Fate Chose Me

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Her: from her
She put her index finger and middle finger on either sides of my head as though she was massaging me with the blood in the bowl. Could feel myself drifting off to what seemed like a forest. I was on the ground tied up as though I was being crucified but instead of the Jesus cross I was in a circle that had a star inside of it and hands and legs tied to mini logs. I looked around and there was another version of me and she was tied up the same way I was. When I say version of me I mean complete look alike. I heard a familiar voice walked towards us to the centre of the joined circles, she was carrying a knife in her hands with both hands. I looked up at her and it was Kalyn
Me: Kalyn
Her: Hello baby
Me: What are you doing? Why am I tied up? What’s going on?
Her: I have to undo the mess I created Lisa.
Me: What do you mean?
Me2: you know this woman?
Me: she’s my aunt
Her: correction. I’m her mother
Us: WHAT?!
Her: I am your mother Lisa. I gave birth to you. It’s my fault you are the way you are. A curse was placed on you for my sins
Me: What do you mean?
Her: I know you’ve noticed how every time you get close to someone that person always dies. You killed my sister
Me: What do you mean? I didn’t kill her
Her: she loved you. she worshipped you Lisa but you killed her
I shook my head with tears streaming down my face
Her: her only crime was to love you Lisa. Her crime was taking care of you
Me: where were you to take care of me
Her: I couldn’t do it Lisa. Lisa when I was pregnant with you I did a lot of terrible things. I killed people of my coven for power so the witches cursed you. They put a curse on you so that every time you ever got close to anyone that person was to die. I’m doing this to undo the mess I made.
Me2: there has to be another way
Her: there is no other way. she has to die or else people she loves will always die
I shook my head
Me: mom please
She was now standing over me with a knife in both her hands holding it up high. She stabbed me and I woke up jumping off the chair. I could literally feel pain where she had stuck the knife in me. I looked at heather in tears
Me: what the hell did I just see?
Her: Monalisa you have a doppelganger and she’s in South Africa Durban.
Me: doppelgangers don’t exist
Her: the only way to free you from this curse is if you can bare the hybrid his first born
Me: I don’t understand
Her: bore the hybrid his first child and sacrifice him to the witches so that you may be free of this curse
Me: what about the girl I saw?
Her: she is not any of your business. You need to convince her to swap lives with you so that you may be free!
Gran pulled me away from her chest and held me on my shoulders looking into my eyes with nothing but concern
Her: baby are you ok?
I shook my head
Me: I’m scared granny.
Her: what are you scared of baby?
Me: the things that have been happening to me granny. I don’t know what’s real anymore. It’s like I’m hallucinating
Her: oh baby there’s no such a thing
Me: grandma the things I’ve seen. The things I’ve dreamt off
Her: Lisa you are imagining things. Nothing is wrong with you!
She snapped. I looked at her with fear in my eyes. this woman never snaps at me.
Her: I’m sorry
Me: granny what’s going on?
Her: come let’s go to church so that the pastor can pray for you
She looked at me with a raised eyebrow and I looked down with embarrassment. I’ve never raised my voice at her before. I’ve always been a respectful child
Me: I’m sorry grandma.
Her: come! We going to church!
I got off the bed and followed behind her. We made our way to the community church. There was the pastor and a guest pastor with his wife. We greeted and they greeted us back
Guest wife: well aren’t you a beauty
She said taking my hands into hers
Me: thank you
I was trying to pull my hands away from her but her grip was very tight on me. After a while she let go of me
Guest Husband: excuse my wife Namhla. She tends to see things
I looked at them both and Namhla looked at me with pity. You could tell she had seen something or whatever while she was holding me. she took my hands into hers again and she looked at my wrists and then she let go of me and walked out
Guest husband: excuse my wife.
He said following her. Ok what was going on here? Was I demon possessed? Gran walked up to me and pulled me to this pastor of the church and they all prayed for me
“she’s not possessed”
We all turned and Namhla was walking in with her arms crossed. She was a very beautiful old woman, looked like she was in her 50’s. she was very beautiful with a big beautiful afro, light skinned and just perfectly shaped. I’m certain she knew the gym all too well with the way she was shaped.
Pastor: What do you mean Namhla?
Namhla: this child is not possessed Jola. She’s not even sick
Me: then what’s wrong with me?
She looked at my grandmother and then back at me
Her: you can’t keep her away from her parents. Only they can save her from this!
Me: save me from what? What are you talking about?
Gran: let’s go Anelisa
Me: Gran please
Gran: NO!
Namhla: you cannot keep her from her parents. They are both here. they are the only ones that can protect
Gran shook her head and pulled my arm walking out with me. she dragged me until we got home. This woman has never handled me like this before I was shaken
Me: Gran
Her: NO! You are not meeting those people. They are EVIL Lisa do you hear me? they are evil people who have done evil things to good people.
With that she walked away to her room and locked herself up. Ok so what now?
Later on I went to check on her to give her food but she wasn’t opening so I took the spare key and walked in and found her on the floor. I ran outside shouting for someone to call an ambulance for my grandma and her friend, our neighbour did and we were driven to the hospital. I waiting in the reception area pacing up and down with frustration. What happened to my grandmother?
Mile called me asking me to go and fetch him because he was done for the day. We drove to the hospital together with him behind the wheel, I didn’t trust that I would make it to the hospital alive because on my way back from Lisa this wolf appeared again and on my way to fetch Mile I saw it again on the road almost making me crash the car.
Him: its unlike you to be this quiet
Me: I just have a lot on my mind
Him: talk to me
Me: I’ve been seeing a wolf lately
He chuckled
Him: a wolf? Where?
Me: everywhere. Anywhere. Its creepy
Him: you sure it’s not dreams?
I shook my head
Me: I haven’t been dreaming of it Ahlumile. I’ve been seeing it and it doesn’t attack or do anything. It’s like it wants me to know something and then there’s this woman I’ve bene seeing
Him: seeing?
Me: no not like that. As in she just appears and then disappears and that’s it
Him: ok this is weird
Me: I know right. today I bumped into Lisa at the hospital
Him: the babe from last December?
Me: yeah her. She claims she doesn’t remember me and she is nothing like the girl I met last December. She’s broke
Him: is that a problem?
I shook my head
Me: I just wish she had been honest with me and not lied about where she was from. To me she said she grew up in China and was currently living in New Orleans so for her to lie like that
Him: I don’t know man.
We drove in silence with nothing but Saudi’s Album playing on the car and me rapping along. I love the guy’s music. We got to the hospital and he parked the car and we both got off and I walked inside. I found her sitting on the hospital chairs with her head between her thighs and hugging herself.

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