Fate Chose Me

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I was not about to let her go again. This time around I was going to get her contact details or something. I didn’t even care if I was going to get her in trouble or not but all I knew was that I needed to be with her. I needed to see her again. Fate had brought us together.
Me: Lisa wait up
She turned her head once and increased her pace. I ran up to her until I caught up
Me: uhhm hello Gogo
Her: hello
Me: I am Ahlume Adams, a friend of Lisa’s
Gogo: oh… I’m Lisa’s grandmother
Me: can I take you guys off wherever you going?
Lisa gave me a questioning look and I shrugged. I couldn’t let her go just like that. What if this was the last time I was ever going to see her? There was something magical about her unlike the last time I met her. Last time we met it was completely different, it was like we lusted for each other… well I lusted for her but this time around it was different. I could feel myself falling in love with her. Her beautiful tiny voice, her shyness… which was not there the last time we met. She was just perfect; she was a breeze of fresh air. She was directing me where to go as her grandmother asked me all sorts of questions about my family and clan names and stuff. Who would have thought that she lived in this kind of place? Don’t get me wrong I was not looking down on her home or stuff but it’s just that when we met she was your IT tech wiz with an iPhone and apple laptop. You’d think someone with such gadgets lived in a mansion or something or maybe she was on a vacation with a sugar daddy? I had so many unanswered questions and only she could give me the answers. I parked in front of the house and her grandmother invited me in for a drink. She was way too trusting
Me: I can’t stay really, I need to go and check on my father. He was in an accident
Her: I’m so sorry
Lisa was already gone.
Me: Uhhm Gogo may I speak to Lisa
Her: let me call her for you neh
We shook hands and then she walked inside the yard and a while later Lisa came out
Me: so you were just going to leave without saying goodbye
Her: honestly? I don’t think we’ve met before
Me: We met last December
She shook her head
Me: I understand if you scared of your grandma. Look, give me your number and I’ll call you so we can go out and just get to know each other more
Her: I don’t have a phone
She said biting her lower lip and playing with her hands. Everything about her was just beautiful and effortless
Me: what do you mean you don’t have a phone?
Her: I mean I don’t own a phone. Bye Ahlume
She walked away from me but I grabbed her arm before she could even walk and I saw bruises on her wrists.
Me: are these… Lisa what’s going on? Did you try hurting yourself
Her: I don’t know what you are talking about
I let go of her because I was afraid I was tightening my grip on her and hurting her in the process even though she didn’t complain.
Her: goodbye Ahlume
With that she walked into the yard and left me standing there astonished. That was strange. I got inside the car and drove off to mom. I called my twin on the way but he wasn’t answering his phone so I let him be. I got to the hospital and parked my car and then went in.
What do you do when a beautiful man walks up to you and claims he knows you and that you two have met and that he wants to get to know you more? Do you pretend to know him back or you go about your business? Mind you no guys has ever approached you… especially one that beautiful. I know I’m pretty but I’ve never had any interest in anyone until this Ahlume Adams character. If he knows me then I might as well give him a chance right? How bad can it be right? I walked inside the gate and went to the house, I found my grandma drinking tea. For someone who has never seen me with a boy she was pretty chilled. I was worried. I sat next to her.
Me: Gramps
Her: that boy is a very sweet young man
Me: I guess. Gramps can I ask you something
Her: ok ask
Me: that doctor. How do you know him?
I saw her facial expression change same time. ok maybe I should have not asked
Her: I just know him that’s all and there’s some bad blood between he and I. Stay away from him Lisa that is no doctor. He is evil.
Me: what do you mean gran?
Her: that man is the devil himself. Stay away from him Lisa do you hear me?
Me: yes, granny
I was not about to argue further with her. I offered to start with the pots instead. It was just after 12am. I wished to go back to school but I don’t think I was ready for the name callings and everything else I was going to have to face when I go there tomorrow. I drank my meds and decided to take a nap.
“You are special Lisa. One of a kind even. You have to let him Lisa. Only you can tame him”
I looked around me and I couldn’t see anyone. I was in what looked like a graveyard but I couldn’t see the woman speaking
Me: Who are you talking about?
Her: the wolf. He needs you Lisa or else he will kill her
Me: Who? What are you talking about?
Her: It was her blood that created him and if she gets close to him in any way possible he will kill her and that in turn will change his nature
Me: What are you talking about? Who will kill who?
Her: you can save her Lisa.
I was now crying because this person or whoever this voice was, was really confusing me and creeping me out. there was fog everywhere and there were crows flying over me in a circle.
I felt someone shaking me and when I opened my eyes it was my gran
Her: you were crying. Is everything ok?
I jumped into her arms and she held me tightly brushing my back. I was shook by the dream I just had. Was I going crazy?
I took a screenshot and ran it on a database to find a match and her surname was Heather and her name was Taylor. I tried to get an address and it pointed me into some shady neighbourhood. I took the address down and then took the car keys and drove off. I got to her house and it was actually beautiful but that’s not a type of house you get from a teacher’s salary. I walked to her gate and it wasn’t locked. I opened it and went inside and then went around the house peeking from the windows inside and then I walked to the back door and took out my phone pointing it at the door to check for any security systems and I was safe to enter. I picked her lock and opened the door and walked into the kitchen. I looked around and it was an open plan, very beautiful even. I walked to the drawer and pulled out a knife. I wasn’t planning on killing her, I just needed answers that’s all. I made my way to the lounge and the lights went on
I whispered grinning my teeth.
“I’ve been expecting you to show up. Took you long enough”
I looked around and she was sitting on a single couch. She was really beautiful! out of this world even
Me: what did you do to me?
Her: I needed to know the truth and now I know it
Me: what do you mean?
Her: I think you might want to sit down
Me: the last time you offered me a seat you blew smoke into my face and I collapsed and woke up with a memory loss
Her: Monalisa seat down.
I made my way to sit on the couch next to her. there was something like a small clay bowl in front of her with what looked like blood. I gasped for air in shock. This woman was crazy if she thought I was going to trust her that easily.
Her: you want the truth don’t you? Let me show you
She stood up and came behind me, all this time my eyes were following her around. What was she going to do to me? she had the bowl in her hands and then she placed it on the mini table next to me and dipped her hands into it and stirred it
Her: you going to have to relax, I’m not here to hurt you Lisa. If it’s anything I’m trying to save you
Me: save me from what?

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