I was fine within a few hours”

“I’m assuming it was more of your blood in those bags”

“It was but if it helped you recover, then I’m happy to give it”

“The place he took me too was horrible, when you said he was harvesting tissue from you I had no idea how bad it had been. Druk I saw your eye in a jar and he bragged about it like it should impress me that he had managed it, he also said that once your eye was fully healed he was going to take the other so he could have a matching pair,”

As I finished speaking I cried. Druk let me cry myself out then said.

“Kaida it is not something you need to cry over I am a dragon I have lived for a very long time and I have decided that I am going to live longer still, I will bear this mad mans ministrations for as long as it takes, eventually my presence will be missed in the world and I’m sure that the police are looking into your disappearance so not all hope is lost we will just have to take strength from each other”

I took a great deal of solace from what druk said, and thus in this dark and gloomy cave we swore to fight for each other in any way we could against our captor.

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